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Found 12 results

  1. Please limit the number of DD players in a Co-Op match to one or two per side. Preferably one. Why? Because the bots are sitting ducks for torpedoes and having three or four DDs per side simply does does not leave much for the other players due to the massively excessive efficiency of torpedoes against the bots. I say this as somebody who frequently uses DDs in Co-Op as well. I really dislike seeing three other DDs on my team when I am using a DD almost as much as I dislike seeing four DDs when I am using a battleship, carrier or cruiser. This is a real issue with Co-Op's usability for all players.
  2. Ok i have found that if I use the target indicator for torpedoes against the bots, they actively start turning as soon as the torps are launched, but if I sent them blindly they dont, is this an expected move by the developers to make co-op more difficult or are they just programmed to cheat per say? In addition to that particular issue , I have found recently that the bots turn faster and at times stop on a dime, they dont drift like normal boats when slowing down. Maybe its all in my head, but darn if it dont feel like they know when torps are coming.
  3. Thought some of you might be entertained by this replay (see further below). It's just a CO-OP battle, but was pretty amazed at how the "player in question" (a member of a different clan) decided to farm damage by shooting me! not a "stellar" showing -- pressed the wrong key to activate hydro and wasted my smoke near the end. I blame WG for making the Smolensk a DPM monster! and here's the replay (judge for yourself). 20190922_145908_PRSC610-Smolensk_19_OC_prey.wowsreplay
  4. I_Potato_Ther4_I_Yam

    Well, that was unexpected.

    Here I thought Bots were filthy cheaters and immune to detonation. May only be Co-Op but avert your eyes kids, this isn't pretty.
  5. Looking for an established "mostly" PVE clan, I'm not really interested in playing random matches. I'm a solid PVE player, and a DD main, I have lots of different ships including 16 tier X. I enjoy long walks on the beach... Playing in a division, and would like to play some clan battles as well. I have discord and the required gear, I've also used team speak, whatever is required. I play mostly after 7pm EST and on weekends. I had my own clan (T-RIP) for just over a year, but had a hard time recruiting players, I did manage to get 4 people to join, but they literally never spoke a word to each other or myself in the entire time. I left the clan last week and gave control to the guy that played the most lol. he probably doesn't even know lol If you have a spot open, please let me know. Anyhoo.. thanks for taking the time to read the post. Spud
  6. With the anticipated influx of everyone into PvE this weekend for Naval Battles, perhaps we can collectively plead with WoWs to get rid of the mercy rule in Co-Op so we can kill every ship in every battle and get as much damage as possible. Battles ending with one or two enemy ships left when their score drops to zero is unnecessary, frustrating, and TOXIC TO FUN.
  7. I would like to see WG start working on more PVE content for ships of all tiers. I have a few friends that i got to start playing it but do not like the PVP random battles, they attempt to play standard PVE battles with bots but the rewards are so terrible that they cannot progress to the next tier before they get frustrated and stop playing. I am lucky enough to have T7 and T8s that let me play some of the Co-op operations, from playing the game since beta, but my friends do not. They have told me they would get back into the game if they where able to grind the trees playing only PVE, and there was Operations for every Tier of ship. We have enough nations in the game now, with enough ships, and naval history is deep and wide enough that we should be able to plenty of battles and engagements for Every Tier of ship to have at least 3 operations to play through so new players that do not like PVP, can grind the trees like everyone else.
  8. From the examples below, I press the battle on button, the MM threw me into a PVP match despite my battle mode choice is selected for Co-Op. You guys may want to check this out..
  9. If I am the only human player in a co-op match, and I go afk, do I still get penalized? Does it upset the bots??
  10. l_Do_Not_Care

    Bot Cv's coming soon?

    Quick question for someone in the loop, maybe @iKami or @Gneisenau013. Any time frame set for when we will see the return of AI carriers to Co-op? I've been lazier than usual keeping up with the blogs and streams. Thanks in advance.
  11. Wargaming I like most of what you did with the CV gameplay (reminder for the dimwits, this is an account for playing without any kind of premium, not a primary). The only issue I have however is that you UPPED the number of carriers in co-op. With only 8 ships a side TWO carriers is just too much, there's not enough targets for both carriers AND surface ships to hammer, especially with each carrier having a battleship counterpart as of right now.
  12. Preston Garvey's Minuteman Navy "Another flotilla needs our help!" Who we are: We are a up and coming clan with a focus on casual gameplay. We enjoy anime, manga, Fallout, plus many other videogames. We also like learning about history and other things. We definitely don't have the best players in the game, but we are always looking to improve. Maybe you would like to join us and sit back, relax and enjoy hanging out with us. What can we do for you?: A place to relax, chat about common interests if you wish, just a place to hang out. A clan to gain the benefits of the naval facility, without a real requirement. Hopefully be able to provide a setting in order to make friends. Our current naval base features are(will update as more are unlocked/upgraded): Shipbuilding Yard 3 Research Center 2 Design Bureau 2 Academy 2 Dry Dock 3 What does PGMN expect from you? We expect you to be civilized. So, do not disrespect other people in the clan, and on the Discord server. Be mature. As stated above, be respectful. Ability to use Discord(Not required, but preferred.). Also to be able to read, write, and/or speak in English. Unfortunately, not all of us have the luxury of knowing more than one language. Always trying to improve your gameplay, on any game no matter what it is. Interacting with everyone on the Discord(If you are using it, again not required.). Try to make some new friends! Requirements: We don't require anything much, just that you interact with everyone. Contribute to the overall amount of oil for us to improve our clan's naval base to assist not only you, but the clan as a whole. Be willing to talk with everyone and be friendly. As long as you are respectful and genuine, then you are welcome. Our Plans for the Future: We aren't a clan about taking this game too seriously. So, we're not going to be super competitive. However, if we get enough people, then perhaps we will participate in Clan Battles. Are you Interested in joining us? Click our Discord link below and join Preston Garvey's Minuteman Navy today! https://discord.gg/YhTCVHc