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Found 1 result

  1. Well it has quite awhile since Wargamming.net announced that co-op battles would be a game mode. However nothing has been done until yesterday, when I observed that the number of players had increased, lord god it only took 4 years to do so. This is a start however there they need to do a lot more to make it compete. Suggestions: 1-increase the time it takes to complete a co-op battle(add more ships if that's what it takes)! 2-Make sure the bots supplied take a active part in the outcome of the battle and do not act like they do now. 3-increase the amount of monetary and elite commander experience per game. 4-treat co-op players the same as players who play any other mode in WoW. Not everyone can afford to play any other mode in WoW so, lets give the chance to enjoy the game and quite the discrimination.