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Found 5 results

  1. Before anyone dismisses this as the usual DMG saturation... I provided the replay... You been advised (in other words, I am excluding DMG saturation in this case)... I'll keep it short without leaving out any value details... I am in a Kami in a tier 7 match, towards the end of the match... I torp a BB... I die... Boring so far I know... That is the summery of the battle... The details are as follows... Launch a full Kami salvo at the tier 7 BB (the new green Luigi Pasta BBs)... They all land.... He is still alive... How is that possible ??? I've watch the replay like 5 times already and the torps were spread out to not trigger DMG saturation.. Kami torps hit like a Russian horse... Sink any BB in its tier range usually, within 5 shots... This left me baffled, so I look at the Replay... In any other tier 7 BB, its a DEV strike... My theory ??? Power creep... Force by the "population and popularity" statistic variable explanation, from the RU Summit of 2019. How would you make BB popular with this variable ???A plausable explination would be By taking away the fear of the common threats they will face... Making torps DMG hit like pillow fists rather then an explosive ordnance. This is detrimental to the current DD (especially torp DDs). It reduces them to "PT Boats" then actual Destroyers... Here is the evidence collected... I even went to the training room to test my theory (or my frustration depending on your POV)on tier 7 BBs. Test subject of my theory... The Match in question. Time stamp on the replay The 7 min to 6:20 mark of the match. 20210312_215242_PJSD025-True-Kamikaze_50_Gold_harbor.wowsreplay (No longer works due to the patch change). BTW The next patch is ready for advance DL RIGHT NOW! GL and HF
  2. I hope they can make the rest of the Freedom (and Independence Class) Littoral Combat Ships more reliable. I know they are going to decommission the first four (LCS 1, LCS 2, LCS 3, and LCS 4 ) this year due to issues, but the intended possibilities for the rest of these ships seem kind of cool (HELIOS Laser, Fleet Class USV, Naval Strike Missile, Anti-Submarine Warfare Module, Mine Counter Measures Module, etc...). Though it does not excel in combat with things like SPY-6 Radar, Harpoon Missiles, Tomahawk Missiles, Standard Missile 3, etc... it provides a cost-effective presence in areas like the South China Sea for example. The sexiest thing about them, to me, is that they can travel at a very fast 47 knots! Hopefully they can get the propulsion reliability issues figured out for that. Looks-wise it is a very nice looking ship too.
  3. The Yuriy Dolgorukiy, a Russian Borei Class SSBN, launches 4 nuclear-able Bulava missiles. The Borei Class is Russia's newest class of ballistic missile submarines. With each Bulava missile carrying up to 10 independent nuclear warheads, that is a lot of potential death being displayed in this one exercise. (You can watch the video here)
  4. DavyJonesLocker

    What ship would ______ Be?

    I'm Bored. Let's have fun! Match a celebrity, politician, or anyone with a ship, ship class, or nation.....GO Example: Gordon Ramsay would be the Smolensk due to his fiery personality and he is always shouting a you very close. or Betty White would be the Albany. It's older than dirt itself and the ship is legit white.
  5. I have an extensive port of ships, there are very few out there, I do not own, probably less than a dozen of the total possible. I thought I would share my list of favorite ships to play, by tier (IV-X) with the top two of each class (save CVs as I have never really enjoyed playing them, but have enjoyed seeing them about once every third match.) Been playing a few years now, figured it would be worth my two cents to share my favorites. I wonder what ships other players enjoy most at each tier...feel free to add yours into the mix! Tier X BB: Republique, Montana CA/CL: Hindenburg, Des Moines DD: Gearing, Daring Tier IX BB: Jean Bart, Musashi CA/CL: Kronstadt, Neptune DD: Fletcher, Tashkent Tier VIII BB: Vanguard, Massachusetts CA/CL: Baltimore, Cleveland DD: Asashio, Ognevoi Tier VII BB: King George V, Scharnhorst CA/CL: Helena, Belfast (I know...its broken), Myoko DD: Haida, Gadjah Mada Tier VI BB: Normandie, Warspite CA/CL: Perth, Leander DD: Anshan, Fubuki Tier V BB: Kongo, Konig CA/CL: Exeter, Furutaka DD: Any Kamikaze variant (this ship should be banned) Tier IV BB: Orion, Kaiser CA/CL: Yubari, Kuma DD: Clemson (only DD at tier to club with)