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Found 55 results

  1. Pretty_Rkless

    Help! Mecklenburg or Incomparable?

    With 47,000 steel, and a coupon Saturday I will be buying one of them. Primarily will be for Clan Battles and randoms. Which ship would you choose and why? All help appreciated.
  2. Clan ranking was bugged out tonight when playing, made for a very confusing experience that has lead to some uncertainty about whether or not tonight's games have been properly accounted. Some background on this, both Alpha and Bravo are in the struggle to enter Storm, Alpha had one game left of 5, Bravo had just entered the struggle First we could not select between the Alpha and Bravo groups, being stuck on Bravo. Then as we enter queue, the ranking display on the right hand side was missing. After the match, the ranking pulled up a Gale 1, 99, ranking unchanged. attempted with a different clan member leading the div, same result. On the clan battles page of the Clan tab, the ranking was still changing showing stars. Steel was still being credited. this leads to the suspicion that this is a UI bug rather than gameplay. However the inability to switch back to Alpha is concerning. No Mods are present on my game, and since this bug was observed by all player in the div, I would expect this to be Client side or a messed up file from the new update.
  3. Pretty_Rkless

    Clan Battles Season 17

    So what is frustrating you this season? Double Ragnar. Double Smaland. Which super ship is giving you problems. What Comp seems to be working for you all? .... Running a Republique. Double Condé. Venezia. Salem. Marceau. Yue Yang. Occasionally we substitute in an incomparable, and an Annapolis. ... We are almost ready to try Republique, 2 Condé and 4 Marceau....
  4. Can we get some clarification on this. (Clan Battles*Season 17: Caiman We recently announced the 17th season of Clan Battles. The season will run from May 25 to July 11 on Tier X ships and superships in a 7 vs. 7 format. A team cannot have more than one battleship and two superships.) 1. Does this mean we can only have 1 BB? 2. If the Div has a BB can the two superships also be BBs? (Giving a total of three BBs) I am assuming that we can only have 1 BB and that BB can be a supership. Or that you can run one regular BB and than a combination of two superships CA or DDs.
  5. Greetings, Having trouble deciding on which super ships are strong in clan battles...........do people have a few reasons why specific ships are strong in terms of Super ships ? My opinion thus far is that Conde is strong in terms of DPM and kiting. Where as Annapolis seems so so since getting the rear turrets in play is not a given. In terms of Super BB's since they don't offer more overmatch I am not sure they are worth it. Super DD's I have had less experience but again something like Ragnar seems on par or even a shima. Super carriers( dare I go there) seem strong of course but not sure not sure they offer a huge benefit over FDR or Hak. Regards, ChevalierClass
  6. Hello group. Has anyone seen a POSITIVE way to handle clan battles (CB) when only 7 or 8 of your clan members regularly participate in clan battles and one or two of them just can't get the hang of the CB environment? Clan leadership has coached on the differences between randoms and CB and what to do to adapt to CBs, but its like the message is just not hitting home. Like many clans, we have a bunch of good players who are just not showing up for CBs although we keep encouraging them to play so maybe we can get TWO teams going (A and B if you will). Guys are getting frustrated because the majority of engagements feel like the team is only playing with five or six players who "get it". We want to keep playing and are trying to get more of the clan engaged, but what do we do in the meantime? We encourage clan mates at all skill levels to play, have fun, and GET BETTER so we don't want to lose anyone, but we also want to DO WELL in clan battles. We really enjoy the camaraderie in the clan, but CBs are becoming more a point of discontent. Please, positive well-meaning input is requested. Thank you in advance for your well-meant helpful thoughts!
  7. NefariousRaven

    Schlieffen in Clan Battles?

    So there's been a lot of discussion around Schlieffen and how strong she is, and I think at this point the consensus has settled on her being a pretty fairly balanced boat. So this brings me to my question: if Schlieffen is considered balanced and not underpowered, would she be a good addition to a team in Clan Battles? I've been asking around for people's opinions on the matter that actually run Clan Battles and gotten some interesting answers, so I'm just trying to suss out what people on the forums here think. One of the things I've seen discussed is that Schlieffen doesn't have enough health and armour for Clan Battles. Assuming you can create whatever comp you want, what would be the drawback of treating a Schlieffen addition as another Cruiser instead of a proper BB for tanking? Pardon my ignorance here, as I've basically never done Clan Battles before, just Ranked mode where Schlieffen has been performing excellently for me, but you can create a team composition of whatever you want, correct? I'm legitimately asking, I don't know. So what are people's thoughts on the matter that actually partake in Clan Battles? Could Schlieffen fit in a team comp, or is it more just a fun ship for randos/ranked/brawl and so on?
  8. WG need to remove the prime time setting from Clan Battles / Brawls and Ranked Battles as this prevents some players from participating once a prime time has been set , this occurs when a player is not normally on during the clans Prime time setting the same can be said for Ranked battles. Although i Live in Australia and would normally be catered for on the asia server i prefer to play on the North American server as it is mostly english speaking and i have many friends in the USA however by the time i get home of an evening ranked battles and clan battles are inactive meaning my participation in these events is restricted to a small window on a weekend, Removing the time constraints on these events would allow me and others affected by the time constraints to participate more fully and give our fellow clan members and clan more support.
  9. Hey did WG change the scoring / reward system in CBs? Does anyone have any details if possible? I am wondering if I missed either an announcement this Season or if early on in previous seasons they also gave out higher scores. Because in this season so far we have been awarded up to 40 points for wins which is not normal. Overall we have way more 30 and high twenty scores. Also on losses the negative scores are a bit lower ? Sample: This means all clans have away higher chance then usual to get into Typhoon or ever hurricane. IF not there then definitely into higher leagues then usual. This is what tipped me off We got into Gale I the same night we struggled into gale. Quick Description of the system for those not in the know: Basically CBs work like a watered down ELO rating. If you win against someone higher then you in the rankings you get more points for your win then if you would win against someone lower then your rating. Same with losses, loose to someone that is higher then you and you loose less points then loosing to someone that is weaker then you. USUALLY you'd see a range of points going from like 14 - 28 at the extremes. This is where I would love correction cuz maybe im just being a crazy tane here and not remembering my numbers right. Anyway if I am correct PLAY CBS the steel will be good and the tag colors will be high!
  10. I recently transitioned from a cruiser main to a destroyer main, and I've been having a lot of fun; the amount of influence a dd has and the high risk high reward play style is really enjoyable. Anyways, it got me thinking...what would an all DD lineup look like for clan battles? And I'm not talking about taking 7 Smalands or even just the seven "best" overall DD's. Each DD has to have a role, and there can only be one of each DD. You'll have DD's in a "battleship" role, a "cruiser" role, and a "destroyer" role. No CV since there are no hybrid DD's. A typical lineup for clan battles would be 2 BB's, 3 cruisers, and 2 DD's I would say. A "battleship's" role IMO is hard hitting guns with preferably strong AP. A "cruiser's" role is utility and dpm. A "destroyer's" role in this case would be spotting and torpedoes. Now onto the lineup... "Battleships": Elbing Ragnar* "Cruisers": Grozovoi* Daring Smaland "Destroyers": Gearing/Somers* Halland *Ragnar is not out yet, so a suitable replacement would probably be Khabarovsk. *Grozovoi while not having insane dpm, has lots of utility. The guns hit fairly hard anyways, so it could be used as a heavy cruiser. *From what I have seen, Gearing and Somers perform very similarly, so one could go either way. As far as strategy goes, I would have Daring and Halland on the home/defensive cap. I would keep Elbing and Ragnar together on the middle cap side to utilize smokes more efficiently and to concentrate fire. Gearing/Somers would also go middle cap side providing spotting and smokes for the "battleships" while also throwing out torps. Grozovoi and Smaland will act as extra spotting and firepower on the middle cap side. Now I want to clarify that this is a lineup designed to fight a normal/rational lineup. I am not saying that this all DD lineup is actually competitive, this is just for fun. If anyone is interested I have some different ideas for an all DD lineup vs another all DD lineup and a couple other things. These are just my opinions, so please discuss down below.
  11. I have been playing since beta. I have had a clan for a few years and we have only been able to join clan battles a handful of times. It is always the same story: we get a few guys together and start a div, 3 then 4... We start inviting clan members to join (which is a phenomenal pain in the butt, more on that later) and invariably we get 5 or six guys sitting in the division for a couple of hours waiting for a full team that. more often than not, fails to materialize. We can usually get 5 guys together, sometimes 6 and almost never, 7. If we do manage to field a team, we usually can only play one or two games and one guy has to leave, so it is really anti-climatic. We have tried checking in every 15 minutes, then going off to play randoms, but we are still not able to field 7 The window to play is pretty short, particularly if you consider time zones, dinner, work, etc... and getting 7 guys online and in a team at once is like herding cats. Here are some issues I have noted: It is difficult to field a team of 7 considering the max amount of guys is (in our case) 45. Essentially we need about a sixth of the clan to be online and want to play CB Typically there are other challenges and players do not want to waste time waiting in an under-strength division while a team forms After waiting in a couple of divs for hours and never getting a team together, or playing one game is discouraging and makes it even harder to field future teams It is impossible to contact/communicate with the entire clan to plan/schedule There is a clan chat issue/bug that randomly blanks out chat history, making it even more difficult to communicate and organize a team We can only invite the number of open slots in the division, so if there are a bunch of guys online, we can only invite a few at a time, further reducing the chance of getting the magic 7 players Here are a few ideas that would make Clan Battles more accessible and an overall better experience (imho) All clan members instantly added to contacts An option for smaller teams. i.e. if selected 4 v 4 mode would result in smaller teams. An option for lower-tier teams. (This is probably not needed, as the availability of rentals, fixes the issue where players do not have higher tier ships) Message All option for clan officers, to message the entire clan at once. Message All Online Message All Division Queueing - the option/feature to allow players to play random games while waiting for a team to form. In a nutshell the player: Receives an invite to join a CB Div Accepts the invite Enables Division Queueing Can leave the division and play other game modes while the team is forming Once a team is formed player is added back into the CB Div once his current game is completed (or his ship is destroyed) Once all queued players are recalled play can start. This would also allow for more than 7 players to be in the queue, so if a player drops out of the div the next player in the queue is added Offline notifications Clan chat notifications flash a different color, or in a more noticeable fashion. Buzz player - Ability for officers to buzz a player via a pop up, or something of that nature... We have a lot of guys that really would like to div up and CB, but we have all agreed that it is super frustrating and hopefully some of these suggestions make sense.. Please leave your own suggestions and maybe WG will put an eyeball on this. Cheers!
  12. I have found that lately in Clan Battles there is 3 major Strategies. A CV(FDR, BVR), lots and lots of Petros/Nevskies, maybe 2 Kremlins(Stalingrad may work but it depends) if a team is feeling that or a Thunderer to clean AA...Finally maybe a Halland to sneak into caps for some teams. This is about the max use of the META I've seen lately. I played about 40 CB Battles from every type of Clan, from the top to the bottom and even 2 Asian Teams tonight. There are rare exceptions and sometimes you might see a variation but not often. This also seems to mirror what was seen in KOTs except there you couldn't bring CVs and some games had greater variety even. Destroyers had a much more vital role. . . I am not saying you cannot run whatever you want. I am just saying it appears a little more varied than the Venezia/CV comp of last season. Though it is kind of narrow? Primarily Russian Ships are going to be it. They all have the 12k Radar, they are most survivable, and armored. Destroyers hmm, you might field 1. Petro takes rocket strikes, and AP bombs better than any other ship in the game AFAIK so why would you bring anything else to tank a Cap or keep vigilance over it?
  13. Clan Battles Season 11 have begun and Boggzy needs to know about the two new Tier X CV's and how they shape the meta! Who better to help out than a guy who plays carriers with a laptop trackpad? Trackpad, also known as "JustDodge" joins him to go over the finer points between the two. 00:00 - Intro 04:29 - Hello, Trackpad 07:10 - MvR, General Impressions 13:41 - FDR, General Impressions 20:20 - Competitive Formats (CB) 22:40 - vs. Petro 26:15 - FDR the "Flying Battleship" 27:55 - What about Hakuryu? 29:40 - The Return of the DD? Anchor: https://anchor.fm/the-new-guys/episodes/Episode-054-FDR-vs-MVR-w-Trackpad-el2gf5 YouTube:
  14. There will be a couple of us available tonight for Clan Battles if your clan is in need of a Mercenary. You can also post in the Soldier of Fortune chat what your needs are and we will try to fill them. https://discord.gg/fBFHC8j If you are a good player and not in a clan but want to partake in Clan Battles, we would like to talk to you too! Happy hunting!
  15. I was afraid the FDR would totally dominate Clan Battles. Is that CV not as good as the videos make it out to be? We ran into 2 FDR's, 2 Midway's, and 8 Richtoffens. 1 Midway and 1 Richtoffen caused us some trouble. The FDR seemed to just shed planes left and right. My Halland got hit 4 times. Once by a midway and 3 times by Richtoffen. .... I feel the Carriers give unfair vision and attempt to control the map. We found a combination that seems to give us an advantage. We won 5 out of 7... .... So i say send me the planes, it's just unfair I can't get Air Defense awards.... 37 FDR planes from my Halland.
  16. First off, I would like to point out that this is my opinion of Carriers in Clan Battles. I know that there have been countless posts concerning this topic, but I would like to give my two cents on it as well. Secondly, I would like to point out that I am a relatively experienced carrier player. Personally, as someone who played the Aircraft Carrier this past season for my clan, I really hope they do not add Aircraft Carriers to the competitive setting anymore. Let me explain: Since the beginning of clan battles, the majority of the challenge was guesswork and positioning. DDs provided spotting for their team. Cruisers would be there to flank, crossfire, and hold down positions, and Battleships would be there to try and counter those cruisers. With carriers in clan battles. It really shifts the meta from what I know and love, to something else. This season with the inclusion of carriers, it really shifted from guesswork and positioning, to who can wear the other team down faster. Most if not all teams took DFAA over Hydro. The only ships you really saw at storm-hurricane were Stalingrad, Venezia, Hakuryu, and maybe sometimes a battleship with a Halland. Because every ship took DFAA, it made it really challenging for the carrier. At the same time, It was equally frustrating for the 6 other ships on the team who were on the receiving end of the carrier's strikes. (sidenote: there was a joke going around that the number 25,500 was implanted into any person's mind who were playing Stalingrad/Moskva/Des Moines) I would like to point out that playing destroyer in this past clan battles season, was more of a liability than an advantage. But that is not even the main weapon of the CV this past season. Forgetting what carriers are in Random battles, the spotting ability of the carrier in clan battles is a huge advantage. In a typical clan battles season, if a cruiser makes a mistake, and loses a lot of HP, the cruiser could disengage and heal up. This season, if a cruiser tried to run, it was focused down. So making mistakes were more easily punished. The spotting of the carrier made it impractical to hold a position by an island because dive bombers could do critical damage to a cruiser trying to do that (specifically Stalingrad). Finally, I would like to conclude this post with a suggestion for wargaming. Please don't add carriers into clan battles, and bring back the 8v8 2 battleship clan battles. I think many people can agree that that clan battles season was one of the best.
  17. I'm rather confused why we got another Steel battleship when you can only use one per team. I feel that another Steel cruiser would have been far more in demand. With that in mind, my suggestion is a Goliath variant. Options for this variant could be: Radar(The Goliath is the only heavy line to not mirror the radar of the light line). An additional heal and/or separation between the AA and hydro consumable. I know the Goliath was tested and several versions ended nerfed as being too powerful but perhaps a steel version could fit the bill to justify that bit of power-creep. I don't expect most people to be behind a Steel version of the Goliath, but there has to be support for more steel cruisers. Feel free to add your suggestions here.
  18. Last night during clan battles we fought another clan on the Haven Map. During the game, the DM (Cdr_Niki) in A cap lines up on a Henry IV coming around the corner of an island. The replay from his (Cdr_Niki)) computer shows a completely different view from what I saw on the replay on my computer. My computer (mushmouthmorton) replay shows horrendous desync. His replay shows minimal desync. Attached are the two replays. Which one is right? If we cannot trust what we are seeing on our screens, how are we supposed to play this game? There is no way to play a competitive event like Clan Wars when you are at the mercy of a random event that completely nullifies how well you play your ship. Please review these files and see if you can supply and answer. @hapa_fodder 20200606_215810_PASC020-Des-Moines-1948_50_Gold_harbor.wowsreplay 20200606_190027_PASC020-Des-Moines-1948_50_Gold_harbor.wowsreplay
  19. We need to have late night battles on Friday and Saturday. This is so common sense, what is WG thinking, The number one joy in life is late night online gaming. We are adults it needs to be Friday and Saturday, 8pm-2pm eastern time. We have four timezones to contend with in the US, so make it late, those are not worknights for most people anyways. Dont use server traffic data to pick the times, the times you pick will alter and change server traffic if you pick them well. I am tired of having to skip dinner on pacific time and then finish clan battles at 8:30 on pacific time. I am not a preschooler, I dont have to go to bed at 9PM anymore. The lack of clan battle late night on Fri and Sat is so stupid and lacking common sense. Does WG even know how to have fun? We want to drink, stay up, and play clan battles on Friday and Saturday nights, its the weekend, duh! what is WG thinking?
  20. So a new Meta has been thrust upon us. Last season it was the KLEBER wolf packs... Then the KLEBER gets nerfed. Now we have the Venezia menace. A Hak to spot, A Yoshino for long range support, and 5 Venezia to laugh at your AP. ..... So this brings a few questions to mind. When will the Venezia be nerfed? What kind of nerf will it be? Will any changes come to AA balance to counter the strong carrier? Or, will the Haland be nerfed due to high AA efficiency? ..... Now to the future: The new heavy/light Russian cruisers will be in the next season. Will they dominate? What will be their counter? Will we see carriers again in next season? ...... Observation: Not really seeing a lot of British Heavy cruisers, nor many Hallands.
  21. monpetitloup

    clan battles bugging

    click battle button, nothing happens. @Hapa_Fodder any insight?
  22. For the love of Neptune's trident... Getting 7 gamers out of 40 together at the same time is like herding cats... We can get 5 pretty regularly, 6 occasionally and 7 extremely rarely. When, after waiting for an hour or two to get a team together (on the rare occasion we are able to) we can typically only run a couple of games before someone has to eat dinner or the CB window closes... It is extremely frustrating. We have tried EVERY. SINGLE. TIME... this season to get a team together, but have never been able to pull it off this season... Not for lack of trying. Our clan has about 15-20 regulars, the others come and go... The majority of us are pretty gung-ho, but nobody wants to sit for an hour or two waiting for a team that will probably not materialize... It is especially poignant when there are guys trying to grind for an event, or just have a couple of hours to play... It has become frustrating and something of a joke in our clan now. Nobody even wants to accept the invites, because it is boring to sit and wait and wait and wait, only to quit trying after an hour or so... It has gotten to the point where guys will join the div, wait 5 minutes, say they are going to check again in 20 minutes... then bail to play a few randoms, and they may or may not come back. If the clan battles were 5 v 5 there would be A LOT more interest and more teams... It would mean less wait time to get a team, more teams participating and less time in queue. Sorry for the rant, but it has become totally frustrating, and my clan mates are feeling it too. Help us out here, WG... This one is a no-brainer... Thanks for listening.
  23. Clan FAAL (Fuerza Armada América Latina) reclutando jugadores. Somos un clan que recien comienza con la idea de formar un clan semi competitivo y con ganas de progresar. A lo que apuntamos es crecer como comunidad y ayudar a los jugadores a obtener su nivel X para que juntos podamos luchar en guerras de clanes o batallas navales. Dentro lo posible siempre tratamos de comunicarnos en discord (pasamos la dirección una vez aceptado en el clan), siempre divirtiendonos, pasandola bien y sin ser toxicos por manqueadas de otros (noob). No pedimos muchos requisitos solamente ser activos, ser buena onda y tener mas de 17 años. Practicamos tácticas o mecánicas del juego en algunos mapas si necesitamos ayuda para que guerras de clanes o torneos vamos a una coordinación y ser creativos necesarios a la hora de jugar. Vamos que esto recien comienza y cada uno va a poder crecer muy alto si todos progresamos juntos. Contactarse con algunos de los 3 comandantes y sub .. nombres en el juego: -Pablo_Astudillo -Infinitus00 -Schneider_.
  24. While playing clan battles it can be a bit boring when you see only Kremlins, Stalingrads, and Smolenks, but sometimes you get to see interesting division lineups from other clans. One clan that my clan, The Brothers Grimm Armada, encountered was a clan that had NO destroyers and had only 6 cruisers and 1 battleship . There was another clan, QCN (shoutout to Clan QCN if you are reading this post!), that my clan fought that had FIVE Klebers (picture below). That was a very excited match that I most thoroughly enjoyed playing! It was a close fought match. And my team managed to win. Also, there was another clan battle that me and my clan BGA fought last summer that had ALL destroyers : 1 Z-23 to provide hydro, and 6 Akizukis. My clan and I lost....but that was a hilarious fight! Anyway...now that the preamble is done, let me get to the central point of this post: What do you think is the most optimal clan battle division? And have there been any "unorthodox" division lineups that you clan used that actually worked? Comment below!
  25. ... Will we have CVs in clan battles? Subs?