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Found 1 result

  1. For months now I have been choosing "consumables" when collecting crates. Before that I was collecting "resources" to acquire more coal. With the release of the Georgia I found I am just a little short of coal to get her, so I went back to collecting "resource" crates. I have found the "resource" crate are not the same that they were a few months ago. After three days of collecting "resource" crates, I have yet to get a triple gift of coal (1200 worth) in a crate. It is about 50/50 between getting just one bag of coal or two. When did this crap change. Not too long ago it wasn't uncommon to get 1200 coal per day from the crates. It would be nice for WG to tell us when they alter something such as the chances of getting coal in a crate. It used to be an abundance of coal given out in those crates, but now it has dried up. WG is getting chincy on giving out coal in their crates.