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Found 55 results

  1. I would like to see WG start working on more PVE content for ships of all tiers. I have a few friends that i got to start playing it but do not like the PVP random battles, they attempt to play standard PVE battles with bots but the rewards are so terrible that they cannot progress to the next tier before they get frustrated and stop playing. I am lucky enough to have T7 and T8s that let me play some of the Co-op operations, from playing the game since beta, but my friends do not. They have told me they would get back into the game if they where able to grind the trees playing only PVE, and there was Operations for every Tier of ship. We have enough nations in the game now, with enough ships, and naval history is deep and wide enough that we should be able to plenty of battles and engagements for Every Tier of ship to have at least 3 operations to play through so new players that do not like PVP, can grind the trees like everyone else.
  2. ...someone waits until the game is half way over, and asks; 'How exactly do you cap now?' It helped a bit when 6-7 of the Reds decided some poor player destroyer was 'it,' and chased them into the NE corner of the map. Did a good job, whoever it was, held that lot off and drew them even further into the NE before finally getting run down. Still pretty bad though; with all the rabbits running around, a turtle Mikasa was still able to get two solo caps... Thankfully a win.
  3. Preston Garvey's Minuteman Navy "Another flotilla needs our help!" Who we are: We are a up and coming clan with a focus on casual gameplay. We enjoy anime, manga, Fallout, videogames, and learning about history and other things. We definitely don't have the best players in the game, but we are always looking to improve. Maybe you would like to join us and sit back, relax and enjoy hanging out with us. What can we do for you?: A place to relax, chat about common interests if you wish, just a place to hang out. A clan to gain the benefits of the naval facility, without a real requirement. Hopefully be able to provide a setting in order to make friends. What does PGMN expect from you? We expect you to be civilized. So, do not disrespect other people in the clan, and on the Discord server. Be mature. As stated above, be respectful. Ability to use Discord(Not required, but preferred.). Also to be able to read, write, and/or speak in English. Unfortunately, not all of us have the luxury of knowing more than one language. Always trying to improve your gameplay, on any game no matter what it is. Interacting with everyone on the Discord(If you are using it, again not required.). Try to make some new friends! Requirements: We don't require anything much, just that you interact with everyone. Contribute to the overall amount of oil for us to improve our clan's naval base to assist not only you, but the clan as a whole. Be willing to talk with everyone and be friendly. As long as you are respectful and genuine, then you are welcome. Our Plans for the Future: We aren't a clan about taking this game too seriously. So, we're not going to be super competitive. However, if we get enough people, then perhaps we will participate in Clan Battles. Are you Interested in joining us? Click our Discord link below and join Preston Garvey's Minuteman Navy today! https://discord.gg/YhTCVHc
  4. Teamwork Makes The Dreamwork

    So I've heard that a lot of people are complaining about the difficulty of the nation-restricted mission required to unlock the special Russian captain. The problem with playing solo, however, is that so many people bring out Russian ships means that there's a dearth of German or Japanese ships to actually sink. Yet, with a bit of collaboration and compromise (and trust—can't have one guy running off after finishing his own kills), one can massively reduce the effort needed to achieve said goal. This strategy involves exploiting the mirror-match function of co-op to guarantee that there would be at least one German/IJN ship on the opposing team. One player takes out a tier 6+ Russian ship, the others take either German or IJN, depending on what nation is needed. Enter battle as a division in co-op. Now you have at least 1 German/Japanese ship to sink. After each battle, the players rotate on who's playing the Russian ship and who's playing the Axis ships. Continue until all players have achieved the necessary kills, swapping German or IJN ships and rotating position as necessary. With this strategy, my div-mate (who had only started the mission with 1 kill in each category) and I (who had started out completely blank) managed to finish the entire mission within about 1-2 hours of co-op battles. I finished first and then kept playing German until he got the final necessary kill Sometimes, it pays to take turns.
  5. New Penalization Mechanics

    Okay Wargaming, I'm pretty incensed about you new penalization policies and mechanics for game play; specifically, Co-op battles. I work overseas, and spend a significant amount of time in the UAE. You may well know that there are ridiculous numbers of filters in the UAE and these filters interfere with gameplay in a huge way. For this reason I play Co-op almost exclusively until I get to a country that doesn't use so many filters and firewalls. I think it is absolutely ridiculous that I get penalized for inactivity and sentence to pink hell for something that is not my fault. You need to fix this. Getting disconnected, mega-lag to the point of disconnection and interruption is a product of the ISP and the ridiculous amount of morality filters that look at each and every bit of data. I cannot even play the game I like so much, and have paid so much money into. Really tired of this nonsense.
  6. Pull A.I CV's out of Co-Op

    WarGaming please pull these dumb A.I CV's out of Co-Op, I just had a match where in order to prevent a draw since it was only 2 A.I CV's left in the match I spectated the one playing for my team for a good 4 maybe 7 minutes. It was so boring I was tempted to quit but I knew if I did it would result in a draw meaning I wouldn't actually make any profit if anything I would lose credits, as The Mighty Jingles is quoted with saying "it's like watching paint dry", now I am a relatively poor player credits wise, and since I need every credit I can get my grubby little hands on I had to stay and endure the boredom of watching these two carriers fight. The amount of times I watched as these aircraft from the Essex class aircraft carrier went in without fighter support and getting shot down, delaying the end of the battle was enough to make me cringe. It was just 1 squad going in getting shot down, and then another squadron starts to make it's way and the process repeats itself over and over again. It was only when the enemy aircraft were actually spotted that the allied aircraft carrier would move fighters in to intercept, and if they just happened to go undetected while flying instead of holding the fighters in a circling pattern in the same position, they would make the journey all the way back to the allied aircraft carrier, it was just very very boring. And the moment any squadron from the allied aircraft carrier managed to actually get eyes on the enemy carrier, instead of actually attacking the enemy they would go into a holding pattern just waiting to be shot down by 2 enemy fighter squadrons loitering around the enemy carrier. And if you are wondering no none of the carriers actually died, the battle ended by us winning on points it took that long. I am a battleship main, and occasionally I will take out a cruiser or two, my highest tier aircraft carrier is IV but even I know to keep my fighters shadowing the enemy aircraft carrier, and never send attack squadrons in one at a time without fighter support unless the enemy fighters are otherwise occupied with another task, these basic tactics which would probably even be regarded too as common sense is what both of these A.I carriers lacked. It would be quicker and more enjoyable if you just left Co-Op to the old system where an A.I would only take a carrier into the battle if there was a human player using a carrier as well.
  7. Co-op penality for TK is a terrible idea. For one example, If you play with dds you have sometimes big chances to hit your own team, not even intentional (like drops torpedos is flank) Really, its a terrible ideia, 'punish' making people play co-op its S*CKs. Dont do that.
  8. It is such a pain to play Co-Op in a destroyer. No matter how unpredictable you can be, the bots miraculously know when torps are coming to them and dodge them. Also, yesterday, I have a battleship chasing me although I was not visible. It was funny to see the bot constantly pointing the bow at my destroyer no matter how I position my ship compared to him.
  9. So I could deal with the recent changes to co-op where none of the missions were active for co-op players and you never receive any little bonuses or signals or whatever. I still had fun in quick little co-op games that last 5- 8 minutes and you could claw your way slowly through a line and get some ships. I actually went all the way to tier 10 in the German BB and Brit cruiser line that way and had fun while doing it but with todays update and introducing bot CV and BB to the game it seems WG was not content to just make my progression slow, it seems they want me either in ranked and random or gone altogether. This week started (and continues currently) with an endless parade of pvp guys in a constant state of wild enragement at me because they needed some ship to kill for some achievement or whatever is going on that requires DD and BB to be killed and I'm fine with that. Nothing would make me happier than to see you get whatever thing you need to get but boy, do those guys get ticked whenever I don't turn off my guns and let some bot kill me while they are taking ineffective shots from 10km to my rear. You getting your thing is great, I'm all for it but you need to realize when whatever you need is 3KM from me I have to kill it of get killed. Add to that todays introduction of ships that should never be bots and that actively make games worse and less fun and it seems as though WG is done with me and my ilk. DD and cruisers work as bots because they floor it, drive straight in and clever co-op players can exploit them for their brief time in the game by covering them, taking advantage of the spotting and protecting them and hiding in their smoke. CV don't work as bots because they are a disincentive to people playing as DD in co-op, BB are bad as bots because they survive till the end of the game and when the last human quits out the game defaults to a draw. So what was the real point of all this? Am I so obsolete that I had to have frustrated angry people dropped in my friendly little PVE games calling me names, raging in chat and firing HE into my sides when they didn't kill some ship they were chasing but would not actually go after up close and personal to ensure they get it? Am I losing WG so much money that they had to discourage me from playing my relaxing little co-op games where we all have a few laughs for low stakes? Is ranked and random in so much trouble that they had to make co-op frustrating and less fun? Has co-op been targeted for destruction?
  10. CO-OP needs help

    I've been playing WoW for a year and a half now. I mainly play co-op due to time (some people have a life) I have played 700 battles-ish,that might not be a lot to some (dedicated no lifers). but i feel a much needed rewards increase needs to be addressed.I know the pumped up the A.I so why now rework the rewards? make it less of a grind. Right now its like speeding with the brakes on and getting nowhere fast.I don't put money into this game either to buy all the special camo and flags to boost my exp gain.I'm just an average player not a wallet warrior. I don't know if not enough players are saying anything or if the people at wargaming plainly just don't care
  11. Let's talk about BOTS.

    I've played most of my battles in Co-Op mode, and as a result have spent a LOT of time getting to know the lovely bot AI. The purpose of this post is to provide information to those who may be unfamiliar with the AI and how it behaves. To understand how your enemy thinks, to get inside his head, is to enable yourself to achieve an easier victory. So let's talk about these bots. #1: Bots aim better than players. They aim perfectly, in fact... and my experience has led me to believe they also get better shell dispersion values than players. I've seen bots pull off some miracle shots from 15+km away that a player would have to be very good and insanely lucky to duplicate. Showing your broadside to a bot, even at long range, is ill advised. They will wreck you, plain and simple. #2: Bots focus fire extremely well. They will fire on the least armored target they have line of sight on, even if it is much further away than another target. I've seen bots ignore a BB that is 5km away to shoot at a CA or DD that is 15km away. This makes playing Cruisers & Destroyers in Co-Op difficult, because even if you stay on the 2nd or 3rd line the bots will bypass closer targets to shoot at you. Combine this feature with their ridiculously accurate aim and exposing yourself in a lightly armored ship usually equals a quick trip to the bottom. #3: Bots have an uncanny torpedo dodging ability. If it seems like they detect your torps the moment you launch them it's because... THEY DO. Bots have an auto-dodge script that activates if you have them targeted and have torpedoes in the water. Those who don't believe me can check for themselves. Target a bot, line up your torp shot, hit "X" to remove the targeting reticle from them, then fire. Once your torps are in the water DO NOT re-target the bot, that will activate their auto-dodge. Keep your targeting reticle off the bot and, if nothing else gets their attention, they will continue to sail on and run straight into your torps. They don't see the torps as intended for them, so they don't take any actions to evade them. #4: At the beginning of every match bots will move from their spawn point towards the nearest cap zone. This means they often focus on the center of the map and, in the case of maps with only two cap zones, they're ALL going to the center unless something (like a spotted target) changes that behavior. The Two Brothers map provides perfect example of this. In the configuration with 4 cap zones it tends to be a 50/50 chance whether the majority of bots will go to one side or the other. In the configuration with only 2 cap zones the bulk of them will come straight up the middle. So if you get the bright idea "I'll flank them!" forget about it. You'll get out to the flank and no bots will be there, so you've just removed yourself from combat. Bots aren't smart enough to flank. #5: Bots CAP. They not only move towards capture zones, they actually TAKE THEM. Players tend to sail through capture zones in pursuit of "Moar dmg! Moar killz!" So bots will take the zones, which can give them a hefty point lead and even win the match for them if things go south for the Player team. Play smart here! Do your part and capture those zones once you've killed the bots in them. Don't let them continue to rack up points while you sail off to hunt for more bots. #6: Bot CVs are monumentally STUPID. They always auto-drop, so if you turn into the attacking planes most of their torps & bombs will miss. This means a bot carrier is not really a threat to the team, and should always be killed LAST. Focus your attention on other bot ships, as those are the ones that aim perfectly and will KILL you. I can't tell you the number of times I've seen matches lost b/c half the players went off to chase the CV while the remaining two or three bot ships took all the cap zones. By the time the bot CV was dead it was too late, the bots won by cap points. #7: This is perhaps the most important thing to remember. Bots WILL prioritize hunting DDs over everything else. The ENTIRE bot team will turn to chase the first DD spotted, so a player DD has the ability to control an entire engagement. If you are in a DD try not to get spotted first, and if you do end up with multiple bots chasing you the absolute WORST thing you can do is run to open water to get away from them. In doing so you will pull the entire bot team after you and AWAY from your teammates, who could help you. Bots will continue to chase a DD even if it has gone out of spotting range. They won't fire b/c you aren't on their radar but they will chase like they know EXACTLY where you are. The TL:DR version... 1: Bots aim perfectly 2: Bots focus fire 3: Bots dodge torps when targeted 4: Bots go straight into action 5: Bots CAP 6: Bot CVs are no threat 7: Bots prioritize DDs So, now that you've read all this hopefully your understanding of the AI has improved and you won't be doing crazy things in Co-Op like trading broadsides with bots, ignoring cap zones or focusing on the CV. Thanks for reading!
  12. Team Killing bug?

    So, I just got pink from doing nothing at all to friendlies. I've only played 4 matches today so far and 3 of those were mostly empty co-op (one of those was solo) trying to pad kills for the Vampire. I just got out of the last one and ... Never seen this happen before. Every other time I've been pink has been because of FF torps. wth?
  13. Co-op Players Are Transnaval

    Well, your voices have been heard, and co-op finally gets it's very own free ship mission. Even better, there's no ship missions using the ship, so the only benefit to buying it is the ship. This should please the zero-money players, who struggled to complete valuable missions that used a free ship you could also buy. What's coming next? Not sure, but for those who like to play in the shallow end of the pool, this is a real goodie. Stage 1, 20 kills, Stage 2, seven wins, those should be easy to knock out in co-op. Stage 3, get XP, best in random. Stage 4, do damage, also easier in co-op, but can be done quickly in random with high tiers. Everybody starts with a Commonwealth OK captain. Tier 3 is going to be flooded with these at the end of the month. The weird thing is, I'm seeing comments about needing a tier 4 ship to complete (Steam players?). Much, much easier than ARP missions that used only tier 6 and up.
  14. Just like the title says, what's the best ship for grinding out credits in co-op? I'm open to suggestions from any tier or even a premium, but that being said, if it's an exclusive like a limited edition release, pls give a second opinion as well? <3 thank you very much for your help! :D
  15. Dear WG, Please send my regards and warmest congratulations to your development and supertesters teams for making and testing such a fun and entertaining event. Ships design and lore: Awesome! Captains design and lore: Awesome! Bots behavior and AI: Awesome! Special consumables: Awesome! Battles unfolding: Awesome! XP and credits: Awesome! Container rewards: Too few and not up to the legendary event you created, lets the whole event a bit down. All-in-All: Awesome event that makes your costumers happy. Mission accomplished. BRAVO ZULU! Thanks and best regards. P.S.- Can we keep the captains after Halloween? I am in love with all of them, besides the fact that they are 19 points of course. And they are 7 captains for 7 nations on the tech tree, wink, wink..:)
  16. Ah; the heady days of Yuri Gagarin and Sputnik; back when I was such a noob I thought getting 10k damage was a lot... ...things sure change when you've had a 'little' practice. Chester, 4 point captain, basic bonus signals, no camo, Domination on Polar, Co-op. Trying to angle to focus on another DD when a Stor suprised me; moved to ram and got away with it because; as usual; the bot was more iterested in a 'priority' target (our Beleraphon,) than me. Moseyed around doing this and that, collecting damage and trying not to get focused, as all the bots on our team died the usual botty dog's deaths, the other players were sunk, and I was left alone with an afk. Hooray for bots stupidly focusing on priority targets, (in this case, the afk,) because it let me deal with the last bot cruiser, a nasty Dresden, (nasty for a Chester, at least,) thought for sure the bot Bell would have me, but it apparently got stuck behind an island, and couldn't get to me because it kept trying to follow, and stayed run aground. Capped A, tried B, but the Bell finally appeared. Amazingly bad shooting for a bot, even at low tier, helped me escape, and I capped C. Spent the rest of the game circling outside the islands around B, watching the Bell try to chase me, and trying desperately to set fires, since a stand up fight would just let the bots settle down its gunnery and hammer me. Yeah; it's only Co-op; but I'm not in a Clan; Red Oktober part 3 doesn't start until tomorrow, and I'm not in the mood to do the Yamamoto Campaign right now; so that means slumming in Co-op. I guess I didn't do well enough to want to save any of my original Chester games as screencaps; this one was sure as heck worth saving!
  17. Co-Op & Bots

    I haven't played in a while, so I have a few questions. 1) Is it normal, when playing Co-Op, after being in the queue for only 3 seconds to get put on a team where my team-mates consists of mostly bots? The reason I ask is because it seems that is exactly what is happening. More often than not, with a server population in excess of 10,000, most of my team consists of bots where I get put into a line-up with mostly bots. Sometimes as many as 5 and 6 bots. I understand that after 30 seconds, when playing Co-Op, my wait time will be no longer than 30 seconds and the game will automatically fill a battle which at this point will probably consist of bots, but 3 seconds? 2) I play a Battleship. You know, they move slow. When I play with bots on my side, since I play Co_Op, which normally consists of bots, because I get put into a line-up at 3 seconds into the queue, which usually consists of more than half my team, they charge, engage and sink so many of the opposing bots from the enemy, I very seldom have time to engage. I find the battles that I play are not very entertaining. Should I expect this kind of play at all times?
  18. 1 vs 15 again in Co-op... Sigh....

    Yeah; just Co-op; but fun times when all the green bots die like dogs, and you're left as the CV to try to fight off all the (dirty, stinking, rotten, programmed rpf cheatin') Reds that are left... Fortunately I managed to reach a place that funneled the bots i'd not already polished off into coming at me one at a time. Best single moment? That the Emerald couldn't set me on fire, which is how CVs usually get screwed in thse situations, that I got a secondary hit on it; and that I finished it off with a ram.
  19. This and that happening; Some div mates and I have a glorious 5-star win in Killer whale; then proceed to find new and interesting ways to do worse and worse as we made a few more runs. (In one battle, I managed to get my Ryujo hung up on a jetty in the port... Not the most glorious of events... and our only real loss in five games...) Decided to go back and play the one more game with Hosho I was planning before he PM'd to join the div. Nothing really spectaculay, though I did manage to get some good torp hits in despite the usual crowding in the central gap... ...of course; this late; it was a 1 vs 15 battle; but those early torp hits worked in the Green team's favor, and they managed to survive the Zerg Rush so typical of such battles. Such a rough weekend it's been; nice to end up with a bit of a chuckle, thanks to the wackiness of the bots...
  20. I was playing Co-Op battles all of yesterday. However the Match Maker threw me into a PVP with other players. At first I was wondering what the heck and then realize I was in a match with players on both sides. When I died I exited to the port. Yep it states that I'm listed for Co-Op mode as shown below. Here are the game end results And further showing the team layout. Granted this only happened once, but it was very strange.
  21. Recently gave a new player a bit of advice about Nassau, saying if it and Kawachi were used right (WASD< map awareness,) there was no reason not to be continuously firing 10 guns in relay, as opposed to six or eight from one side... Nassau on New Dawn, Tier 3-4 battle, no CVs., 6 point captain, but of course I've been driving battleships since 09-2015, so that knowledge means a lot. Yeah, it's co-op, but I just wanted to a few easy games to get the captain's next skill point. Stared in NE corner, pushed down east of B; focused initially on targets in B, but then started firing with the other wing turrets towards C, and kept the like up for the rest of the game. Fire to one side, switched immediately to fire at a red in the other direction; by then the rload is done, fire into B again, rince and repeat. Some brawling range fighting netted me a decent number of secondary hits, (though I'cve also had over 100 secondary hits with a South Carolina,) and when it was all over, I had 108k plus in damage... Might be the first time I ever went over 100k damage with a tier 3 battleship, in any mode.
  22. Hello, I've been playing since the start of WoWS and my problem stems from the Co-Op AI. After the update to the bots in Co-Op/Operations battles, I have heard and noticed the changes compared to before, there seems to be a large increase in their skill/levels. The problem that I have is that I have seen where the AI is reacting ahead of time before I have done attacks (ie torpedos to regular bombardments). It has come to a point that in my DD's I am having to get up close and personal just to land a torpedo attack, even in my Japanese DD's, and a DD should be an ambush/support ship. I can understand that a challenge was needed in Co-Op battles, but it's like I am challenging a level 19 AI Captain with my level 6 Captain. I and several others have also noticed that the bots also are having an unfair advantage with the spotter and fighter launch planes off of the ships. I launch my plane (spotter or fighter) and I can't get a target recognition ahead of time, yet the bot can spot me and I receive fire from any of the enemy ships that I am in range of, yet my planes I can't control where they patrol. This needs to be balanced out seriously soon. I can understand the bots being higher in levels with the Operations, but using the same program level with Co-Op is really making this game not that fun again. I understand that most of the development and design of the game is more centered around PvP matches, but please listen to those of us that enjoy the Co-Op side. Thanks
  23. Just a typical day; being a good boy and driving my Bogue in Co-op, so as to not be accused of or feel any guilt from possible seal-clubbing. Bogue; 10 point captain, (my 19 point USN CV captain is in Ranger,) Stock loadout, Air Supremacy; Map is New Dawn, Standard mode. As you can see; typical late-night/early morning matchmaking; 1 + 7 vs 8; so basically 1 vs 15. Destroyers and cruisers did their usual kamikaze-swarming, but I managed to get an early destroyer kill, so that gave the bots a leg up, and they managed to take care of most of the rest before going dumb again and dying stupidly trying to contest occupation of our cap by the Red bots. Had pulled back with my Bogue to avoid being spotted, (as much as one can, in Co-op,) and thus was able to finish off the last two Red bot DDs. All this while my seven-plane fighter squad was busy swatting annoying flies, and I was never bothered by the bot Bogue. Pretty decent results; But wait! There's more! Being the only human player, I was able to indulge in a bit of fun I like to have when playing carriers in Co-op; that of capping after all the bot ships except the bot carrier are dead. Being the only human player? Hey no sweat, no complaints of 'quit screwing around and let me have my ship back!' from other human players. Of course; the fact I couldn't get any flooding against the bot carrier as I repeatedly launched attacks against it over the next eleven minutes contributed to my having the time to reach the bot cap from the NW corner of the map... Pretty much, because the bots had capped us, I either needed to destroy the bot carrier, or counter-cap in order to win. Thank you seven-plane fighter squad for dealing with the enemy gnats! Finally started to cap; and so held off on my last airstike, while keeping the bot Bogue spotted, in order to give my Bogue time to cap. Got down to the last 30 seconds of the cap timer, and triggered my torpedo squad to attack. Torpies went in and droped just as the cap counter went below 20 seconds... Cap counter hit 0.0 seconds remaining, and a single torpedo hit the bot Bogue at the exact same time. As my screencaps earlier showed; four ships sunk. Three T-22s, and the Bogue. And yet this screencap and a previous one shows that the Bogue didn't sink; notice that the 'live' Bogue in the above screencap also has the 'ship sunk' icon... Guess that's just a bug or issue related to how I ended the game; doesn't matter really; but killing the last enemy ship and still managing to cap in a Standard Mode battle? I'll take that cake; and eat it too!
  24. Scrolling through my ships and captains, and see I have a seven point captain residing in my Benson, (a destroyer I despise; nay, LOATHE, but that's another story.) Looking at the in game stats and seeing I'm 100% WR with Benson in Co-op; being bored; and only having time for a game or three before needing to leave for work, I kit the thing out with some approprite flags and hit 'Battle.' Typical stuff; one game with all real players, but the rest the usual bot mobs on both sides. Second game was mostly bots, but apparently I failed to notice which 'Greens' were bots. Battled about B and C on Hotspot, caused some damage, think I sank a destroyer, and it came down to a La Gasoline and my Benson versus the bot Benson and a Mogami. I made an approach, then fan torped the exit area from C leading to B. The Gasoline was behind the island in B. both of us were firing, but the Frenchie being wierd kept losing spotting on the Red bots... The torp-fan hit and sank the Benson. Not wanting to risk torping my ally, (*) I went into support mode, figuing the Gasoline would weaken the Mogami, making it easy for me to deal with if my French ally wound up getting sunk in the process. FIVE MINUTES LATER... La Gasoline is West of the island in B cap, the Mogami is East, contiually fading in and out as it backs up and moves forward; apparently unable to decide by its programming which way to go. I'm looking at the Frenchie and wondering 'What the heck is he doing? Nail the blighter already!' At that point I realized the Gasoline and Mogami were behaving exactly alike; zoomed in; and finally realized the French ship was also a bot. la, la, la... Don't know which was worse; the logic loop both the bots were apparently stuck in; or that I was so cluelessly supporting an 'ally' that would probably never have done anything without realizing why that was so... Finally realizing what was going on, I did what I should have done five minute earlier; went up behind the island, opposite from the Mogami, and rushed out to put the thing out of its misery with a double-tap of torps. (myself, after realizing what I'd been so blithely doing, sitting back and expecting the 'allied' cruiser to confront the last Red...) (*) Having recently gotten over being pink for sinking an allied bot Leander in Co-op...
  25. Do what you feel like in Randoms; since having given up on the effectiveness of carriers in mid-to-high tier games; it's not my place to make recommendations; however in Co-op; especially since there seems to be so many games lately with mostly 'bot' players; I would recommend using the HE bomber loadout. Fewer real players means it's more likely you'll encounter cruisers and destroyers, (MM pretty much never fills out empty slots with battleships,) and in that situation you're just hurting yourself bringing AP bombs.