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Found 11 results

  1. Well yesterday, I needed just a bit of XP to get the next daily container, so I hopped into one last battle. I forgot to stay logged in after sinking, so I forgot to collect the container. This afternoon when I logged in, the system had collected my container from yesterday, signal flags for some reason as I rarely pick that one, and it gave me the 10 oil as well. So for those that just let the system auto-collect your containers, you now get oil for that unlike in the past. BTW, I'm not unhappy with the signal flags container as I can always use all the flags I can get, but I usually need silver more and I usually get one set of flags in a credit container. Yes, 50k to 150k silver is nice for me as I hoard collect ships and I'm always needing silver for the next ship & upgrades. I picked up the Might Mo last week with the 1:35 FXP conversion, but I'm just getting into T7 play, so I haven't taken it out much yet. I hear it is a real credit earner, but I have been concentrating on other grinds right now. I'm also an average 50ish% player at best, so I'm hoping it will still be a credit earner for potato me.
  2. I have a few flags, but I know there are alot of you with different flags or more of them, show us your....flags.
  3. I have one of the collections left. I should have 3 'duplicates' of "Eat it Toaster!" however, it shows one. I have earned the award three times in a row. This has happened with the "Skipper on Deck" as well. I earned it multiple times but the number was never where I thought it should be. Not a big deal, but I only need a few more to complete so it's getting weird. And yes, I waited for the games to complete.
  4. Hi, Just I am curious to know how is your Yamamoto Isoroku Campaign/Collection going? I could almost reach the last task on PT but didn't had enough time. However I don't have that much high tiers on LS to start the campaign. Only I have my Bis & Aki (stock). I found that completing the task on PT was so easy & I loved the collections and those premium camos. But the campaign on live server is much harder (looks like) Please just share your results here & specially what you got in that super container! Is there anyone getting those collection in daily containers? Thanks
  5. I went to Profile -> Collections but I don't see the Yamamoto Collection listed. How do I get to it? http://imgur.com/Mb7OE9R
  6. I just needed one more collectible, took my Gallant out and earned 3 container.
  7. Not understanding... I completed the collection when I finished mission 4. The game sent me an in-game note saying I had completed the Hunt for the Bismarck, and then a tiny text box appeared saying I was getting 10 million credits. I didn't get it. Do I get it when the mission period is over? Or when I complete all the missions? Or what? This campaign was really great and the bonus signals are wonderful. Many thanks, WG!
  8. Kancolle Spring Event Cooloff Thread

    So, how many of you out there have been diligently grinding for Gangut/Kamoi/whatever you want out of the event(Hitomi, others)? How many of you are out of fuel/ammo/Bauxite like me and need to run a bunch of expeditions while waiting? How many of you are nutters who already have E-5H finished and are in the process of K2'ing Gangut like I've seen? Personally, I've been getting screwed on E-2E because all my ships are underleveled and opening torpedo salvo 350 HP 195 armor Heavy Cruiser princess keeps screwing me over, and now I've run out of ammo.
  9. Welcome to Darth's Mods and Tutorials! Here you will find what mods I've done and the mods of others that I really like (but not necessarily use). Think of it as a collection of cool mods and a hub to see if a particular mod has been updated for a new version - I shall be keeping tabs! Legend: [x] = Up to date [x] = Out of date In the spoiler below are mods/tutorials I brought back/created. The below are mods/collections that I find useful and are not mine and prefer to have direct links to them without having to download a (typically 100mb) installer to get one or two 10mb total mods Mods: [WG] Training room By WG Developers [x] [NA] Master Port Collection By DarthDoge & GoldPile [x] MrGrind's Skins [x] Yet Another Zoom Out Mod By Pope_Shizzle [x] Unique Camouflages By Wawan25 [x] Major's Collection of Mods By Major Renegade [x] Kriegsmarine Mods & Skins By Edelweisse [x] Skin Bottom Sound By HeavyCruiser_Aoba & Community [x] [EU] Wo-era Mods By MasaruKondera & Team [x] Tanz's Shipyard (Skins) [x] Wyvern's Historical Skin Workshop [x] [RU] Extended tech tree By Arnak76RUS [x] Compressed textures for weak computers By P_AV [x] Play on all servers By GhostBow [x] Zeiss Zoom By Mebius_IW [x] Blue Colored torpedo wake By Anthropologe [x] No Fire Frame By Mebius_IW [x] Unique Camouflages for Russian ships By ruslan3d_akmano [x] [ASIA] (To be added) If you dig up some cool mods and would like the see them on this list.. I can watch them for you and update them as they're updated.
  10. Need Help with Kancolle

    Partially click bait title /b/ut whatever... So I binge watched the 12 episode Kantai Collection anime series the past two days (because I'm still recovering from the double surgeries (hahaha end me please)), and I will admit that I enjoyed watching them. I was a little sad that I was able to binge watch the series, but then I discovered that a new movie came out right after Thanksgiving this year. I tried to find a site to watch it on but I couldn't, so I'm going to ask you guys: Anyone have a FREE ONLINE site link that I can watch the Kancolle anime movie on?
  11. This list of mods is currently working with World of Warships client. Ship Icons (made by me) Original, Tic-Tac and Tic-Tac V.2 Crosshair (Made by Hootorez) Rainbow V.1-V.2 Crosshair (made by me) Rainbow Web V1-V2 (made by me) MLP Commanders (made by me) MLP Flag Mod(made by me) [Major] Pinkie and Trap Sense (Made by me) [MLP] consumables with Pinkie Sense & torpedo Warning No enemy Detected Voice mod (made by me) [Major] Torpedo Warning Voice Mod [Major][star Wars] Voice Mod [Major] My Little Pony Voice Mod Family Guy Voice Mod Duke Nukem Voice Mod Boink+Duck Kill sound mod (New) [Major] Star Wars Laser mod (new) [Major] Longer Version of Video Login [mod](Video Only) [V.1]Japan Rising Sun flag And [V.2]Japan+Germany Naval Flag (updated by me) (Chinese Server) Flag mod Clear Vision (made by me) [Major] Freedom Skin (Des Monies) (made by me) Both install guide works both way.Pick one and install Install guide #1: 1. Copy res_mods folder from the mods you have downloaded. 2. Paste res_mods directly into C:/Games/Worldofwarships Folder. 3. Open game and you're good to go View screenshot below where to place the files 0.6.x.x install guide#2: just simply place the new/old mods into C:/Games/Worldofwarships/res_mods/0.6.x.x folder 1. Unzip your mod file. 2. in your unzipped mod folder. Go to res_mods/(game version of that mod) folder. 3. copy everything in res_mods/(game version of that mod) folder and paste it into C:/Games/Worldofwarships/res_mods/0.6.x.x folder. 4. You're good to go, start up your game View screenshot below where to place the files [Hootorez] Original Crosshair <Download size 327kb [Hootorez] Tic-Tac Crosshair <Download size 450kb [Hootorez] Tic-Tac V.2 Crosshair <Download size 800kb [Major] Rainbow Crosshair V.1 <Download size 325kb [Major] Rainbow Crosshair V.2 <Download size 325kb [Major] Rainbow Web V.1 <Download size 598kb [Major] Rainbow Web V.2 <Download size 551kb [Major][V.1] Ship Icons <Download size 2mb [Major][V.2] Ship Icons <Download size 2mb [Major][V.3] Ship Icons <Download size 2mb [Major][V.4] Ship Icons <Download size 2mb [Major][V.5] Ship Icons <Download size 2mb [Major][V.6] Ship Icons <Download size 2mb [Major][MLP] Commander Crew <Download Size 2mb [Major][MLP] Flag mod <Download size 2mb [Major]Torpedo Warning Voice Mod <Download Size 2mb (Discontinued) No enemy Detected Voice mod <Download size 180kb (Discontinued) [Major][MLP] Voice Mod <Download Size 27mb [Major][star Wars] Voice Mod < Download Size 17mb [Major] StarWars Laser gun mod <Download Size 4mb (unpacked size 264mb) (Discontinued) [Major] StarWars Voice+Laser mod <Download Size 21mb (unpacked size 291mb) (Discontinued) [Major]Family Guy Voice Mod <Download Size 31mb [Major]Duke Nukem Voice Mod < Download size 20mb [Major] Longer Version of Video Login (Video Only) <Download Size 332mb [Major][MLP] Pinkie Sense <Download Size 429kb (Discontinued) [Major] Trap Sense <Download Size 425kb (Discontinued) [Major][MLP] consumables & Torpedo Warning <Download Size 717kb (Discontinued) [Major][MLP] User Interface Mod <Download Size 160mb (Discontinued) [Major][V.1] Japan Naval Flag <Download Size 826kb [Major][V.2] Japan+Germany Naval Flag <Download Size 1mb (Chinese Server) Flag mod <Download Link 2mb [Major] Clear Vision <Download size 2kb [Major] Fog Remover <Download Size 103kb [Major] Freedom Skin (Des Monies) <Download size 5mb [Major] Old Ribbons Mod <Download Size 1mb (Discontinued) [Major] Old HE + AP Shells <Download Size 700kb (Discontinued) [Major] Old HE+AP Shells and Ribbons <Download Size 850kb (Discontinued) [Major] Rainbow+Confetti Tracers <Download Size 12kb Stormy Wet Dock (Non-Premium port) <Download Size 880kb [Major] Colorized Rain drops <Download size 100kb Boink+Duck Kill sound mod <Download size 273kb (Discontinued) For Voice mods best results, review settings in spoiler How to create your own video login screen guide How to create your own voice mod Change log