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Found 3 results

  1. When you go to the steam page to download World of Warships, you get a little blurb detailing the highlights of the game. One of them reads as follows. OVER 400 HISTORICAL SHIPS From Bismarck and Yamato to Iowa and Hood… The most famous and historic warships of WWI and WWII have been recreated in breathtaking detail, making World of Warships the most extensive virtual naval museum on the planet! In terms of quantity of ships, yes, Wows has a lot. I think that calling all of them historical may be overselling the point, but a emphasis is made on having there be historically accurate ships in this game. Many ships are modeled to impressive detail. This makes the misses all the more frustrating. Currently, while seeing new announced premium ships is still fun, it nowadays also fills me with dread for 2 reasons. 1. I wonder if they got the ship right. 2. I know if they modeled it wrong, it will not change. Once a ship shows up in the devblog, maybe the stats will change (most likely they will really) but the visual aspects are set in stone for all of time. By the time we see them, they are too far along for any changes to be made. And this means that we get ships that are atrociously modeled. Perhaps it's HMS Iron Duke with only 1 funnel instead of 2. Perhaps its USS Flint with totally incorrect superstructure, followed by Chumphon not bothering to correct it. Perhaps it's Takao having the wrong superstructure. Take your pick, there are boatloads more. My question is this. With the roadmap now being a thing and the playerbase knowing what the lines are going to be well in advance of them coming out, is it possible to show the community (or just supertesters i guess) preliminary renders of the ships visual models similar to how was done with Huron, so that if there is a modeling error it can be noticed at a point where it can be corrected?
  2. Got frustrated playing my Gearing in Ranked, so I decided to revisit an old friend. She only has a 10 point captain these days, but she plays as tough as I remember. The game wasn't easy; I had to work hard and keep my head on a swivel, but the results speak for themselves. The Clemson is still a powerful ship at her tier. It was nice to get a little affirmation that I'm not a complete potato player So, if you're feeling a bit frustrated this weekend, try going back to your roots. The Clemson, the Nicholas, the Farragut are all great ships, even with the CVs lurking about. Try getting reacquainted with an old friend.
  3. commodore_torakula

    so I did some testing w/the Omaha

    ....Someone asserted baldly that the Omaha was a POS on the port chat the other day so I said, "Let's you and me test it in the training room," and s/he said "No." ....So for shiggles I did the experiment on my own, because I'm a firm believer that no ship is a POS in the right hands. ....Round 1: since I'm inherently bad w/cruisers I started out easy versus Easy AI with an Omaha against an uptiered bot in a Clemson, which my interlocutor had said was more than a match for an Omaha....killed it, too easy. ....2A/2B: I moved it up to Hard AI against the Clemson and needed two tries this time because again, I'm below avg. w/cruisers and the first time I forgot to kite and use my better range w/my guns after acquiring a visual on the bot. ....3: I made it tougher for me by giving the bot a Nicholas (Hard AI) and smashed him with the kiting tactic first try. ....4A/4B: I went up on the degree of difficulty again and gave the bot a Farragut (Hard AI again) and lost first try, basically because the 127mm rifles on the Farra are not bad against the Omaha's 152mms at distance and I took a torp hit....Second try against the Farra?--killed it with a couple hard hits and a fire and by dodging its torps. note well: a stock T6 Farragut hull has an hp pool of 10,900hp while a stock T5 Nicholas has 12,000hp--I never noticed that before. ....Conclusion: I went to some effort and had a little coop fun with my initial hypothesis, but it was confirmed.