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Found 10 results

  1. After reading Khafni's post about the month of TYL containers, I decided to try that for August. In order to do that, I had to empty out my stash of Resource containers that I was working on. During the accumulation (which I started in mid-April after I screwed up the one I started April 1st), I opened up all special containers (like German CV, Twitch, etc.) at the point of collection as well as 5 in-game 'odd balls' to prevent them from affecting the end results. On the 78th container, I screwed up and selected 1 TYL vs Resource. It was 4 flags but I forgot to write down what they were (as you can see, it wasn't that memorable). I received 4 Supercontainers during the run The 54th container was 100 Sierra Mikes The 115th container was 100 India XRay The 153rd container was 15,000 coal The 217th container was 50 Restless Fires camos There were 242 remaining as of this morning, and with one click - here is what they gave me: 118,400 coal 79,000 Free XP 5 Type 2 camos < looks like I might have missed selecting a container and got a system-generated one in there. 123 November Foxtrots 84 Juliet Charlies 4 India XRay 4 Victor Lima 87 Zulu Hotels 4 Mike Yankee Sox 145 Papa Papa 79 Zulu 4 India Delta 37 Hotel Yankee 249 ESCLs 25 duplicate symbols (of 21 different types - multis on 3) 11 duplicate shields (of 9 different types - multis on 2) Those duplicates netted me 540,000 silver Not too bad for free containers. Since I am a Co-op main (and an 'essential employee'), I typically only worked for 2 containers a day during the week and then tried for 3 a day on the weekends (unless life or WoT gets in the way ;). I will let everyone know how my TYL August experiment goes.
  2. I highlight the main details of World of Warships update 0-8-10 - and how to maximize the containers and tokens you can earn to give you the best chance to complete the new Italian collection: Resolute and rapid in this update to attain the Excellent unique Italian commander: Luigi Sansonetti. Good luck, I hope this helps! Kar
  3. Go to the WOWS News page and you can participate in a opt-in HSF Collection that grants you a free Perma camo for Yamato. I have the link bellow. The Camo is fairly normal looking by Weeb standards and is shown bellow. Don't miss out on a FREE perma camo for a tier X ship. https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/sales-and-events/hsf-is-back/
  4. Overall, WG has done a pretty decent job at accurately modeling the key armor surfaces of most warships in the game, even including those which only existed as design studies. It is obvious that a great amount of care and resources have been put into modeling these iconic ships as accurately as possible within the confines of the game mechanics. However, WG is not infallible. Since the game was freshly released and we were gifted our cantankerous ingame armor model viewer, those with more time or access to different resources have done their best to find and hope to rectify any major issues we have come across. Some fixes have been implemented. This includes the corrections made to: New Orleans, Nagato (partially), Arizona, Iowa, Alabama, New Jersey, Montana, and many others. Yet there are even more which still have glaring issues which have gone unsolved, many of which either have a measurable impact on the ships performance ingame, or are so insignificant that fixing them can and should be done simply for historical accuracy's sake. Yes, it is realized that this is an arcade game. Yet WG is dealing with the names and appearances of specific famous historical ships, and they themselves have made the effort to model these to the best of their abilities. If they can be made more accurate, shouldn’t they? With no intention to throw shade on the dedicated modelers at WG, many of these inaccuracies have been compiled and detailed via primary and secondary source materials. This has been made possible only through the efforts of several individuals from the World of Warships community, primarily: @SireneRacker, @Shikikaze, @Phoenix_jz, and several others (who I am entirely willing to add to this list, should they ask). In fact, a lot of these issues would have been impossible to bring to light without them. Realizing the futility of posting threads for each individual ship (as it seems to a large degree that the only way these issues are corrected, is if enough eyes see them), we have decided that a single master-thread is a better solution, as it allows for a more comprehensive and easily view-able list. Disclaimer: most/all of these errors do not relate to extremity plating, which is entirely dictated by Wargaming as a method of game balance. Plating of 19, 25, and 32 millimeters is largely going to go unmentioned in these lists, unless it is a large internal armor plate of some sort. These exceptions are rare, and will most likely not be an issue. Ships Covered (updated whenever a new issue is found or existing issue solved): Imperial Japanese Navy -Azuma/Yoshino [B-65] - (completed with assistance from @Shikikaze, working on reformatting [SOON TM]) -Nagato - (working on reformatting [SOON TM]) -Yamato - (collecting information) Kriegsmarine/Kaiserliche Marine -Bismarck/Tirpitz - (completed with assistance from @SireneRacker) -Scharnhorst/Gneisenau - (completed with assistance from @SireneRacker) -Königsberg/Nürnberg - ( @SireneRacker ) Marine Nationale -Dunkerque - (working on reformatting [SOON TM]) Regia Marina -Roma - ( @Phoenix_jz ) Royal Navy United States Navy -Helena/Boise - (collecting information) -Cleveland - (collecting information) Other
  5. This is to the graphics team, which I know must be quite extensive. After looking at my "From the Depths" camo for Bismarck, I noticed that you had accurately portrayed several places where Bismarck was hit, like the shell from Prince of Wales that penetrated the bow of Bismarck and the torpedo hit amidships. What I found missing was the most important damage done to Bismarck: the torpedo hit in the stern area that jammed the rudder and doomed Bismarck. Can you not fix that and add a realistic torpedo damage graphic of some kind to show that Bismarck was hit in the stern area? I think it is kind of needed to complete that particular camo. Thanks in advance!
  6. I’m missing items of the third year anniversary collection. It would be nice to be able to purchase these and containers of other collections that many players are missing, besides the ones already available.
  7. Cyberwasp35

    anniversary collection

    Real life had me occupied most of the first portion, and I was only able to get started on the collection. at the end, I was working. Is there any way to keep getting collection items at this point? the anniversary events and missions go all month, so I was thinking there had to be a way for it. Or am I going to have to wait till the next anniversary and buy retro packs? on a side note, when they say 'the 19th', why can't it be available ON the 19th? I do 12 hour night shifts in a factory, it REALLY throws off everything for me....
  8. Honestly I personally feel the results for the Anniversary collection compared to what was originally promised on the WoWS webpage: (I.E. one Anniversary premium Container for each part of the collection you completed), The 10 World of Warships Anniversary expendable camouflages for first the sub-collection, 10 Basilisk signals for the second, 10 Scylla signals for the third, and 10 Leviathan signals for the last section all pail in comparison, especially when compared to last year's rewards being permanent "Congratulatory" camo's that offered great bonuses. WG had a great opportunity to release a second batch of these, not only good looking, but beneficial perm-camo's for four lines that hadn't received them, even the rewards you get from the collection itself without/removing the thought of the previously announced and cancelled rewards it's still extremely underwhelming and honestly not seemingly worth the time, even in the scheme of "Free stuff", It was honestly, and rather sadly a major let-down on WarGaming's end.
  9. So I did indeed play the anime collection so I could obtain the permanent camo for the Yamato. Nice bonuses for pretty much nothing but collecting things. I'm on the fifth phase of the Halsey campaign and hope to complete it soon. So - any word on what's coming next? Anyone? I like the two flag options you can get... so when are they coming for other nations? tiafyc