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Found 5 results

  1. Navalpride33

    Some Comedic WOWS (Replay),

    If anyone would like to use this replay in their youtube channel, please forward me the link as well ... TY. 20210730_225524_PRSC107-Schors_20_NE_two_brothers.wowsreplay intermittently, the game was over at the 14 min mark.. But, it was the must boring up the middle charge I've seen on two brothers... Those who love a laugh, will love this short feature... I would like to thank Popcorn from TNG for the comedy along with, the other 22 players in the match. We all need a chuckle or a belly laugh... So enjoy...
  2. Inspired after a morning of install that should've taken less than 10 mins but took over an hour (micro patch FYI).
  3. For a little bit of comic relief, I ask my follow forum readers the following question with evidence... What was your brown alert moment in a WOWS match??OR what was the best brown alert moment you gave to an opponent? In today's replay, one such event happened ... I would like to share the comedic events with the public. Background on the replay... (spoiler alert). Its a loss I tried at least. I lasted 11 min I took out the Puke of York for the LOLz and grinding out the campaign. Dont get triggered for the abuse of HE.. The "brown" alert happened when the red ship in "Halloween Disguise." Tried hard to outsmart me.. "Tried" was the best way to put it. The file is here. 20201008_211741_PBSB527-Duke-of-York_46_Estuary.wowsreplay Enjoy. BTW Be happy I am not gas lighting on the flat tops... They're still disproportional in DMG dealing (close second, high tier BBs). Que sera sera.. GL/HF
  4. In honor of the third season's last day, I present you with this very serious look into the critical issues presented during said season. I hope this provokes deep and meaningful thought while we reflect upon this past season.
  5. Yeah, due to our main callers having family commitments, we were going to skip the first night of CB. Then we decided that for the guys that wanted to, we would run a battle or two, just to get the flags and let them respc. captains. We didn't start till 10:45 Eastern, and I figured most of the elite clans would have already been zoomed out of our MM range by then..... Nope. First match, MIA - top 10 clan that finished in Hurricane with a loaded team against our thrown together group ..... a predictable loss. A quick rotation of a few players so they could do the same, I figured, just an anomaly, we will get a more reasonable team in the second match ... Nope - a group 1 Typhoon team, and while it was closer ... still a loss. I am not complaining that we lost, we weren't preparing hard and used a back-up caller, so no excuses there. I am just disappointed that those ended up being the first two matches that a team that finished in Storm last year had to face. Not impressed with your "improved" Clan Battle MM Wargaming, seems a lot like the old one.