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Found 30 results

  1. Currently, I have my highest point captain in my Clemson (16) My Farragut captain (11) isn't that far behind, but it feels like it takes much longer to get each point with him. Should I just switch captains (I'll take the $$ hit that it takes to keep each of them at the same skill level)? Captain's skills at higher level ships tend to count for more than at the lower tiers. The only reason that I haven't done it yet is more psychological than tactical. I hate to diminish my success in the Clemson because she's my "go to" ship when I need to get a win after playing higher tiers or different lines and getting pummeled. I love the Farragut's game play, but at Tier VI, she has many enemies (radar, hydro, planes). It makes for intense game play. At the end of a long day at work, there are some nights that I just want to play WOWs and not be the tactician. I just want to shoot stuff. So, can I still be a seal clubber in the Clemson with an 11 pt captain? If so, what so you suggest as Captain's skills? If I keep them the way that they are, how do I speed up my Farragut captain's skills? Lots of Coop battles maybe?
  2. The other day I was curious if there was ever a warship named after esteemed Sir Winston Churchill and I was surprised that there was one ship that served during World War two. The HMS Churchill (I45) was a US Clemson-class destroyer, Originally commissioned the USS Herndon (DD-198). She was transferred over to Great Britain under the Destroyers for Bases Agreement and was recommissioned under the name HMS Churchill. This is her history under the name Churchhill as seen in wikipedia: "Notable events in her career in the Royal Navy included participation in the search for the German battleship Bismarck after she had sunk the battlecruiser HMS Hood, and a visit by her namesake, the Prime Minister Winston Churchill, on his way home from the Atlantic Conference with President Franklin D. Roosevelt in August 1941. Churchill was assigned to Escort Group B-7 of the Mid-Ocean Escort Force for convoys HX-186 and ON-94. Churchill also served as an escort for the pre- and post-invasion buildup for Operation Torch, the Allied invasion of North Africa. Churchill was modified for trade convoy escort service by removal of three of the original 4-inch (102 mm)/50 caliber guns and three of the triple torpedo tube mounts to reduce topside weight for additional depth charge stowage and installation of Hedgehog anti-submarine mortar. Churchill was assigned to Escort Group C-4 of the Mid-Ocean Escort Force for convoys SC-112, ON-158, HX-224, ON-177 and HX-235 during the winter of 1942–43". General characteristics Class and type: Clemson-class destroyer Displacement: 1,190 long tons (1,210 t) Length: 314 ft (96 m) Beam: 31 ft 9 in (9.68 m) Draft: 9 ft 4 in (2.84 m) Installed power: 26,500 shp (19,800 kW) Propulsion: 2 × geared steam turbines 2 × shafts Speed: 35 kn (40 mph; 65 km/h) Range: 4,900 nmi (5,600 mi; 9,100 km) at 15 kn (17 mph; 28 km/h) Complement: 122 officers and enlisted Armament: 4 × 4 in (100 mm)/50 cal guns, 3 × 3 in (76 mm)/23 cal guns, 12 × 21 inch (533 mm) torpedo tubes I think this ship would make a good candidate for ether the RN Tech tree or even as a Premium ship. Wargames already has the model in game (Clemson — American Tier IV destroyer) that they could work from.
  3. Back on Jan 28, I posted that I had "Lost my MOJO with the Clemson" under the American Destroyers thread. If you look up that post, there were two people who stepped up took the time to help me. Pay particular attention to how much time harv72b took. He took the time, not once, but twice, to help me play better (once before he saw my replay and once after). Desmo_2 added his wisdom. The important thing is that they both took the time to help a player who wanted to be better. I took their teachings and I got better. I practiced in Co-Op. I made mistakes. I used their help to identify weaknesses in my gameplay. I got better. My latest fight in my beloved Clemson (attached). I can now drive her as the Tier IV beast that she is. Holler if you want to see the replay. Our team didn't win, but it was close. The CV and I were left, and if I didn't regress into old, bad, habits, we very well could have won. Moral of the story is that it pays dividends to help those players who post on this forum asking for help to become better players. If you take the time to help, they will get better, and the next time that you're in a battle, they may be driving one of the ships on your team.
  4. I am a relatively new player but have been hitting it hard this past month. The other night, I had three consecutive games in a row that were absolutely ferocious (by my standards at least). Those gems finally convinced me to sit down and learn the replay system and process. I hope you enjoy some of the mid-tier mayhem I tried to pack into this video, I had a lot of fun making this. My ships in the video are the Clemson, Nurnberg, and one of the Fusos. Recorded with XSplit Broadcaster (free) edited in Premiere Pro (licensed) I am starting to collect a few recordings for another video, some stills below. If anyone has any questions just holler. Enjoy.
  5. Got my MOJO back in the Clemson (thanks all for the help) and tonight I have my very first 15 point Captain of the game (whoop, whoop!). She's a beast, but I'm thinking that those points would be better served in a higher tiered ship. Here's what I have right now: Ship Captain's Points Comments Clemson 15 A beast of a ship now. My go-to when I need a good game Nicholas 11 My least favorite of my USN dds. I probably haven't given here enough of a shot (I did grind to an 11 pt, but used Free Experience to get there) Farragut 6 Newish to this ship. I am enjoying playing her but I do feel overmatched in Random play Here's my questions: 1)should I put my 15 pt captain in the Farragut? If I do, what mix of captain's skills makes sense now that AA is more of an issue?, 2) If I want to keep my 15 pt captain in the Clemson, how about switching the Nicks captain with the Farragut's? Same question as before but with an 11 pt captain, 3) In general, do you guys tend to have your highest point captains in your highest tiered ships? My highest tiered IJN captain is in my highest tiered ship (Fabuki) and I'm enjoying her a bunch. I'm having a little trouble giving up my Clemson captain now that I feel comfortable.
  6. After mucking around with cruisers I thought I would get back to my favourite class DDs. I hadn't played the Clemson so thought it would be fun to play a bit in it in conjunction with the British BB release. What a nice little ship and so strong where the Isokaze wasn't, contesting caps and fighting other DDs. So I wondered which was the better of the two and it was still the Isokaze as it's torps really do counter BBs where the Clemson struggles due to detectability (And RN BB HE salvos doing 10,000 damage and starting 2 fires!) . So what do I think is the best tier 4 DD? Neither, IMO it is the V-170. The perfect balance of low detectability, good torp range and guns that you can duel with! What do you think is the best?
  7. Experienced Clemson captains, I have just got the Clemson to have some fun with the new British BBs. Not sure why it took so long but this thing is hilarious to play! I am looking at what commander skills you have found best. I have a 10 pointer in her that I had lying around in reserve and have selected PT, LS, BFT & CE. Which is a pretty standard destroyer build. As i level the captain up I am looking at other skills to augment his skills. Questions: Second Tier 3 skill (I took BFT first for faster gunnery) Demo Expert or Superintendent? Second Tier 4 skill (Took CE first) Advanced firing Training or IFHE? Any other skill set ups that you run? Build question Does anyone run the upgraded torps with 500m extra range but 25 second longer reload? Does the extra range perhaps pared with faster torp reload and does it make a big enough difference to compensate for the longer reload?
  8. Just got drunk one night and played a random. Enjoy my stupidity.
  9. I was scrolling through the list of all the Clemson class DDs that the US sailed trying to find unique variants. Something that I always find interesting is how these small ships were customized by crews especially in the Pacific (the PT boats also had many unique variants too). I was wondering if people with more information might point out specific ships in relation to modified main battery load out, upped AA ships, and the longest serving Clemson. USS Stewart has one of the most interesting stories in my opinion and would be cool to make an appearance in WoWs. From Wikipedia: "Later in the war, American pilots began reporting an American warship operating far within enemy waters. The ship had a Japanese trunked funnel but the lines of her four-piper hull were unmistakable. After almost a year under water, Stewart had been raised by the Japanese in February 1943 and commissioned into the Imperial Japanese Navy on 20 September 1943 as Patrol Boat No. 102. She was armed with two 3 inch guns and operated with the Japanese Southwest Area Fleet on escort duty. On 23 August 1944, under command of Lieutenant Tomoyoshi Yoshima, she operated in consort with the anti-submarine vessel CD-22, which sank Harder with all hands, using depth charges, although PB-102 was not directly involved in this action. In November 1944, PB-102 arrived at Kure for repairs. There her antiaircraft battery was augmented, and she was given a light tripod foremast. She then sailed for the Southwest Pacific, but the American reconquest of the Philippines blocked her way. On 28 April 1945, still under control of the Southwest Area Fleet, she was bombed and damaged by United States Army aircraft at Mokpo, Korea. She was transferred on 30 April to the control of the Kure Navy District, and in August 1945, was found by American occupation forces laid up in Hiro Bay near Kure."
  10. Just Clemson things....

    The Corgi Fleet event is being held at T4 currently, and that gives me an excuse to go out in my favourite seal-clubbing boat to massacre the poor baby-seals......... Achievement count for the day: High CaliberX5 / ConfederateX3 / Kraken UnleashedX2 / Devastating Strike X 11
  11. Warming up in the Clemson

    Whenever I start a session in this game, I usually warm up for a couple matches in a ship that is nearly impossible to stress in. For me that ship is the Clemson, one of the most fun DDs I have encountered. And when I can get results such as this, I know that the session has been blessed.
  12. What's the Dif

    What is the difference between the 102 mm/50 Mk 12 and Mk14. I can't see any, so why spend 1100 XP and 100000 credits for nothing? Schroughphie (it's pronounced Scruffy)
  13. Who would win in a 1v1 duel: Clemson, or Izyaslav? I always felt like Clemson was the better ship even though i had never played the Izyaslav. In my ~250 battles in Clemson, i have never lost a duel with an Izyaslav. However, i've seen many players claim that Izyaslav can beat Clemson relatively easily. So, which destroyer will win in a duel? Clemson -Large number of guns (6) -better gun layout -better maneuverability -higher HP Izyaslav: -better detection (it will get the first salvo off) -higher ROF, higher DPM
  14. Clemson Awesomeness

    I may or May not have had the Best game i've ever had in WoWS. The map is New Dawn, and My team decides to go A and B. I(because i could) Decided to go to C. Best. Decision. EVER! I wound up holding off at least half the enemy team mostly by myself(i believer there was a Umikaze) I'll let the Screenshots speak for Themselves. I also have the Replay, but i don't know what to use to make it viewable(too big to just attach to the post) https://gyazo.com/dbdd976685732c0e23fda4e92e258fe0 https://gyazo.com/56337650259bf9850797a6d50df2a46a https://gyazo.com/19a270be250473bcff46a805449b35a6
  15. I am not a gret DD driver and I did have a few bad matches today (as will happen). That said, today was like printing exp for my low tier DDs I am working on. It's a shame that the gold experience challenge yields only one dubloon, but I definitely have more now than when I started. I don't usually finish tops for my team in exp...but, with so many targets floating around on the water...it's been glorious. It makes me want to buy back my VMK DDs for their massive torp loads...almost, almost...must resist. There is a certain amount of satisfaction from watching baby BBs gobble torps like candy, though.
  16. Seriously, 7km for a tier 4 destroyer is ridiculous. By comparison, Isokaze has 6.1km, and Izyaslav has 6.7km. Amazingly, Nicholas at tier 5 actually has better detection at 6.7 km, and so does Minekaze (6.2km), and Gnevny has a 7km detection. So it's tied for the most detectable destroyer in tiers 4-5. Correct me if I'm wrong, but aren't Russian DDs supposed to have the worst detection among destroyers? So why does the Izyaslav have a better detection range by 0.3km (i know it doesn't sound like much, but it can make a huge difference)? And why does the Gnevny, which is a tier higher and is a russian ship, have an equal detection range? I don't see anything wrong with Izyaslav's detection, it's just Clemson's detection is way too high. Since it guns are of low caliber, it needs to rely a bit more on its torps than Nicholas or Farragut, or an equal tier Russian DD. However, it's really hard to use those torps if you're spotted 1.5km before you get to use your torps. My suggestion is that the Clemson's detection range should be lowered to 6.7km, matching that of Izyaslav and Nicholas. Thanks for reading! *Also, just saw that the Gremyashchy (?) has a 6.8km detection range.
  17. Do You Even Clemson, Bro?

    The Clemson demonstrates just how inferior the USN ship line is. If I was better at photostuff, I'd resize em and make it not eye [edited]. Sorry. Clearly, Ocean is 100% unplayable for an ambush DD like the USN line, with anemic torps only good for popping out of a spider hole with. How trash like the Clemson made it past testing is beyond me. Only thing keeping me in this as my funboat is the constant dull thump of the torpedo beat on deck.
  18. Clemson Main Battery

    I recently acquired a Clemson and was looking at the possible upgrades, and the Main Battery one confuses me. The 102mm/50 Mk12 Rate of Fire 9.5 rounds/min 180 Degree Turn Time 18.0 s Maximum HE 1500 Maximum AP 1700 The Upgrade 102mm/ 50 Mk14 Rate of Fire 9.5 rounds/min 180 Degree Turn Time 18.0 s Maximum HE 1500 Maximum AP 1700 after mounting +1 to Artillery... For what? they have the exact same stats? While I will do it for the +1, take every bit I can get, shouldn't there be some other increase in performance by upgrading? I am just curious if there is an error somewhere or if this is just random weirdness...
  19. It has been a month or more since I played the Clemson, at least two updates.Today I noticed that the ship went from 6 guns to 4 guns. When in port looking at the ship stats it says it has 4 102mm guns and yet the model of the ship in port shows 6 guns. When you click on the guns it shows all six guns. I looked thru the last two updates and did not see anything for the ship changes for the Clemson. Was this changed recently? Does anyone have background information if so? Having six guns is what i loved about this ship. Because now it does not seem effective in matches.
  20. When i look at the stats on the clemson, the stats claim my torpedo ability seems to go down when upgraing from the Bliss Leavitt to the Mark 11 toredos. The ugprades do much more damage, move faster, but have a logner reload. Why does the torpedo stat consider it a downgrade? Do you think I made the right decision to ugprade to them? Funny thing, I didn;t have to reasearch it. Apparently the game considers it such a downgrade, there was no xp cost. So on clemson, Mark 11 or Bliss Leavitt?
  21. The Intrepid Clemson Damage?

    Just over a week in game. Just learned a Myogi can survive a full spread narrow hit from all 6 torpedoes launched within 2 km. After first helping kill destroy screen and maneuvering in close as it was engaged with a cruiser. Maneuvered close, launced, perfect hits as far as I knew. And it survived and shot me dead. So it can one strike me from how many km but I can't maneuver close enough to kiss it, hit it with everything and manage to live. Is that rng, normal, expected? 41663 torpedo damage.