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Found 28 results

  1. BTLST is looking for new members. BTLST is an active active World of Warships community that has been around for a year. We have a core group of guys that have been playing for years together and are looking for new members. We are very active in Clan Battles and want to expand to having multiple divisions. What you can expect as a member of BTLST: A fun casual environment where people learn to play together both individually and as a group. Our own Discord server Clan Battles: We have at least 1 group of members play Clan Battles every night. Training Sessions A great group that is always willing to help grind or offer suggestions on anything you may need help with. Requirements: Benefits: 1. Game Activity: Must be active in-game at least 1 time a week. 2. Discord: We like every member to be in DIscord while playing so that we can division up. Isn’t this why you join a clan in the first place? We are looking forward to adding to our ranks those who wish to take part in a drama free environment and get the most out of what Warships will have to offer. If you have any questions you can reach out to anyone below and they will be happy to help answer any questions. Contact: Jemichaud Thraxx99
  2. Ruzzinyo

    Tashkent is Recruiting!

    Greetings, Captains! The [TASHKENT] Clan Community is currently recruiting sailors! [TASHKENT] is a long-standing NA World of Warships community that offers places for both competitive and non-competitive players in a diverse, welcoming environment. It is composed of two clans that have been able to reach Typhoon: [TASH] represents the competitive aspect of the community, and regularly competes in KoTS and Clan Battles, consistently playing at a Typhoon level since Season 2 while still having a fun atmosphere while still maintaining a mid to high level of Typhoon play. The last King of the Seas (KoTs) we had a good showing with pushing deep into groups almost making it to playoffs; next KoTs our goal is to create a run into the final 16 clan playoff. [KENT] represents the other aspects of the community, offering a place for players to division with friends, as well as opportunities to learn and grow as a player, including Clan Wars. Last season players were able to grow to a high storm and Typhoon level. Clan Stats: [TASH]: https://bit.ly/2xQqheQ [KENT]: https://bit.ly/3ddi5FK Clan Requirements: [TASH]: 3+ T10 CA/CL/DD/CV in addition to either 53% WR & 1400 PR Overall OR 55% WR & 1500 PR Recent [KENT]: 1+ T10 Tech Tree Ship in addition to either 51% WR and 1100 PR Overall OR 52% WR & 1200 PR Recent TASHKENT community requirements: - Speak English conversationally/fluently - Join our Discord, https://discord.gg/BzdWCNp, and follow the rules therein for 3-5 days - Be regularly active in the community The TASHKENT community strives to maintain an open and welcoming atmosphere while satisfying the competitive drive of our more dedicated members by constantly improving, adapting, and discussing our play. We encourage teaching, experimentation, and civil debate. Our community values players with an open mind and respect for others. We thank you for your time and hope to see you on the high seas! -TASHKENT Recruitment Team
  3. [NA] The KILL community is a english speaking community and is looking to expand. [KILL] has reached high Storm and Typhoon in the past Clan Battle seasons (currently typhoon) while [KILL2] will be participating hopefully next season(haven't played). We are currently in need players who are experienced, have some experience in the game or who are quite new that want to learn/ improve. You must: - Have Discord, working mic and know how to use the application - Be active on discord. Division with clan members, [KILL] clan members and most importantly be a team player. - Not be a drama queen. We understand one might get frustrated from time to time but a constant crap stirring or unhappy individual in general is not wanted. - Expected to improve. - Be ready to focus during competitive play. Things [KILL] offer: - Max Navel Base - High Storm/Typhoon Clan Battle experience - Friendly players that will help you improve - Competitive vibe Things [KILL2] offer: - Navel Base half built (working on it) - Beginner Clan Battle experience - Friendly players that will help you improve - More laid back vibe [KILL] General things that we are looking for: - PR above 1300 - Around 2000 battles + - Have a win rate around 54% - Have or be close to 3 T10 ships Viable in the current meta - Comfortable in at least one ship class [KILL2] General things that we are looking for: - PR above 1000 - Around 800 battles + - Have a win rate around 50% - Have or be close to 1 T10 ship minimum While we prefer all applicants meet these general requirements, a player that shows clear progression will be considered. Stats aren't everything, we value a team atmosphere above all. Should you not be in line with what we are looking for, you may be invited on a probationary period where we can evaluate your potential.If you are interested, please join our discord! https://discord.gg/2rctCF2 KILL THEM ALL!!!
  4. natedog

    [AO] Seeking New Recruits

    Armored Outlaws has open positions for Battle Callers, Recruiters, and Active Members. Please send us an application asap so we can get you in.
  5. JessieTheKitty

    NNC Clan Recruitment

    [NNC] Norfolk Naval College Clan Recruitment Introduction: We are Norfolk Naval College [NNC], A typhoon level clan for the Haifuri Community which is the home to four other clans (HAIFU, WHS, PRNA, BLUMR). We are the main competitive clan within the community whom regularly divison with people in the clan or others within the community. We also competitively play clan wars and participate in our community's King of the Seas team. Furthermore, we or our fellow clans are here to help with learning how to play, or learning how to improve. Our Requirements: Must have or higher than 1200 Personal Rating (Found on https://na.wows-numbers.com/). Must have two tier 8 non premium ships. Must have a publicly view able profile. Must have and will use discord communications app. Able to demonstrate and have the ability to learn and adapt to the game. Cannot be inactive for more than 21 days without contacting the commander without risk of removal. 51% Winrate or higher. How to join: Simply join the discord, contact a recruiter / deputy commander / commander to apply for a position in one of our clans. Haifuri's community discord: https://discord.gg/7t6GcQK (Please respond to our staff when you first join) If you have any other questions feel free to message me or any other officer within the Haifuri community and we will do our best to assist you.
  6. CrusaderQueen

    [NWS] now recruiting!!

    Naval Warfare Syndicate are now recruiting active players and are interested in tier 5 and above. We like our members to have discord which is used for ops, clan battles, training etc. We are a kind, respectful and friendly clan, but we are competitive. Showing willingness, effort and communication will get you far. Clan members will be expected to progress up the tier's with the goal of obtaining a tier 10 ship. If you are absent 7 days or more, please notify us in advance. Training, help and support given if needed. For interest in clan please contact: JAS_555 OR bigXXXben When you join us, you will be able to view our discord channel.
  7. HeavensAuthority

    Clan Recruitment! Open!

    Hello All! Submarines For The Win clan is open to taking applications! We are laid back and casual, as we are new it will take some time to get things rolling ; however, if you want something new and want to build it with us we are happy to help you and have you!! As the name suggests! When submarines officially hit the live server, we will be playing them! Of course we play all classes. We welcome anyone who just want to have fun! We accept all players regardless of skill level, we are a friendly group of people! Message me in game or here on the fourms
  8. QRCho3WjebGlWjDcKBo38B58waqmN_Z0Y-tc7FZX4Fc.mp4
  9. Reclutamos para nuestro clan L0b0s (ambos 0 con dos ceros ), recien reaperturado, nuevos miembros para Clanwars y Division, nuestra meta es estar dentro de los 5 mejores clanes competitivos del servidor. Si tu te sientes llamado por este mensaje y bueno suficiente sigue leyendo... Qué buscamos? Requisitos: • Ser capáz de comunicarse en Español. • 1600+ PR • +50% Radio de victorias • Tener discord y microfono operacional. • Manejar excelente mínimo 2 Tier 10 para clanwars. • Destacar en almenos una clase de barco. • +5000 batallas jugadas • Espiritu competitivo • Se espera que cada miembro trabaje en su mejora continua. • No gente toxica/Actitudes hostiles hacia ni uno. Nuestro Discord https://discord.gg/BpacATS
  10. one4nukes

    Please Remove this post

    [USAGI] Usagi, 2nd Fluffle of the Bunny Fleet is looking to invite you into our clan
  11. ArnoldBoer

    InGame Lobby - Recruiting

    ATTENTION: Skilled Players RECRUITMENT – (IGL) InGame Lobby is looking for experienced World of Warships gamers to grow our IGL Clan and Gaming Community. We are a fun-loving and easygoing community; however we are committed to learn the necessary skills to win battles while maintaining good relations internally with our clan members, other gaming clans, the global gaming community and gaming industry at large. Preferred Qualifications: Should be 21 years of age or older. No children below 18yr allowed. Should have played more than 2000 random battles in WoWS. Should have an Average XP above 900 per battle. Should have at least 1 x Tier 10 ship. Should have a functioning headset with mic to communicate via Discord with other participants during game battles. Must adhere to IGL’s Value System. Prejudice and Racism are not tolerated. Must be able to stay cool under pressure and maintain friendly relations with other gamers. Rage during games is frowned upon. Vulgar language and behaviour must be avoided. We are not a child-friendly community; however we do respect other people. Must be able to “Play for Fun” and maintain an enjoyable atmosphere during games. Must be registered on the WoWS North America (NA) server. Note: We focus on Military Veterans, Historians and Gamers. Casual players are welcome to join IGL, however note that clan membership levels are based on player skills, technical expertise, a player's willingness to perform the required tasks associated with the membership level and ability to attend clan meetings, etc. Skilled gamers who are unable to perform the required functions or tasks, and who just want to have fun, are most welcome but must accept a lower membership level to allow those willing to do the job, to occupy the rank associated with the tasks they perform. Thus if you do not want any responsibilities, join us but accept your rank at the bottom of the pecking order. To Join: Register on our website, then join us on Discord, leave your present clan and request to join (IGL) InGame Lobby after 3 days via the applicable facility in the WoWS Gaming Interface. We look forward to welcome you in our community.
  12. [-TOB-] The Oil Boyz We are a new clan Looking for players to join our lines and contribute to the base and reap the benefits of our base growing. We don't do clan Battles,and you don't have to participate in operations, divisions, ranked sprints,etc.however we like to do that, You don't have to have discord or ventrilo and we have no requirement on experience or what tier ships you have. Join just to get the bonuses and discounts of being in a clan. We do have Voicechat and welcome players who do want to take a more active part, Division up, do operations,etc. If you are interested to play and just chill and have fun. Pm me here or apply in the game ,Hope you all have a Great Day! Rules: No Drama and respect shipmates/other people .
  13. jr_token


    SRM is currently seeking Active Players for Clan battles and Division Play, The Ideal candidate will have a mic & discord. A willingness to take part in helping build the clan and develop friendships WE have players from all walks of life and welcome anyone willing to contribute . Our discord is a bit rowdy at time so if colorful language and jokes bother you We wish you the very best in your search for that sort of environment . If you think you might like to check us out Contact MT_Grizzly or jr_token .or https://discord.gg/QUVUFYz
  14. CAPTAINS OF NORTH AMERICA Hi everyone my names Craft and i am the Admiral of Captains and i am looking for some new players plus some people who might be able to help me run Captains. About two years the clan have become a inactive and is now on the verge of being disbanded and i don't want that to happen. I will not be making a long list of requirements like most other clans do if you are interested in helping me rebuild the clan The clan discord is https://discord.gg/kaJWXKW Also please fill this form out if you are interested https://forms.gle/TsEPtRj7TWxsCGAZ9 Thank You, Craft
  15. SPECTER FLEET SPTR is an Anime oriented clan full of filthy noobs, unicum wannabes, dirty stat padders, and true unicums in hiding. We love history (some of us a bit too much), some anime, and most importantly blowing up some ships! We seek those who will accept the mistake of themselves and others, are willing to accept the help of colleagues to improve themselves in WoWS, to communicate and to listen, and to be friends to all in the clan. Some more requirements we do need though are: Some activity in our Discord. We don't require much activity but weekly is preferred (for your first week you need to be a bit active but more on that later) as we have amazing people who want to have fun with others and make new friends to play with. At least 500 battles played A tier 6 ship And some experience in 3/4 ship classes. Stats are not a huge requirement to join SPTR so, if you wish, we can ignore them for you. You don't need good stats to have fun! How to apply: Simple. Please tell us about your most competitive ship, your highest tier ship, general experience with the game and what you see yourself doing in this clan. Then PM said statement to either one of our co-founders: Mental_Model_Zao, Rolkatsuki. Our recruitment officer Khaenn35 (his discord is (ϛƐuuǝɐɥʞ) ɹǝllǝʍp-xoq ǝlqɐʞuɐɥS#6625, copy and paste it :P) or me! ChubbyCVEGambierBaaayyyy. We will give you a Discord invite for the server. Then you'll have to go through a "guest period" where you'll have to be a little active for 5 days. After those 5 days we'll have a short sweet chat with you to know you a little bit better. Then after that you'll be an official member of SPTR! We hope to befriend and fight alongside you! Happy sailing captains
  16. NeteruManu

    Looking for competitive clan

    Looking for a diverse competitive/casual clan that would need a cruiser player. Although I am working to improve my DD and Battleship play as of current,and looking also for a clan to help make me better. Also a down to earth laid back group to grow with .
  17. Hay Rakers are a new clan made to promote fun yet competitive gameplay. We will be forming clan battles teams as soon as we have enough members. Please dm Diglet#2952 on discord for more information. Hope to see some of you on the high seas soon.
  18. =VX9= Gaming Community is Recruiting! One Team, One Killin’ Machine At its core =VX9= is a gaming community striving to promote a great environment and atmosphere while cultivating long lasting friendships and spanning multiple games. One of the fundamental values of a strong community are the people who come together to make up its members. We work hard to recruit motivated, driven gamers who want to be part of our community’s vision.Throughout the years =VX9= members have excelled in their gameplay across many titles by combining their skills to create a successful community. We focus on people first so you do not have to worry about having a certain ship or being a certain rating. You can improve in =VX9= through playing with our more experienced members. Alternatively, if you like more competitive gaming, we participate in clan wars. If you think you have what it takes to be a part of =VX9= read the requirements below, join our website and fill out an application. If you have any questions, feel free to comment here, send me a message on the forum, or email me at griffith@vx9.com. One Team! Requirements: 18 years old + TeamSpeak 3 with working mic Website: http://www.vx9.com Application page: http://www.vx9.com/forums/forms.php?do=form&fid=1
  19. soulhunter1

    Task Force 16 [TF16]

    [TF16] Task Force 16 [TF16] Task Force 16 is a clan of friends who enjoy wargaming together. Goals: - Provide fun and content for our members. - Provide need specific training including: training to enhance tactical situational awareness. - Coordinate activities across all games we participate in effectively. - Most importantly, have fun! That's what we're all here for, right? What [TF16] is looking for in a recruit: - 18 years and up - Friendly, good nature players with a genuine interest in advancing the goals of the organization - A willingness to go above and beyond to make the clan, the game, and the other players and clans successful. - A high level of respect for others. What [TF16] offers: 1. Teamspeak 2. Website 3. Nightly divisions 4. Friendly and involved leadership 5. Internal Competitions and awards 6. Internal Rank Structure 7. We participate in all aspects of the game How to Join: Simply fill out an application, and someone will be in contact with you shortly. http://Taskforce16.us Join Our FB page at TF-16 FACEBOOK
  20. Hello, Ghostwolves are recruiting players for clan battles! We are very active in clan battles but we need to fill some holes. We are looking for T10 players with Discord. Come get your steel. our members get a 5% bonus steel and many other benefits. If you are interested, contact us or apply today.
  21. BladeStorm03

    Clan Recruitment for AL-EU

    Azur Lane - Eagle Union is now recruiting members if we get more than enough we will start to make other groups biased on the Factions in the game Azur Lane the link is below is for the server https://discord.gg/Gg726Cw
  22. The Old Guys (TOG) The TOG Clan is looking for new shipmates. We are a clan of older active duty, retired or former military members and first responders. We have veterans from Vietnam, the Cold War, Gulf War(s) and the Global War on Terrorism. Our members represent the Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force and Coast Guard. We have members who are very active in random, ranked, PVE, and we hope... coming soon: Clan Battles. Is TOG a good fit for you? If you can answer yes to these questions you too can be a TOG! 1. Are you 45 years old or older? Or do you have an "old soul"? (Old soul is defined as being well behaved and mature. Waivers are available to those under the age of 45) 2. Are you an active duty, retired or former member of the armed forces or a first responder? 3. Do you like to win, but having fun is more important to you? 4. Are you active on World of Warships at least weekly? If you're interested in playing a great game with a solid group of guys who enjoy sending ships to Davy Jones' Locker while participating in good nature ribbing, you're welcome to try TOG. We also understand that real life prevails. We just ask that if you're going to take an extended shore leave from the game that you let us know. You can check out our website at https://theoldguys.enjin.com You'll find the application on the top of the page, and you're welcome to browse our forum to see what we are. We also have an established TeamSpeak server for 35 members. You can check out our website for the teamspeak address. Required Equipment: 1. Mic and headset (push to talk required) 2. TeamSpeak3 Installed on your system 3. A good internet connection. The Process: 1. Check us out on our website. 2. Submit an application on our website. 3. Your sponsor will reach out to you by email to get you set up on TeamSpeak and coordinate meeting you online. 4. Play some games with our team. If you and we agree that TOG is a good fit, you'll be invited to join. If you think you have what it takes to be a TOG, we'd love to hear from you.
  23. JAV is clan with long history in World of Tanks and has had great success in Clan Wars. JAV World of Warships is looking for people who play daily and want to play clan battles and division in random and ranked. Requirements: 1. Must have stats public or made public for short term to review them. "Bad" stats will not be judged against you, just don't to recruit player who has played 10 matches. 2. Has or actively trying to get tier 10. 3. Has tier 8 ship, tech tree one ideal but if stats are solid in premium one that is acceptable. 4. Must play near daily and be on during clan battles time period. Most of our officers have been together long time and we try to keep clan a fun and social place to play with others. If interested please submit application in in-game client or PM clan officer.
  24. Commodore_Felix


    [Kill] is looking for a couple members to add our clan that are interested in Clan Battles, Ranked, Randoms, and 5 staring Operations, with a heavy emphasis on Clan Battles. We use voice comms, discord preferred. Currently battling through Storm League. We field a complete A team 100% of all clan battle days for the entire night. We are looking to add a couple more members to our A team due to RL events, wives, time zones, etc etc. We also field a B team most nights for 50-75% of the time at the same time A team is battling. Adding a few A teamers will also allow us to rotate more members in, and through the teams so that everyone can complete their missions and get their steel. Send us your requests, PM me for info, div with us if you want to try us out!!! What we offer: Steel: +5% Coal: +7% Post Battle Service: -15% Cost of re-searchable ships: -15% Free XP all tiers: +25% Commander XP: +10% XP per battle all tier: +4% What we require: Age: 21+ Adult Language No complaining the other team is cheating (this is the usual indicator that you need to improve your game play.(AKA L2P, get gud, you suck, etc. etc.)) At least 3 T10s. Seriousness about clan battles and interest in divisioning up in randoms. (Sometimes we all like to have our alone time, divisions in randoms is encouraged, not mandatory.) 52.0%+ W/R (for those under 52%, recent W/R will be taken into account, my first 1000 games sucked also). Games played: 1,500+ (exceptions are for those that are playing a second account/new account (i.e. people who want to erase their learning curve play, AKA "STAT PADDER")) Ability to take criticism and jokes is a must. Ability to discuss after battle reports of what went right and what went wrong and how to improve.
  25. [SSPL} Somthin' Special is looking for a few active members. We were the competitive team of a larger clan that recently split off on our own. We are composed of experienced Supremacy, KOTS, and Clan Battles players that are looking to grow the clan. We are looking for members that are looking to improve their play as well as experienced players interested in competition. The only hard requirements for joining is activity and a desire and willingness to improve, that said, we don't just take everyone. If have interest in competitive play we have an internal team dedicated to that and you will be evaluated and trained. If you want to play with a cool group socially that is fine as well. We are a no drama zone and we operate by vote for major decisions. Also, we are a salty yet funny bunch at times so if you are looking for a "Politically Correct" group we are definitely not for you. If you are interested, please apply in game and join our Discord. Someone will get with you asap. https://discord.gg/XZDpH6N