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Found 5 results

  1. 4 months ago 2 ships which were the first steel ships went up for coal as announced 6 months before that (Nuet and Flint). Flint got nerfed to the ground in the captain reboot so they might as well as put it up for credits but that is besides the question. What happened to the T9 DD Black? I spent the better part of 2020 saving up coal for these ships and only 2 of them were delivered. Did I miss an official statement about the Black somewhere?
  2. I remember the excitement when I got my first coal ship, Smolensk. It was a blast to melt ships and it truly felt like a justified reward for saving coal. Even after several nerfs Smolly is still great for doing the "main battery hits" missions. Same thing for Georgia and Thunderer. But I find there's a massive drop of appetite for coal ships for me after owning the said 3 ones. Instead of asking myself "what's the next awesome ship I'm going to sink bots with" I'm asking "what's the least bad choice to spend my coal so it doesn't sit idle in my armory". If I just go over the list: Neustrashimy? Meh. Her gimmick is not relevant in coop; Yoshino? Something tells me cruisers without means to disengage nor ability to tank just get murdered by focus fire in coop; Moskva? Not sure what her strength really is; Salem? This one is actually not bad but I can't stop feeling it's a ripoff for my coal since I can just get DM instead; Marceau/Z-44? Not a DD main myself and I've lost respect for all other DDs after getting my Akizuki/Kitakazi; Pommern is probably a great ship but there are just too many German secondaries BBs out there and it gets boring for me; Flint is what I would buy if not for the skill rework. Loss of AFT is not a deal breaker for me but I think it's just way overpriced for now. Duke of York, Meh; Blyskawica, Meh; Do you feel like the same? I've been putting off buying any coal ships since mid 2020 and spent coal on captains instead. What coal ship would you add to your fleet if you already have Smolly/GA/Thunderer?
  3. Yesterday's news said "last chance to obtain the Pomm & Loewen" that it won't be available after Sept 4... but it isn't 100% clear if that's just from the sale, or from the Armory too. No reply from @Hapa_Fodder yet for an official word on the thread about it... does anyone know for sure?
  4. Hello all! I recently picked up WoWs a few months ago and I fell in love with the game, having always been an avid ship person. After playing for almost two and a half months, I definitely am more of a Battleship/Heavy Cruiser player. Just being a presence on the map being able to do big damage just suits my playstyle the most. I remember looking in the armory and seeing the Georgia and set my mind to grinding out the coal for her. After playing the game for a while however, I started to think about getting the Thunderer. I do intend on getting both of them eventually (since the resources container is the only one that's really worth it anyhow), but I'm having trouble deciding on which one I want first. I definitely do enjoy more aggressive BBs like the Massachusetts, Tirpitz, and Bismarck, but I also have a love for marksmanship playing the IJN and USN BB lines that are definitely more gun-centered. One one hand I love that feeling of an mobile fortress firing away secondaries and also the main batteries, and on the other hand I like that feeling of seeing huge chunks of damage peel off of an enemy's ship when I hit a salvo. So hard to choose! Any tips or advice?
  5. I have been playing for about 9 months now (casual player with a fair amount of free time) I play mostly Cruisers and DDs (mostly USN, otherwise equal opportunity on flag), with a side of USN BBs I enjoy the operations (except that which shall not be named) and co-op play mostly, with only occasional 5-7 tier random battles My clan does not do clan battles (or hasn't for some time anyway), and I haven't really done much with ranked lacking higher tier ships My first coal ship was the Jean Bart cause I saw a Jingles video, and I already have the Aigle from a Santa crate and St Louis from a supercontainer I have been saving my very limited steel for a Flint or Black, but now I am going to wait for them to come back next fall as coal ships. I am up to just over 200K in coal as of last night and do still have my coupon I do have Russian ships, I am currently grinding in Budyonny, not really up to speed on coming Euro Destroyers/Blyskawica, or high tier BB play Am I going to kick myself for not getting the Smolensk while it was available? I don't know much about the ship, have never (maybe in co-op) faced it in battle, and will probably never be good enough, or have enough time to learn it properly for pvp play. That said, I could always use it to farm up some commander xp and for lighting fires for directives. Do I bite the bullet and put off my Salem (grandfather served on the Salem and Des Moines) for another while as it seems safe as a coal ship, until I can earn more coal?