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Found 7 results

  1. VXR is originated from -VX- clan [WoT] since Wyatt_Derp passed away in 2014. As I continue Wyatt's legacy with VXR clan put Real Life as the priority and Wyatt's original requirements are as Hail Sailors, VooDoo Xesier [VXR] is recruiting mature players focused on excellent play on NA Server. Currently VooDoo Xesier [VXR] has members from across the Globe, all ages, who play tiers I through X. (We do not expect you to spend RL Money, but we Do Expect you play enough to keep your ships fully stocked using Credits.). Most of us are Game to Give it a Go ! - Must use Discord for Clan war/ Division. Please apply through our [VXR] officers.
  2. Quebec Compagny Recrute

    Clan Québecois basé sur la discipline en temps de conquête et la bonne camaraderie. Nous acceptons que des joueurs de 18+. Ce clan est une organisation structurée sans non plus se prendre trop au sérieux. Notre moyenne d'âge est entre 25-55 ans. Le point central du clan repose sur la maturité de ses membres et leur volonté de vouloir être compétitif dans la guerre de clan. -> Teamspeak 3 OBLIGATOIRE <- 50% taux de victoire minimum 1000 Batailles au moins 2 tier 10 1200 exp 40 000 dmg teamspeak sur demande Contacter les personnes Knightrider69 PIEPPERS Capt_Jeff CaptJackQc Edited 13 minutes ago by Capt_Jeff
  3. Carriers in Clan Battles

    Now that we have had the experience of one season of clan battles, do you think it is unfair that Wargaming has once again not included carriers in Clan battles? Whether you answer yes or no, please state your reasoning below. Personally, I think that not including carriers in Clan battles was a terrible decision. It is very unfair for all of the prominent clans since they all have dedicated carrier players, and having to build specific captains and strategies to deal with playing without a carrier has created a lot of unbalance in the meta and a divergence from the standard play that is seen in random battles and all competitive events most of which are tier 10 and include carriers and are much better for it.
  4. WG, your Clan War play time sucked in the pilot season. I had to get up at 6:00am to prepare and play because I live in Asia. Plz remember! Those who play on NA server don't member they live in NA. Most of my clanmates are students in NA. How can they play on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday? As a clan, we had good results and good wr (over 65%) and yet we failed to stay at Typhoon simply because we didn't have time to play enough (from Squall to Typhoon on Sunday only for a grand total of less than 70 battles) :(:(:( Plz make Clan War avaible for the whole day during weekends!
  5. Poll: No CVs in Clan War - Good or Bad?
  6. What are they and are they the same? And if not what is the difference? And what is the oil stuff I see in public test?
  7. With the Elements Event coming tomorrow, I wanted to float an Idea out to the server. Should we use this as a preliminary Clanish battle? It sounds like there are some good sportsmanship rivalries forming, especially among those participating in Supremacy League. Should we all post which Element your Clan is choosing so that there is a gentleman's bet on the line? Clans can side with each other and people not in a clan can choose sides too. I know we wont be able to get everyone to post which element, but maybe some of the larger clans post their pick. What do you guys think?