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Found 59 results

  1. When I opened my containers today I got 2 900 coal. That is an odd multiplier. Usually I get 400; 800; 1 200; 2 400. Never before have I got that figure. I also got the additional reward of 290 coal, so it was not added in to that figure.
  2. This is a ship I hope gets added to the game despite it being in the game already and that is the Lion or Temeraire as the ship in this proposal is called. The ship is a mixture of Two Designs made for lion to complete it postwar; the first from the last 1944 proposal and the second is the 1945 Proposal A. These two come together to form Temeraire as the HP, secondary armament layout and speed are taken from the 1944 design and the size, aa defenses ,armament ,appearance and armor are from the 1945 version. (Credits to Tzoli for the Pictures and Tzoli and Navweaps for specifications). I think this would be the usual accompanying premium that comes with the British Battlecruiser line and would either be for coal to be Thunderer's Direct Replacement or for research points in the Research Bureau Here is the Description it would have in game then I will post the pictures right after this.. The last British battleship designed and laid down before the breakout of World War II. In many respects, the ship was a development of previous ships, she had greater dimensions, heavier armor, and modern 406 mm main guns. The Design was Modified in light of experience in the war and enlarged with additional AA defenses ,torpedoes and torpedo protection. Here are the features of Temeraire: Quick Speed at 33.5 knots stock and improved acceleration and deacceleration (20 seconds for full ahead and full reverse each) with good ruddershift Fast Reload reloading main guns that have Excellent Dispersion and Sigma and have the same penetration angles as Duke of York 4 Charges base of Specialized Repair teams and Engine Boost 2 sets of quintuple torpedo Launchers that can be Single Fired with excellent arcs of fire with good range and speed Fast firing secondaries Large Hitpoint Pool Here are the Drawbacks: Bad Armor plating only 27mm on the sides and 32mm on the deck Citadel is the length between the front and rear turrets and sits above the waterline, encompassing 50% of the armor belt High Detectability for a British Battleship and bad turning circle radius Big Deck area is vulnerable to fires Torpedoes can be knocked out at times if not destroyed. Slow Shells Bad HE fire Chance Leave your feedback Below I couldn't decide between both designs so I decided to combine both of them into one as I didn't like the armor on the 1944 one but didn't like the speed of the 1945.
  3. Hi, can someone tell me whats the best high tier ships that we can buy with coal? Thanks in advance.
  4. Dmarvin

    Z44 Torpedo Spammer

    Hello, I recently bought the Z44 for coal after deciding against the Pommern and Thunderer and do not regret the decision. The monster is a better torp boat than the Shima and I wish I had not passed on a discounted Benham during that event. I have a screen shot of captain skills, equipment, and a recent game. The games seem to be fairly consistent so long as I do not get jumped by a dd or radar. The torpedoes are reloading in 65 seconds before AR, go 71 knots, and seem to be hard to dodge with my current build. I am planning on getting expert marksman to help with the turret traverse, but it does not seem to be necessary. I am thinking the Shim needs a buff to help with consistency...
  5. Hi Guys, I have enough Coal to buy any ship with enhanced credit income. Please post your selection on a poll for what you think is the best ship for Coal. Just for your information, I prefer destroyers, then cruisers and last battleships. Thank you for your vote. All the Best, Ildasm
  6. I have almost enough Steel for any steel ship, and enough coal for any Coal ship too. I am looking for advice & recommendations; Feel free to review stats and my play style info is below: Battleships - I like hard hitting ships like Amagi / Izmail / Iowa, even if they aren’t the most durable, as I can maneuver well. I dislike not moving, so full speed over bow-tanking generally. Cruisers - Love rapid fire, and kiting, but need a bit more durability. I’m decent with Smolensk / Worcester / Roon / Mogami, not so much with British CLs. I like Alaska, but seem to never want to play it. Same with the German CAs. Destroyers - I really enjoy the IJN torpedo line, and Tashkent. I am horrible with other smokeless DDs though, like the French line. Aircraft Carriers - I hate them and am a miserable pilot, but can usually get strikes in and am rarely deplaned. I typically am not a huge damage dealer, and may play CVs more in Coop, I don’t have any T10 CVs either. For Steel: I have Bourgogne as my first Steel ship, so I am thinking about Shikishima or FDR. FDR looks like a lot of fun, 6 guns on Shikishima makes me nervous (I have Musashi, but not Yamato so far). For Coal: Max Immelman intrigues me, as does Neustrashimy or Napoli. Do I get Max and Shiki, FDR and Napoli, mix in Pommern, or some other combination?
  7. We know that Khabarovsk destroyer will become a coal ship in Update 0.10.10. See the source below. I was wondering if I will still get free Khabarovsk in my account, after I reset the branch (so Khabarovsk become NOT researched again). Let's say I researched the entire branch, including Khabarovsk in the past and decided to reset reset the branch for the research points. Now I researched Minsk (T7 ship in the branch) and all the subsequent ships remain NOT researched. Will I still get Khabarovsk in Update 0.10.10? It seems so according to the following statement from the source. But still wanted to double check. Khabarovsk will remain on the accounts of its owners. If the ship was researched but not bought, sold, or the branch was reset, she will be invoiced to the player's account. Thanks all for your info in advance! Happy hunting! Source: UPDATE 0.10.10, DESTROYER DELNY AND CHANGES IN USSR TECH TREE https://blog.worldofwarships.com/blog/221
  8. So, I just did some quick math after buying back a whole bunch of T5s for the coal you'll be able to get for snowflakes next patch on T5-7 ships. Turns out I'm expecting ~46k from the ships I've currently got and I'm not even done buying back the T5s... I can only imagine how much is available if you've got all the tech tree ships and quite a few premiums from T5 to T7. So my advice to anyone reading this, buy back as many T5 to T7 tech tree ships as you can over the course of now till the end of 0.10.11. It's gonna add up really fast, and you don't even need commanders anymore. (Same would be true for T8s and T9s for steel, but that's hella expensive) For anyone curious how I got this number, here's me formula: (Clan Bonus) * 750 * (Num. T5-7 Ships Owned) = (Expected Coal) Note: "Clan Bonus" is a decimal value, i.e. +10% = 1.10
  9. Question is same as the title. I have 1.1mil free XP now, not really sure what to spend it on. I did just unlock the Research Bureau, and I'm probably going to try for the Siegfried first, possibly followed by Paolo Emilio and then Ohio? With four currencies to keep track of (RB points, Free XP, Steel and Coal) that involve ships that aren't directly for sale I've got a lot to keep track of. Right now my resource priorities look something like this: Free XP: ???? Steel: Burgogne or Shikashima Coal: Carnot or Napoli (honestly this one is the hardest one to pick from, there's actually enough variety.) RB: Siegfried, always wanted it. I know it's not meta anymore, but I still want it. So I'm just looking for peoples' opinions on what's worth going for. For any and all of the currencies. I know we've got some new ships in development (like Kearsarge) that might be worth it, but I truly don't know what to do.
  10. I constantly found myself going into the armory to check the cost of a ship with the 25% off coupon, and eventually, I just wrote them all down and made a spreadsheet. I figured I'd share it here for anyone else that might find it useful. Here's the link to the Google Sheets page. If you have any suggestions for improvements, like links to reviews or something, let me know. I plan on adding links to the wiki page for each, but as for reviews, I don't believe LWM has a review for every one of them, and I feel like linking to various reviews would be a bit odd. If anyone else finds this useful and has some suggestions, please let me know. Would a sheet with Doubloon ships be useful? I don't know.
  11. HeavenlyWind_

    Neustrashimy cost...

    Simple question post out of curiosity: Why does the Neustrashimy, a IX DD, have the highest coal cost compared to other armory coal ships when the other ships consist of IX and X DDs, Cruisers, BBs and CVs? This actually slightly bothers me.
  12. Tpaktop2_1

    A few of my most favorite things

    Coal...Coal...Coal How do you like me, How do you like me I just wish all resource containers were like this one.
  13. warheart1992

    PSA: Napoli live on NA.

    As was expected with yesterdays news, Napoli has just hit the live server. Barebones edition for cash: https://na.wargaming.net/shop/wows/vehicles/17005/ Bundle edition for cash: https://na.wargaming.net/shop/wows/vehicles/17006/ Coal version on Armory (price is 189k coal with coupon): https://armory.worldofwarships.com/en/category/ships/5000000897 Barebones and bundle version for doubloons on Armory: https://armory.worldofwarships.com/en/category/featured/5000000899 https://armory.worldofwarships.com/en/category/featured/5000000898
  14. Considering there's some stuff planned, there are also new auctions incoming, starting July 2nd. https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/game-updates/update-0105-the-grand-battle/ Lots U.S. Commander Theodor "Trouble" Murphy with 14 skill points, plus 20 Rising camouflages Sharks permanent camouflage for X Worcester Eagles permanent camouflage for X Worcester 100,000 Coal X Somers commemorative flag Auctions are cross-server—players on all World of Warships regions (CIS, EU, NA, and ASIA) compete with each other for the same lots, so the final number of winners is shared between the four servers. Will be interesting to see minimum bids, especially for the coal. Also the explanation for prize pool was updated to reflect the correct status.
  15. So I am wondering how the auction house can exist. This is definitely gambling. You have a set minimum bid and you are not told what the maximum bid is. So whatever you bid is just blind. How does the auction house not go against EU gambling laws. Yes you do use in game currency to buy it, but the prices at which the items in the Auction House will go for will definitely surpass what one might earn from the game. People are definitely going to spend money and because it is blind bidding, it is gambling.
  16. Erm......I genuinely can't remember if that ever happened to me. Yet.... And today I didn't received any item from the collection I pursue. Hmm....
  17. Getting close to coupon expiration time (mousing over the date gives a text message of a new coupon appearing on the 19th). With 410k coal in reserve, I'm planning on using the coupon on the 17th just as a safety margin and it's down to Yoshino vs Salem as a tier 10 addition for me. I've been holding on to the current coupon because neither of these ships really excite me and I thought I'd wait to see if anything else popped up while the coupon is active. I was thinking Yoshino because the torp dynamic is usually more interesting than the mostly torp-less USN cruisers but the reduced battle cost for the Salem makes things interesting. Already have the Alaska and Anchorage as cruiser trainers for USN whereas the ARP Myoko is my IJN cruiser trainer. Before the 0.10.1 update news came out, I was going to pick one of the cruisers first and the other second but now my plans are to get the Georgia with the new coupon dropping on the 19th because of Georgia's upcoming removal. So any thoughts out there to the Yoshino vs the Salem? Been reading the forum and previous comments haven't really been definitive one way or the other. And for those who still have the coupon active, what, if anything, are you choosing? And don't forget to use it BEFORE the 19th if you are using it. EDIT: Fixed coupon image (showing previous resources coupon here, also expiring soon)
  18. Let's do some semi-educated speculation based on this: https://blog.worldofwarships.com/blog/95 We are shortly losing 4 high tier premium/special ships currently available for coal or FXP: HMS Thunderer, USS Georgia, USS Alaska and HSwMS Smaland (and one for doubloons, the MA). This will open a big hole to fill for high tier resource ships in the armory, and my guess is that WG will move to fill that hole around the same time these ships are removed. Fortunately, there are two announced high tier ships that are either ready or nearly ready for release: HMS Plymouth, and HMAS Vampire II. My hypothesis that one of those will go for coal and the other for 2 million FXP. I also think we will see the return of the USS Black or the Neustrashimy as a coal ship around this time. Scoreboard: - 1 T10 coal ship (Thunderer) + 1 T10 coal ship (Plymouth/V2) - 1 T10 FXP ship (Smaland) + 1 T10 FXP ship (Plymouth/V2) - 1 T9 coal ship (GA) + 1 T9 coal ship (Black/Neustrashimy) - 1 T9 FXP ship (AK) That still leaves the Armory - 1 high tier resource ship. The Black and Neustrashimy could both return at the same time, although both are expected to be coal ships. However, this would also be a great time for the return of T9 USS Benham for 1 million FXP. As she is considered by some to be overpowered, she may have already been placed into the rare ship category with the likes of Belfast, Enterprise, etc. In that case, the other ship that could make a unlikely return in a flurry of hate and discontent is the T10 USS Puerto Rico. As she is the in game successor to the AK, I think she would most likely for 2 million FXP, though perhaps for coal, or even steel (she is popular in clan battles) or RB.
  19. hi! I have just the right amount of coal to buy my next tier X coal ship. I am hesitating between Moksva, Salem and Marceau? I have already got Zao and Thunderer which I really enjoyed. Thus I first thought to buy a DD to get one ships of every kind (Cruiser, BB and DD) :) However the comments are mixed. So I am not sure anymore... From what i know Yoshino is a BB version of the Zao. At the same time Salem is said to be like a Desmoines and Marceau is like a Kléber. Is Moksva a better choice? Should I wait until next month for new ships to come out? Any advice is welcome! I am lost!
  20. Felipe_1982

    SC reward

    To spread good vibes, i was gifted in a raffle a supercontainer, so the reward is a good reward in my opinion:
  21. Felipe_1982


    Following advices taken (here) i got my first "real" coal ship: Thunderer Unfortunately, by now i have about 30% wins on it. Trying to play in the back as people told it is a ship to snipe and not a ship to engage in fights.
  22. tankmaster2003_hero

    Thunderer vs. Slava

    I've finally gotten enough coal for the Thunderer, but should I wait and see what resource the Slava is going to be sold for? After all the nerfing is it still the better option? And when is it going to be released: 9.6, 9.7, or 9.8? Thanks.
  23. Hey all, I'm just looking to get a feel for what people think is the best option. My stats are public, so you can see that I'm a mediocre/middling player. I play every class these days, CVs the least by far. I've got enough coal for any one of the top-tier armory ships right now. I hear the Georgia is really good, nice guns and good secondaries. I've also heard that the Thunderer is an excellent investment, and possibly OP. I don't know what coal ships people are expecting to be released in the near (3-6 months) future, so I don't know if it's worth saving my coal. I still have my coupon thankfully, so that'll help me reduce the cost of whatever I choose somewhat. Right now I play German BBs, German DDs, French BBs, and American Cruisers, and French DDs the most. I'm pretty flexible, just not necessarily great. I thankfully got Nelson and Mushashi for free XP.
  24. captain_fearless

    Musashi coming back?

    Are they ever gonna bring back the Musashi as a steel, coal, or premium shop ship? I lowkey wanna get it Also, what coal and steel ships do you guys think is gonna come in the future? I hoping for the California to come soon but last I heard the ship isn’t very good anymore