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Found 10 results

  1. My Cleveland's main guns haven't worked since the first CV rework patch. Every other ship and sound in the game works perfectly. It has the American Eagle skin
  2. After last major update, cleveland with freedom camo has no cannons sound
  3. Now to show what I had started advertising with my previous thread on Monday. On Saturday night, we had 3 out of 4 straight games in Cherry Blossom where we encountered this version of the scenario. The first time we were still figuring out what the heck was going on, and didn't win that time. The second time, we ended up down to two ships at the end, finishing with four stars. The third game, we managed to pull off a five star win with no ships lost, and that is what I am here to show you. There will be one upload each day, starting with this one I uploaded yesterday evening of myself in the Charles Martel. There will one this evening as well if you want to go watch it before I add it here. Now on with the show. Now a couple screenshots to show my damage to the Zaos. Will this get Cherry Blossom nerfed? I don't really think so because this is not a normal game, and WoWs staff may be wanting to see these replays. We have run 5 ship divisions before and I had no desire to add them to my channel, as that is simply showing off and grounds for getting nerfed but this is a special case. @Radar_X @KamiSamurai @turbo07 @Gneisenau013 or someone else in the staff, let me know if I should be sending the original replay files to support or somewhere else to be looked at.
  4. Freddie_Creamer

    IFHE on Cleveland

    I was wondering if IFHE is a good idea or a waste of 4 points. It's been doing pretty good for me so far, but I'm looking for other opinions from people with more experience on the matter.
  5. Let's compare Seattle and Cleveland (I'm assuming the upgrade modules match my Buffalo), assuming full modification loadouts. FIREPOWER: PURE DOWNGRADE "Same ROF, MUCH WORSE Turret Rotation (18 seconds to 22.5)" This is a clear invitation to take "-15% turret turn time for +5% reload time" in slot 2 to try and fail to compensate, and/or fill slot 6 with "ROF all the way, to hell with turret rotation" in slot which kills your ability to brawl, to easily switch targets, or perhaps to achieve such basic tasks as keeping guns on target during a hard turn (for comparison, Fiji with 25 second turret time cannot keep guns on target in a hard turn, Seattle has 22.5 base and the higher ROF makes that traverse time go up 13%, which is about enough to start losing track of targets in a hard turn at mid or close ranges (Fiji turns faster which results in losing track of targets at ANY range in a hard turn) and given the huge thin citadel... Oh, and Seattle has the same range a tier higher (and the B hull magically decreases the range FOR WHATEVER REASON). If you're telling us to use Slot 6 on gun range to compensate for longer battle ranges... the DPS doesn't change at all from the Tier 8! (Which reminds me, Ibuki is power-creeped well beyond oblivion, 4.5 ROF would be quite reasonable for Ibuki with its fewer guns than Zao and paper armor, among other buffs!) EDIT: Was just informed the turret arcs are grossly inferior to Cleveland, making this a clear DOWNGRADE instead of NEUTRAL even with stacked equipment. EDIT 2: I assumed the top hull range drop is a bug, not a feature. If it's a feature, well... DURABILITY: GROSS DOWNGRADE 36900 to 43600 HP, not the worst... Seattle is a huge target compared to Cleveland, and the plating is the same 25mm. ENORMOUS CITADEL IN ARMOR VIEWER LOLWUT? EDIT 2: I have just been informed the Seattle belt is thinner than Cleveland's. I have confirmed with in-game armour viewer that Seattle has 102mm belt over about twice the length and height of Cleveland's 127mm belt's above-water portion. So it is not only a larger target but will always be penned by 8-inch or larger fire unless at autobounce (45+ degrees for non-USN 8" and 60+ for USN 8") up to something like 14km where the shell plunging angle is what makes the armour usable at high but not quite autobounce angles. AGILITY/CAMO: PURE DOWNGRADE 660m -> 750m turn radius, MUCH slower. 7.2 -> 8.7 seconds rudder shift. 10.7 -> 12.2 base detection by sea (I have no camo on my Cleveland and picked IFHE for 10th point, so can compare base number with Seattle) 32.5 knots -> 33 knots. Much improvement, such wow! CONCLUSION: In almost any scenario, replacing a Seattle with a Cleveland is likely no significant loss (Edit 2: a great gain) for the team. This is contrary to, say, replacing any Tier 9 battleship with a Tier 8 of the same line. WG, it's ONE extra mod slot you get from going from Tier 8 to 9, and that's spent on trying (and failing) to make firepower fully equal to the Cleveland, and takes up mod slot 2 as well... And would someone explain to me why the devs seem to think that building a dual-purpose turret is useful when it's TOO SLOW TO TRACK AIRCRAFT? 22.5 second turn time for 180 degrees is NOT "dual-purpose", not even CLOSE! And the USN designers would have known this! Do we have to chalk it up to another "Russian experts" issue? What Seattle needs to go from GARBAGE to MEHBOTE: Reload from 6.5 to 5.5 seconds, turret traverse from 22.5 to 18 seconds, Armour belt from 102mm to 127mm or more, and absolutely not less than Cleveland max range (EDIT: and gun arcs) before modifications. It would serve as a sensible stepping stone to Worcester's 4.6 second reload with that, despite the terribad quality of life in other regards compared to Cleveland. To make Seattle a GUDBOTE? Any two of the following (starting from 5.5 second reload, 18 second turret traverse and 127mm belt as described above): 5 second reload (Worcester has same gun count and 4.6 second reload, in comically faster turrets) OR 7.5-second rudder shift AND <730m turn radius OR 11.5 km base detection Another way to make Seattle GUDBOTE? Replace it with a Fargo i.e. slightly modified Cleveland that's more agile (built to be more stable, particularly when heeling in turns), has slightly more historical max displacement (a bit more HP, magnified by the "built to be more resilient" fact) with the reload buttered down to 6 seconds from 6.5. THAT would be a worthy Tier 9, and the current Seattle can become a premium instead, as a never-built design study should be when a suitable Real Ship is available. Then put Seattle at Tier 7 with current stats as a premium. That would be a Gudbote despite being a huge pinata even at Tier 7.
  6. I talk Seattle today, and to a lesser extent Cleveland. These two ships in my opinion represent the worst grind in both the CA and CL lines. They aren’t bad ships, but they are prone to boring gameplay. I’m not an island camping fan. But with short range and weak armor, you really have no choice.
  7. Vagitron

    Seattle B Hull

    Does anyone know offhand if it is intentional or an oversight that the B Hull on Seattle drops gun range one kilometer lower than A hull?
  8. CommandantObvious

    Inertia Fuse on T8 Cleveland

    I have been playing the new T8 Cleveland for a while now but have been wondering if anyone has advise on using inertia fuse shells or not. 152mm guns are recommended to take it so I been playing with it since I got it (my Atlanta captain has found his non-premium ship lol). If not IFHE then what other 4pt trait? Thinking Advanced Firing training, but wanted to hear other thoughts.
  9. anonym_xc8N0J6jlg64

    suggestion for Cleveland C Hull

    well.. Cleveland is good ship but why don't we make this cruiser to awesome level. I was just checking around some historical info of Cleveland and found out that US navy converted 6 Cleveland cruisers to the Guided missile cruiser. USS Little Rock ( CL-92 ) and USS Galveston ( CL-93 ) - Missile Guided~! Well.. she will have to give up some guns, but Missiles, she will have Missiles with 90km range~!