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Found 109 results

  1. Korn_Bread

    DPS - Deplorable Potatoes

    Hello possible member! Thank you for showing interest in Deplorable Potatoes. We are a causalish that is about more than Warships. We are about family, an online family. We play all sorts of games together not just Warships, this is just the primary one. We don't look at stats other than amount of battles, we don't require a tier 10...There are almost no requirements to join! What we do require is: 100 Battles minimum (Only stat requirement) Have a Microphone Be Social Be Respectful Be Active Having a microphone and being social is what makes clan play fun and enjoyable. What's the point of being in a clan and playing with people if you can't talk to each other? Being respectful is just a part of being a human being. To be in any clan you have to be active, however, life happens. Just let people know if you have to take a break or if something comes up If you're interested join our discord and talk to us!
  2. “I’ll...keep this brief. You have traveled here today in search of knowledge--to hone your craft and acquire new skills. And when you have finished, you plan to dedicate your life to the protection of the people. But I look amongst you, and all I see is wasted energy, in need of purpose – direction. You assume knowledge will free you of this, but your time at this school will prove that knowledge can only carry you so far. It is up to you to take the first step. ” Team RWBY is looking for Huntsmen and Huntresses who are willing to risk it all for the good of Human and Faunus alike… or people who just want to play video games and talk RWBY. If you have any questions about joining, our Discord is open to all. https://discord.gg/Frdu2gS Feel free to stop by and talk Warships, RWBY, Anime, or really anything. Fair warning, if you bring up Star Wars there will be a 30 minute discussion about why you are wrong/right. Team RWBY Team RWBY started out as a group of casual players with an interest in both RWBY and warships. Most of our members are average players, looking for a community that is active and willing to help, if need be. While we will give it our best in Clan Battles, we like to take it easy in the off season. We made it into the Storm League this season, and will make Typhoon League next Season. Team JNPR With the number of RWBY fans it became apparent that more space was needed. Team JNPR is a small clan that joined us and now we are helping them grow. As of now, JNPR is open to all to join. We would still like to compete in Clan Battles, so Tier 8s would be appreciated. “So you want to come to my school?... Well, okay.” Classes I hope you were not just expecting to sail and shoot ships all day. You will be tested, and your skills evaluated. However, you should get to know your Professors and fellow Students. Headmaster/Commander The Headmaster is in charge. Professor/Deputy Commanders Professors help run the clan and will be in charge of sub-clans. Professor’s Aide/Recruiters Teacher’s Aides are to promote the clan on different forms and websites. Student 1st year Everybody has to start somewhere. Student 2nd year 500 Random Battles - Win Rate of 45% - Avg. Damage of 20,000 Student 3rd year 1000 Random Battles - Win Rate of 47.5% - Avg. Damage of 25,000 - One Tier 8 Tech Tree Ship Student 4th year 2000 Random Battles - Win Rate of 50% - Avg. Damage of 35,000 - One Tier 10 Tech Tree Ship Alumni 3500 Random Battles - Win Rate of 55% - Avg. Damage of 50,000 - One Tier 10 Ship of each Class Huntsmen/Huntresses 7500 Random Battles - Win Rate of 60% - Avg. Damage of 60,000 - ALL Tier 10 Ships in the Game Exchange Student/non-member How to Join Team RWBY is open to all players who are active World of Warships players. Requirements to join Team RWBY 1000 Random Battles Two Tier 8 ships, one of them being a Tech Tree ship Exceptions can be made. Requirements to join Team JNPR 45% win rate 500 Random Battles One Tier 8 ship Both clans need active players to grow. If you are inactive for 60 days you will be kicked. Life can happen, so if you are going to be gone for some time please message a Professor and let them know. Well, I’m not sure how to end this... so I’ll just leave it to Neo.
  3. Welcome to the [DAKI] Clan! DAKI is a clan filled with both competitive and casual players, aiming to build a true community. We welcome players who wish to be part of a community while having an opportunity to improve as a player. We aim to run teams for Clan Battles and Kings of the Sea, but players will be welcome to choose if they wish to partake in these competitive settings. So what do we have to offer? An engaging and interactive community. An already existing team of experienced players, capable of high-level competitive play. Many of our players are already veterans of multiple clan battle seasons along with Kings of the Sea and Supremacy Leauge. Many awesome members! Requirements: Our requirements are not directly set in stone, however, players should aim for the following: 1500 PR, 55% Win Rate, 1000 Battles. Exceptions will be made based upon the leadership discretion. Players who wish to join us should also be both mature and friendly. Discord: Our discord is public so even if you're not here to join feel free to stop by and say Hi! https://discord.gg/T6E26jX
  4. What is Tactical Strike Group 4? [TSG4] Tactical Strike Group 4 is a "casually competitive" clan within World of Warships that participates on the North America (NA) Server! It was created with the goal of developing a fun environment and building a “Family of Friends”. We operate with openness, and strive to build a strong sense of comaradery while having lots of high seas fun! Tactical Strike Group 4 is the right clan for you If you want to “get in on the ground floor”, meet new people and build lasting friendships through the World of Warships community Our clan commander is an Army veteran (HHC/118, 11A, grade O-4 (Maj)), and we place special attention towards encouraging any US Active Duty military, Guard, Reserves, Veterans and Retirees to join with us, and to welcoming them to our team! Tactical Strike Group 4 is serious and committed to its Core Value of building a close-knit “Family of Friends”. To that end, we only recruit, accept and retain members who reflect that policy. What this means is that as a clan, we do not “chase numbers” or recruit and accept members just to have a large roster! We would much rather have a smaller amount of solid, dedicated and reliable members by quickly getting rid of the "deadweight" players who are unwilling to develop lasting friendships, than having a huge roster of members who are merely “numbers” and “names on a list’ (please refer to membership requirement #5 below)! Tactical Strike Group 4 is also the place to be if you are tired of solo queuing and are wanting to expand your Warships experience by battling alongside friends! If you have previously been in other clans that are riddled with divisive in-fighting and are wanting to escape the nasty “clan politics”…. Or if you are genuinely seeking to improve your gameplay and personal stats…. then welcome to the Strike Group! Requirements to join [TSG4] Tactical Strike Group 4: Have the understanding that communication is critical to building a cohesive team and to completing missions in a successful manner (Refer to #4 and #7 below) . Be on the North America (NA) server and Be ACTIVE with the clan! All members must be active during the week. Pop on, say hello, Blow up some ships and just let the other members hear your voice and see you participating (simple)! In order for a clan to grow and improve it must be active and not merely carrying a roster of inactive "deadweight" members! Participate in an initial meeting on Discord with a member of our Command Staff and/or a Clan Recruiter BEFORE your application is approved or a membership offer is extended to you. Discord account with the minimal ability to listen, but having a microphone would certainly be preferable. (Please understand that if you are trying to communicate without a microphone during a battle, your teammates may not be able to switch screens and physically type-out a response to you in a timely manner… thus, you are effectively muted!) (Refer to #1 above and #7 below) Be 18 years of age or older in age and attidude.... Mature, Low-Drama members required! Represent yourself and your clan well! If accepted, you'll be given an invitation to join either [TSG4] Tactical Strike Group 4 or [TSG4A] Tactical Strike Group 4A. Due to a 30-member in-game clan limit, both are parts of the same clan and are treated functionally identical, not as tiered clans. Be logged into DIscrod and in a clan channel any time that you are in-game… even if you are just “blowing steam and blasting ships”, and we have a room set-up on our Discord server designated specifically for “Solo Grinding”! However, NOT being on Discord while in-game is viewed as an unwillingness to be an integral part of an overall team and as an expression of a “lone wolf” personality type, which is completely contrary to our core value of “Family of Friends” and may be cause for dismissal from the clan. (Refer to #1 and #4 above) Racism, Sexism, Bigotry and Bullying is not allowed… and will NOT be tolerated! Discrimination of *any* type is prohibited within Tactical Strike Group 4, which includes (but not limited to): Race Age National Origin Sexual Orientation Religion Sexual Gender / Gender Identity Pregnancy Disability Understand that Religion and Politics are not games, so please do not discuss them on DIscord or the forums. We feel that friendly competition is healthy, but please curtail your "game rage" when things don't go as planned! WHERE TO FIND US and How To get the ball rolling with joining TSG4... Visit our clan website, register an account using your in-game name and submit an official application through the "Join Us! (Application)" button on the top bar. Join our Discord server and speak to someone on our Command Staff or one of our Clan Recruiters (see membership requirement #3 above). **Important: Do NOT click "apply to clan" in the game. Application to become a member: http://www.tsg4.org/recruitingprocess TSG4 - Tactical Strike Group 4 clan website: http://www.tsg4.org/ Our Discord server address is: https://discord.gg/sTck9hr. Our clan page on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1595220933839955/ For “general” clan information, look us up on the WOWS clan page by typing TSG4 into the search box, send a message to any clan member in-game or visit our webpage! Why should you join [TSG4] Tactical Strike Group 4? Our objective is simple: build a strong “Family Of Friends” that members can rely on for teamwork, camaraderie, and trust in battle! You don’t have to be “the best”, but you must be able to accept observational constructive criticism and be willing to learn! We offer a "learning environment" for players of ALL skill levels and have many members who are willing to work with you in any tier ship in which you are trying to improve! We value open and timely communication, and offer several ways to maintain contact with members of the guild via our own Discord server, our Clan Website and even a Facebook page for the clan! We also offer a Military structure with a clear timeline and criteria for promotion that is "based on" the actual US Navy (but scaled-back a little for gaming purposes) so that you can watch yourself grow and rise through the ranks within the clan without the typical "politics" and "favorite's Game" that is prevalent in most other clans. And above all else, we offer a fun environment that is based on the concepts of "Family" and "Friendship" where "bad attitudes", "game raging", "stat trolling" and "performance pressure" have no place! All that we ask in return is the you comply with the above requirements, carry within yourself a strong desire to work closely with your friends and clan-mates, and be a personal representative of the clan at all times! [TSG4} Tactical Strike Group 4 encourages all of its members to have fun and engage themselves in an atmosphere of Friendship. We accept all players, as long as they meet the requirements as set forth above. ** In the very near future, a schedule of specialized training events will be implemented to help our members hone their skills and improve their individual gameplay while in battles. The training schedule can be accessed by members on the clan website under the tab "Events". Application to become a member: http://www.tsg4.org/recruitingprocess We look forward to welcoming you aboard!
  5. ANKER {on-ker} - German for anchor - is looking for high caliber, mature and communicative (Discord) talent with a proven track record to actively engage in clan wars, divisions and operations. Our track record: Top 20 NA clan (out of 10,700+) Clan Wars, Season 1: Typhoon league Clan Wars, Season 2: Hurricane league Clan Wars, Season 3: Typhoon (Alpha) Clan Wars, Season 4: TBA (Alpha) What we bring to the table: Consistent stability and sustainability -- never stale. Hurricane league Clan Wars caliber experience. Fully researched facilities in port. Game-changing and high impact divisions that make a difference in a match, win or lose. Free virtual coffee and beer. What you bring to the table: WR: 58%+ (Negotiable at 57%+ pending other factors) Avg. Damage: 55K+ (Negotiable at 52K+ pending other factors) PR: 1900+ (Negotiable at 1800+ pending other factors) Willingness to communicate on Discord. No 'lone wolves' Other: Current roster Discord access upon request from leadership If you qualify or are within the negotiating range, consider ANKER to be a good fit for you and are ready to hit the ground running, feel free to drop us a line with a link to your statistics from WoWs Stats & Numbers. From there the next simple steps will be discussed. NOTE: Applications will be automatically disqualified without a link to stats. All current members not meeting the requirements have been grandfathered in as of 06.01.2017. Come on board and hold down WoWs with us. Thank you for considering ANKER your home!
  6. Black Vixen is a clan for people that want to play solo but want the rewards that come with a Clan Base. It has only just been created so it has a ways to go to get all the Buildings and Upgrades and this will take time, This time can be reduced with your help. Feel free to apply.
  7. Hola marineros! DESTROYERS OF AZEROTH COLOMBIA, [DE-AZ] Da la bienvenida a los jugadores que quieran hacer parte de nuestro clan, somos un clan nuevo el cual buscamos principalmente el juego en equipo y respetuo mutuo entre los miembros. Nuestras metas como clan es crecer mutuamente como jugadores competitivos dentro de World of Warships al igual que ser un clan competitivo en un futuro dentro del juego. Requisitos del Clan: Como medio de comunicación contamos con Team Speak, el Ts es de uso obligatorio la razon es para fomentar el juego en equipo. Dirección IP: Link de descarga: https://www.teamspeak.de/es/download/ EL crear DIvisiones con otros jugadores del Clan es obligatorio. Tener como minimo Tier VII como rama investigada. Ser activos de 4 a 5 dias por semana. Redes Sociales: Puedes contactarnos en [DE-AZ] Destroyers Of Azeroth Of Colombia Oficial Nuestro grupo de Facebook. Comando general: Mariscal de los Mares: Shaka_The_Virgo Almirante de Flota General: Majin_vegeta_1 Almirante de Flota General: razhiel1979 Almirantes: xXxMALLKUxXx -- Luchoe007 -- Juan_David_Beltran Comandante de medios de comunicacion: Jacklo_1
  8. Hola, somos un clan nuevo (servidor NA) de amigos con experiencia en el juego y tenemos abierta la convocatoria a jugadores que quieran unirse a un grupo de gente activa en el juego... buscamos jugadores que quiera jugar clan wars, divertirse y hacer amistades nuevas, los unicos requisitos para entrar son: 1500 batallas o al menos un tier 8 de rama de investigación, usar discord para mejorar la comunicación entre pares, y ser argentino... Los interesados pueden enviarme un mensaje a mi perfil de juego Tomasav o bien dejar un mensaje en este topic con su nick de juego para ponerme en contacto con usted...
  9. [ZR] Absolute Territory Who Are We? ZR was formed at the start of Supremacy Season 4 in order to participate in a competitive warships. Since we started we’ve been able to improve and challenge NA’s top teams. ZR was formed for the sole purpose of seeking a higher level of play beyond what can be found in random battles. Most of our members are in their twenties and are weebs. You have been warned. What We Have Accomplished So Far: Supremacy League: -One of the top Supremacy teams in seasons 4 & 5 King of the Seas: -3rd Place in NA KotS 5 and represented NA in the NA vs. EU clash -1st Place in NA KotS:Supremacy, and represented NA in the NA vs ASIA clash. Clan Wars: -2nd Place in Clan Wars Season 1 -1st Place in Clan Wars Season 2 -1st Place in Clan Wars Season 3 Our Ambitions For The Future: -Represent NA in future cross-server events What Can We Offer? -A skilled group of players to have fun with -A friendly yet competitive atmosphere -Opportunities to distinguish yourself in competitive play -Weekly practice leading up to tournaments -Continuous participation in tournaments and other competitive modes What Do We Look For In A Clan Member? - A high level of skill, knowledge, and understanding of the game - Understand the flow of battle and act accordingly - Be able to coordinate between teammates to achieve victory - Communicate via discord and must have a working mic - Must be fluent in English - Does not create problems and unnecessary “drama” - Open to criticism and motivated to continually improve. - Considered experienced in at least one of the classes - 18+, or mature enough that we don’t notice. - Must at least tolerate excessive weebness Requirements: -60% solo win rate overall (ships and tiers will be taken under consideration) -Excellent performance in T10 ships is highly desirable -Competitive experience necessary -Available for at least 2 days a week for clan battles and KOTS scrims Tier 10 - For BB: Yamato, Montana, Conqueror, Republique - For CA: Hindenburg, Des Moines, Moskva, Zao, Minotaur, Worcester - For DD: Gearing, Grozovoi, Yueyang - For CV: Hakuryu (More is better) These ships must have a high level captain that can be moved onto it on short notice. Preferably 19 captain points. Meeting these requirements does not guarantee your acceptance into ZR. Contact Us: Send a private message in game or through the forums to: @huevos22
  10. MAPIA is recruiting all Filipinos, pure or half, in NA Server who are interested to form a virtual gaming community. We help you grind to reach tier x ships through division plays and actively organize clan battles. The clan is also a form of establishing social, student and professional networks among Filipinos in the Philippines and abroad. We mostly communicate in Tagalog. No problem if you don't speak fluently so long as you can understand it. We're a clan that's growing fast. If you're interested, join our clan. We just expect that you will have your Tier X ship soon so that you can help us in clan battles. Beginners are also welcome. Send your application or contact Ka_Death if you're interested. N.B. We are especially looking for Filipinos residing in the US or Canada so that we can have more members playing in weekday clan battle division following the NA Server prime time. In case, you're a Filipino just wanting to join a social and economic clan as a 'lone wolf' without participating in any clan battles, you can join [P-NOY] Philippine Fleet. Here is the clan description: "Mabuhay! Maligayang Pagdating! MAPIA is an all-Filipino clan in World of Warships NA Server. It aims to be a virtual community for Filipino players all over the world. The clan is a 'home away from from home'. While it's a social and economic clan, its long-term goals are nonetheless competitive. We hope that we participate in the King of the Sea tournament in the future. Regular division games are organized. One clan battle game per season is required. Discord is a must." https://discord.gg/TdcgY4
  11. Welcome to [CUTE] competitive gaming community! About Us We are a clan that is based on casual wows, which doesn't restrict anything except having a wows NA account with a mature attitude, and a competitive side where you need to meet specific requirements before you can be a team member. On the casual side we do share some weeb parts since most of us are former KNTAI members, but we do love other stuffs like airsoft, alcohol and food (You'll find a specific person that posts food pictures everyday, charge him if he doesn't). For competitive we are currently focusing on Supremacy League, our main goal is to be the best NA team not once but all times. [CUTE] can also be "Creepy Unfriendly Terrifying Edgy", as all current members can describe ourselves a weirdo :D What do we offer A good casual environment Friendly atmosphere with competitive parts Good players for you to have good fun with Training sessions for people that want to improve Practice or skirmish for people that are interested in competitive Huge variety on game choices even if you are burnt out on wows If you are interested... Important: Applications are only open for CUTER and 2CUTE before any further updates. We have filled most of our spaces atm. - Please message us through #ask_recruitment_things on our discord - A link to the page from your profile on https://na.wows-numbers.com/ - Division test with recruitment officer will be held for all applicants - Meeting the requirements does not guarantee entry into the clan - Conversely, requirements are only standards which can be negotiated by division test performance or other factors - For promotion, you'll need to show yourself in either CB/Scrims/KotS. We'll assess your performance before considering promotion. Applicant for all clan must meet these shared requirements: - A NA WoWs account with public statistics - Ability to speak English - Good, mature behavior - Discord and a working microphone - (Competitive) By joining you agree to dedicate time towards weekly training and competitive matches. - (Competitive) Replay enabled game client Casual Team (2CUTE) Remember, requirements are only standards which can be negotiated by division test performance or other factors - 47% Win Rate - Over 750 Battles, and a T8 tech tree ship Light Competitive (CUTIE) Remember, requirements are only standards which can be negotiated by division test performance or other factors - 50%+ WR - Over 1000 Battles, and a T10 tech tree ship Competitive team (CUTE) Remember, requirements are only standards which can be negotiated by division test performance or other factors - 56%+ WR - A screenshot or page from your profile on https://na.wows-numbers.com/ - Minimum 3 T10 ships from main class Flagship Team (CUTER) Remember, requirements are only standards which can be negotiated by division test performance or other factors - 60%+ WR - Specialist in at least one class in T10, strong sub class highly preferred - Prior competitive experience What we hope you to achieve if you are in comp: -The ability to play multiple ships competitively -Show progress and development (Either competitive or randoms) -Training higher point captains for competitive play -Ability to skillfully communicate with teammates at the competitive level -Be initiative and have your own plans while in game, we don't want people that only listens to call or not following the calls. Mercenary If you are not from our clan and you wanted to be a merc on our team, please contact Shinano/Zuikaku for more details. But please be sure that you are willing to play under our clan name and are fit with the competitive requirements above. No exception for mercenaries. Contacts Private message on forums to me or Join our discord here! If you are interested to join... Poke on one of our personnel or logistic (P or L in the org chart below)officers on the forums about joining. For the lols: If you are a weeb, 80% of the CUTE population loves DD or lolis, join us and be a lolicon!
  12. Where is the detailed guide on clans? I thought I could figure it out, but I have many questions. Inviting, Rights distribution, resource access. The only thing I could find was in WOWT and said #5 was right to disband clan, and everyone but recruits had it. I assume there is something besides Dalia explaining it
  13. Our Mascot! Who Are We? PSV is a highly competitive, top tier clan that was initially formed to play in World of Warships tournaments such as Kings of the Seas and is now aiming to finish top 5 in Clan Wars. We here at the PSV community are all a bunch of friendly, close knit folk of varied background, weeb and non weeb. We value teamwork and cohesion just as much as good stats, and are looking for people feel the same. While we are shifting our focus to Clan Wars, we also intend to continue competing in Kings of the Seas where our team is one of the best around. Not only do we have 3 seasons of competitive play with highly ranked finishes, we won second place in the most recent Kings of the Seas, and were the only team from NA to take a game off EU in the EU vs. NA international playoffs! No interest in competition? We don’t mind! We just want people who are interested in intense team gameplay alongside and against some of the best players on the server. What can we offer you? -For casual players - a laid back, chill environment in which to sink ships with other highly skilled players. -For competitive players - an opportunity to be at the highest level of play as part of one of the best teams on the server. -For all – The chance be a part of a top end warships clan without adding too much salt to your diet. How can I join? As we recruit quite selectively, we do have several initial requirements: Mechanics Requirements: -We prefer applicants to achieve over 58% solo win rate over the past 90 days. --Exceptions may be made for exceptional CV mains that suck at surface ships (of which I may be one). -WTR is so easily padded that we're not even going to bother with a WTR requirement. We prefer to evaluate applicants on an individual basis; that is not to say that your stats will be ignored, but we will apply careful consideration to your application. Attitude: -A friendly, mature(ish) attitude is heavily emphasized here at PSV. We pride ourselves on being calm, courteous, and level headed in game. That’s not to say we don’t ever get angry here, but if we do we resolve conflicts respectfully. -Be able to accept constructive criticism. -Have fun without ruining anyone else’s fun. TL:DR: IF YOU WANT TO CONSTANTLY RAGE IN COMMS OR CHAT, PSV IS NOT THE PLACE FOR YOU. Miscellaneous: -Use Discord with a working headset and microphone. Speak intelligible English. Additionally, if you're looking to join our Clan Wars sessions or our highly ranked Kings of the Seas team, we have a few extra requirements: Ship Requirements, - any one of: -For CV: lol we wish (But having a Hak for KOTS/scrims would be nice) -For BB: Montana, Yamato -For CL/CA: Hindenburg, Des Moines, or Zao preferred. Anything is useful -For DD: Gearing, YueYang, Z-52 --Having a high-level (18+) captain on that ship would be highly helpful. Other Requirements for KOTS: -Have some availability during typical scrim and regular season gaming times: 9:00PM-12:00AM EST on Fridays and Saturdays. -Be able to take orders and work as part of a team. Process: 1) To Apply: Meet basic requirements and poke one of the officers if you’re interested for a Discord server invite 2) Applicant: Basic mechanics and attitude evaluations done through internal scrims or divisions. Passing this will get you a clan invite. 3) Recruit: A probationary period for evaluating teamwork and competitive play as part of the clan itself. If you're interested, you can just reply to this forum post. Alternatively, you can contact our Recruitment Officers @Gamewiz162and @UT3, or myself or @Darth_Crater, through in game chat, forum PM, or even Discord PM, and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.
  15. Kapitan_Wuff

    Come Sail in SYN

    The Syndicate of Captains is recruiting! [SYN]/[-SYN-] Discord:https://discord.gg/b2jzUzQ Welcome to the Syndicate of Captains, a friendly and inviting community within the wider World of Warships.... world. A lot has changed in the years since the founding of this clan. What started off as a clan-of-convenience for lone wolf players has mutated into a moderately sized, active and highly international community. First and foremost, SYN remains a casual clan. Somewhere where people can just have fun and not forget that at the end of the day that “is just game, why you heff to be med”. Whether it be solo or with potential division mates, we won’t restrict your playstyle or impose any demands that might kill the fun YOU have for the game. While we are a casual clan, there are many members who enjoy the competitive aspect of the game and as such we have had generally strong finishes in the previous Clan Battles seasons, including a Hurricane ranking in Season 2. What we look for in potential members: Mature players (not age but attitude); No hard skill requirements, however, we expect captains to understand (or willing to learn) basic game mechanics and strive to improve; Relatively active in our Discord server; Remaining active in WoWs (breaks from time to time is totally understandable as long as you communicate any extended absence with us first); Must be a good, polite, respectful person. If you want to wear the tag you must positively represent the tag, so poor sportsmanship is strongly looked down on. We do not discriminate and will not tolerate sexism or racism. Recruitment process: Join our discord; Hangout for a few days to see if the vibe fits what you are looking for in a clan; Div up with one of the Duty Officers (Commander, Deputy Commanders or Recruiters). From there if you still think that SYN is the right fit for you and as long as there are no other issues in preventing the application, send me a PM (Kapitan_Wuff) and we will talk about it some more. Discord: Our discord is public, so even if you are not interested in joining SYN, feel free to drop in and say hi! https://discord.gg/b2jzUzQ What does SYN offer outside of a friendly group of people to play with? Are you stuck, bored at work, doing chores or just too lazy to turn on the game, but have access to Twitch.tv? SYN has two somewhat regular streamers to keep you entertained. MrDeaf (The Super Ultra Deluxe Unicum) https://www.twitch.tv/mrdeaf https://www.youtube.com/user/6002oea MrDeaf streams high-level gameplay in both English and Japanese. As one of the founding members of SYN, expect sarcasm and spicy memes from one of the best players in the clan. Not just limited to WoWs, MrDeaf also streams indie games from time to time. Kronos_One (The Super Ultra Deluxe Average Player) https://www.twitch.tv/kronos_one https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCh3Etfq35wRhlZBFhHoFh_Q *WARNING WEEB ALERT* Whenever this lazy sack decides to actually turn on OBS, you can be sure to catch the fleeting glimpses of MLG Big Plays as he derps his way around the game. Degenerate weeaboo, lover of all things French (he’s half French you know) and a plague upon many a discord server, you can at least expect a well-curated selection of music to listen to while cringing at his misplays. (Just don’t ask him to start talking about the weather because he will never shut up.) *WARNING WEEB ALERT* Maybe watching others play is not to your taste, we have alternatives! mofton (also known as NAmofton and The God-Emperor of Potato Agriculture) If you are a forum regular, then this name will ring a few bells. Known for his “Tactical Tidbits” and “But is it fun?” series, this salty Brit regularly puts out high-quality write-ups and reviews on the forums. A degenerate teaboo, mofton’s encyclopedic knowledge of all things Royal Navy is second to none. Ex.: mofton's Tactical Tidbits - Submarine Losses of WWII (Non-German) 'But is it fun?' - A Subjective Review of the RN T2-T4 Destroyers pikohan (Brave-Sir-Peekoh-runs-away) *WARNING WEEB ALERT* Artist extraordinaire, pikohan has created many amazing pieces for clan use (including the HuangHe-chan shipgirl at the top of this thread). He sometimes even produces work for specific events within WoWs! Piko also regularly uploads replay commentary to his youtube channel. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8Li6GItOb5ziv_ADpnsjpQ *WARNING WEEB ALERT*
  16. JimboBimbob

    FORZA Recruiting

    Forza (power in Italian, and also just another great game) is recruiting. Couple long term friends coming together to finally make a clan after some sub-par clan experiences in the past. We're all adults here, and we expect you to act like one, no crying, no fussing, just play the game and have fun while being competitive at the same time. Definitely striving to participate in clan battles as well. If you are interested, message myself (JimboBimbob) or ExtinctParadox in game. Thanks!
  17. EvilBrokenCaptain

    The Iron Fleet[TIF] needs YOU!

    We're expanding our numbers here and this is a casual/social clan. So far we've got benefits to give small discounts to research and purchase ships in the regular lines. Help us expand our numbers to get bigger benefits! New players and veteran player are all welcome! The clan leader is myself, EvilBrokenCaptain and there are 2 other officers. Send us an ingame application and we'll accept you ASAP! Hope to see you soon and welcome to World of Warships! We also have a Discord server! Any other questions just leave them here! First five applicants will be granted recruiting permissions if you need to bring in friends!
  18. Korn_Bread

    Deplorable Potatoes

    Hello possible member! Thank you for showing interest in Deplorable Potatoes. We are a still relatively new clan that is about more than Warships. We are about family, an online family. We play all sorts of games together not just Warships, this is just the primary one. We don't look at stats, we don't require a tier 10...There are almost no requirements to join! What we do require is: Have a Microphone Be Social Be Respectful Be Active Having a microphone and being social is what makes clan play fun and enjoyable. What's the point of playing with people if you can't talk to each other? Being respectful is just a part of being a human being. To be in any clan you have to be active, however, life happens. Just let people know if you have to take a break. We currently have 25 members. If you're interested join our discord and talk to us!
  19. The more I play, the more query's I have to think about. During the battles of both arenas, I have noticed the Red Men are disappearing quite often causing a lot of major confusion. The allies are delivering some good blows to the enemy and then, suddenly, the ships are gone ! ! ! Then, from out of the fog comes gunfire. Where the hell are they ? ? I can't fire on something I can't see and neither can my mates & comrades. Why can those guys do that, it's so aggrivating. When are we allowed to 'fog up' and disappear so the enemy can't see us ? They are regular folks like us but they have a major advantage by being gone half the time. Definition of FAIRNESS is : Being treated equally 100% of the time. Not partial favoritism for one side only." (not from Websters or similar). I would also like to request some salient advice for fighting in either battle. Here is one plan I came up with : When using the chat box on the left of the screen, press the ENTER button, then press the TAB button, then press ENTER again. This gives us a conversation we, as a team, can only see as we talk about our maneuvers. The enemy should not be able to see this chat log. Am I correct ? As we fight during the clan battles, we try to stay as a group to work on our "focus firing" on the enemy ships. When we spread out, it becomes a difficult , one sided attempt. Any strategies for this ?? Also, one last thing, how can we get 7 guys together to fight and expect some kind of commitment level so we can see them on each season. For this and many other questions I have asked so far, thank you so very much for your expertise and Naval knowledge for these battles. I really have a lot of fun and have learned a lot of history about the boats I love as well..
  20. Ahoy! Sailors Without Borders is a new clan formed by players with Clan Battles, Ranked, and King of the Sea experience and who have played the game since alpha and beta. If you are an adult (mid-20s+) who is interested in a small friendly community of folks to play Warships with, we might be the group for you. We have two basic criteria for membership: Treat other people well. We run a pretty laid back Discord and clan chat and we expect everybody on our server to keep things on that wavelength. We recognize that there's more to life than playing a video game. Everybody has a bad day, but adults should be able to manage themselves so don't expect us to be particularly patient with this rule! While stats aren't the complete measure of somebody's level of play, we want to set out with a similar level of expectation among all clan members. We're definitely not a "competitive" clan and all that goes along with that, but we do want to turn out the best team available when we decide to participate in competitive activities like Clan Battles. We assume you know how to figure out if you'd be potentially be a good fit with the rest of our group. Ultimately we're interested in people we'll enjoy playing with (first) and who share our relatively modest goals (second). We're not planning to grow quickly, but if this sounds like it might be the kind of group for you, contact us and we'll talk and play a few games together to see how it works out. Previous competitive experience is not mandatory, but a willingness to learn and a desire to play the standard competitive team modes is required.
  21. Hello, FIMI is a 'clan' that is for anyone 'older' that is cornered into a regular clan, buyt still want to rake in the benefits of being part of a clan for discounts on resources, extra xp per game, etc. Is this You?: We have no tier restrictions, so you can join if you just started. You don't need an average rating of 50+ , so ... yes, you can actually suck at this game. You speak/read English You use clean language (most of the time) and am not an *** to the players that don't know all the in's and out's. You are an occasional 'solo' player that can enjoy a great match, even when all is lost. You are not a vegetarian ... (kidding ... or am I?) Just look up/search FIMI in WOW and apply. Cheers! Alpha104G (FIMI = Fun In More Important.)
  22. Time For Citadels [-TFC-] is looking for new recruits! Clan Requirements: • You will need to join our Discord channel (Discord is free to download) and while in came be active in our voice chat. • • We want members that are active especially for clan battles and training, you don't need to make every session but try your best. • • Communicate and be willing to learn: we aren't a unicum clan that demands insanely skilled players, we are a group that works together, grows together, and has a great time together • If this sounds like something you'd be interested in respond here or PM me for a discord invite and I look forward to sailing with you!
  23. PHOENIX COMPANY {PC} Recruitment Status OPEN The World Of Warships Division of Phoenix Company Gaming is now open to new Clan members. Who Are We? Phoenix Company Gaming was formed 8 years ago as a World Of Tanks Clan and since then has grown into a Multi Gaming Community with approximately 500 registered members. {PC} is like the virtual bar you always wanted.A place to hang out with friends, game and shoot the breeze. What Do You Require To Join {PC} World Of Warships? To be honest?, not a lot . We take players from brand new player all the way through to veterans. We take smaller clans who want a little more organisation. The most important thing to us is that we fit you and you fit us. Your Stats in World Of Warships mean nothing to us, Your personality means everything. Please Note {PC} will very rarely take players Under the age of 18. What We Can Offer You? A place to call home for your online gaming. All the advantages of a fully researched base. A 500 slot Team Speak Server. Facebook Groups. Website and Forum. Clan Wars. Friendship. Multi Gaming Community. How Can You Contact Us? By visiting our Website HERE Mrmagoosdad via Forum Message In Game contacts Mrmagoosdad OR Heavyhook
  24. Started a new clan and is looking for chill people that want to help grow a clan be that new players or old players alike, all are welcome. I just ask that you be chill and semi-active it's a game not a job so there's no you have to play attiude we are a mainly engilsh speaking clan on the NA server so english is kind of a must. There's a discord setup if you want more info or you can just message me in game or on here for more details. Happy sailing and I'll catch you on the high seas :) Discord Link if interested: https://discord.gg/ptE55eq
  25. Kapitan_Wuff

    Come Sail in Syn!

    The Syndicate of Captains [SYN]/[-SYN-] is now recruiting. Casual Hurricane Clan. Discord: https://discord.gg/b2jzUzQ The Syndicate is for captains and rogues wanting a casual group to hang out with and to participate in clan battles with. Independent Captains that sail under a common flag, brethren of the sea that can come together should the need arise. I love to play, but usually prefer to solo and when I do div up I'm not a big fan of always being on voice chat. Clans that have requirements for voice chat just don’t vibe with me, so I decided to make my own clan and open it up to like-minded captains. It's a community that is pretty tight but doesn't force everyone to play the same way. The goal of this clan is to be able to take advantage of clan base features in a casual yet competitive setting without taking the fun out of it or forgetting it is just a game. To have potential division mates if you feel like teaming up with other captains. A clan that won't restrict your playstyle or is so demanding as to kill the fun of the game. Looking for mature players (not age but attitude) that are regulars on the forum. While there are no skill requirements we expect captains to understand (or willing to learn) basic game mechanics and strive to improve. I care more about good, polite, respectful people than unicum. If you want to wear the tag you must positively represent the tag, so poor sportsmanship is strongly looked down on. We do not discriminate and will not tolerate sexism or racism. We have a clan discord for clan communication, voice channels if desired, and just a little community. We also have all clan base features completed. Requirements: We like people to engage with us in our discord, the whole point of a clan is a little community. We expect players to remain active, though taking a break from time to time is totally understandable as long as you communicate any extended absence with us first. Even if you are not interested in joining a clan or already in a clan, still feel free to come hang out. We try to run a weekly scrimmage for fun on Saturdays 8-11 CST.