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Found 1 result

  1. I know co-op is baby level. ..but:

    I get that co-op is for practice and not meant to be difficult, but-- 2 things: A) When I get a new ship, (and I like nothing better about WoWs than getting new ships) I take it out for a shakedown cruise in co-op a few times to get the feel of it without hurting my teammates in random by not knowing how to handle it... ...(Altho I know with my bad stats, I'm not saying I really know what I'm doing anyway...)... I've seen people in random say, "This is my first mission in this new ship" and although I don't say anything, I think, really?....why would you be potentially off in random like that?......that said, I'm sure there's plenty of players who are instinctively good no matter what.... .... B)...when I look at my stats for various ships in co-op, it usually surprises me that altho my WR is about 91%, there are several ships in which I remained undefeated. ...altho it's probably a little embarrassing to point up how often I do co-ops, that's seems good. ...and of course there's co-op missions where my side had no humans beside me or one or two others, and that makes the playing field closer to even with the way bots are braindead. ... So: What's your record in any given ship for total missions in co-op without a defeat? Mine so far is 37 in the Izyaslav.