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Found 3 results

  1. Admittedly I haven't tried the new skills, this is what Im hearing from my friend who's been with this game since Alpha. So take this with a grain of sea salt So one of the main things that all the other ship mains complained about (namely BBs staying back and trying to be snipers instead of taking point) Not only have you encouraged them to do this with the Deadeye skill, you've basically made it the only viable option to play BBs cause all the other builds are nerfed to hell? (Sad Bismark secondary brawler noises) Not only that it completely eliminates the weakness of the Russian BB line by letting those floating metal slabs be accurate and long range anyway (No suprise the Ruski's got a good deal) am I right so far? Ever hear of what ain't broke dont fix? Supposedly this was all done so they had a reason to add Subs with their own distinct skill tree as well? At this point maybe Submarines arent worth it. Specifically cause it seems to undo the things that made each individual nations ships specials, in exhance for turning them all into Japan and/or American sniper BBs Im trying to keep an open mind but Im not liking what Im hearing, Fellow BB mains am I jumping the gun or are you all ok with this? other boats did you get fugged by this too or does this work for you?
  2. While grinding for 1.2M ECXP before Update 0.10.0 arrives, I have this was one fun random battle with Jean Bart. Some salty battle messages from the red team aside, I made some juicy citadel hits, sunk 3 enemy ships, and managed to top the team scoreboard! I hope we can all get at least one 21-point commander the moment the rework goes live. Happy weekend!
  3. Just want to confirm, in the next update can you now retrain commander fully with just 12.5k elite commander xp?