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Found 48 results

  1. ANKER {on-ker} - German for anchor - is looking for high caliber, mature and proactively communicative (Discord) talent with a proven track record to actively engage in clan wars, divisions and operations. We offer three branches (ANK-S WIP) for candidates to choose from, based upon both skill-set as well as competitive/social-development wants and needs. Our family: ANKER - Founded in March of 2017 and based on the North American server, is our competitive and flagship branch of our three clan family. Requirements: WR: 58%+ (Negotiable pending other factors) PR: 1900+ (Negotiable pending other factors) Willingness to use voice communications on Discord A competitive, yet non-toxic mindset Thick skin and a willingness to take constructive criticism with the aim of improving Commitment to clan wars and overall success of the clan At least two suitable clan wars ships with a demonstrated ability to play them well No 'lone wolves' Other: Current ANKER roster ANK-A – ANKER Admirality (A light anchor that gets the job done) – Is the branch that strikes a balance between social, development and semi-competitive aspects. While we expect candidates to have a firm grip on the basics for ANK-A, we place less of an emphasis on a statistical track record. Therefore, we have more flexible entry requirements than our fully competitive branch. This clan is for you if you want to enjoy the social and development aspects without the pressures of a fully competitive clan environment, yet be provided the opportunity for clan wars and other events -- and still have fun. Requirements: WR: 52%+ PR: 1200+ Minimum matches played: 2,000 Tier 10 minimum: 2 Willingness to use voice communications on Discord Thick skin and a willingness to take constructive criticism with the aim of improving A proactive, mature and communicative character No 'lone wolves' Other: Current ANK-A roster ANK-S – ANKER Superior Delta - One of the heaviest anchors ever made (~44 tons), is the future vanguard and 300 of the ANKER family. Requirements: TBA ANKER Membership Benefits: Consistent stability and sustainability -- never stale. Fun, active, non-toxic and relaxed social environment within a member-oriented Discord server. Organized and results driven. Hurricane level clan wars experienced members. The opportunity to division with, learn and improve from our very own experienced clan wars veterans. Game-changing and high impact divisions that make a difference in a match, win or lose. Upgraded ports: ANKER (100%), ANK-A (~75%), ANK-S (~60%) Transparent and communicative leadership. Positive thinking, forward thinking! 🍻 ☕ Free virtual coffee and beer. ☕ 🍻 Interested in applying? Here are your next steps: 1) Join our Discord. 2) Follow the automated instructions after joining. Note: Joining our server is a prerequisite for all candidates/members. Random and unsolicited in-game applications are immediately rejected. Upon receiving an offer, a 30 day probation period is instated to ensure all requirements, rules and policies are understood and met in good faith by the applicant. Thank you for considering ANKER your home!
  2. natedog

    [AO] Seeking New Recruits

    Armored Outlaws has open positions for Battle Callers, Recruiters, and Active Members. Please send us an application asap so we can get you in.
  3. Clan Activity Sheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1IZJwcolKNh-JqKiX_kVcwW-u0nRLWew2dorRRwtl7WU/edit#gid=9 Website: navygamingamerica.enjin.com
  4. Join ClanAOD Today! What do you get? The Angels of Death brings you a clan with twenty years of gaming experience. We have over 3000 members playing over 18 fully supported gaming divisions. We support these with servers, ports, Teamspeak rooms, forums, and what ever else they need. Most importantly we create a place for everyone to come together and have fun. We offer a place free from drama, politics, and the other things the plague you in real life, we are here to have fun and play games. Do you have any requirements? Our requirements for membership can be discussed with your recruiter. As a general rule the following things can be expected of our members. We do not accept intentional team killing, team damaging, or in other words we have a overall policy against cyber bullying. We do require that you have a working microphone to apply and have Teamspeak 3. We do require that you be older than 18. We want to maintain active members but we do not have stats, tiers, or requirements for you to be on every week. We want you to have fun! You can find out more at the apply here link above or contact a Recruiter + in AOD_A or AOD_B. These are our NA server ports all others are not ClanAOD.net. Sounds great but how do I join? Click the Join Link Above Click the Apply Follow the Instructions on the Screen (Create and Account, Activate Account, fill out application) Our recruiters will contact you shortly after you submit your application! Discord <- Have questions, reach us on our discord. Inspirational Footage
  5. JOIN LA REGIA MARINA TODAY ABOUT US La Regia Marina was founded on 7/28/2017 on the premise that the member of the fleet should come first, and that it is the duty of the clan to provide a positive environment for the user; consisting of camaraderie, friendship, and a willingness to succeed. While our short term goals have changed over time, our commitment to the player will never fade. Almost 3 months after we were founded, we expanded our clan with a new branch, LRM2, in order to hold more members. We recently created LRM3 for more casual players. We have continued to grow and expand, making sure that our clan can be the best we can be. Every day we strive to be an example of fair play, excellence, strength, self-development, and sportsmanship. We work together to develop clan infrastructure, participate in clan wars, work together in naval battles, participate in Operations, sharpen our skills in Training Rooms, division often with each other, and function in our clan as one solid unit. CLAN BENEFITS What are some of the specific benefits of being in LRM? I'm glad you asked! A Strong Commitment to the Player: We always look out for our own. Your comfort and happiness in the clan is very important to us, and we want you to be as comfortable as possible. Guaranteed Days Off: Name another clan that endows you with the right to have a day off, or even take the holidays off? I'll wait for an answer. LRM gives you a long list of days off for international holidays and national holidays of the nations of where our players are from. Never worry about not showing up to a clan activity or clan wars on Mothers Day, don't worry about playing WOWS on Christmas, and spend the 4th of July with your family instead of your clan. We put the real world first, so holidays for us are a well deserved day off. Room to Take a Breather: Got too much school work? Studying for finals? Traveling for business? Kids are sick and you need to care for them? Life emergency that demands your attention? Relax, you're in good hands! LRM lets you request time off for any duration of time so that you don't get removed for being inactive or be held to an obligation you previously made that you are not able to honor because life has said otherwise. A Committed Officer Core: If you have a problem, we have a solution. We are dedicated to helping you and making sure you feel at home in our clan. Your experience is very important to us. OUR RECRUITMENT STANDARDS LRM Proper: Clan Info: Competitive Clan Wars and Ranked Battles are required participations 21-day inactivity window Looking to play clan wars and eventually King of the Sea Recruitment Requirements: Must speak English fluently, have a working microphone and speakers, and be capable of communicating and following directions in battle You must be 18 Years of age or older You must have a discord. If you do not join discord within 7 days of joining the clan you will be removed from the clan. Looking for winrates of 50%+ in the class of ship you are most proficient in You may not have your stats hidden, no exceptions, ever You must have at least one of the following ships in port OR be willing to grind and get one of these ships: Midway, Hakuryu, Montana, Kremlin, Grober Kurfurst, Des Moines, Worcester, Puerto Rico, Minotaur, Stalingrad, Moskva, Kleber, Shimakaze, Gearing, Daring Must be willing to practice your ships you play for clan wars weekly Must play ranked battles in the offseason and progress to rank 12 each season at minimum You must be willing to show up to group training exercises and practice as a team Must participate weekly in the clan Naval Battles ========================================================================================= LRM2: Clan Info: Semi-Competitive Clan Wars and Ranked Battles are required participations, schedule permitting 30-day inactivity window Recruitment Requirements: Player must be 18 Years of age or older You must have a discord. If you do not join discord within 7 days of joining the clan you will be removed from the clan. Player must have a history of playing team-based video games or be a willing team player Player must have one tier 8 or higher ship Player must be able to play at least once a week Player must make a sincere effort to show up to clan wars at least 3 times a season Must participate weekly in the clan Naval Battles ========================================================================================= LRM3: Clan Info: Casual Clan Wars and Ranked Battles are entirely optional 30-day inactivity window Recruitment Requirements: Player must be 18 Years of age or older You must have a discord. If you do not join discord within 7 days of joining the clan you will be removed from the clan. Player must have one tier 5 or higher ship Player must be able to play at least once every 2 weeks Clan members are kindly asked participate weekly in the clan Naval Battles ========================================================================================= Got a friend? If you qualify for LRM, your friend can join our clan just because you joined! Check-in with one of our recruitment officers for more information! I'M CONVINCED, SIGN ME UP! If you like what you hear, and you want in on the action, join our discord to get in touch. If you have any questions before you join up, feel free to ask here on our recruitment thread. https://discord.gg/uyWZVYf GOOD LUCK AND FAIR SEAS CAPTAINS!!!
  6. AHOY Captains! We are welcoming & recruiting new ship captains who are looking to learn & improve their abilities and ship skills through team play. We are a military structured organization that’s been around since before fleets began in the game. Our requirements are simple: Have a microphone/speakers (or headset) and be on TeamSpeak3 when in game, Be +18 years of age, Have at least 1 Tier 10 ship for clan battle competition, or Any tier ship for social clan, Have >50 battles, and Possess a strong desire to learn & excel through coordinated teamwork. We offer the following bonuses in our competitive clan: +25% to free XP -14% to research costs -12% to repair costs +10 % to Commanders XP +7% more coal +7% more steel +4% to XP for all ships. Sound interesting? Go to our website located at: navygamingamerica.enjin.com and fill out an application. A recruiter or fleet officer will respond within 24-36 hours and attempt to set up an interview in our TeamSpeak3 channel at your convenience. Following the interview, you can meet some of your prospective shipmates, look us over, ask questions and decide if we meet your expectations. Our TeamSpeak3 channel is: ngagaming.enjinvoice.com Come by and see us! Good Luck & Good Hunting!
  7. -NACL Salt Overload is actively recruiting! -NACL was founded to attract a group of intelligent players and to create an atmosphere where similarly skilled players can work together, learn together and succeed together. Are you tired of playing random battles with people that don't know how to intelligently play their ship? How many times have you seen a destroyer on the edge of the map, far behind the front lines? How many times have you seen a destroyer refuse to use its stealth advantage to contest caps? How many times have you seen a battleship sail aimlessly around the map showing full broadside to the entire enemy team? Do I need to go on? I think you get the idea. If you're tired of your stats suffering because you can't rely on those around you, if you're tired of losing games you should have won, if you're tired of being the only player on your team that plays for the team and not just for themselves, -NACL sounds like the place for you! Be sure to join our discord! We hope to see you soon. Requirements: 1. Discord: All -NaCL Members will be logged onto our Discord server while in-game. Discord is what allows a clan to maintain its camaraderie and tactical communications during the game. 2. Game Activity: Must be active in-game at least 3 times a week. 3. Website/Forums: occasional required reading that centers around Clan-wide events or training updates. 4. Participation: -NaCl will eventually participate in Clan Events. Clan Events are typically run in between WG events and will vary in style. Active participation is recommended to improve their skills and as a clan to maintain its close-knit nature. Discord: Click Here for Our discord!
  8. [SCREW] :: [NA] Currently looking for a few more active players to join our Clan Wars group, requirement listed below: 1. T10 ships and moderate experience with them. 2. Use of and active w/ Discord 3. Able to game between the hours: 5:00pm – 10pm CT (noting most of our player base are between the ET and PT time zones) 4. * We do not filter on Discord channels: able to view or don’t mind explicit chat, most of the our players are PG but we have a few madmen in our midst 5. We are looking for stats that represent positive growth and activity, utilizing WoWS Stats & Numbers to player representation and final decisions Regards, Ollow_NC
  9. scottrocks14

    [HMFJ]-Recruiting new members

    Who we are HMFJ is a new founded subsidiary of HMFT that is built off its community rather than its skill. We plan to have this clan be a running mate to HMFT and place were people can socialize, have fun, get better at the game, and part of the HMF community. we have a Royal Navy Rank structure that is designed to be straight forward, and direct. We are a clan built off integrity, honor, respect, courage, and team play which means that in the HMF community we build everlasting friendships. In HMFJ you will also have the ability to communicate with the other clans under the HMF slogan like HMFT, and HMFN. Since we are a clan built off Intergrity we don't poach or recruit people who are already in a clan. Requirements The only requirement is to be an active player because if you are active you are trying and all we want here is effort. We also accept all ages into the clan. However we will be quick to take out dead weights that are not active. Why Should I Join HMFJ HMFJ is a clan where everyone who joins has the motto we are in the fight together so we are a very heavily team based clan. People who join will also get help to: -Improve their skill, and tactics -Build your team play -Have an active player base who will help you along the way. -Build new friendships. -Make a tech tree grind significantly shorter. Rules Even though we are a more relaxed clan we still have rules and conduct that can NOT be violated. They are simple and are be respectful to your higher ups, and Higher ups be respectful to your lower ranks because them making fun of you does not mean you can do it back. Poaching will NOT be tolerated and will be punishable by the admiralty.
  10. PugsOfSteel

    Sea Knights Recruiting players

    If you love this game and want to get more out of it. Come join us.
  11. We have a few slots left. We are looking for members interested in Clan Battles... We are a kick-back clan with a solid clan base. We have around 40 members, mostly active, but we are always looking for that last guy to get a team together... If that is you, give us a shout... Hurry up though, we only have 5 slots left. Cheers!
  12. Introduction [AGNU] the American Grand Naval Unit wants new and old players to join our ranks. There are only a few of us but we have been wanting to expand and eventually do clan wars when we have a large enough clan size. We are on EVERY DAY and night, Memeing around in ships, we accept all types of personalities and are offering our hand to help those that need advice or grinding or just want to play with other friendly members. Requirements None if you just want to have the clan tag but to socialize and have active participation, you can join our discord server. Why Us? We are a group of people that just want to have fun in game and we have fun with groups and communication. We can be competitive, we can be chill, it's all up to how we feel and what we want to sail. Expanding this group can broaden our horizons and yours as well. As well as all of our clan perks that we have put in our oh so dedicated Naval Base. We've been playing the game for a while and know the ins and outs of the game and what works best. Application If you're Interested in our clan message me on this forum; Look up our clan in WOWS or PM Me or any other Commanding Officer in discord Crazycool241#1385 GreenNova#6264 Marine Nova#3212
  13. scottrocks14

    [HMFN]-Looking for members

    We are currently recruiting for our subsidiary clan HMFN. We will accept everyone who is on any tier from 5 and above, and all we ask is you being active, and joining the clan discord. I am planning on taking at most 20 so be quick.
  14. Since we had the time change last night, will CW start at 730EST or will it be at 630EST? I'm not 100% certain but swear I recall an issue with this in the past.
  15. Clan FAAL (Fuerza Armada América Latina) reclutando jugadores. Somos un clan que recien comienza con la idea de formar un clan semi competitivo y con ganas de progresar. A lo que apuntamos es crecer como comunidad y ayudar a los jugadores a obtener su nivel X para que juntos podamos luchar en guerras de clanes o batallas navales. Dentro lo posible siempre tratamos de comunicarnos en discord (pasamos la dirección una vez aceptado en el clan), siempre divirtiendonos, pasandola bien y sin ser toxicos por manqueadas de otros (noob). No pedimos muchos requisitos solamente ser activos, ser buena onda y tener mas de 17 años. Practicamos tácticas o mecánicas del juego en algunos mapas si necesitamos ayuda para que guerras de clanes o torneos vamos a una coordinación y ser creativos necesarios a la hora de jugar. Vamos que esto recien comienza y cada uno va a poder crecer muy alto si todos progresamos juntos. Contactarse con algunos de los 3 comandantes y sub .. nombres en el juego: -Pablo_Astudillo -Infinitus00 -Schneider_.
  16. Hey all, we are looking to add players to the fleet so we can compete in upcoming Clan Battles. We are all newer players and none of us are unicorns but we try to have fun and constantly get better. We are looking for mature players that have a mic and use discord for our comms. We have been steadily upgrading or clan resources and doing well in naval battles so there are discounts to be had on ships and coal bonuses too. Please contact me in game MJR_Tom_ or message me here. We are open to folks that want to get better and have fun hanging out with similar types of people. I hope to hear from you, MJR_Tom_
  17. Greetings from Decus Praesidium Guild! We are a very active mid sized clan from all NA time zones who are growing our ranks with the primary purpose of enjoying the competitive challenge of clan battles. We have a fairly light hearted but competitive attitude and constantly strive to improve together. We are looking for reasonably competitive and experienced shipmates interested in playing clan battles, who are respectful of others and are looking to enjoy playing with competent team mates in reliable divisions. If you have found yourself frustrated with the state of play quality recently and are looking for friends to play with, You owe it to yourself to check us out! Good hunting to you, Karandar We have a great website for discussions, tips & tricks and such. http://dpgwarshipsclan.freeforums.net We use Discord as a daily news and voice platform Please have a microphone and PTT set up for access to our Discord channel. Our Current Port bonuses: -15% to post service battle repair costs-15% credits to purchase ships+5% XP to all battles+25% FreeXP every battle+10% commander XP+7% Coal40 member roster 7% bonus to steel
  18. Captains, AIM is always looking for more human shields and cannon fodder to push past Storm league!! AIM, like everyone else on this part of the forum, is looking for either experienced, or returning captains to plus up our current clan wars roster. If you’re looking for a semi-competitive adult clan with experienced clan battle callers, clan base perks, discord coms, and a relaxed but competitive and experienced atmosphere, this is the place for you. Be advised this recruitment ad is focused on clan wars interested captains and this normally entails below requirements: *Discord is a must (microphone strongly recommended) *Ability to follow directions and orders *At least 1 tier 10 ship of each class *To minimize training time, please be at least 51% Win Rate in Randoms (wavier-able on case by case) please be aware this clan’s prime time is evenings (NA time zones), clan leadership is mostly on late evening as most members are working/busy during the day (there are members on during daytime but not many). Clan base perks are nearly complete with only 1 upgrade left on coal building and 2 on Steel, everything else currently available is researched. if interested please message aggressively and seductively the below personnel in game with any questions, or drop and application in game as well. Comments on this thread with questions as well are always welcomed. -Kevsteak1 -MysticalAges -Wr4yth -MannyD_of_the_Sea -Any recruiter or higher ranked person off our clan roster in game off the clan tab!
  19. Enough with all the grindy missions. It's long overdue we have actual clan wars with a global map (WOT style but with ports to fight over). Make the ports worth different resources and have different tier maps for those resources. Tier 10 CW rewards doubloons (or mix with some steel) for ports held, Tier 8 can give coal etc etc.
  20. WE ARE ACTIVELY RECRUITING! Come join us for Battle! Please join us on TeamSpeak at saltyroguepirates.teamspeak3.com You can also submit your application on our website at https://saltyroguepirates.enjin.com/ The Salty Rogue Pirates is a community of both casual and serious warship Captains from all Branches of the Armed Services (from Active Duty, Veteran, and Retired). Our clan prides itself on being friendly and accepting, and we are always ready to accept new recruits to [SRP]. So if you are looking for a community to form Divisions, battle in Clan Skirmishes, Clan Wars, attend Training Sessions, and enter Clan Contest & Giveaways to win Doubloons, Premium Time, Flags & Camo, or even Premium Ships, look no further! The following are the General requirements for [SRP] : Mature, Active Players, and a Team Player US Military Any Branch of Service (Retired, Veteran, or Active Duty) OR First Responder (Law Enforcement, Fire Rescue, EMS) Retired, Former, or Active), Preferred, but not necessary. Have a working Mic (Headset preferred) and TeamSpeak3 for coms. At least 800 Random Battles A willingness to contribute to the Team. What Salty Rogue Pirates offers: Dedicated TeamSpeak3 Server for Our main communications. Dedicated Website to keep members informed on all Clan activity. A Rank structure that all Members can Advance through. Leadership roles in both Enlisted and Officer ranks. Distinctive Awards, for game play, Clan Achievements and contributions, Special Skill Identifiers for Groups and Skills. Special In-Game Prizes and Awards for Random and Monthly Contest. And much more. Premium Ships also awarded. How to Join Salty Rogue Pirates: Visit our clan website, register an account using your in-game name by clicking on the "Recruitment" tab on the top Menu Bar. THIS IS NOT AN INTERVIEW OR FORMAL APPLICATION. Salty Rogue Pirates Official Website (Recruitment): https://saltyroguepirates.enjin.com/recruitment Join Us on our TeamSpeak3 Server and get to know us. Salty Rogue Pirates TeamSpeak3 Server: saltyroguepirates.teamspeak3.com Once your Game Tags are on, you will be set up on TS3 and the Website. Salty Rogue Pirates encourages all of its members to have fun and engage themselves in an atmosphere of Friendship. We accept all players, as long as they meet the requirements as set forth above. Clan Recruiting Officer(s): CPT_Calico_Jack, Marine3567 If you have any comments, questions, or concerns, contact CPT_Calico_Jack by message In-Game. Thank you for your consideration and hope to meet you all soon.
  21. We are a close knit bunch and ladies and gentlemen looking for a few people to join us for clan wars, clan brawls and general mayhem. We are always respectful, easy going and fun, always willing to lend a hand to those looking to improve and get their first tier x or higher tier players looking to division. We offer a nearly completed base which provides in-game benefits, weekly in-clan brawls, and an easy going atmosphere. The only requirements are be 18+, own a tier VI ship and have Discord w/ a mic. We look forward to meeting you! Join us on Discord and say hi! https://discord.gg/gPjZqa
  22. (RTXN) REPUBLIC OF TEXAS NAVY is recruting for Clan Wars, Ranked, divisions and other fun activities, Tier 8-10. We have RTXN2 and RTXN3 for for those that are working toward Tier 10s. TEAMSPEAK is a must and its free of charge, we pay for the server. Please contact Palawan though game or team speak RTEXN.TEAMSPEAK3.COM:9159 No password required.
  23. Ducati_Black

    [-BRS-] Black Ribbon Society

    Welcome to the Black Ribbon Society (-BRS-)! We are a clan of strictly 18+ individuals. We value having a good time, enjoying a good drink, and working towards improving teamwork/skill. We expect all of our members and friends to enjoy a good laugh and enjoy some good wins. Our focus will be on working towards a successful Clan Battles season and displaying our prowess in Ranked game sessions. If that doesn't float your boat...casual members are also welcome. Black Ribbon Society is just getting started. We are a group that understands it takes time and effort to get results. We have a wealth of experience in game (and in life) and in the competitive realm, some of it with some of the top clans. To join the Black Ribbon Society you need to meet a few minor requirements: 1. Have at least one T10 ship. We don't care which ship it is, just show us that you have put in the time to work through a line. 2. Be over 18 years old. 3. Don't be a "beating" in voice coms, we are all here to enjoy ourselves. 4. Must come on discord to meet us, and be on Discord to play with fellow members when around. 5. Maintain activity in World of Warships, playing at least once a month isn't much to ask. Vacations and burnout are valid excuses, just let us know before you disappear. 6. Have a sense of humor. This is a video game that we all play for recreation. 7. Clan Battles participation will be chosen based on team composition and fit, stats from "Randoms" don't mean everything. Message xTybaltx or Ducati_Black in game or Discord if you are interested and we will play some games with you. We look forward to seeing you on the field! Black Ribbon Society Discord
  24. It's been nearly 4 years, where is the global map? WG has said they want people to grind the lines to teir 10, but for what purpose and reward, Clan battles? Clan battles is a crappy third cousin to actual clan wars. When I played WoT my driving force was to get a 10 and play in the wars, and be rewarded with gold for all the grind and work. There is nothing like that in ships, and very few if any clan rivalries/alliances, which would also contribute the content on these forums as well, by the way. No map, no doubloons pots, no allies or enemies, just random clan battles against random clans, many of which you probably not run into again for days or weeks on end. So, other than all these money grabbing paper teir 9 and 10 premium ships, how about we FINALLY get an actual war on a map with actual consequences, and rewards for fighting on it.
  25. Hi there my name is Sullivan and I am from Tactical gaming. We are inviting you to check us out! Tactical Gaming (TG) was created in November 2004 to bring together like-minded gamers from around the globe and provide them Head Quarters where they can share their backgrounds, experience, and interests in teamwork and tactics, as well as providing them with an environment that allows a “friends-first” experience in the online community. Our warships division is a small but growing part of our community that is out there to win fights and have fun. Here are some details about our clan. · We have highly active members who play nearly every day · We have long term members who have been in TG for years · Tactical Gaming has a life first policy that does not require members to be present if life gets in the way but does require them to communicate. · We are active in clan battles · We play custom games in our practices that shake things up and make the game more interesting · We have a strong well tested system of leadership that allows excellent communication between members and staff. · We are always looking for new members who want to lead to rise up the ranks of our organization · Discord https://discord.gg/URPyRMg If you would like to know more information or are interested in joining our merry band please go here http://www.tacticalgaming.net/hq/ Lastly if you have any questions feel free to friend me on steam you can also chat with me on discord. SullivanWorkshops#4763