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Found 105 results

  1. Armored Knights is now accepting recruits to join our World of Warships division. The Armored Knights has been very active in the Wargaming community for almost six years. We are a social clan of over 100 players in 7 divisions, across all three platforms (tanks, ships, planes). We are a clan that prefers a fun, mature environment. Our vision is one of creating a CLAN that is based on friendship, camaraderie, fair play and respect for others; win or lose. We strive to adhere to this founding vision. A lot of us are military (active, prior or retired) so military members are most welcome! While we do compete in Clan Battles, our "bread and butter" comes more in the form of clan activities outside of CB time-frames. We enjoy having a lot of fun, dropping in together, aiding in those bothersome grinds, and offering training environments for those looking to up their skillsets! What the Armored Knights Offer: A fun casual environment where people learn to play together both individually and as a group. Our own Discord server and website for our members to use. Clan events as well as tournament play. Clan Battles - Steady performances with fully outfitted bases! Training sessions Requirements: 1. Discord: All Knights will be logged onto our Discord server while in-game. Discord is what allows a clan to maintain its camaraderie and tactical communications during the game. 2. Game Activity: Must be active in-game at least 4 times a week. This is self explanatory. 3. Website/Forums: Not a requirement, we post links within Discord to our forums to help with information pushed to the entire clan. 4. Participation: All Knights will want to participate in Clan Events. Clan Events are typically 1-2 weeks in length allowing for maximum time for all knights to be able to participate. Active participation is necessary for individual Knights to improve their skills and for -AK- as a clan to maintain its close knit nature. Benefits: 1. Competitive environment: environment designed to maximize learning, grinding and teamwork. 2. Clan Events: Multiple clan events usually supported by GOLD/GIFT SHOP prizes and/or Clan ribbons. We are looking forward to adding to our ranks those who wish to take part in a drama free environment and get the most out of what Warships will have to offer. For more information check out or website at www.armoredknights.us or join us on Discord. Our Discord server information is on our website. Our Discord Server info is as follows: https://discord.gg/XFPqgv7 In game contacts: Lee57King Ribb Seloth Ayrok Danno_ Feardanube -AK- Hammer
  2. Welcome to the [DAKI] Clan! DAKI is a laid back competitive clan for those who like to play KoTS, Clan Battles as well as talking and interacting within a community! We welcome players who wish to be part of a community while having an opportunity to improve as a player. We have experience running in both Clan Battles, Kings of the Sea with experience dating back as far as Supremacy Leauge. So what do we have to offer? An engaging and interactive community. An already existing team of experienced players, capable of high-level competitive play. Many of our players are already veterans of multiple clan battle seasons along with Kings of the Sea and Supremacy Leauge. Many awesome members! Requirements: Our requirements are not completely set in stone, however, players should aim for the following: 1500 PR, 55% Win Rate, 1000 Battles. Exceptions will be made based upon the leadership discretion. Should be active on discord. A nontoxic, attitude and a willingness to learn and improve. Players who wish to join us should also be both mature and friendly. Notice: We're currently focusing on continued recruitment of competitive players and community members who wish to play competitively inside of an ever growing community. All applications should be done via Discord. Discord: Our discord is public so even if you're not here to join feel free to stop by and say Hi, find people to division with and play some games! https://discord.gg/T6E26jX
  3. I do not get WarGaming logic here at all. They say that making the season t8 makes it so more players will be able to participate, watering down the available player base. Ummm.... You gave out rental ships to anyone with a t8 before this season. Anyone with a t8 ship could participate before, just as much as they are able to o participate now. I do appreciate the acknowledgement that summer is a busy time and giving us a supposedly more relaxed season lowering the amount needed for a team. Yet the requirements for all levels of battles are the same, 30 battles. However, nerfing the rewards because of a supposedly watered down player base (already proven to be a fallacy above) making it easier to achieve hurricane is a joke. The teams at typhoon and hurricane are going to be as tough as ever. If there are new clans and players playing only because they just achieved t8 ships, chances aee, those clans aren't going to be getting out of storm. And how can you acknowledge that summer is busy and not as many people available, nerf the rewards and then expect the same amount of playing time from an individual? How does this make any sense to you guys?? I was thinking the more relaxed season and nerfed rewards would be coupled with lower requirements, perhaps 25 battles at each level or something, but I guess finishing the logic and common sense road wasn't going to happen.
  4. This season's maps are Hotspot, Sea of Fortune, Mountain Range, Neighbors, Trident, and Greece. Of these, only Hotspot had an actual image, because it was using a new cap layout, while the others "use the domination mode" (it is unspecified which layout is used for maps with multiple layouts. This is unacceptably ambiguous: the wiki has no cap layouts at all (Greece doesn't even have an image), and while I'm sure most of us remember the cap layouts, Hotspot, for an example, has had several different layouts recently in competitive modes. Greece has two layouts: one from ranked and the other from randoms. The only place you can actually check the layouts is a training room, and those aren't always correct for competitive anyway. You haven't been shy with filling us in on everything else, why are you skimping out on the maps? It's inconvenient to players at best, when they should just be under an expandable section like the missions are.
  5. Hello! ADOPT is a clan and community that for over a year has been dedicated to teaching anyone willing to learn. Our Discord is open to all whether you are in the clan or not. We pair new players and players that are wanting to learn with good experienced players. People can division, ask questions, watch our training videos, or just be apart of our community learning by chatting with us. Join our discord to chat with us! https://discord.gg/JFfx8j6 This is open to anyone wanting to join the clan or learn! If you are interested in joining our clan you must join our discord. Please message me or our admins on Discord as we are there more frequently :) I will check messages here as often as possible. ADOPT is recruiting both experienced players for our competitive team and our learning team. What can ADOPT offer you? Clan base unlocks. A positive learning environment. Both a competitive and learning team. Tactics discussion and preparation with the team. A community that extends beyond ADOPT. Multiple allied clans and others are all welcome in our discord. A group of others to division with and chat with. In clan and with other clans. Fun clan events Training events. Requirements to join for the competitive team. 54% Win rate or above. This is open to discussion. Over 1,000 battles. A positive attitude and a willingness to take constructive feedback. Experience in clan battles or other competitive game types. Ability to be on most clan battles times. A selection of clan battles ships. I know this is always changing so we will happily discuss your selection of ships. Good communication in game. Both verbally and clear microphone. We will recruit people for this team also based off synergy with the rest of the team. Involvement with tactics and game play discussion. Regularly active in our Discord in divisions and chatting. Requirements to join the learning team Any stats :) Over 500 battles and at least 1 tier 8 non-premium ship. A positive attitude and a strong willingness to learn. Attendance in our in clan training discussions. We do a few of these or record them if you cannot make a single time. Good communication in game. Both verbally and clear microphone. Involvement with tactics and game play discussion. Regularly active in our Discord in divisions and chatting. Videos of our clan battles and training streams.
  6. AHOY Captains! We are welcoming & recruiting new ship captains who are looking to learn & improve their abilities and ship skills through team play. We are a military structured organization that’s been around since before fleets began in the game. Our requirements are simple: Have a microphone/speakers (or headset) and be on TeamSpeak3 when in game, Be +18 years of age, Have at least 1 Tier 10 ship for clan battle competition, or Any tier ship for social clan, Have >50 battles, and Possess a strong desire to learn & excel through coordinated teamwork. We offer the following bonuses in our competitive clan: +25% to free XP -14% to research costs -12% to repair costs +10 % to Commanders XP +7% more coal +7% more steel +4% to XP for all ships. Sound interesting? Go to our website located at: navygamingamerica.enjin.com and fill out an application. A recruiter or fleet officer will respond within 24-36 hours and attempt to set up an interview in our TeamSpeak3 channel at your convenience. Following the interview, you can meet some of your prospective shipmates, look us over, ask questions and decide if we meet your expectations. Our TeamSpeak3 channel is: ngagaming.enjinvoice.com Come by and see us! Good Luck & Good Hunting!
  7. Edge of Sanity is currently recruiting players primarily for competitive events such as clan battles. In the 2nd and 4th clan battle seasons [ES] finished in Typhoon, Group III. If you are looking for a more casual environment, we’ll consider you as well depending on your personality and how well you play with other clan members. General Requirements: ~1100 personal rating, as per https://na.wows-numbers.com/ Mature, Friendly, & Over 18 Years Old Headset/Microphone & willing to join Discord during battles At least one Tier X ship. Clan Battle Participant Requirements: At least 3 tier Xs, which should cover 2 different classes of ships. To join, jump on our discord server at https://discord.gg/bF4gNjD and write a brief little blurb about yourself in the #general chat. New potential recruits will go through a try out period of about a week where you division with clan members and see if you mesh well with the group. After that period, a vote will be held on whether to extend an invite to you or not. In game applications will generally be ignored or sent a discord link.
  8. Karandar

    DPG Clan recruitment drive

    Greetings from Decus Praesidium Guild! We are a very active mid sized clan from all NA timezones who are growing our ranks with the primary purpose of enjoying the competitive challenge of clan battles. We hit Storm league in our first full season. We have a fairly light hearted but competitive attitude and constantly strive to improve together. We are looking for reasonably competitive and experienced shipmates interested in playing clan battles, who are respectful of others and are looking to enjoy playing with competent team mates in reliable divisions. If you have found yourself frustrated with the state of play quality recently and are looking for friends to play with, You owe it to yourself to check us out! Good hunting to you, Karandar We have a great website for discussions, tips & tricks and such. http://dpgwarshipsclan.freeforums.net We use Discord as a daily news and voice platform Please have a microphone and PTT set up for access to our Discord channel. Our Current Port bonuses: -12% to post service battle repair costs-14% credits to purchase ships+5% XP to all battles+25% FreeXP every battle+10% commander XP+7% Coal40 member roster Working on the 5% bonus to steel
  9. Blood_Rider

    [AXE] Warriors of Valhalla

    Welcome to the recruitment page of the Warriors of Valhalla [AXE] Our clan currently, and will always, consist only of battle-proven players who are wanting to participate in a friendly yet competitive atmosphere. This is what we are looking for in potential members: - You must have a sense of humor but also have a desire to win. - You must have at least 1 tier 10 cruiser or destroyer that you are experienced in, and is ready for clan battles (As of so far, only 1 battleship can be on a team so a BB only player is not as desired) - You must have Discord or be willing to install and use it, since all of our members use our clan's "Valhalla" Discord channel. We do not have specific number requirements on stats, however, all members must have tier 10s capable of clan battles and be proficient in playing them. All members of our clan have a say in clan decisions and activities, and are free to speak their voice and opinions. We believe unity and freedom is a key to victory and camaraderie. Message the following members in Discord if interested: Blood_Rider#1926 Snaggletooth#5100 ShadowGamer101st#2210 Praetorian#1673
  10. Keep America Great [KAG] is recruiting! We are an active, competitive clan (currently Typhoon League). We have a mature and skilled player base with tons of experience and resources. Strong leadership and teamwork is the foundation we've built ]KAG] on. We currently have over 40 active players and run Clan Battles and Sync-Drop divisions regularly. We also do mock clan battles and scrimmages against other clans between the regular Clan Wars seasons. We always seek to learn and improve ourselves and provide our members with all available resources. Another unique feature of [KAG] is quarterly competitions focused on teamwork in which our members can earn prizes, usually doubloons or premium time, for winning the event as a division. We have members from around the world with a large variety of backgrounds and experiences. Our basic requirements are as follows: 50% win rate, 50,000 avg damage, and 1,200 avg experience. Active in-game and on Discord. Team player with a mature attitude. (As you can tell by the clan name there are no safe spaces 😁) If your stats are not quite there, but you would like to be considered for a sister clan we are creating soon for players of all skill levels then just let me know! If you have questions or are interested and would like to check us out message @Ivan_Namirettov and I'll send you our Discord link. GLHF and see you around!
  11. Deny is looking to fill add a few Victims. We have been able to make Typhoon 2 seasons in a row and 3 out of the 5 overall in Clan Battles and always have enough players for at least one team and most often two. We do different events when we can and always have a good time except when Dave picks the music. We have a great core group and want to add you so that we can have someone new to traumatize. JK LUL If you're friendly, funny, laid back, PLAY OFTEN, and know how to play as a team send me a message on the forums or in game or for BEST RESULTS just join our Discord and tag @Aggressive_Behavior . No applications or forms to fill out, just come play with us in discord. Bonuses to joining include: -Talking about strategy for hours (After action reports are fun!) -Friends and or acquaintances -A cool looking clan logo with two torpedoes in it. Double that of single torpedo logos. -The chance to be a clan Battle shot-caller. I hate doing it, you'll learn to hate it too. -You'll know someone named Dave -lighthearted announcements in the in-game clan chat that no one reads -We have our very own Penguin and Squirrel! -Sync Drop Nightmares -Discussions on which community contributors are awesome and which are amazingly horrific -You're still reading this? -Very serious recruiting ads -Less serious recruiting ads -Our most laid back Clan mate is named Fear so there is that. Some sample interview questions to help prospective captains study up and get in good with the leadership. 1) How long have you been obsessed with tacos? 2) is your best friend real or imaginary. 3) Do you keep an emergency taco in your pocket your car your backpack or all three? 4) How many days a week do you play world of warships and are you properly dressed for those occasions? 5) If you are marooned on a desert island what kind of tacos would you bring and why? 6) When you are up against two ships do you: A) crawl into a corner and cry for your mom? B) shoot one ram the other? C) give up and go eat tacos? Discord Server Link to come hang out https://discord.gg/z4uRHKy Oh almost forgot! We are in early discussions about a Vegas trip this fall for in-person Shenanigans!
  12. Deny2 is the development Fleet for Deny. It is pretty new and we are looking for all who want to play and learn from our more experienced mates in Deny. You would be using the same Discord server and have access to everyone in both fleets. If you're friendly, funny, laid back, PLAY OFTEN, and you want to learn this game just join our Discord and tag @Aggressive_Behavior . No applications or forms to fill out, just come play with us in discord. Bonuses to joining include: -Experienced people who are willing to take the time to help you grow in the game in a friendly positive manner. -A chance to play some Clan Battles and earn some steel. -A cool looking clan logo with two torpedoes in it. Double that of single torpedo logos. -lighthearted announcements in the in-game clan chat that no one reads -We have our very own Penguin and Squirrel! -Sync Drop Nightmares -Discussions on which community contributors are awesome and which are amazingly horrific -You're still reading this? -Very serious recruiting ads -Less serious recruiting ads Some sample interview questions to help prospective captains study up and get in good with the leadership. 1) How long have you been obsessed with tacos? 2) is your best friend real or imaginary. 3) Do you keep an emergency taco in your pocket your car your backpack or all three? 4) How many days a week do you play world of warships and are you properly dressed for those occasions? 5) If you are marooned on a desert island what kind of tacos would you bring and why? 6) When you are up against two ships do you: A) crawl into a corner and cry for your mom? B) shoot one ram the other? C) give up and go eat tacos? Discord Server Link to come hang out https://discord.gg/z4uRHKy
  13. Who we are... WOLFK is a relaxed, adult, casual/semi competitive clan with members from all walks of life that come together to fight on the high seas of World of Warships. We are an established but small clan with a core of experienced ship drivers who are division focused and do all that we can to support clan mates (and the team as a whole in Random Battles). We are very competitive minded but are laid back at most times. We all are average players (no constantly unicum players) but we all have our moments of brilliance (as well as our moments of DERP!). We are all mature players (ages ranging from 18-60+) with an understanding that WoWS is a GAME and the responsibilities of life come first and foremost. When do we play? Most any night we have a couple of divisions running (I did say we are small) from 8pm-12am ET. We do have members covering the time zones in the continental United States so it is possible that these core play hours will be expanded. On weekends there are members on randomly throughout the day. WOLFK is looking for 2 types of Captains... 1... Captains to help constantly fill out our line up for Clan Battle seasons. - At least 2 tier 10 mainline, non-premium ships - Minimum of 1000 battles at all tiers under their belt - A win rate higher than 49% 2... Captains that are expecting to have 1 or 2 tier 10 mainline soonish - Minimum of 500 battles at all tiers under their belt - A win rate higher than 48% Please Note... We use Discord for voice communications in battle, so all members must have (or can download/install) Discord AND join the coms channels on a regular basis. What does WOLFK offer? - Like other clans, a fully built out port to help with credits and grinding - A place, due to its size, your contributions and efforts will have an impact. - Lots of experience to share. Many members with 4000-10000 games play. - Lower tier grinding nights upon request - Help setting up ship or captain builds. - Division/Team support when playing together - Voice comms over Discord If you got this far, thank you for taking the time to read this. If you are interested in the Clan or just have questions, please contact either _GeistWulf_, TF_Titan, or Ztulc in-game. Usually, one of us will be on each night from 8:30pm-12am ET. Using the forums to directly contact us is a bad idea.
  14. Shadow Force Battle Group [SFBG] is recruiting players that would like to actively participate in clan wars. We are a casual clan that likes to play and test ourselves in the clan battle arena. You don't need to be great. You just need to be willing to participate, take directions, and be courteous. If you have been in a previous clan and were shut out of Clan Battles, SFBG is your place. Everyone that shows up on Clan Battle night, will get to play. All we require is that you are an18+, positive attitude player, and have at least one Tier 10 ship, and that you use Discord for Comms. If you are interested, but do not have a Tier 10 ship, then our sister-clan Shadow Force Strike Group is the place to be. Strike Group players use the same discord, and often division up with Battle Group players. We are pretty chill during the off season, but during clan battle season we train and run ops. If you are interested, please contact me, StrykerNC, or our clan commander, Shadow577, or send a clan request in game.
  15. Granted, I don't have many tier 10s (I have one, Midway, which I refuse to take out until I have a better sense of the new CV controls), but I do have a decent number of tier 8s and 9s (and again, granted, I haven't touched PvP since March). Nevertheless, I feel like recently WG has given far too much focus on the high tiers (tier 8-10) and not enough focus on the middle or even lower tiers (tier 7-). I imagine there are reasons for this, but I must point out that so far: all clan battles up to the present have been tier 10 the last time a ship tier 7 and below could advance up to rank 1 in a proper ranked season (as opposed to ranked sprint) was in July 2017 (i.e. it's been almost 2 years now); everything else has been tier 8-10 (heck, even tier 8 and 9 ships don't have it too good either, since tier 9 only has had one season dedicated to it and tier 8 ships were locked out from the upper ranks in favor of tier 10 ships in recent seasons) the majority of the new armory/premium ships released or being planned for release are tier 8-10, and a number of them can only be earned through steel (and thus the catch-22 cycle is that one must have high tier ships to earn said steel) In addition, I do not believe I am the only one when I state that a) I do not enjoy being constantly forced to use high-tier ships and fight in the high-tier meta and b) I dislike the overall hemorrhaging of silver that comes with repeated high-tier battles. It's not as if high tier battles create instantly engaging battles between 2 competent teams either—potatoes crop up the high tiers too. I think when it gets to the point that rental ships have to be provided (and handicapped ships at that, given you can't put camouflages on them) that perhaps somewhere, somehow, there's a problem that needs fixing.
  16. The Obsidian Order was the primary intelligence agency of the Cardassian Union. One of the most ruthless and efficient organizations in the quadrant, the Obsidian Order eclipsed even the Romulan Tal Shiar in intelligence gathering and covert operations. Almost all Cardassians lived in fear of the Obsidian Order, whose constant surveillance had led to the sudden eliminations of numerous "traitors". For we are The Obsidian Order, you will bow to us and live in fear while doing so!!! Hi guys, The Obsidian Order fleet is looking for fun active and awesome people to join our ranks. I know that I'm not good with words or presentation lol but that's ok we make up for that in the fleet itself haha. We are looking for people that have a T8 or above and would like to play in future clan battles as they are a great and fun way to get experience and other rewards. Anyways if you have any questions feel free to ask and reach out. Feel free to contact me in game ryan4192002 or search for my fleet OBSO. Have a great day guys!! Join our discord channel if you'd like to get to know us better :). https://discord.gg/vEH4qcZ
  17. POPCORN is recruiting!: we are looking for a few select players who are serious about progressing within World of Warships. Minimum battle requirement = 500 (unless you're a transfer from another server) Adults 18+ Polite and well mannered Leadership is kind and promotes an inclusive clan culture Active at least several days a week We are an international clan that celebrates our diversity Willing to learn, share and improve gameplay (we have a Data Scientist) Discord & microphone mandatory. must have quality memes Bonus if you are Swedish and have a talent for cooking We have all the Clan Bonuses, come check us out today! ->> https://discord.gg/dVg9qRA
  18. So I'm going to start off by saying that I do enjoy playing with my current clanmates and I honestly feel kind of bad about looking to leave. I met them when I was recruited by my second clan, renegade legion, and began playing with them as the clans primary CB comp. Due to bad leadership, we broke off from R-L and formed Skadoosh Inc "SKDSH" about 2 years ago. Sadly, overtime, a lot of our key players have begun to drift away from ships in favor of other games. This is the first CB season we didn't make storm league, and it was due almost entirely to the fact we were unable to assemble a team about 50% of the time due to real life or playing other games. I have no hard feelings against them, but I'm starting to feel it may be time to move to a clan that plays the game more intensely and is more ambitious about CBs than my current clan is. I will start off by giving a short bio about me below, and then list what I would consider an ideal clan for me. I've been playing ships since 2016, shortly after the game was released. I currently have access to about 20 Tier X ships. I am primarily a BB player with about 60% of my battle count going for BBs. DDs are my second most played class of ship, and pre rework, I actually enjoyed playing them almost as much as BBs. I have an array of CAs as well, and usually play CA in CBs, but they typically aren't my favorite ship type at any tier or nation. I have played a little CV in the past, but its not my thing and I was quite bad at it anyway. Montana is my favorite t10, and my go to ship in competitive modes when playing as a BB. I also have a slew of premium ships, and every free xp ship that's been available so far. While I'm very "joe average" statistically, I try to get the most use out of a ship every game I play and make as meaningful of a contribution to each game I play as I possibly can. I also believe very strongly in teamwork and cooperation and doing what's best for everyone vs what's just best for me. I love playing in divs and working together with clamates. I also consider myself quite humble overall and I'm always open to listening to and taking advice from others, particularly people who are better players than me. Below are a few things that I would consider to make a clan a good fit for me. - The clan is highly active in the game, and WOWS is the primary game for the majority of the members. - The clan utilizes either teamspeak 3 or discord for voice communications and expects members to be on comms when playing. - The clan is very active in clan battles, regularly achieves storm league, and is ambitious about continually improving and pushing for typhoon league. - The clan has enough active members to assemble a team for each clan battles session. - The clan has a mature player base, believes in good sportsmanship, and has a strong sense of teamplay and helping each other to learn and improve. - A competitive yet laid back atmosphere, where the occasional "F bomb" won't be frowned upon, or when someone tells a joke, no one will need to go cry about it. The aforementioned are just a base line of what I'm looking for. Again, I like the guys in my clan, but I just feel I will be getting more of what I'm looking for out of this game if I can find a group that takes the game a little bit more seriously, and is more ambitious about competitive modes than my current group is.
  19. uggferron

    clan treasury

    I don't understand why steel will not be given to clan battle player in all leagues? except squall. you are giving players steel that don't need it. typhoon and up is to steep. clans work there butts off to play clan battles. we need steel as well. plz reward us some steel. coal is kinda cheesy. we earn coal on a daily.. im not happy with the rewards for clan battles.
  20. According to the official announcement, today was supposed to be the last day for the current season of clan battles. However... According to the in game schedule, there are two more days coming up, Tuesday the 28th and Wednesday the 29th. Is this an extention for some of the issues near the beginning of the season, or is this simply incorrect? @Femennenly, @Kami, @Radar_X, if this could get cleared up, we would appreciate it. Thank you in advance.
  21. WISCO is looking to fill up its roster with some people that are pretty laid back, looking to hang and play ships, likes to squad up when playing, and would join in for some clan battles: Need at least one Tier X ship Need a microphone for comms and download discord Make an effort to div up with your clanmates and play some clan battles Have a fun and easy going attitude Likes to hang out We don't expect you to be available every night for clan battles. We just hope you like to play when you can. We hope to see your application. Thanks!
  22. Hooks on Target is a semi-competitive clan. We want to have fun while we sink ships and win matches. We are looking for players to fill out our clan battles roster. We are trying to have two full teams of players who can be online for clan battles consistently. We are looking for team players that can work together drama free. We don't care so much about stats as the team wins and loses together. The leadership team has lots of clan battles experience. We can teach you what you need to know to be successful in clan battles. We ask that you understand the games basic mechanics and how to sail your preferred ship in combat. Rental ships are accepted. For more details join our discord server at: https://discord.gg/63dqteY and join us for some division play. Can also message myself and AdmiralBabylon for more details. Thanks for your time.
  23. Hey all, -UN- (United Noobs) is currently looking for new players to join us that are casual but looking to gain benefits from an upgraded port and dabble in tournaments and possibly some casual clan battles. We regularly do the ShipStorm tournament and have a good showing each time, have also been streamed multiple times. We're also more than happy to work with you to help improve your game play in all classes of ships. All we ask is that you're on our discord while in game if you want to division, if you want to run solo that's fine by us if you don't wanna chat. Feel free to message myself either on the forum or on our discord server -> https://discord.gg/hTH3R6U Thanks in advance and we hope to hear back from some interested captains. Spider.
  24. Black_Sheep9

    OGRES is recruiting.

    Good day Captains, OGRES clan is currently seeking a few more active players to add to our roster and Discord. Everyone is welcome to stop by and play some games with us and see if you would like to become a OGRE too. We are looking for people that want to have fun we do not really care about numbers, they can always get better. We ask that if you join us you try and use Discord as much as possible while playing, let someone know if you are going to be inactive for a long period of time, and just have a sense of humor.
  25. SlendyMcTendies

    Uncle Kraken looking for new members!

    Greetings captains! The “Uncle Kraken” Clan is looking for new members! Join a friendly group of players looking to make their mark on the seas and gain valuable Steel! Uncle Kraken is a casual clan at its core, but we have decided it’s high time we earned a steady income of Steel for our members. We do not plan on participating in the remainder of Clan Battles Season 4, but we want to get a head-start on assembling teams for the next season! We are not specifically looking for skilled players, but having a strong record will definitely make you stand out! The requirements for joining this clan are as follows: 1) Be an active member – Generally speaking, we prefer to have members who play the game at least once per week. This way the clan has a consistent flow of Oil that we can use to purchase the final, and expensive, upgrades for the clan. 2) Be mature and respectful – while we do not have an age restriction per-se, we prefer to have a mature set of members capable of exchanging thoughts and opinions without overly-emotional and illogical responses; including but not limited to constructive criticism, advice, etc. 3) Familiarity with the Discord application – if accepted into the clan, you will receive an invite to the Clan’s official Discord Server where we gather for Clan Battles and post important Clan News. By extension, we require you to have a Headset AND Microphone. 4) You may not have hidden statistics – hidden statistics prevents us from seeing your overall activity since it does not reveal when you last played a battle. UNCLK has a policy where members that have been inactive for 60 days or longer will be removed from the clan. UNCLK does not condone stat-shaming for any reason as is not tolerated among its members. NOTE: There will be a 30-day probationary period to gauge your activity in-game and other aspects of your membership in the clan. If you are inactive for longer than 2 weeks during this time, you are subject to removal from the clan. If you meet the above requirements and believe you’d be a good fit for this clan, please apply to the clan in-game or by Private Message with a short description of your general activity and ship preferences. If you do not receive a response to the application within 7 days, please send me a PM and I will help you get the issue sorted. We currently have 13 positions available. If you have any questions, please leave a comment below. I will check this post regularly (1-3 days) and respond to everyone I can as quickly as I can. We look forward to your applications! Primo Victoria!