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Found 2 results

  1. Razor_Striker

    Chat colors

    This isn't a big issue, but it is mildly annoying while in game I am constantly forced to spin my screen to a dark part of the map to be able to read chat, the enemy color of white with red names is great. However, the mild green friendly team names and coloring of the font is terrible(more so now with these horrible weather affects which I totally dislike but deal with ), it blends in so badly on most all maps that it literally can change the outcome of a game when you are trying to coordinate with strategy by typing. If we just had an option (without loading mods or altering code) of changing chat font colors and size it would be greatly appreciated for us older players who struggle with vision or even the younger crowd for that matter.. I love this game and will continue to play it as long as my computer will allow me to, I do appreciate all the time and effort Wargaming puts into trying to make this and tanks the best it can be, even in times of struggle. End rant thanks for your time, happy hunting!
  2. Ok so i was one of those players expecting Tirpitz to have some of his plenty of historical camos. Now Im seeing that it has a new one resembling a ground alike that the real one had, but badly made and with wrong colors(different grades of gray instead of green and brown like it really was). Same with scharnhorst, while cool, it never existed and even the snowy should be having the wavy camo faintly seen under it, that it had on its last journey. Also other models like z23 having a wrong premium one. Why this lack of detail? Now, talking about the z23 as an example, there is anniversary camo with more XP and considerations than the premium doubloon-paid . Thing is, i know this is an arcade game and most players dont care about having a manga captain, clownish and childish camos, planes flying on cyclones, radars waving through ground, lack of short-underwater hits, fantasy fire ignition and disproportionate dmg, antigerman bias, OP US BBs, never bouncing US shells (like german ones, US chells and even the SH were good at penetrating at 60° angle...but damn), ships that never had radars equipped with, etc. But for some of us, who have been for years in serious forums about battleships and in between archives of the real stuff, would be awesome if we can apply certain camo or use the given bonus ones, but choosing to see another one like the premium or a serious one instead a colorful. I know i can install mods but considering im paying into this game, it´ll be a nice feature to count with that possibility. Cheers to all Sebastian.