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Found 1 result

  1. I have a question I've been pondering for the longest, but I think now is the time to ask it. Why are people in such adamant disagreement with subs? I remember there was a time when if a player had issues with the DD class, people would either advise the player to learn, change their strategies, play DD(s), or avoid tight areas. But now that Subs are released, sure, there has been discussion of the many counters that nearly every class possesses, yet people are still upset as if they weren't used to dealing with a class that can magically throw a smoke bomb and vanishes like a magician. I don't see the problem; both types require similar tactics to overcome, so then why are people so disgruntled over something they already usually do, with a few altered or changed steps? What happened to the Change, Adapt, and Overcome crowd? Were they suddenly snuffed out through all the complaints, or did they give up at adapting and want the game continuously to stay stagnant? And yes, that sounds a bit antagonistic, but I think change is good. But, sometimes, you need a different pillow to truly appreciate what you had or can have, given time. Oh, and I'm sure those with a 20,000 battle count have a different outlook than I do. They've seen all the tricks, done all the ranked, and or clan battles. So they pretty much ( Well, at least they should in theory unless they only play and don't think) know the game's pros inside and out. Mentioning this, I'm clarifying that I don't know everything there is to WOWS. So I could not be contributing a factor essential to understanding how subs are somehow different from DD(s), both hide and play mind games until the possibility is no longer feasible. I'm going to call in an in-game expert for her opinion on the topic, @LittleWhiteMouse. So could you please come up to the podium and give your thoughts on the matter, please? And thank you. Oh, and @Princess_Daystar, since she seems experienced while being a pleasant conversationalist on the open forums. Thank you for reading.