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Found 6 results

  1. Darkshadow86


    Good day CV Community! It's your spokesman for all CV things related, and I'm here to bring you a build that is sure to blow any enemy ship out of the water. Do you ever have that feeling, "Dang, it is so hard to hit DD(s) after this CV rework." If that's the case, you're in luck, because I know a build that will cure what ails you. Some of you may have already discovered the build, but for you folk that are new, and still have trouble smack a DD that wants to figure skate in the water, well, then your problems are now solved. As you all know, this is the commander skill, selection board. Here you can select the skills you want for your ship commander. Each skill has a predetermined number of required points needed to make the selected skill active. If you want to make a skill called Engine Techie active, you need for your commander to have 1 skill point available for use. Now, let's get into the fun part of this, the build. Before that, a quick note: If you don't have a commander who has ten available skill points, you can purchase one in the armory for a low quantity of coal(a type of in-game currency). For the sake of making this build more commonly acquirable I'll limit the first section to 10 commander points. Hand of God Build 1 Air Supremacy 6 Torpedo Bomber Swift Fish Improved Engines 3 Sight Stabilization 10 Total Here is what you gain from each individual skill. Air Supremacy -5% aircraft restoration time. Torpedo Bomber -10% torpedo arming distance. Swift Fish +5% to torpedo speed. Improved Engines +2.5% aircraft squadron speed. Sight Stabilization +7.5% aiming speed. The reason you want this build is that it allows for faster targeting speeding, which means less damage you received from flak while you aim or attack the target. The target will get less time to react or turn their hull as you quickly blitz them and deal a heaven's worth a punishment. I was going to make more builds, but I don't know the player average for the number of commander skills points most have, and I wouldn't want to create a build that most people can't obtain. Summarization time: The goal of this Build: Become the enemy that surface ships will fear with your godly accuracy, and the heavy damage you will rain upon them. Pros and Cons: Pros Cons Quick damage Your planes won't be as tanky in comparison to other builds. Your enemies will fear you and hide behind islands all game. Your enemies will fear you and hide behind islands all game. This will greatly raise your average damage dealt per game. You may become overreliant on the quick aiming. (You decide) (You decide) You're playing the best class in-game. Enemies will hate you for existing, knowing you can delete them in a minute. Alright CV Community, I hope this build helps you, and I will happily receive, thoughts, constructive feedback, and any alternations you feel that will truly make this a HAND OF GOD BUILD. Have a wonderful day everyone.
  2. anonym_bleJN7gXeLqd

    The tiger and the dragon: HMS Surrey

    She is slow....but she is a small little thing...and she bites HARD. I am in love with HMS Surrey!
  3. I really enjoy playing both Huang He and Perth. They are virtually identical in play style and nearly identical in capability. I especially like taking them both out in Operation Aegis loaded up with XP, Free XP, and Captain XP flags. I almost always get stellar results with either. Just finished the scenario with both following the same game plan. Move full speed behind the Mahan keeping guns to starboard and load AP. When the Mahan pops smoke reduce speed to zero and turn hard to port remaining in the smoke cloud (it is all about remaining concealed). Abuse the CA with AP, then switch to HE for the DD and BB. Watch out for DD torps! When that smoke is running out beginning moving northwest at 1/4 speed. Guns again to starboard with AP loaded. Pop your own smoke and enjoy farming citadels from the CA coming from the north west. Hopefully none of the Ishizuchi stay west of the island. When the smoke runs out (or all the ships are gone!), turn north and engage the western escorts with AP. Stay outside of torp range and they will focus on the friendlies south of them. Once the western escorts are sunk, turn due east south of the second island from the border and load up HE. Slow to 1/4 speed as you leave the cover of the island or the planes spot you. Pop smoke again and start lighting up the CV. (This is where the lack of a spotter hurts the Huang He most). Continue east and pick at the flanks of the bots. When the team is competent this works out well. The (obviously) noticeable difference between the Huang He and Perth is the DPM. If only Huang he had that fourth turret... Crazy great fun - both of the ships!
  4. I must say, it's quite fun getting lolpens on an invisible Leander from long range, accurately predicting where a Boise is going to turn, and winning 2v1 fights in a cyclone against a New York and a Texas. The only times I've ever done higher damage in a Random match were when I was sailing the North Carolina.
  5. Just finished a round in Arms race and i think i set a new personal record for myself. Highest number of citadels in a single battle https://gyazo.com/e3538ed8d226c1674d2c6ffd76f33752 28 citadels. all against 2 other Minotaurs and 2 Neptunes. Gotta say, i'm loving this mode and the level of aggression i can get away with
  6. SailorDeadpool1XPOIXKita

    A GUIDE for citiadel ships

    Question does anyone know of a site or thing for a guide on getting citadels on ships? Really like if there were images showing the superstructures and where the best place to fire at.