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Found 12 results

  1. In the next clan battle season that starts later this month, WG has announced the return of rental ships. To the best of my memory, I think this is the first time the rental ships have been available since the economic rework. That said, I have a question about these rental ships. When the economic rework happened, the buff to concealment that camo used to provide was hard baked into the ships themselves, making camo purely decoration. This used to be an issue with the rental ships, as they could not mount camo of any kind. In this new system, from a tactical standpoint, will these rental ships also have the new baked in boost to concealment, or will they lack it? From a tactical standpoint, these rentals seem to function like premium versions of tech tree ships, minus the economic benefits of the premium eco boost. This could actually be advantageous over their tech tree sibling, as they can take any commander without retrain. On the other hand, another direction WG could be going is to forbid these rentals from mounting any of the eco boosts. The old rentals could still mount draconic signals, so from an eco standpoint this would be a major nerf to rentals. So what is the story WG? How do rentals now compare to rentals prior to the economic rework? Do they get the boost to concealment they lacked before? Can they mount economic boosters? I am sure at least one of these will be no, but one could still be yes, and if so, which one?
  2. _KlRlTO_

    Mercenary questions

    Last night, I played a few battles with our [IND6] clan, and I noticed a lot of the usual information isn't visible when you are a mercenary. That said, it made me wonder. Six is lower than eight in league, so the following wouldn't apply to me, but what if it's the other way around? When a player does mercenary work with a clan from a higher league than their own, do they earn steel and get achievements from the higher league of the clan they are sitting in with when they win?
  3. Ok Wargaming... You have broken us. I think I would rather have CVs in Clan Battles then have to deal with the double Conde spam. There - I said it. Half my clan doesnt want to play this season. Nice work. When are you bringing in some restrictions so us mere mortals can stand half a chance?
  4. I have the following special and regular ships: Stalingard Thunderer Kurfust Yamato Agir Alaska Smaland Marceau Which next coal ship do you recommend for the ranked and clan battles? I want to use my discount coupon before it expires tomorrow. The next update coupon I plan to use it for the Black.
  5. Hi, can anyone know why the latest clan browls are always on one server? Does WG know that players who join a clan can come from anywhere in the world? This limitation has been imposed in the last clan browls. The nonsense of WG. Meanwhile, players in a Clan who have been working on NA forever but live in Europe, Asia, or Russia can hang up their ships. Ah, as always, thank you WG!!!
  6. Haven't been able to find this in the forum so the question I'm asking is: if upgrades are put on one of these temporary Clan Battle ships, like the Montana, Moskva, or Shimakaze, what happens once those are removed again (looks to be in 4 days)? I've not done a clan battle, nor upgraded one of these ships. But a thought comes to mind that if I were to put upgrades on one of these ships, might they be returned to inventory once the ship is no longer available? If that were the case, that would mean I'd have upgrades bought at the current discounted prices, banked in my inventory for future use which would be some kind of nice.
  7. A week into the latest clan battles season 9, I offer my thoughts on the impact of Carriers and how my clan has been dealing with the changes ... What has your clan experience been so far? I would love to hear your thoughts and observations of this season and what changes might improve Clan battles in the future. Let's keep the conversation constructive :)
  8. Big question: But what is the point, to make Clan Battle with 8 players, when there are difficulties to organize the same with 7 players? What sense does the choice of game server have? Most clans have players on multiple time slots. I give an example of my clan, we have Italian, American (from various States), South American, etc. players. Already the difficulty of finding us is enormous and what does WG do? increases the number of CB players. These game organizers are always the best ... clap clap clap ... The best
  9. Hello. I have been hearing rumors that with Wargaming experimenting with tier 8 clan battles and tier 9 ranked, that there will probably be a competive season consisting of tier 3 ships. This really got me thinking that it would be pretty interesting to have a clan battle or ranked season with these mighty ships. What ships do y’all think would be good when a ranked or clan battle season comes in the near future focused in on tier 3 ships???
  10. We are tired to hear your excuse, like "year of carrier". And, here is the thing. How long you guys exclude from Clan Battle??? As you can see, the Bravo's becomes obvious obstacle for not-top clan in CW. And the number of participants becomes less and less in this season, in all server. Then, why only carrier-decents have to patient? You guys told that the reason carrier must be out from CB is ensuring easiness of participation in CW. But, you guys already made barrier for new-comer for uniqum's sake. And, I feel we need huge change for veterans who has joined CB for three season. Most of us getting bored to current season. Then, you should allow carriers to join CB, like KotS or other tournaments. Most of clan in Hurricane/Typhoon/Storm have own carrier player. We have so many complains to you. You change the range and power of strafe in every major update, without any explain. You change the detail of AP bombs several times without any explain. And, most of new tech tree ships and buffed ships has crazy AA. Finally, crazy GZ. But, I don't ask you much. I just ask you to getting us back to "game". NO MORE RANDOM, WE NEED COMPETITIVE BATTLE!!!
  11. Hello Everyone. I would like to understand something here. Because from when clan battles have started a good number of players have not been able to attend because of the schedule for clan battles. Before we delve into this, in order to have a clan it is necessary to buy the clan by using doubloons; which are in reality real money (because you acquire them using real money). So, the following question would be: If I have to pay for a clan, and since I don’t have the possibility to do clan battles because of scheduling issues, why did I even pay for the clan? What sense does it have to have a clan at this point? The question about the clan battle schedule isn’t new. Even from the first season many players have described their issues on the forum and also to the WG support team to identify that the schedule is a problem for a lot of players. Then, the same responses always come back from WG: • We are sorry to hear that you had problems with clan battles. We understand the difficulty this puts in you in, but in the next season we will make it easier with the clan battle schedule. This was the first season and we had some problems with organizing. • We are working on this so that the next season won’t have these problems. Then, in the second season there were the same scheduling issues and the same questions arose. When can you fix the scheduling issues? I, as I imagine many others have done, have sent evidence of the scheduling problems. It would seem as though WG does not listen e decides to go full steam ahead with their plans and act as though the players don’t exist. Now, as I have said many times before, World of Warships is a great game. I just find it difficult to understand why it is so hard for the WG staff to (after I have bought my clan, organized it by finding players and trying to institute training rooms etc) not give us the possibility to participate when a new season comes around. What do you guys suggest? What do you think could resolve to the problem to allow us to have fun with clan battles in any time we would like (Like a 24/7 clan battle season). WG, could you tell us what the problem is, so that we can give you some feedback for clan battle scheduling? Thank you everyone for listening and responding!
  12. anonym_MbpaxbbAUblh


    During clan battle hours, I set myself as "Looking for Division" with a description that says - "Looking to complete Halloween scenario". After few seconds I get invite from some people with clan tags. When I join their division, I was like wth lol [ClanX]Player1 : Yamato - Ready [ClanX]Player2 : Des Moines - Ready [ClanY]Player3 : Gearing - Ready [ClanZ]Player4 : [Zao] - Ready [ClanW]Player5 : [Shimakaze] - Ready Player6 : Moskva - ready .. .. People still haven't figured it out yet that 7 players from same clan need to be in a division to play clan battle. Some even invite people who are not in any clan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Not to mention they don't bother reading my description) Some say "It's hard to find 7 tier 10 ships", others say "We don't have 7 players in our clan" I informed them about the fact and most of them leave the division within seconds. It happened 3/4 times today. Not just once.