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Found 3 results

  1. Last night at Midnight EST, clan brawl 5v5 came to an end, and with it 21 hours of competitive World of Warships over the course of five days. For the most part, I enjoyed my time playing the brawl. I used Vermont (known to me now as Hamburger), and really showed how deadly she could be to literally ANYTHING on the battlefield. However, while I did for the most part enjoy the brawl, there were definitely some issues that needed to be worked out. 1. CVs in a 5v5 format. In a game mode with very small teams, matches were heavily weighted towards the team with a dedicated and skilled CV captain, even more so than normal clan battles. The skill gap expanded even further based on the CV you used. My clan found early on that teams without MVR could still win, but teams WITH MVR could win far more consistently and comfortably. I found that having a CV in the brawl was very limiting, and the amount of teams we could field was at most half of what we fielded in the past weekend’s 3v3 clan brawl. What made CVs even more powerful were the maps, which happily moves us into number 2 on the list. 2. The maps. These maps were TINY. You’re cramming tier X ships into maps designed for tier III-IV ships. Such a small map essentially made CV cycling time even faster than normal, which with a good CV captain, can spell death for any ship. There was a silver lining however... one that I took advantage of in my Vermont. That particular BB could snipe across the map WITHOUT spotter plane up. What this resulted in was hilarious scenarios where I either crippled or outright deleted the enemy team’s CV in the spawn as it tried to run for cover. Sometimes it felt dirty... okay it always felt dirty, but it also provided one heck of a laugh every time I saw an FDR or Richthofen go splat! 3. Timeframe. 5 hours is a long time to play a game. Five days of 5 hours of gameplay is a long time to do anything. Back in my raiding days in WoW, my Mythic guild would run two nights a week from 8 to 12 est. The timeframe established by wargaming for this clan brawl was honestly a bit much. Why not have Friday off like clan battle season? The biggest thing for me coming from clan brawl was showing how powerful Vermont can be in the hands of a skilled captain. I’m curious if she will remain powerful for the next clan battle season. Time will tell. As for this thread, I’m curious to see what you all thought of the Clan Brawl 5v5.
  2. I was doing 3v3 Clan Brawls this past week and in one of the matches I brought my Ägir. I round the corner of an island of a Fletcher and Ibuki who know i'm coming as they have me on Hydro and also scouted me briefly with a fighter plane. Managed to dodge all torpedoes, kill both ships and then soon the enemy FDG also. Ended up finishing with 0 damage taken.
  3. MidnightPhoenix07

    Clan brawl rewards

    Clan brawl rewards are only counting one of the missions at a time instead of all three (the credits one). All three teams in my clan are reporting the same thing.