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Found 162 results

  1. [JEDI-]/[-JEDI] Fleet is recruiting. We're a group of friends who have been playing since the original Navyfield 1 and Navyfield 2 and now have moved on to World of Warships. Since the clan first was founded we have a lot of members through multiple gaming communities throughout the years. Some still play casually and others are here daily. Our WOWS NA community of the clan is still growing and a portion of our long-time members play on the EU Server. On averages we peak 12-14 players online daily with generally more on the weekends. You can always find us in discord during clan battles and events. Currently looking for more social members who are looking for a place to play and hang out. This is an 18+ clan. Join us on Discord: https://discord.gg/GBs3pyF [JEDI-] Fleet is the original fleet with maxed out Naval Base. We generally have our more active players in this clan. [-JEDI] Is now open as our second clan and we encourage newer players to join this clan. Our current Naval Base improvements for the main clan are as follows: Check out the recent podcast with Boggzy and Synpax: https://anchor.fm/the-new-guys/episodes/Episode-037-How-to-KM-CV--Meet-the-JEDI--Clan-egogtl
  2. https://www.uwsgaming.com In-game Stats: Here Clan History & Information We've been gaming since 2003, with member ages ranging from 17 to 80 (many players in 20's and 30's and recently lots in 40's) as well as a few girls. I could probably write a book on why you should join us like some clans do here, but to be honest many clans here are great. We enjoy Gaming just as anyone else does here, kicking back after work (or for some, school) and enjoy gaming with a side of laughter stamped with some great memories. WE ARE NOT going to force you through hell just to join the community like SOME places do treating you as if its a real life interview requiring you to go through harsh steps and having to show up to play on certain days, this isn't a job it's just a game to enjoy for fun and escape our good/bad daily lives (be it your a hardcore player or a casual one) and play on the days your available and convenient for you (and not for us). More About Us! ⚠️ Advanced Activity Reward System: 💠 Our new system automatically tracks your activity (teamSpeak/forums, recruiting new players, joining events) and gives points based on activity, this way Member of the Month goes to actual deserving members without any brown nosing interference. ⚠️ No Silly Military Ranks!: 💠MR's are so outdated, too many communities use them and we feel you deserve more than having a high military ranked Teenager bark orders at you. ⚠️ Play First, Join Later!: 💠 Our TeamSpeak is open to the public, we allow players to play with us first and if you enjoy the community you are more than welcome to fill out a short application. ⚠️ Never Get Booted for Inactivity: 💠 We never force members to attend meetings/events or risk being removed, be it a week/month/year you'll always remain as a member, real life always comes first with us so take your time and play when it's convenient for you and not for us. ⚠️ TeamSpeak over Discord 💠 Why? Because TeamSpeak is widely used by Older adults, it caters to larger groups far better and still offers the best VOIP quality, and less impact on your computer compared to discord with its bloatware and features. Old looking it may be but the new TS5 will be a mixture of Discord and TS (the best of both worlds), we are also sponsored by them and get benefits. We also play the following games ▶️ Escape From Tarkov ▶️ Hell Let Loose ▶️ DayZ Standalone ▶️ Star Citizen ▶️ SCUM ▶️ Rainbow Six | Siege ▶️ Atlas ▶️ Apex Legends ▶️ Battlefield Series ▶️ SQUAD ▶️ ArmA 3 ▶️ Playerunknown's Battlegrounds ▶️ Warframe ▶️ And many more and adding more all the time! 🔰 Our community stands 16+ years strong against hacking/glitching/item duping! 🔰 🔄 Website: https://www.uwsgaming.com ➡️ Teamspeak Address: ts.uwsgaming.com ⏬ Teamspeak Download (free): Click Here
  3. Then [RBMK] - "Mistakes. Were. Made." and [RBMK2] - "3.6 Roentgen. Not Great, Not Terrible" are just the clans for you! We have ACTIVE and CONSISTENT members that division and play DAILY. This enables us to place high in Clan Wars (currently top 20 Over-All NA). If this sounds like the clan for you then here is some more about us: We have a great community of active, mature players with strong and able leadership. Each of our members are provided with training and resources so that they, and the clan as a whole, can improve and grow. Several of our members are current and former Military and Law Enforcement. We also have players from all time zones including SEA. So there's always somebody on to division with. We division and play together daily which improves our effectiveness as a team, especially in competitive modes. This enables us to try out different things and exchange information about the game to improve each player's success. We provide invaluable training resources, updates, and guides through our Discord channel so that all our members have easy access to them. We even run training sessions and scrimmages with other clans! Our goal is to reduce the skill gap between our players by improving and growing them. This makes everyone a valuable team player and an asset to the clan. Here are some basic requirements to be considered for membership: Good average damage with good average experience and battles. Active in-game and Discord. Be a Team Player (willing to learn, improve, and teach). Participate in Clan activities. Hardcore - Always go out with a bang! IMPORTANT: We place great emphasis on the activity and personality of our members. If you are active in Discord, division with us, and have an affable attitude you will drastically improve your chances of membership. We would rather have a mediocre player who is fun to have around and we can teach to improve, than an inactive, toxic Unicum. If you want to check us out and get to know us before joining here is our Discord link: https://discord.gg/8v5XMgH Hop on in and see what you're missing out on! (I highly recommend our state-of-the-art Memes channel). If you have any questions or comments then leave them below or message @Ivan_Namirettov directly. And remember: It's not about your time in battle, it's about your impact in battle that makes the difference. Good luck and see you around!
  4. Hi Captains, Im pufek, one of the admin and 2nd in command of DRI Clan. Our clan we are a Gaming Community , meaning we are not only playing WG games but many more & different kind as well. You have no restriction to play only 1 game but the freedom to do what you like to do AKA play games you enjoy. Candidate 18+ NO EXCEPTION !! DRI is not a competitive clan !! Clan battles as of when by the players !!! 2 Simple rules. 1st. While in game be in TS 2nd. Respect & be respected Remember Family & life have priority Always, here we relax and have good time drama free. If interested msg me here in game or in TS, the address is; dri no password needed. Cheers
  5. Wanted… MSDF is currently looking for active World of Warships players to help grow the clan. We are looking for dedicated and motivated players to help grow MSDF into an active thriving community. This is an opportunity that you don’t want to miss. For further details send me a message. Requirements: When playing be active in discord Have discord for comms Be at least 18 What we offer: A growing community of players People to grind with
  6. Greetings, Captains! New Russian speaking clan is created by Professor Lebedinsky ! We are recruiting easy going, fun loving and careless playing members to join our fleet.
  7. N00B_DD

    SOL is Recruiting!

    Hey there! Interested in building a new community and a competitive clan? Why not take a look? We are an up and coming competitive clan on the North American Server in World of Warships! If you are here, looking to or for: · A fun place to be to share your experiences, talk, and play games in general, · Earn some steel for your ship collection, · Improve your gameplay and learn more about the game through experience, · Hone your skills competitively in Clan Battles or KoTS events... Look no further as this may be the group for you! Here's how you can apply! For those who want to apply, here are some guides on what we're typically looking for: 1. Across 2,000 or more battles, have a winrate of 55% or higher. 2. An overall PR of 1650 or above. 3. 3 or more Tier X Ships with at least 20 to 30 battles in the respective ships. You must be able to show competency in those ships. 4. Competitive experience, although preferred is not mandatory. 5. Willingness to learn, and the thirst to become a better player. 6. A working microphone is mandatory. 7. Good attitude towards other players, both inside the clan, and others in general. Stop by our Discord below and don't be afraid to talk to us! Let's meme together! https://discord.gg/zAGzVWn See you on the seas!
  8. Ivan_Namirettov_

    [RBMK2] Chernobyl 2: Atomic Boogaloo

    RBMK2 is recruiting active players who want to participate in clan activities like Clan Battles/Brawls, King of The Sea, and Scrims. RBMK2 is a sister clan of the competitive Hurricane clan RBMK: "Mistakes. Were. Made. " As such you will have access to a great community of active and competitive players, training, and division mates. (Including Community Contributors and Content Creators). Our goal with all members is to help them improve and make them a valuable member of the clan. Some guideline requirements are: Active in-game and on Discord Amiable personality Desire to learn and improve One tier 10 ship or at least significant progress towards one Come check out our Discord and see what you're missing out on! https://discord.gg/8v5XMgH You can message me there or here.
  9. To keep it short and sweet [Salvo] is a semi-competitive, adult oriented clan. We focus towards clan battles. We currently have spots open for active players that are seeking entrance into Typhoon. Our rules: Real life comes first at all times. We will never punish someone for not showing because life got in the way. If you are online playing games and clan battles or clan events are happening. You are expected to participate. Repetitively freaking out and making the clan look bad in in game chat is not tolerated. During Clan Battles what the caller says goes. What we offer: Clan battles every night. Sometimes up to 3 teams. Relaxed, adult oriented atmosphere , some rough language and plenty of good nights. Over the past 5 seasons we collected Stalingrad flags completed Storm and typhoon league missions and have battled the Top NA clans and even Kings of the Sea contestants. We are expecting plenty of steel the next season. Opportunity of promotion and leadership for willing, engaged and productive individuals. 100% Complete clan base. Nightly: At least one if not 2 or 4 clan divisions on Teamspeak. What we require during this recruitment stage: Interest in Clan Battles. A 54% or better win rate. Alternatively a strong desire to learn and progress within the game. Use of our Discord and TeamSpeak. Especially during clan battles, we do understand soloing without TS but prime spots go to those who learn to use voice coms effectively. Participation in Clan Battles and Clan events such as scrimmages if you are online within the game.  Contact: PM me here. Alternatively contact me Eviltane or any recruiter (green Color) on our discord :https://discord.gg/RB8CdDY Salvo Fleet wants you!
  10. Been playing world of warships, but been missing out on those sweet clan bonuses? We have room for you at DAKA. Your basic casual clan, generally I play a few nights a week myself, but with that said there are no requirements. We will take on players with any level of experience, and if you are new and have questions, we can help. Do you just kind of kick your feet up on the warship consoles and chill? If that sounds like it is for you, maybe give DAKA a try. Hit me up in game or on the forums. Happy hunting!
  11. Hail! -N- and -NOM- are now actively recruiting semi-competitive and competitive players. -N- has been an active clan for over 2 1/2 years, expanding its empire with strategic deployment of memes, shells, and occasionally the Potato Praetorians. Remember, everything is a Trireme with the right flags. Our end of the deal: -N- is a fully upgraded Naval base, -NOM- is being established but we expect rapid completion of the base. You may reap the rewards associated with these bases including more steel, coal, EXP, reduced costs and a great group of players. We will ensure maximum participation for all who are interested in clan battles Fun clan events, including giveaways, game nights, and an active Discord community Less restrictive than other competitive clans in terms of attendance Your end of the deal: -N- and -NOM- are looking for the following: At least 1 T10 OR 1,000 battles -N- is looking for 49-50% WR currently, -NOM- is currently looking for >50% and above WR. Participation when able. We will never place a game over real life situations. If you'd like to learn more, please form an appropriate testudo formation and drop into the Discord, comment here, or lay siege to the nearest Emerald in the name of combat.
  12. Do YOU like being surrounded by hot, spicy memes 24/7? Are YOU are weeb who wants to be around other cultured individuals? Do YOU just want to play drama-free games in Typhoon? If you're literate and capable of reading those questions despite this font being Comic Sans then [NTAI] - Not Trying Anything Important may be the place for you [NTAI]: - Was formed by a group of mostly 20 something guys - Has experience playing in Typhoon and expects to compete at that level - Places an emphasis on creating a drama free environment - Aims to play Clan Battles and Clan Brawls as often as we can - Is objectively more likely than other clans to receive a lucrative nhentai sponsorship On a more serious note, the reason we made [NTAI] rather than joining an existing clan was because we wanted to really create an environment that we enjoyed. We decided we would go without port upgrades for a period of time because the trade-off of playing with solid players who want to have fun rather than be miserable was appealing. We're looking for a few more guys with the statline to show they can hold their own (54% WR overall/1600 PR overall) but the requirements aren't set in stone. Its more important that you aren't a [edited]. If you're interested in learning more then message RiP_Hopscotch#2700 on discord.
  13. Eauledoit11

    PRNA is recruiting!

    Portsmouth Royal Naval Academy, or PRNA (Piranha) is recruiting members in our semi comp clan! We're a part of a larger community on discord and we want people who will make us stronger and be an active part of our community. T7 or higher preferred, but we're willing to help build you up as a player so long as you're willing to learn. Our community, The Haifuri Community is mostly a group of people who love anime, and warships, so naturally WoWs is our bag. We try to do community events, not to mention inner-community scrimmages! So come check us out on discord already and see for yourself! https://discord.gg/pveeybr Should you want to join, message [PRNA]Eauledoit11 HELP US MAKE PRNA GREAT AGAIN!
  14. 𝐄𝐧𝐭𝐫𝐲 𝐫𝐞𝐪𝐮𝐢𝐫𝐞𝐦𝐞𝐧𝐭𝐬 (waivers at our discretion) -good attitude! Seriously, a good fit trumps almost everything else -a series of trial battles divisioned up and on comms with at least one of the clan leadership (this could take a while) -an open mind, ability to work in a team and a desire to improve -Not horrible stats (48% Hard line) -Over 1000 battles, minimum of 150 battles per month -At least one silver t10 earned the hard way Invite may be extended after a vote from senior clan members with emphasis on mutual fit. Join us on our Discord Server This is our correct Discord link https://discord.gg/CPNuMD4 We do stress social interaction with one another. We like to have a good time. We are striving to get better in clan battles, currently a Storm League level team. If you are looking for a decent group of people to hang out with please stop by and see how it goes.
  15. Phydeux

    I can haz a clan?

    https://na.wows-numbers.com/player/1007206545,Phydeux/ Howdy. I am looking for a clan. I have been in a couple clans but I stopped playing for a bit so left my last clan. What I am looking for: Teachers - I have 8000 battles so I know which buttons to push, but I am looking for some folks to teach me the more subtle aspects. Fun conversation - It takes me a while to come out of my shell, but once I do, I like to chat while in game about most things other than politics. Older folks I am mid 40s. NA server, preferably West coast time zones. Clan with 30+ players, daily players, minimum overall 50% winrate as a clan. What I bring to the table: Ships - I have 50 or so ships, including 16 tier 10 ships. Team player - Happy to do any role the team needs, even CV if I must Comms - I have a good headset & discord Experience - I have participated in 2 clan seasons. Willingness to learn - I really want to git gud. Thanks for reading my post, I look forward to hearing from ya.
  16. [RDS] RENEGADOS DEL SUR ¡Saludos Marineros! somos un clan Latino centrado en las batallas de clanes, jugar en División y pasarla bien. El respeto, consideración, solidaridad, humildad, y sentido del humor está garantizado por todos los integrantes del clan. Buscamos personas activas que quieran integrarse y jugar ya sea de manera estándar o competitiva en batallas de clanes y en División El clan posee un grupo de Discord en donde siempre hay alguien para jugar en division o consultar sobre cualquier tema referente al juego!! Requisitos Hablar español Cualquier nacionalidad es Bienvenida. Uso obligatorio del Micrófono en las batallas de clanes, para divisiones en batallas aleatorias no es necesario. Al menos un barco T-10 propio Muchas ganas de pasarla bien y divertirse en el juego WR: ¡cualquiera! PR: ¡cualquiera! AVISO: pasado más de 45 a 60 días sin actividad en el juego será motivo de expulsión del clan, si van a estar ausentes es importante notificar. AVISO 2: Cualquier mala conducta, insultos a los integrantes del clan ya sea en el juego o incluso mas allá por motivos religiosos, políticos y raciales NO serán permitidos bajo ningún motivo, infringir alguno de ellos generara la expulsión inmediata del clan. EXTRA: Tenemos un grupo de Whatsapp en donde estamos la gran mayoría de los integrantes del clan, una vez dentro del clan si lo desean pueden ingresar a dicho grupo. Allí se comparte información sobre el juego, se responden dudas, imágenes de grandes logros o batallas dentro del juego, y por supuesto gran variedad de videos e imágenes para reírnos todos. A los interesados por favor enviarme MP por acá en el foro o el juego. También pueden enviar la solicitud al Clan dentro del juego, en donde será procesada por el Comandante Zver0boy o cualquiera de los Subcomandantes: Zver0boy Exathiel Che_luiggi Capitan_Bomberman Patek_Argento Bostemix ¿Qué esperas para unirte?
  17. [MIA] is a community of multiple clans who anyone can fit into depending on their skill level as well as dedication. [MIA] was founded by 9 of the original silver league champions of The Western Fleet. We left because of the autocratic and despotic leadership within TWF was both unsympathetic towards the opinions of their players and player feelings. We were not in control of our own destinies and with growing hostilities between the players and autocratic leadership, our leaving was inevitable. Yet, we still tried our hand at diplomacy only to have our negotiations fail. The separation caused a great deal of enmity between the newly formed MIA and TWF. We founded MIA to be as egalitarian as possible, with a focus on player happiness and the consent of the players. This focus will allow us to guarantee the longevity of MIA and the loyalty of our players. MIA currently has three different clans with different levels of competitiveness as well as levels of engagement. The clan differentiations are generally flexible and a player can move up as they demonstrate ability and determination in competitive gameplay. [MIA] is our most competitive clan playing Clan Battles daily and aims to place high in hurricane. The current requirements for [MIA] is ~1900 PR and 58% win rate. However, the statistical requirements are flexible and recent stats are given much more weight (we don’t really care about your 900 PR in an Omaha). However we expect you to play at a level consistent of Hurricane level players and fit well with our competitive teams. [MIA-P] originated as [TSPC], this is MIA’s second competitive clan. MIA-P has been a hurricane finisher in the past and the goal remains going forward. While the PR requirements are not a high as [MIA], it is still an excellent clan to join for those who wish to play Clan Battles and be a part of a large WoWS community. The current requirements for MIA-P are 1500 PR and 52% win rate but similarly as above, the requirements are flexible(We promise we don’t care about the 500 PR Furutaka, we have those too). [MIA-I] is our casual clan where the clan battles generally do not take place and is instead a location for our members to improve their skills or for inactive members to remain in the community. For MIA-I, our requirements are 1100 PR but this is not strict and as long as you are willing to improve, we’ll be happy to help you with that. If you are interested in joining our illustrious and lovely community, please drop by our discord at https://discord.gg/bRHN2Aj and/or message one of our admirals (Brujo62, Maverick_1716, Lord__Caedus, TheRealSenpai247, Katarya) in game or on the forums.
  18. Hello Captains! Project X is welcoming new players! We are a casual gaming clan that puts life as a priority over gaming. However we do still have an activity requirement (see below). As a WoWs clan our objective is to welcome new players to the game with as much help to get them used to it as possible. Activity requirements: You must appear online / play a battle at least once every month Simple, right? One battle to prove that you are 1) active for this time frame and 2) maintaining your skills! Benefits of the clan: World of Warships clans provide benefits that make the game easier and even more enjoyable in ways such as: Clan Naval Port - This feature is helpful for every player in the game whether they are at 100 battles or 10,000+. Benefits include things like reduced ship credit cost for first time purchase and servicing and increased experience gain per battle (Naval Port progression details below). Clan Battles - Clan battles are a source of the steel resource and they provide the clan a way to earn itself a name in the competitive game. As of now we are still searching for enough players to participate but we are looking forward to playing them! Community - Our clan is very welcoming to new members. The gang is always up to something and I am certain anyone (including you, yes you!) will fit in seamlessly! Our Discord server is completely optional though, we have plenty of players that both use and do not use it however it is highly recommended for clan announcements and updates. Naval Port Bonuses: Officers Club - 2 out of 4 upgrades for clan size of 40 members Dry Dock - 4 out of 6 upgrades for -10% to the post battle service cost of ships of all tiers. Shipbuilding Yard - 5 out of 6 upgrades for -14% to the cost of researchable ships of all tiers Coal Port - 2 out of 3 upgrades for +7% to coal that you receive Steel Port - 0 out of 3 upgrades, not yet invested in Research Center - 6 out of 6 upgrades for a total of +5% XP per battle for ships of all tiers Design Bureau - 6 out of 6 upgrades for +25% to Free XP per battle for ships of all tiers Academy - 5 out of 5 upgrades for a total of +10% to Commander XP per battle Clan Battles! Are you looking to get your foot in the door of the clan competitive side of WoWs? Well so are we! However we as a clan have one small issue. We lack members like you who want to partake in them. We are just on the verge of being able to compete but due to our current number of players being split between quite a few different timezones with many varying schedules we have not yet been able to fight. We would be overjoyed to have you join and help us begin our Clan Battle journeys! How to Join: *Please note that there are no requirements for joining us and the only requirement to maintain your stay in the clan is to follow the clan rules and play at minimum 1 battle a month. A month is defined as 31 days since your Last Battle Time (LBT) as shown in the clan members interface of the clan details page in-game. If you are interested in joining us, feel free to respond here or send me a PM. I will add here that I will be verifying your stats more or less to understand your current level of progression in the game. Please do not feel that you are under qualified, we are a casual clan so there are not really any requirements for joining Want a general idea of our recruitment process? hangglide42 provides some insight: “Applying for PROJX was very easy & not a hassle - You may think that the application process for a Clan is a hassle and not worth the trouble or undue scrutiny of your application. For very competitive clans, this may be true, but I found the PROJX application very simple and even enjoyable - I just sent a PM w/ the highlights of my game stats (ref: na.wows-numbers), my current play state (i.e. where I am in the tech tree & general Tiers I had in port) and there happened to be some links to a game I played on Youtube for Beast to evaluate. That's it! The response I got from Beast was very actually more concerned w/ my expectations from the clan given where I was in my Tier progress - but the clan charter was exactly what I was looking for.” Summary: We are a casual clan looking for more members both for participation in clan battles and expansion in general. We are currently more laid back than most other clans but another, more competitive wing of the clan is possible with enough growth and if the clan is interested. We appreciate your time reviewing our clan and hope you find the clan that is right for you! 07 -BeastOfBoston3
  19. Hello and thank you for checking out this post! About us: The clan started in 2018 with a few friends and we have grown a bit since then. We are more of a small tight knit community of friends spread across the US and Canada, but we are looking for reliable, non-toxic members that are chill and play well in the Sandbox. We primarily use Discord for discussions and once you are invited to the clan for a test run, we will send you a discord invite and see if this will be a good fit for you and us. What do we offer? A non-toxic atmosphere and people that are always willing to join a group or help. New players are welcome as well and many of us are always working on different lines. An upgraded Naval Base that grants clan members perks. Being active daily isn't required, but we encourage new members to be involved and proactive to introduce themselves so we can have an active community. We primarily play ships, but we do play other co-op games as well. Our Requirments? 21+ (This is flexible, but we have this as just for the maturity aspect) Discord Sense of humor Lastly, realize we are playing a video game(s), so it is meant to be fun! We have rules in our discord channel which you can read once accepted, but TLDR of our rules is pretty simple: Don't be a D-bag and be friendly. Thanks again for checking us out. ***If interested, please leave a comment and/or send me a message.***
  20. Khorne_Bread

    [DPS] Deplorable Potatoes

    Hello possible member! Thank you for showing interest in Deplorable Potatoes by clicking this post. We are a causal clan that is mostly about having fun fighting ships. We do take clan events seriously though, so if you do not want to be required to play during those times then this is the clan for you. What we require is: Full participation in Naval Battles, Clan Battles, and Clan Brawl; Have at least 500 Random Battles; Have a Microphone; Be Active; Be Social; and Be Respectful. We also play other games together such as but not limited to: GTA, Payday, Star Citizen, Rocket League, Armello, Stellaris, Anno 1800, and more. If you are still interested and if you believe you fill the requirements we want Click the link below to be taking to our Discord server and chat with us. Discord
  21. Never played Clan Battles before? Want to play KOTS (King Of The Sea)? We have a level for you. NAM has different divisions for the type of clan battles you want to play! Learn Ships Learn map strategies EARN STEEL! NAM is a military-based clan, but definitely not a requirement. We have been a gaming clan since April 1999, so 20+ years of gaming. (We have other games beyond Wows). Jump on our Discord server and hang out. Besides Clan Battles, we sync drop, hang out, and laugh. No minimum requirements, since we have members on deployments. Our website is NAM.ARMY Sign up and fill out an application. If you would like to be recognized for your service, just screen cap the website we provide to confirm your military service in the application.
  22. ...Sailor take warning! We are a casual clan seeking active players. We participate in clan battles, naval battles, and regularly have members join division in randoms. We have a clan discord and website that are for general and event use. We have members from all over the world. Most members are willing to help new recruits and answer questions in clan chat. Skill is not a requirement but is desired. Members must maintain a 10 oil per day average (calculated by total oil earned/days in clan). If this sounds interesting to you, then please contact me here or in game. I play every day right now, and we have several other recruiters. Visit our web site at https://redskyatmorning.enjin.com/ There is a brief informational application just so we can get to know your play times and interests in this game. I am the web site admin and I think it is becoming a very useful tool. We have training tips, replays and a very lively forum.
  23. The Hydra Den Renegades [HDR] are looking for some new blood to help us regain some strength. Our overall goal is to bring some new people in to revitalize our old clan. We're looking for individuals who aren't afraid of criticism, are friendly, and just overall good people willing to participate. We're committed to being friendly and helpful to any who's willing to play and participate with us. We may not be the best in the biz, but we're certainly dedicated and willing to give it a shot no matter the circumstances. What we're looking for in new members: Participation - We need people willing to participate in everything running from Clan Wars and Divisions to Training Rooms and Operations Willing to both learn and teach - We might not know everything, but we also know that you might not know everything either, so let’s help each other out and learn together Friendly - We don’t bite, but we also prefer it if you didn’t either. We just want to make sure everyone is on good terms in order to maximize our potential in battle together Requirements: We’re not too picky on requirements to join our Clan, but along with the following on this list, all we ask is you’re active and willing to participate. Able to download and use Discord. We do the majority of our communication and socializing on Discord and it’s mandatory to join our server so you’re able to get the latest announcements and info relevant to our Clan. At have at least one Tier 10 or are fairly close to getting a Tier 10 so as to participate in Clan Wars/Brawls All of our members speak English, so it’s preferable if you’re able to speak the language as well so it’s easier for all of us to communicate Capable of participating in Clan Wars/Brawls. We offer an almost completely maximized Clan Naval Base: -15% Discount to the cost of Tech Tree ships -15% Discount to the post-battle service cost for all tiers +10% to the amount of Commander XP earned for every type of battle +5% to the amount of XP earned on all battle types and tiers +25% to the amount of Free XP earned in all battles and tiers. +10% to the amount of Coal earned from missions, containers, and battles. Feel Free to search us up in-game or reach out to me here or in-game if you're interested. Hope to see you all out there!
  24. -NACL Salt Overload is actively recruiting! -NACL was founded to attract a group of intelligent players and to create an atmosphere where similarly skilled players can work together, learn together and succeed together. Are you tired of playing random battles with people that don't know how to intelligently play their ship? How many times have you seen a destroyer on the edge of the map, far behind the front lines? How many times have you seen a destroyer refuse to use its stealth advantage to contest caps? How many times have you seen a battleship sail aimlessly around the map showing full broadside to the entire enemy team? Do I need to go on? I think you get the idea. If you're tired of your stats suffering because you can't rely on those around you, if you're tired of losing games you should have won, if you're tired of being the only player on your team that plays for the team and not just for themselves, -NACL sounds like the place for you! Be sure to join our discord! We hope to see you soon. Requirements: 1. Discord: All -NaCL Members will be logged onto our Discord server while in-game. Discord is what allows a clan to maintain its camaraderie and tactical communications during the game. 2. Game Activity: Must be active in-game at least 3 times a week. 3. Website/Forums: occasional required reading that centers around Clan-wide events or training updates. 4. Participation: -NaCl will eventually participate in Clan Events. Clan Events are typically run in between WG events and will vary in style. Active participation is recommended to improve their skills and as a clan to maintain its close-knit nature. Discord: Click Here for Our discord!
  25. LordGimpusDominus

    Salty Seamen Recruiting!

    A bunch of salty seamen.. Get your head out of the gutter! A Bunch of Salty Seamen! ABSS for short, is our clan. We admire a combination of activity and willingness to improve! If you enjoy wows whether you are "new" or a veteran you are welcomed to our clan! Apart from our rules we do like to make sure you have at least one tier x cruiser, we consider this to be "new". There are 2 reasons for this. 1. It allows us to include you more in clan battles as having a cruiser gives you the best opportunity to fit a certain role in the lineup as there are simply more spots for cruisers. 2. It shows us that you have at least broken past your first big milestone indicating that you are getting serious about the game. In our clan we try our hardest to make everyone feel welcome and engaged in the group, we strive to improve our clanmates AND have fun! Rules: We have few but we still have them. Rule #1: Be Active In ABSS we require discord activity daily, of course we all have lives so if you have to disappear for a little bit just give us a heads up and we’ll be happy to acknowledge your time away of course. Rule #2: Be friendly We do not tolerate hate and will not hold back to remove anyone belittling someone else or making them feel lesser than them. Rule #3: Clan Battles We have 2 teams. Team 1 is our Alpha Group that plays Thursday and Sunday. This consists of our best players and some substitutes. Team 2 is our Bravo Group that plays Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday, or Sunday. If on Alpha Group it is required to be part of clan battles, if on Bravo it is encouraged but since Bravo is the weaker group getting whomever is on Bravo to improve is priority number one! Rule #4: Have fun! The point of the game is to be an escape from the real world, if you are getting worked up over it than what’s the point. We love winning but letting the frustration cloud the enjoyment of the game sucks the fun out of it and prevents improvement. That’s really it.. If this sounds like a place for you come stop by in our Discord! We’d love to talk and meet with ya! Discord: https://discord.gg/TS7UwTW