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Found 17 results

  1. Ens_Sharpe

    Show a Little Mercy

    I play Naval Battles weekly. I play little random so stars are exceptionally valuable. Coop does not yield the same bxp as random but when damage is the bar it's enjoyable. That is until a battle ends 2 out of 3 times today leaving a full or near full health enemy alive. Usually a CV. Captains get to within 5-k damage of raising the bar with a full health CV ahead and....... poof. Over. A waste of time. And it happens regularly. We're playing to get max stars and are denied a full opportunity because of mercy to an ai ? Really?! What a total load of [edited]! Seriously. The 5 replies below totally missed my point. It is application of the mercy rule in a Clan battle with AI's, not the fact I prefer coop. The mercy rule keeps from hurting peoples feelings and wasting time on a lost battle. When a goal is presented, besides winning, WG should allow the game to allow all players the opportunity to score BXP or Damage, which the bars are based on. Period. I appreciate your time to reply and salute you. o7
  2. WG need to remove the prime time setting from Clan Battles / Brawls and Ranked Battles as this prevents some players from participating once a prime time has been set , this occurs when a player is not normally on during the clans Prime time setting the same can be said for Ranked battles. Although i Live in Australia and would normally be catered for on the asia server i prefer to play on the North American server as it is mostly english speaking and i have many friends in the USA however by the time i get home of an evening ranked battles and clan battles are inactive meaning my participation in these events is restricted to a small window on a weekend, Removing the time constraints on these events would allow me and others affected by the time constraints to participate more fully and give our fellow clan members and clan more support.
  3. I have my own clan, PUDEL. It has been in existence for quite a while. The requirements to join are wide-open. No restrictions. A buddy of mine, on Steam, reached Access Level 15, and could now join a clan. (I use the Wargaming launcher) He typed in "PUDEL", in the clan search field, and got no results. I found my clan at once. I recruited him through the Recruiting station, and he still could not find or join my clan. Obviously, we are doing it wrong. Why would there be a search function for player name under Profiles, for example. Or, "Invite To Clan", from my side. That Would Make Sense. We totally suck.
  4. I hear a lot of complaints about bad players, poor match making, buying into tiers etc. and how all this is 'ruining' the game. It seems that one way to possibly address some of these complaints is to encourage new players to join a clan as soon as possible. Today a new player has to have 200 battles and then search for a clan with no idea what they are looking for or what is out there. What if WOWS would open the clan universe to players upon signup? Our clan group has a clan dedicated just to develop new players and it make a huge difference. Is there an modification, incentive or some other method that WOWS could implement for clans to onboard new players and help them better understand the game? With so few players coming in to the lower tiers; and, it seems that few of them sick with the game it would seem that the approach needs to change. In my opinion it seems a win-win for everyone if clans can become a focus developing new players. I am curious what others think.
  5. Det0naMarkBR

    Azur Lane Guild Recruit

    -Eng- This is a new guild of Azur Lane called "Azul Lane" I dont have many friends, so i want more people in this guild. lol please help me and join now uwu!! -Pt/BR- Esta é uma nova guilda de Azur Lane chamada "Azul Lane" Não tenho muitos amigos, então quero mais pessoas nesta guilda. hehe por favor me ajude e entre agora uwu !! Info: Server: Amagi Guild Name: Azul Lane Guild ID: 335546564 Guild Lvl: 06 (Grinding ^-^) Members: 6/30 (pls join :( ) Discord Link: https://discord.gg/2Zwwn93mWS
  6. I would like the ability to select what each rank is capable of ie. recruiting promoting kicking. I would also like the ability to make custom ranks. would also be cool if you could get clan containers by playing in divs with clan mates maybe just one a day or even a different set of three.
  7. I have been playing since beta. I have had a clan for a few years and we have only been able to join clan battles a handful of times. It is always the same story: we get a few guys together and start a div, 3 then 4... We start inviting clan members to join (which is a phenomenal pain in the butt, more on that later) and invariably we get 5 or six guys sitting in the division for a couple of hours waiting for a full team that. more often than not, fails to materialize. We can usually get 5 guys together, sometimes 6 and almost never, 7. If we do manage to field a team, we usually can only play one or two games and one guy has to leave, so it is really anti-climatic. We have tried checking in every 15 minutes, then going off to play randoms, but we are still not able to field 7 The window to play is pretty short, particularly if you consider time zones, dinner, work, etc... and getting 7 guys online and in a team at once is like herding cats. Here are some issues I have noted: It is difficult to field a team of 7 considering the max amount of guys is (in our case) 45. Essentially we need about a sixth of the clan to be online and want to play CB Typically there are other challenges and players do not want to waste time waiting in an under-strength division while a team forms After waiting in a couple of divs for hours and never getting a team together, or playing one game is discouraging and makes it even harder to field future teams It is impossible to contact/communicate with the entire clan to plan/schedule There is a clan chat issue/bug that randomly blanks out chat history, making it even more difficult to communicate and organize a team We can only invite the number of open slots in the division, so if there are a bunch of guys online, we can only invite a few at a time, further reducing the chance of getting the magic 7 players Here are a few ideas that would make Clan Battles more accessible and an overall better experience (imho) All clan members instantly added to contacts An option for smaller teams. i.e. if selected 4 v 4 mode would result in smaller teams. An option for lower-tier teams. (This is probably not needed, as the availability of rentals, fixes the issue where players do not have higher tier ships) Message All option for clan officers, to message the entire clan at once. Message All Online Message All Division Queueing - the option/feature to allow players to play random games while waiting for a team to form. In a nutshell the player: Receives an invite to join a CB Div Accepts the invite Enables Division Queueing Can leave the division and play other game modes while the team is forming Once a team is formed player is added back into the CB Div once his current game is completed (or his ship is destroyed) Once all queued players are recalled play can start. This would also allow for more than 7 players to be in the queue, so if a player drops out of the div the next player in the queue is added Offline notifications Clan chat notifications flash a different color, or in a more noticeable fashion. Buzz player - Ability for officers to buzz a player via a pop up, or something of that nature... We have a lot of guys that really would like to div up and CB, but we have all agreed that it is super frustrating and hopefully some of these suggestions make sense.. Please leave your own suggestions and maybe WG will put an eyeball on this. Cheers!
  8. Hey World of Warships team! I just wanted to say that I really like the detailed graphics in the Naval Base. Each level of a base component has been planned in great detail. I enjoy going through a component and seeing the progression from level 1 to 5 (or whatever the top end is). Ya, I know it has nothing to do with game play - but someone has taken the time to plan this out and do all the artwork, and I appreciate the hard work. Well done!
  9. scrubmaster1234

    EU server

    Now that we can play on the EU server with our NA accounts can we also Start new clans on that EU server with our NA accounts?
  10. Here is something that would be insanely popular. Give us the chance to earn a customizable clan flag that we can design just like a patch utilizing the patch elements that all members of our clans may have the option to fly on their ships. This could be one of the coolest skin options we could possibly get in game.
  11. we need an option to not show the clan we are in to many people now using the mod to know who to shot at
  12. It's been established that 'NAVAL BATTLE' XP is derived from the amount earned on a 'Standard' account. I don't know if it's been established whether the "average" XP for a player profile is derived without adding the bonus from a "Premium' account. Seems likely to me it is the latter. Can someone in the know confirm? The context here is helping members gauge specific ships for specific bars based on history/summary of each ship on the PROFILE/SUMMARY pages. Thx.
  13. Over the last few months to a year we have seen some of the larger clans at the top of the leader board melt. Mass exodus to form other clans, or to go solo. It has me thinking. I am the Clan leader of HATE. One thing I can say about our clan is that we are pretty drama free. I know quite a few clans that are very healthy and most of them have a few things in common. As I write this I don't want the theme to be about my clan or about the pretty well known clans that are falling apart. I want this to be about how to find a clan and a culture that will make your game play and experience in the game more fun. Fun that is why all of us started to play. As I can only pull on my personal experience, I will offer a few things to consider. I had started in a clan when it was just beginning of clans. I will not call out where I was but I will say that a lot of clans will have similar ideas of how a clan should be ran. You have a rank structure that is based in either army or navy hierarchy. So that is where in my opinion the problem starts. Consider this, for the most part we are a bunch of voices online in discord or ts3 and we suddenly have 10 people that think they can tell you what to do, what you can and cant do. By this structure you start a conflict. You don't have dominion over adults. In my clan I recruited by expressing the vision of the clan and the basic standards in which we will treat each other. People follow me by choice not title or rank. They see the same vision and goal for the clan and want to be a part of it. A lot of players will try to join a clan to "be" in the best clan or have the best rank. You have to ask yourself why and what do I want from the clan? Most players want to have fun, laugh, win, improve, and play together. Does your clan promote that? Is the clan you are in working together? Do they come on the voice coms when in the game? Do you division up together? Or is the culture of the clan littered with toxic egos? I need to be worshiped for my silk and all those that are not in the stat range that this person feels if valid are shitters and should uninstall. How many clans have at least 3 or 4 of those players. When that is the case it is merely time before they poison the rest. What I would recommend you do is consider first what the culture of the clan is? What is the vision of the clan and it's leadership? What are the time requirements to be there? Is this a place that I can be a member and have fun. What is the median age? Not that age should be a factor in the choice, but you have to consider the topics that will be discussed in the voice chat. (must be 18 min for my clan) Below I have the rules as they are for my clan. I can't say that I have it all figured out but i can say I have a lot of long term players. Have fun and like to win use discord when in the game don't raise your voice improve your argument volume doesn't make your opinion more valid understand that someone mite know something that you don't everyone wants to win understand first why someone made a choice in the game before you yell at them, with understanding you can offer a better choice and they will be more open to the suggestion Discuss the topic not the person heaving the discussion establish if the clan is competitive or casual I hope that in some way we can improve the culture of our beloved game. Yes our game is having some growing pains but we can improve the culture one player at a time.
  14. Where is the detailed guide on clans? I thought I could figure it out, but I have many questions. Inviting, Rights distribution, resource access. The only thing I could find was in WOWT and said #5 was right to disband clan, and everyone but recruits had it. I assume there is something besides Dalia explaining it
  15. BOE Clan PalidinAlpha I want to have a place to meet all of my teammates and foes from other clans to have friendly conversations about blowing the hell out of each other. My name is Thomas and I am handicapped so all I have is World of Warships. I do not like to play any other game. I am a computer expert working on my degree in Digital Forensics MS and Computer Information Technology BAS/MS. I would like to meet some new friends that like the same thing I do, so tell me about yourself and anything you might be thinking about clan battles in the game. PROs; I love this game, a real LIVE version of the board game Battleship, its cool!! Cons; I hate the fact that I will shell someone from a long distance and I will not get the credit for the shot Post a shot of your favorite ship
  16. So today, while playing a battle in Omaha (because I'm trying to elite out the entire USN CL line), I happened to run into the leader of a certain clan who was raging in chat after dying and calling his team useless. This was despite the fact that said clan leader had a <46% WR for > 5k battles and, as an example of his "skill", <29k average damage in Tirpitz in >300 battles. After a bit of back-and-forth in chat (he accused people of using aimbots and bragging about his clan's league, I alternated between trolling him and humoring him), he declared that he was the better player since his clan was in a higher league than mine's (his was Storm, I believe, while mine's is in Gale). This is despite, if you ranked all the players in the clan by WoWs Stats PR, his being in the bottom 5 players of the clan, at <600 PR. Leading a clan does not make you good at the game, nor does it allow you to take credit for the successes of your clanmates, ESPECIALLY when the stats indicate that they succeed IN SPITE of you, not because of you. The glory from those successes belong to the ones that worked for it and earned it, not for those that do nothing and try to take credit for it.
  17. You know, I don't want much for myself. But I am one of those people who enjoys giving things to others and who very much enjoys the social aspect of the game. It would be awesome if I could use my coal to purchase things in the Arsenal and gift them to others. Even if I have to pay a 20% penalty or similar -- if I buy an Aigle for myself it is 49K coal, but for a friend it is 59K... that's no problem. Lots of people in the forums and in games are on disability or fixed incomes and cant cough up $50 for a premium ship... and then we'd have a way to gift them ships they can really use. Make it happen, WG. Please.