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Found 50 results

  1. BNH/CT076 is looking for a few players who play regularly for clan and div battles. Preferably you will have WTR around 1200 (most of us are around 1200-1500), or at least show that you are learning and improving. We're very chill, looking for similar people. Shoot me a message if you are interested! Thanks!
  2. A quick down and dirty Guide to Grosser Kurfurst for those new to T10 gameplay in clan battles. Feel feel free to add your own tips. I created this for WG and to help players new to t10 as quick as possible. Therefore, it’s a short video.
  3. clans

    I was invited into a Clan and accepted. Three T-10 ships popped into My Yard after some Halloween Play. My problem is that only one or two members show up to fight in this Clan. If I find another Clan, and not sure how to do this, do I lose all My oil, 298, and the three T-10 ships? And is there a Clan Forum? Been luck. Thank you.
  4. I've got a shiney Shimakaze in my port that I can't play. When I click on the Clans tab nothing happens, just see the anchor logo with the blue tracer running in circles. Has anybody else experienced a problem loading the clan function? I'm running a Macbook Pro and aside this issue and a few random crashes at game launch from time to time, the game works fine.
  5. Where is the detailed guide on clans? I thought I could figure it out, but I have many questions. Inviting, Rights distribution, resource access. The only thing I could find was in WOWT and said #5 was right to disband clan, and everyone but recruits had it. I assume there is something besides Dalia explaining it
  6. In trying to grasp the news and hype regarding CWs many questions keep popping into my head, here are just a few. First let me say: There are many players who are familiar with the format from other games, I am not - so pardon my Noobishness (Noobosity, Noobitity?). Also, searching the forums isn't as efficient as asking, so here goes (it should be...but sadly it isn't...priorities). 1) Can two smaller clans merge while retaining clan port, and other vaguely hinted at, benefits? If not, why not? This is assuming clan population does not exceed maximum levels. This might ensure smaller clans can achieve the 7v7 requirements. Plus, lets face it, many small clans might be in it just for the Oil. After all there was a time when we all were...<sigh>. 2) Will Clan Battles be streamed live, in some format know...for the Noobmasses? Us solo players and baby seals could observe, make rabble rabble, fling popcorn about, and offer wagers (where legal of course). This might possibly raise the public profile of WoWS - no harm in that, right? (It should be noted that Noobmasses was originally typed as Noobasses. I liked Noobasses better, but spellcheck slapped me.) 3) With there be rules with some form of referee, marshal, or Great Pigeon for rule enforcement? Consider - Announcer A; "Oh no, Did they? OMG, YES, Capt TK did it again! Torp'ed a teamate!" Announcer B: "Goodness, what will Neptune do? Will it be another Pink Card for Capt. TK?" Announcer A: "Possibly...wait. No! By The Corgi! It's a RED CARD! Capt. TK's entire port collection exploded!" Announcer B: "The Potatoes are throwing salt everywhere! Announcer A: "'s in my eyes!!!" Or something like that, I never liked Announcer A. 4) Lastly, it's a golden opportunity to repay some of our great community contributors, by hiring them to be "color commentators" and "technical experts". I am not saying which I'd pick, or for which position, but THAT would be a great topic for fun. Well, that's all I have for now. I'm betting the community may have more. And if so...join in? Cheers, surratus
  7. according to this: If you don't have any interest in clans,or divisions etc, it looks like joining or making a solo clan to get the oil flowing is a good idea. Don't miss out on future stuff if you aren't in a clan. Plenty of clans around/being created for those who have no interest but want the bonus/oil my advice is to join one. If you don't want to spend the time looking, Clan creation is on discount now as well 1000 down from 2500. Spent some of my doubloons from Anniversary SCs to make one to get in on the action.
  8. My last game featured 5 players on the green team and 2 on the red team from the same clan. That's 7/24 players. Almost all were in top tier DDs, and, unfortunately, played very poorly (4 were the lowest scoring players on the green team). I don't know if they just weren't taking the game seriously, but their performance tanked the green team. I imagine this MM experience is going to be pretty rare for the time being, but as clans grow in popularity that may change. WG is pushing for clans, as demonstrated by the recent addition of the oil mechanic and the upcoming clan battle option, and I hope that the launch of clan battles coincides with an adjustment to the MM in Random. I would prefer a cap on the number of players from the same clan that can participate in the same Random battle. The cap can be set to 3 or 4. For those players who do want to participate in clan battles, I hope that the CV issue doesn't have too negative an impact and you enjoy the new battle option.
  9. I have played for awhile but have never joined a clan how would i go about finding a good one that would be a fit for me and them to join.?? any input would be appreciated..
  10. I don't like this one bit. Here are my thoughts.
  11. Hi all, Quick question that I need help with - ok, maybe two questions! 1. If you are in a clan that is not very active and you leave to join a new clan, or create a new clan, what happens to the oil you've already earned? 2. I had read that there was a discount running for the creation of a new clan - does anyone know how long that is good for, or if its still running? As I am in a clan, I cannot see the tab to create a new clan. Thanks in advance!
  12. So yeah. I just got home from work and hopped onto my computer, pulled up YouTube and the first video I saw under my suggested vids was from iChaseGaming, and the title is talking about no CVs allowed for first season of WoWS Clan Wars. So yeah. I look over at the side bar and who do I see? A response from Femennenly! And boy was her response rather justified! Okay, so that's one of two super unicum players (the other being farazelleth) that flat out sold their tier 10 CV (Midway doesn't count because the USN CV line is a complete joke) And then, I look over at my side bar and i see NoZoupForYou's response! Hmmmm, maybe he'll have a better view on it... .....Nope.... Seriously, I just recently started learning how to properly play carriers by using Farazelleth's guides and noticing a vast increase in my abilities. Granted I'm nowhere near him or Fem's skill level, or alot of other people who play them, nor will I ever be near them in skill. So in all of this we've got the following that have become true: 1. WarGaming said that in 2017 they would be doing a massive rework of Carriers and how they play and how they are controlled (the UI is terrible and buggy). The results have determined that was a lie. 2. WarGaming said that there would be no new premium carriers or new carrier tech tree lines until the CV overhaul was completed. Kaga and Enterprise have determined that was a lie. 3. WarGaming stated that the Graf Zeppelin was fine in it's final iteration before pushing it out just to have something for GamesCom in Germany this summer. Player reaction and feedback, including the firing of iChaseGaming for his very right and very correct comments on the GZ, have determined that was a lie. 4. WarGaming have now stated that there will be no carriers in Clan Wars because it makes things imbalanced and the "stress and exhaustion" of being under constant pressure isn't fun. I'm detecting a pattern here, so unless they change their minds and go with a 1/2/2/2 set up (CV/BB/CL/DD) or a 0/2/3/2 - 0/2/2/3 alternates, I'm gonna predict that the above is gonna also be a lie. BONUS FACT: They're gonna be loaning out Shimakazes, Zaos, and Grosse Kurfursts to people who don't own tier 10 ships. Well that's brilliant! One of 2 scenarios is going to present itself: A. The Kurfursts are gonna be useless because having that many Zaos they will be burned to death as soon as they are spotted and within range. B. The Kurfursts are gonna be useless because having that many Shimakaze torpedo walls coming their direction, even with Hydro going, will be impossible to dodge them all. BONUS FACT 2: They claim that having carriers spotting DDs put undue stress and negation on torpedo attacks from said DD, but fail to realize that with the potential proliferation of Moskva radar, DDs can't get close enough for effective torpedo attacks anyway without being radared and subsequently focus-fired by 7 people. BONUS FACT 3: Since the above will be true in most regards, and seeings how all the "nerfs" to the Khaba have been token gestures AT BEST, the most used DD for Clan Wars is going to be the Khabarovsk because even slightly above average Khaba drivers don't use smoke. They run the heal and speed-tank enemies while pew-pewing with their mini flamethrowers at near max range. Based upon all of the above, here's my prediction for T10 Clan Wars Season 1 fleet compositions: A. 1x Yamato, 4x Moskva, 3x Des Moines/Henri IV B. 1x Yamato, 2x Moskva, 4x Khabarovsk C. 1x Yamato, 1x Moskva, 5x Khabarovsk D. 1x Kurfurst, 5x Zao, 1x Shimakaze E. 1x Kurfurst, 6x Shimakaze F. 1x Moskva/Des Moines/Henri IV, 6x Khabarovsk/Shimakaze There's little point in bringing anything but the Yamato (lol Overmatch guns) except for the Kurfurst because Oprah: You get a T10! And you get a T10! And you get a T10! EVERYBODY GETS A T10!!!! The only reason you'd bring a Des Moines over a Moskva would be the fire rate and the longer duration Radar because hey, no CVs so who gives a f*ck about AA. No point in bringing a Minotaur because their smoke will be torpedo central and they have no radar unless they give up their smoke, in which case "Take me down to Citadel City". And also, no CVs so who gives a f*ck about their long-range stock AA DPS of 300+. The only reason you'd bring Shimakazes over Khabarovsk is for sending out 20km skill walls every 30 seconds non-stop if you had at least 5 of them rotating their launches. Otherwise, why even bother with smoke at all when the Khaba can just speed-tank everything and dictate the terms of the engagements while LOLFIRESPAM'ing everything it wants with relative impunity. Oh, got hit and set on fire? Heal.
  13. All those interested, the Global Defense Initiative [GDI] is open to recruits who wish to defend the world against tyranny from the evil doers in the Brotherhood of Nod. We're a clan open to anyone who likes to play and have a good time. We currently have a tier 5 and 6 shipyard facility, and need your help to continue to expand the naval base. We welcome you to apply by searching for our clan, message us, or reply to this forum to send invites. Thanks for your time and look forward to seeing you in our ranks.
  14. Very excited to see the new clan interface/options. However it is not loading. Nor is inventory.
  15. Right it the what day of the Oil mission.. Compleated. I need another one.. Now.. Right Now.. Give me oil, Give me oil, Give me barrels and barrels of oil, don't leave me dry. Give me oil, Give me oil, Give me barrels and barrels of oil, don't leave me dry. I got shops To build and a guild to grow Don't leave me dry The guys are on my back cuz I built the wrong shack! Don't leave me dry I've no discounts yet, and my ship is a wreck Don't leave me dry I need yard space soon, and maybe some balloons! Don't leave me dry I've run myself out, of that there's no doubt Don't leave me dry Give me oil, Give me oil, Give me barrels and barrels of oil, don't leave me dry. (this filk of "Don't Fence me In" brought to you by a terribly bored gamer who want to get ON that clan fleet base! More filk to come as I'm inspired.) Need another Oil mission series.. finished this first one earlier today. Can I have Kii 1 Iwaan reward darnit.. and it is such a smexy ship with a really smexy cammo.. is there a translation of the Kanji yet? Warlord sends
  16. Just like the title says, I'm looking for a clan and I'm kind of a noob when it comes to them. With the introduction of the new clan stuff I thought it was a good time to start looking for a clan. I was part of a clan very, very briefly in World of Tanks a few years ago but since I have never joined one. What I'm wondering is where a good place to look would be? As I'm in college my schedule can fluctuate quiet a lot, so a flexible clan would be best. Other than that, I don't care much. Any feedback would be helpful. Stats are below. Thanks!
  17. Looking for a player Fleet/Clan for this game. Having a hard time finding one. Any suggestions or people who are part of one that is strongly structured and has active players. Since the game currently lacks any sort of good system to find Fleets/Clans.
  18. I'm what you would call a casual ADHD player. I play to de-stress and to relax at the end of the day. After a fews matches I might alt-tab to Imgur or chase a rabbit down the Wikipedia hole. I bounce about my ships with whatever suits my fancy. With Division play I feel obligated to keep up with my mates and I hate keeping up in the chat. I'm a social guy but I don't play WOWS to socialize, and I hate dropping in and out of chats as my attention wanders. It's the same with Clans - I used to compete in WOT and these days I don't have the time or wherewithal to commit. Mind you my sessions tend to last 1-2 hours, and on my days off I've spent much longer playing. Even still I still have the same ADHD style of back and forth. Somehow I go from running about in my Montana to watching a Youtube video about the Battle of Hastings lol. Does anyone else play this way?
  19. Hey captains! This might not be the best place to post this but I could not find anywhere else for clan recruitment after a solid 10 minutes of searching. BUT anyway my clan is recruiting. AWESOME RIGHT? Right now we are a small community of captians with a Discord. The goal of the clan is to offer a friendly place to find skilled/fun division mates and to eventually get to 25-30 active members. We only have three requirements and they are that you have to keep a cool head ( Yes, I know that the random citadel was bull, but no one in chat wants to hear you rage), you must have over 800 games and above a 50% win rate (There are exceptions in the clan, but they are grandfathered in), and you must use discord. We possibly might look at competitive matches in the future but that is a long ways off as we do not have the numbers atm. If you want to help our small little community grow, please leave your IGN in a comment below or message me directly and I will see to getting you in!
  20. Hi guys! So new info was posted about the clan wars map and the release of October Revolution. The picture shows info about emblems, rewards for taking sectors, and the layout of the map. Credit for news goes to @renegadestatuz Fair winds and following seas captains!
  21. Hi guys! The new WoWs Gamescom info has arrived!
  23. Hello fellow captains! Digital Naval Armada [-DNA-] Is actively recruiting players on World of Warships. We currently have a discord server and a skeleton crew, but we are hoping to expand quickly! This group started as a group of friends who have been playing multiple games together for years, including World of Tanks, War Thunder, and multiple other steam games. We are currently searching for new members to join our ranks. Currently, our aim is to recruit and train as many members as possible in order to improve our gameplay as a unit. We play all types of battles, to include random, co-op, ranked, and the new operation feature. Our clan is formed on the idea that playing as a team inherently leads to more fun, and more victories. Building camaraderie and securing victory are our two largest goals! We have no current requirements for ship tier, but we do ask players be 17+ and come willing to learn if you are a new player, or teach if you are a veteran. Our current rank system is based on merit and contribution to the organization. As we expand, more opportunities for promotion and other positions within the organization arise. As many of our current members are either in officership programs, active duty, reserve, NG, or veteran status, any fellow servicemen/women are strongly encouraged to join! Those who have not served are just as welcome, we just ask that you are okay playing with veterans and understand they know a life you may not. Those who are interested in joining are asked to submit an in game application, which will be responded to as soon as possible with the link to our discord server. Happy hunting, fair winds, and following seas, PonziScheme13 DNA Recruiting officer
  24. Hi all! Looking for some feedback from those among us that are familiar with google drive and google sheets. This is a project I've been working on for a while: It's been fun and I plan to continue working on it, however I'd like some constructive feedback on it. All one has to do is enter the the in game clan tag and it searches for the clan members and shows their stats based on the settings that are chosen. Brackets are not needed for the clan tag entries. Does not show overall data. Shows one tier at a time. Shows the top three most experienced ships, their win rates, and either their number of battles or average damage. Clans are color coded. There is also a section located at the bottom right (neon green) for individual name entries. If you're not a part of a clan and wouldn't mind giving me some constructive feedback that section is for you!
  25. Hello Commanders, Captains, and Squids (I'll let you fight among each other who is who ) Please post any feedback you have about 0.6.0 here and we will submit it to our development team for improvement. The more concise the feedback, the more it helps!