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Found 115 results

  1. Clan Activity Sheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1IZJwcolKNh-JqKiX_kVcwW-u0nRLWew2dorRRwtl7WU/edit#gid=9 Website: navygamingamerica.enjin.com
  2. VW is recruiting active players ready/willing to participate in clan battles during the European time zone slot (19:00-23:00). We already have a nucleus of players who participate at that time and are looking for more to guarantee a team at each battle day and/or field a beta team. our clan base is well developed:steel second upgrade, oil second upgrade, other bonuses fully upgraded. PM me in forum or in game if you want more info/for an invite.
  3. Doombeagle

    A-D-F Now Recruiting

    Greetings, A-D-F is a clan formed from a cadre of experienced players who wish to focus on clan battles, and of course the steel that comes with them. The rules are simple, be ready and willing to participate in clan battles, be capable of participating in clan battles, and most importantly, do not be an [edited]. Yes, we want to compete and win as much as anyone, but we will not tolerate prima donnas, spoiled brats, or grandpa know it alls. We will use discord for voice communication during clan battles, but you are not otherwise required to do so. When not playing clan battles, you are free to play PVP, PVE, Ops, whatever strikes your fancy, in division or solo, as you prefer. If this interests you, message me, and we can get the ball rolling. Thank you for your time and consideration, and good hunting. BTW, A-D-F, it stands for Ave Dominus Ferrum, if you know what that means without resorting to Google, so much the better.
  4. With the filth raid battles being a success. I recommend clan raids similar to filth raids. 5 v 5 Raid a port. Collect goodies and return them to your base. Bonus for defending and destroying enemy raiders.
  5. Armored Knights is now accepting recruits to join our World of Warships division. The Armored Knights has been very active in the Wargaming community for almost six years. We are a social clan of over 100 players in 7 divisions, across all three platforms (tanks, ships, planes). We are a clan that prefers a fun, mature environment. Our vision is one of creating a CLAN that is based on friendship, camaraderie, fair play and respect for others; win or lose. We strive to adhere to this founding vision. A lot of us are military (active, prior or retired) so military members are most welcome! While we do compete in Clan Battles, our "bread and butter" comes more in the form of clan activities outside of CB time-frames. We enjoy having a lot of fun, dropping in together, aiding in those bothersome grinds, and offering training environments for those looking to up their skillsets! What the Armored Knights Offer: A fun casual environment where people learn to play together both individually and as a group. Our own Discord server and website for our members to use. Clan events as well as tournament play. Clan Battles - Steady performances with fully outfitted bases! Training sessions Requirements: 1. Discord: All Knights will be logged onto our Discord server while in-game. Discord is what allows a clan to maintain its camaraderie and tactical communications during the game. 2. Game Activity: Must be active in-game at least 4 times a week. This is self explanatory. 3. Website/Forums: Not a requirement, we post links within Discord to our forums to help with information pushed to the entire clan. 4. Participation: All Knights will want to participate in Clan Events. Clan Events are typically 1-2 weeks in length allowing for maximum time for all knights to be able to participate. Active participation is necessary for individual Knights to improve their skills and for -AK- as a clan to maintain its close knit nature. Benefits: 1. Competitive environment: environment designed to maximize learning, grinding and teamwork. 2. Clan Events: Multiple clan events usually supported by GOLD/GIFT SHOP prizes and/or Clan ribbons. We are looking forward to adding to our ranks those who wish to take part in a drama free environment and get the most out of what Warships will have to offer. For more information check out or website at www.armoredknights.us or join us on Discord. Our Discord server information is on our website. Our Discord Server info is as follows: https://discord.gg/XFPqgv7 In game contacts: Lee57King Ribb Seloth Ayrok Danno_ Feardanube -AK- Hammer
  6. CAPCO is recruiting new members for Clan Battles. Are looking for active player with at least tier 8 ships and discord. We will take any tier if you are active and want to play we are more than happy to division with newer player to help them learn and grow. Only rules we really have is that your active and use discord. This is are second season of Clan battle everyone that is able to play them gets to if there online. We don't require you to run any certain ship we switch out all ships and allow rental ships so everyone get the chance to learn the game play and to experience different ships. We are a laid back clan that like to chat with each other on discord and have fun. We run the weekly ops together as well as ranked battle. We division with each others to help complete missions and to help tier up your ships. Happy to give tips and share information to help make the game more fun. We are also interested in letting another clan merge with us we can take at least 25 player. It is getting harder to find new player that stay with the game. There is a lot of smaller clans that are missing out on the rewards of Clan Battles because they don't have enough players logging on to play. So if your one of those clans you can message me to talk about a merger or just coming over for the Clan Battles we have no problem if you just want to join for the Clan Battles and then go back to your old clan. We are easy going and just like to play if we can help others get in the Clan Battles for the rewards then we are game for that. IF INTERESTED IN JOINING US JUST MESSAGE ME IN GAME OR SUBMIT AN APPLICATION TO CAPCO. THANK YOU, DEADWOOD95
  7. Clan FAAL (Fuerza Armada América Latina) reclutando jugadores. Somos un clan que recien comienza con la idea de formar un clan semi competitivo y con ganas de progresar. A lo que apuntamos es crecer como comunidad y ayudar a los jugadores a obtener su nivel X para que juntos podamos luchar en guerras de clanes o batallas navales. Dentro lo posible siempre tratamos de comunicarnos en discord (pasamos la dirección una vez aceptado en el clan), siempre divirtiendonos, pasandola bien y sin ser toxicos por manqueadas de otros (noob). No pedimos muchos requisitos solamente ser activos, ser buena onda y tener mas de 17 años. Practicamos tácticas o mecánicas del juego en algunos mapas si necesitamos ayuda para que guerras de clanes o torneos vamos a una coordinación y ser creativos necesarios a la hora de jugar. Vamos que esto recien comienza y cada uno va a poder crecer muy alto si todos progresamos juntos. Contactarse con algunos de los 3 comandantes y sub .. nombres en el juego: -Pablo_Astudillo -Infinitus00 -Schneider_.
  8. Deny clan has openings! We are looking for a handful of carefully selected new members to join our team. About us: Zero drama – We pride ourselves on keeping it friendly and fun. It’s a game! Low maintenance – We all have real lives and jobs too. Be active but play when you can Mature members – We are all adults here and all members act like it at all times Typhoon level clan multiple seasons – Be an integral member of our team Clan Battles every night - Often 2 teams and we rotate people to maximize rewards Organized and active leadership – Discord message board, clan battle practices Fully upgraded clan base – We have every building and ALL BONUSES! Active members to division and sync drop with daily – Online every day and evening Very low turnover – Most members come here and stay Your opinion matters – We are a community and actively seek input from members What we are looking for in a new member: Easy going Low drama Mature Competitive Plays at least a couple days a week Striving for improvement in game Have a good headset and install discord for comms Have at least 2 tier X ships Desire to play clan battles, KOTS, etc. (No experience required) Have comparable stats to our clan average (50%+WR, 1200XP+,35k+dmg,1500+battles) Interested in division play If this sounds like you we would love to hear from you! Message us in game or join our discord server and drop a msg in our guest channel. Join our discord server and use our guest chat: https://discord.gg/fd7kfjE Or Contact: Aggressive_Behavior in World of Warships game chat.
  9. Greeting Captains Do you have a bit of a competitive streak but still maintain a busy schedule ? If so HMCSH might be the clan for you! We actively participate in Clan battles(Squall/Gale,Storm) and try to have a few small training room sessions or divisions where time allows . We are a group of older players (20+) looking to stay active in clan battles. Currently we all run busy schedules but when clan battles comes on, we all make an effort to show up and try to compete. We are not a group of super competitive gamers looking to train multiple days a week or a group that rages constantly as we lose. if you are looking for something more hardcore then you will be let down. If you have some interest post here and we will get a few core members to play a game with you on Discord. From there we can figure out if you would be a good fit. Smooth Sailing Captains, ChevalierClass --- HMCSH (HMCS Tribal-Class Haida 215)
  10. Hello! ADOPT is a clan and community that for over a year has been dedicated to teaching anyone willing to learn. Our Discord is open to all whether you are in the clan or not. We pair new players and players that are wanting to learn with good experienced players. People can division, ask questions, watch our training videos, or just be apart of our community learning by chatting with us. Join our discord to chat with us! https://discord.gg/JFfx8j6 This is open to anyone wanting to join the clan or learn! If you are interested in joining our clan you must join our discord. Please message me or our admins on Discord as we are there more frequently :) I will check messages here as often as possible. ADOPT is recruiting both experienced players for our competitive team and our learning team. What can ADOPT offer you? Clan base unlocks. A positive learning environment. Both a competitive and learning team. Tactics discussion and preparation with the team. A community that extends beyond ADOPT. Multiple allied clans and others are all welcome in our discord. A group of others to division with and chat with. In clan and with other clans. Fun clan events Training events. Requirements to join for the competitive team. 54% Win rate or above. This is open to discussion. Over 1,000 battles. A positive attitude and a willingness to take constructive feedback. Experience in clan battles or other competitive game types. Ability to be on most clan battles times. A selection of clan battles ships. I know this is always changing so we will happily discuss your selection of ships. Good communication in game. Both verbally and clear microphone. We will recruit people for this team also based off synergy with the rest of the team. Involvement with tactics and game play discussion. Regularly active in our Discord in divisions and chatting. Requirements to join the learning team Any stats :) Over 500 battles and at least 1 tier 8 non-premium ship. A positive attitude and a strong willingness to learn. Attendance in our in clan training discussions. We do a few of these or record them if you cannot make a single time. Good communication in game. Both verbally and clear microphone. Involvement with tactics and game play discussion. Regularly active in our Discord in divisions and chatting. Videos of our clan battles and training streams.
  11. Update 10/16/2019: New General Requirements and New Server Link Edge of Sanity is currently recruiting players primarily for competitive events such as clan battles. In the 2nd, 4th, and 6th clan battle seasons [ES] finished in Typhoon, Group III. We frequently try to run scrimmages against other clans during the off season as well. If you are looking for a more casual environment, we’ll consider you as well depending on your personality and how well you play with other clan members. General Requirements: ~1350 personal rating, as per https://na.wows-numbers.com/ Headset/Microphone & willing to join Discord during battles Be 18 years of age or older At least one Tier X ship. Clan Battle Participant Requirements: At least 3 tier Xs, which should cover 2 different classes of ships. To join, jump on our discord server at https://discord.gg/Y3gV4mY and write a brief little blurb about yourself in the #general chat. New potential recruits will go through a try out period of about a week where you division with clan members and see if you mesh well with the group. After that period, a vote will be held on whether to extend an invite to you or not. In game applications will generally be ignored or sent a discord link.
  12. Murder Mayhem is looking for Captains to help contribute to our cause of chaos and havoc on the high seas. With just a few captains we have been able to navigate through Gale, Squall and Storm leagues but have come short of our goal of Typhoon and Hurricane leagues. We are looking for semi-serious players who are seeking first and foremost.. fun times and comradery. Secondly to contribute to competitive play and earning Coal and Steel in Clan Battles, Ranked games when possible. If interested respond here or pop onto our Discord Server (https://discord.gg/qCgr46K) and ask for BatRastardly, ManoAMano, Blackjax, OmahaCheddar or CaptainoftheSea. We have a great bunch of guys and a no drama policy. Clan Requirements: No Jerk Policy.. Please don't be a jerk or cause drama Must have or be working towards tier 10 ships Can contribute to competitive play every now and then Must play well which means.. not always yoloing and or potatoing. We look for players who have around 40k avg damage or better and a minimum of 48% win rate which is not always mandatory but that is player demographic we prefer and are looking for. Must be able to endure our clan commander ranting and hating on CVs being in the game We don't care about your religion, race, political affiliation, geographical location, gender, age or sexual preferences as long as you don't make it an issue in comms or in game chat What the Clan gives you back Fun Times Occasional or Aggressive Competitive Play Divisioning.. Randoms and Ranked Clan Bonuses - Extra Bonus for XP, Credits, Commander XP, Coal and Steel (when applicable) per battle Comradery - We are a bunch of down to earth guys who love the game and are supportive to clan members Alerts on specials, wargaming codes, container drops, etc. We hope to hear from you. Best of luck on the battlefield.
  13. InvisibleKONY

    How to Improve

    Hello all, Filthy casual here looking to level up. After a disastrous few rounds in clan battles last night where I admittedly cost the team the game through poor play, I realize that I finally need to learn how to play "properly." Problem is I seem to have a lot of bad habits picked up from grinding randoms and I have trouble evaluating where I should be on a given map. Are there any resources out there for someone like me to brush up on what I *should* be doing in a match? Specifically clan battles; I can disappoint myself all day but I hate doing it to the team. Thanks!
  14. POPCORN is recruiting!: we are looking for a few select players who are serious about progressing within World of Warships. Minimum battle requirement = 500 (unless you're a transfer from another server) Adults 18+ Polite and well mannered Leadership is kind and promotes an inclusive clan culture Active at least several days a week We are an international clan that celebrates our diversity Willing to learn, share and improve gameplay (we have a Data Scientist) Discord & microphone mandatory. must have quality memes Bonus if you are Swedish and have a talent for cooking We have all the Clan Bonuses, come check us out today! ->> https://discord.gg/dVg9qRA
  15. Despite the increase of seven to eight ships in clan battles, there is still clearly an early deciding factor in who wins the games. Those with Klebers and the Russian horde tend to have a distinct advantage over their opponents. So many games are decided in the first two minutes when a Kleber flanks, torps and kills another destroyer (you pick). Top Tier purple piranha clans have horded these ships and used their excess steel to gain a distinct advantage over other clans who have things called a real life. These players cannot always compete in events like King of the Weebs and bias WG events, which give some a steel and coal advantage. Then when we do want to participate in clan battles, these all hording clans use their plethora of bias’d ships to annihilate those of lesser quality (often relying on mostly tech tree ships). This has led me to three early conclusions about this season of clan battles. First, destroyer players are bad or at best, terribly inconsistent. Clan battles is supposed to be competitive, but for what I have watched on twitch, these so-called unicum destroyer mains struggle to stay alive, eating torps. Those who do dodge the first wave of torps are immediately consumed by the next issue. Second is the klobber. This DD is busted. It is like the old Khaba (except now sea legal TM), only worse because the maps (often containing islands in close proximity of caps) enable it to mask its one deficiency (concealment) sneak in and slam bam thank you ma’am any non-Kleber dd. SHima…joke, Gearing (what is a USN player base …this ship is permanently non-meta at this point)…but DFAA…and the fact we will never see a carrier again, Groz? Nope…Kleber still outtrades, Z52…eats pens. Kleber IS broken in this format, especially without CVs to real them back in or a plethora of Russian bias, which is point number three. Russian "premiums" or “special ships” hidden behind an Iron or should we say Steel Curtain…such as Smolensk and Stalingrad (plus all too soon Slava) which now dominate both randoms and competitive formats. Oh, who has the majority of these? Unicums…go watch KoTS finals for how to exploit this madness! Even Throw7 couldn’t fail with the Iron Curtain madness…but WG will tell me that everything is fine right? So, what could have made this season better? I know…its against all logic, but at least a CV can real in those Klebers and make them think twice and then DDs would not be running rampant and there would be more requirement for players to think about skill selection (instead of just being torpedoed into stupidity). I would recommend not just a ship type cap like two battleshisp, but a nation cap such as only two USN/or two RU (or maybe even a minimum of 4 tech tree ships and or 4 nations...try anything but this craptastic meta). This would force play to conform to a more balanced approach giving some of the smaller clans who do not have oodles of time to actually compete. Lastly, the gap of clans who can even participate has declined as burn out clans (or in my case small ones) get sidelined as the minimum requirement has gone from seven to eight ships…this is deplorable, but one shouldn’t expect any changes any time soon…this game has the similarities of a legitimate game where all the players get a vote via a survey…but the oligarchy of top clans who pay to play and control the top with steel and coal have a serious monopoly on these decisions…as evidenced by all that is happening…hopefully WG makes some changes (or even a new format) which is more flexible for smaller clans to participate. For now, we will watch others on the sideline continue to create an unbalanced separation between the haves and have nots…interesting though…isn’t that how the original Russia fell?
  16. We are a drama free mature group of players that enjoy getting the most out of the game and have fun doing it. We are recruiting experienced players like you to join us. Members of our clan play most days and participate in a variety of clan activities. We use Discord for communication in clan, division, scenarios and other battles in addition to sharing information about the game etc. I can help with Discord setup if needed. Participation is a must for our clan as is mutual respect and fair play. Clan Battles may not be your thing but there are many ways to add value and receive value as a member of a clan. If you are ready to get back into a clan or discover what being in a clan is all about please feel free to drop me a line. We still have a couple of slots open. Join now to cash in on clan related loot from Clan Battles and other events.
  17. 187 Murder Mayhem Clan is the most competitive force of in World of Warships. We seek like minded individuals to play in a "Team" environment. If you would like to be considered for membership please read the attached Charter, charter.docx , to see if we may be a fit for you. Your stats must not be hidden for consideration into our group and use of Discord is about the only mandatory requirement along with "Teamwork". All are encouraged to apply including those already in a clan that may be seeking a new group to work with. We formed this clan with the pretense that all members voices will be heard and listened to. We are not a dictatorship and model our group similar to the pirate codes where all captains have a voice but as a group we are a force to be reckoned with. Come join us in our quest to wreak havoc on those who oppose us...Murder and Mayhem is the order of the day. No Sniveling! We are mostly an older group but anyone is welcome however we ask that you have some skin as we like to talk trash a bit to our opponents and each other. If you are high maintenance we may not be the clan for you. If you like having fun and staying competitive then you are in the right place. We seek those who are active players if this is not you please do not waste yours or our time. If you want to be part of one of the most successful clans in WoW then you are in the right place. 187 is in the house... http://187mmc.iclanwebsites.com/ Discord channel - 187 MMC https://discord.gg/W5m7SkM
  18. Greetings from Decus Praesidium Guild! We are a very active mid sized clan from all NA time zones who are growing our ranks with the primary purpose of enjoying the competitive challenge of clan battles. We have a fairly light hearted but competitive attitude and constantly strive to improve together. We are looking for reasonably competitive and experienced shipmates interested in playing clan battles, who are respectful of others and are looking to enjoy playing with competent team mates in reliable divisions. If you have found yourself frustrated with the state of play quality recently and are looking for friends to play with, You owe it to yourself to check us out! Good hunting to you, Karandar We have a great website for discussions, tips & tricks and such. http://dpgwarshipsclan.freeforums.net We use Discord as a daily news and voice platform Please have a microphone and PTT set up for access to our Discord channel. Our Current Port bonuses: -12% to post service battle repair costs-14% credits to purchase ships+5% XP to all battles+25% FreeXP every battle+10% commander XP+7% Coal40 member roster 7% bonus to steel
  19. Listen up Pilgrim’s…What Would John Wayne Do is recruiting. Teamwork, communication, and skill is required! Snowflakes and dumb-asses need not apply. Seriously though...WWJWD is recruiting and we are looking for mature, teamwork minded, and solid players. We use TeamSpeak to communicate during our game play ts76.gameservers.com:9121. Come check us out. We need players willing to commit to Clan Battles and support the team. Semper Fi!!!
  20. [OO7] Double Strike is looking for new players to join our clan! We are seeking highly skilled and motivated players that are willing and able to play on our Hurricane level Alpha team in Clan Battles as well as other competitive events. While we have no strict activity requirements, we are wanting new players to become well established members of the clan, divisioning regularly with other members as we believe familiarity breeds growth and success. Players who apply should show clear progression in their learning, and are open to constructive feedback from their peers. While we prefer unicum level (60% winrate, 2100 PR), it's not a hard requirement and we are flexible with players showing improvement at the game. Players must have a healthy number of high tier games with a decent selection of ships in those tiers to demonstrate overall class mastery. If you are interested in joining us, you can contact myself or any of the other officers in our clan for consideration. If you meet our requirements, expect a short trial period of divisioning with clan members prior to your acceptance. You can find us on our discord here: https://discord.gg/CjcXdgu Or you can message me here on the forums or directly on discord: Ducky_shot#7777 [OO7] is a high level competitive clan, perennially competing in Hurricane league each clan battles season; We are an English speaking clan that has members around the world playing on the NA server. We regularly compete in such events as King of the Seas. As one of the oldest clans in the game with high activity since inception, our port in the game is nearly fully upgraded, with all levels of the coal and steel port being unlocked.
  21. We are a casual clan but still play semi-competitively. We got into Storm league in Clan Battles. We use and require you to have Discord. Other than that we don't have any skill requirements or play time requirements. We have clan events a couple times a week while Clan Battles are not happening so we keep up are skills and just to hang out. Mostly we are looking for friendly people that are fairly active and want to hang out and division with other friendly guys. We have all the port bonuses except the last Steel bonus which we are getting close on. If you are interested send me, Admiral_Andy a message here or on the game.
  22. ATTENTION: Skilled players on the NA server, but residing in Europe or Africa. RECRUITMENT – (IGL) InGame Lobby is looking for experienced World of Warships gamers to grow our IGL Clan and Gaming Community. We are a fun-loving and easygoing community; however we are committed to learn the necessary skills to win battles while maintaining good relations internally with our clan members, other gaming clans, the global gaming community and gaming industry at large. Preferred Qualifications: Should be 21 years of age or older. No children below 18yr allowed. Should have played more than 2000 random battles in WoWS. Should have an Average XP above 900 per battle. Should have at least 1 x Tier 10 ship. Should be located in GMT+3 to GMT-1 time-zones to join clan battles on EU server at convenient times. Should have a functioning headset with mic to communicate via Discord with other participants during game battles. Must adhere to IGL’s Value System. Prejudice and Racism are not tolerated. Must be able to stay cool under pressure and maintain friendly relations with other gamers. Rage during games is frowned upon. Vulgar language and behaviour must be avoided. We are not a child-friendly community; however we do respect other people. Must be able to “Play for Fun” and maintain an enjoyable atmosphere during games. Must be registered on the WoWS North America (NA) server. Note: We focus on Military Veterans, Historians and gamers from Europe and Africa (especially Southern Africa) where clan gaming activities will peak during their evenings; however gamers from other areas are also welcome but then clan gaming activities will peak during other times. As an example for the Americans (North and South), clan gaming activities will peak during their afternoons, while during evenings there will be less clan activities since it will be past midnight for most of the other clan members. Casual players are welcome to join IGL, however note that clan membership levels are based on player skills, technical expertise, a player's willingness to perform the required tasks associated with the membership level and ability to attend clan meetings, etc. Skilled gamers who are unable to perform the required functions or tasks, and who just want to have fun, are most welcome but must accept a lower membership level to allow those willing to do the job, to occupy the rank associated with the tasks they perform. Thus if you do not want any responsibilities, join us but accept your rank at the bottom of the pecking order. To Join: Register on our website, then join us on Discord, leave your present clan and request to join (IGL) InGame Lobby after 3 days via the applicable facility in the WoWS Gaming Interface. We look forward to welcome you in our community.
  23. Sun Tzu Warriors [STW] is now recruiting for Clan Battles! Who we are: [STW] has enjoyed competitive play since the early days of Supremacy league, rising to gold level play earning the respect of our peers. Season 1 of Clan battles we managed to finish 4th overall on the ladder and since that time we have grown into one of the largest ships communities in North America. Like many clans, we have experienced player turnover due to game changes and other issues. We have seen the fall of the 155 Mogami, (still salty about losing the old AFT) to the rise of extreme Russian Bias (who gives a cruiser 305 MM guns with 950 M/S shell velocity and 2.65 sigma). STW’s Claim to fame has always been its diversity in its community. On any given night you can enjoy a relaxed game with friends talking ships, boozing it up and crashing into islands or jumping into one of our many division channels for organized high level play. STW has several types of fleets. Casual fleets consisting of ranked, random and scenario play and Battle fleets consisting of competitive play. [STW]-Known internally as “STW Prime”, is an invitation only Battle Fleet. STW members are held to the highest level of skill, commitment and attitude. They are not only responsible to spearhead STW as high on the leaderboards as possible but also serve as teachers and mentors to our membership. [STW-D/N]-These are our intermediate Battle Fleets. These members understand the importance of specific roles on a team and are always working to improve their skills through training competitive play. Any STW members with a desire to play clan battles can request a position in these fleets. [STW-M/I/P]- A portion of our community is less interested in competitive play and more interested in the comradery found here in STW. While most play ships they also develop friendships that transcends World of Warships. These are our Non - Battle Fleets. What we are currently looking for: While we are always interested in recruiting new members this recruitment window is directed at players for our STW Prime Battle Fleet. If you have found yourself in an environment that you do not enjoy and wish to be part of something better please reach out to us. Whether you wish to devote your time to fighting alongside our best or helping us teach and train others we have a place for you. We require you are 18+ years old.. Drama will not be tolerated. When it comes to our invitation fleets we use a “per player evaluation” that comes from three factors. Skill, Commitment and Attitude. I appreciate you taking the time to read through this post and would love to talk to you more about STW. If you have any interest in joining or learning more about us please respond below or feel free to message me on Discord (K_Bomb#7795) Respectfully, [STW]K_Bomb Deputy Fleet Commander https://www.suntzuwarriors.com/
  24. Greeting Captains Are you an NA player looking to have some fun in clan battles ? Do you have a bit of a competitive streak but still maintain a busy schedule ? If so HMCSH might be the clan for you! We actively participate in Clan battles(Squall/Gale) and try to have a few small training room sessions or divisions where time allows . We are a group of older players looking to stay active in clan battles. Currently we all run busy schedules but when clan battles comes on, we all make an effort to show up and try to compete. We are not a group of super competitive gamers looking to train multiple days a week or a group that rages constantly as we lose so if you are looking for something more hardcore then you will be let down. If you have some interest post here and we will get a few core members to play a game with you on Discord. From there we can figure out if you would be a good fit. Smooth Sailing Captains, ChevalierClass --- HMCSH (HMCS Tribal-Class Haida 215)
  25. Hooks on Target is recruiting all players. If your new to the game we can help you grind ship lines and offer advice to help you improve your game faster. We participate in Clan Battles and divisions for Random Battles as well as PVE operations. For more details join our discord server at: https://discord.gg/63dqteY and join us for some division play. Thanks for your time.