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Found 7 results

  1. The IFHE change basically made Flint, Atlanta, Colbert, and Smolensk useless. In the 0.9.5 release the Moskva camo people paid for with real dollars will be given out free. I will not be spending money on this game anymore. If I cannot rely on something maintaining it's value to me I am not going to buy it.
  2. Rolkatsuki

    Colbert Fan Club Thread

    Hello and welcome to the fan club thread of the Tier X reward French cruiser, the Colbert Feel free to: - Discuss - Post battle results - talk setups or anything else relating to our beloved Research Points wall locked french minigun. here are some of my post battle reports in her: my Colbert Specs for the curious: https://wowsft.com/ship?index=PFSC510&modules=1111&upgrades=133331&commander=PFW101&skills=340836353&ar=100&consumables=1111 also... ^ don't you just love it when pubbies compliment how you use your ship(in chat)
  3. Colbert Garbage IMHO Don't waste time and effort on this stinking pile of ----- Consider this as a public service message

    Francês OP

    Alguém sabe me responder por que os barcos franceses são tão "glorificados" dentro do WOWS? Se me lembro bem a marinha francesa, na segunda guerra, foi digamos "insignificante" e de onde vem barcos tão bons para a nação? O COLBERT, com seus 8x2 127mm com um reload que dispensa apresentações. É um dos cruizer mais eficazes, mas ele faz sentido pois vem da estação de pesquisa e eu acho compreensível ser um pouco mais OP. No caso do KLÉBER, a questão se repete, barco extremamente eficaz em batalhas com sua velocidade que o torna um alvo que requer sorte para ser abatido. REPUBLIQUE, novamente um BB rápido, com uma blindagem que o torna uma muralha contra outros BBs, além dos canhões de 431mm com uma velocidade de projétil que faz ele ter uma boa penetração. E por último, e pior de todos, vão fazer um "Frankenstein" misturando o COLBERT com o KLÉBER, dando origem ao MARCEAL..... Particularmente, não sei de onde vem esses barcos, existiram de fato esses barcos? Foram construídos? Ou ao menos projetados? Desde já me desculpem a ignorância histórica.
  5. WG, slow the rate of fire down, give it 139mm guns, and reload booster. Stop creating random gimmicks for ships that are completely out of character for their country of origin.
  6. What defines a "Veteran Player?" Really though, what does? I am still wondering how WG see's the pre-requisite of "5 Tier X Ships" a fair and acceptable entry point for this new activity. When in reality... it couldn't be further from it. Lots of players don't have multiple tier X ships or even ANY tier X ships that have been playing this game for years. Why are they excluded from this? In my case, I have only two tier X ships. République & Henry IV. I am a HUGE french navy ship fan and enjoy the speedy play-style they allow me to have. I will be getting the Italian cruisers when they embark because they have a very niche play-style.. "big gun that go boom and is invisible ( full speed smoke )" If WG was to not change it any-time in the future, then I would be up to 3 lines ( having the Italian cruisers researched ). Still unable to reset a branch. In order for me to partake in this, I have to get 3 other lines ( or 2 if the Italian cruisers come out before any changes are made ) that I simply have no interest in playing whatsoever, to then be eligible to play? No, that's wrong. The requirement should be removed in it's entirety or reverted to what was initially announced by Kami, "who has at least two tier X re-searchable ships in port" I can't be the only one here who is in the same boat as me. Lots of players are excluded from this because "veteran players" are classified as holders of many tier X ships when it shouldn't be that way. I guess I have been playing the game all wrong if I don't have several tier X ships? Also Lets be honest.. the Research Bureau is a cash cow.You don't have to be a genius to see why. You only have to peak your nose into the premium shop right now. TODAY ( August 21 2019 ) the new update which rolled out RB also landed a few new premium shop goodies for purchase. All these "support" bundles to help ease the players for regrinding. However... I could of sworn/heard I read somewhere that you wanted players to remember the earlier experiences in the game". Found it. here is a link to that video. Start the video at 3:00 and listen away. Now if WG wanted players to take their time through this and remember those earlier experiences/ with the grind, why would they bring out these bundles to help move them quicker to the higher tiers again? They don't. They know the majority of the lower tier ships are very unplayable in stock configuration. They know very well you don't want to play those. If they wanted to make you play those, they could simply put some earn-able research bureau tokens on the lower tier ships... but instead they keep it at 6 and above only. I am not outraged that this entire activity is a cash cow... but WG playing it off as some sort of " enjoy the old times and earn something new" is really far-fetched. I don't expect WG to come out and blatantly mention this is a cash grab.. but from the responses on the YT videos on how they explained how it works and the goals are... the majority of players don't want it. They can get more players to partake in this by simply reverting the requirement or removing it in its entirety. Why would it be a bad thing? It wouldn't be. ( for their pockets ) I know I am probably going to get flamed, and that's fine. I am a grown man. I can take feedback. I just feel after 3 years of playing this game, loving this game, supporting this game by purchasing premium ships/ time, doubloons, camo.. you name it... I feel jaded that I am left out. This is how I feel. I was so excited initially with the NTC. I wasn't keen on the rewards they were offering at the time, but the concept of it I was 100% on board with. Jimbob.
  7. Hey WG support, .. first - hope you have a great time here in germany at this years Gamescon in cologne! Came across a problem I guess regarding Naval Battles and the new french cruiser - the Colbert. Just won a naval battle in it - our french cruiser Naval Nattle log was empty before - no victories in that yet and - after the victory in the colbert it is still empty. Expected at least to get the 300 point bar done but nothing happened - neither the 300 bar was completed nor the battle was subtracted from my available naval battle attempts. Is the Colbert too new ? Does not seem to be counted in Naval Battles .. Cheers, Illgrim