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Found 27 results

  1. I'm interested in hearing bad RNG stories for Santa crates. I'll start. Purchased 20 Santa's Big Gifts today... 0 Premium Ships ... nice I had some luck last week when I opened a few; got the Leningrad, Okhotnik and Anshan. But 0 ships from 20 crates seems pretty horrid. I'm a pretty new player so what I really like is that the premium ships obtained from these crates give a level 10 captain, which is really nice in my opinion.
  2. Merry Christmas!

    Hi guys! Hope you all have had a fantastic day! And hope you guys have been sharing some great gifts amongst the community. Thanks for making this a great year for me in WoWs, and continue being awesome. Fair winds and following seas captains!
  3. Merry Christmas!

    Since I won't be able to do much tomorrow, I just wanted to wish you all a great holiday season and a merry Christmas In particular I'd want to thank the troops who can't be with their families this holiday season for one reason or another. Stay safe out there! God bless and merry Christmas!
  4. Christmas Day Game Play

    Well for the 1st time in 14yrs, I am schedule off for Christmas. So I am planning to play as much as possible, but I am curious how many of my fellow Forum members are going to be in game, or are you going to be away for the day, week, etc.? Heck I might even play some random games.
  5. So this is the first time I participated in this years Christmas gifts. My first 2 free ones were just some cammo and then I bought 5 of the Medium ones and the first was some Red Dragon Flags I then remembered the Flamu video I kid you not, the very next box after playing it in the background was this: THE MAGIC IS REAL! I'M NOW A TRUE BELIEVER!!!
  6. Here is my video for my 20 Santa's Mega Gifts opening. I got 4 ships, and 3 were back to back. That gives about a 25% drop rate for ships in the mega containers. Good luck all, enjoy the video, may your bilge pumps be merry, and your HE bright.
  7. Happy Holidays! This is a fun thread to post about what you did or are going to do over the holidays! Maybe you got something cool from some Santa Crates and want to share? Maybe you smashed a ship in your Winter Themed Duke of York? Perhaps you are loving the detail of the new Hamburg port? Let's hear about it!
  8. Seriously? Last year I remember a better deal on stuff in game. Ships were on sale, Christmas crates seemed to have less flags and better odds for ships, and fairly sure I saw an XP conversion sale. Seriously no XP conversion sale? I have been saving for that not Christmas crates. I wish they would formally announce it during the holiday season instead of only popping for Christmas crates and a sale on the Alabama that's it.
  9. Well it is almost that time of the year again --- Christmas! I wanted to post this before I get busy with my site's shut-down. This will be my 1st Christmas on World of Warships. And so I wanted to thank the Wargaming Staff here and overseas for all the hard work, and wish them and their families a very Merry Christmas, also the same all my forum buddies, Clan-mates, all WoWS Wiki Editors and Community Contributors. Also a little news for the 1st time in 14yrs, I will be off (but on call) for Christmas Day. So @SuperNikoPower, @Pigeon_of_War, @WolfofWarship, @Radar_X, @Super_Splash_Bro, @LittleWhiteMouse, @NoZoupForYou, @RivertheRoyal and all the many others keep this game going. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
  10. The latest Dev diary has pretty much all but confirmed the return of santa crates people! Now with added Dasha spicyness. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) What are we hoping to find this year? Lest we succomb to the curse of the loot crate. Personally i'm hoping for Sharnhorst but anything else useful will suffice. Ps: Do you think they'll be priced the same? Will they be buyable with dubloons? Discuss if you wish.
  11. You left me no choice WG...

    I don’t want a lot for Christmas, There is just one ship that I need. I don’t care about the crates, Underneath the Fusou’s tree. I just want you for my own, More than you could ever know. Roma make my wish come true, All I want for Christmas is you… I don’t want a lot for Christmas, There is just one ship that I need, and I Don’t care about the Prem Time, Underneath the Christmas Tree. I don’t need to hang my captain’s hat, There upon the steering wheel, WarGaming won’t make me happy, With a Maya on Christmas day. I just want you in my port, More than you could ever know. Make my wish come true, All I want for Christmas, is you… I won’t ask for much this Christmas, I won’t even ask for Tone. I’m just gonna keep on waiting, Right there in the Premium Store. I won’t write a letter, To the Pidgeon or Niko, I won’t even stay awake, to hear those magic threads appear. Cause I just want you here tonight, The guns firing, the dispersion tight. What more can I do? Oh, Roma all I want for Christmas, is you… All the signals are flying, So colorful everywhere. And the sound of AA gunners, Fire fills the air. And everyone is singing, I hear the ship’s bell ringing, WG won’t you bring me, The one I really need? Won’t you please bring my Roma to me quickly? I don’t want a lot for Christmas, This is all I’m asking for. I just wanna see my Roma, Swimming right there in my port. I just want you for my own, More than you could ever know. Make my wish come true, Roma all I want for Christmas, is you…. All I want for Christmas, is you, Roma All I want for Christmas, is you, Roma All I want for Christmas, is you, Roma All I want for Christmas, is you, Roma All I want for Christmas, is you, Roma All I want for Christmas, is you, Roma WG, please do this for a lonely soul hoping to find this beauty of a ship. Please?
  12. Halloween type map in December?

    So, I was just thinking about how much I enjoy the Halloween theme scenarios, and it dawned on me, why not have a Halloween type mission, but revamped for the Christmas holidays? I mean, there is a fair bit you can do with this. I really enjoy the Halloween scenarios, but feel sad about waiting a whole year for them to come around. Suggestions from everyone is welcome!
  13. I got all my Christmas Achievements, and I still don't have Gold reward for "To The Bottom" and "Hoarder 2017". Is this happening to anyone else?
  14. Well done WGNA

    I have to hand it to WGNA for this Christmas season. While we didnt get a free ship this year we did get a mission to get a free T6 cruiser that isnt that hard really. Also we got it way way better that EU did. I used to think NA was the bastard step child of the servers but that clearly has shifted over to the EU these days. Thank you for recognizing your fat American whales. After a totally abysmal showing from Thanksgiving up to about the 20th we were rewarded with possibly the best promotion I think I have seen. The Santa event was honestly the best thing you guys have done and from a marketing stand point its almost as if you listened to us. You took something so simple and profited like CRAZY off of it. I am willing to bet that many of us scoffed and kept our wallets closed when we saw the utter crap that was being sold at Thanksgiving and you turned it around and sucked a ton of money out of my wallet. Well done. Also I have to give it up to WoWS because they had a far better event/promo this Christmas over WoT. The WoT christmas missions were rather bland and boring and no real benefit to any of it honestly. They had the same concept yet it just fell flat compared to this. Credit where credit is due. I certainly hope you learn from this event because if you guys did this more often you would be swimming in cash from gambling suckers like me who spend 50-60 bucks before realizing it.
  15. So I loged on today, got my free container from WG, and man was I disappointed. 250 Victor Lima flags. Meanwhile people are getting doubloons, ships, and other neat prizes. But nope, I get a crap load of flags that give a 1% increase of fire for +161mm shells, 0.5% increase of fire for everything below 160mm, and 4% chance of flooding. To me this is borderline useless and just plain annoying. Meanwhile in WoT we get a new tank as usual. In WoWs however, its up to RANDOM CHANCE if you get something good or not. This isn't funny WG, this is just annoying.
  16. Over the Christmas weekend the Premium Shop will not connect to Amazon Pay.
  17. Vader wishes you a Merry Sithmas!

    Merry Christmas to all you captains! I found these while browsing Youtube and I just had to share! BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE! Hope you all enjoyed! Merry Sithmas!
  18. Where are you celebrating Christmas from?

    Merry Christmas from Edgewood, New Mexico, USA! Ok, Christmas is still about an hour away here but whatever. Where are you guys celebrating Christmas from? (Curious to see where a lot of our WoWS players are from)
  19. 1. The ability to buy and stock up on New Year's camo. You "can" but you have to spend money.. at least let us buy and stock up with doubloons at the very least. 2. The ability to actually buy crates with doubloons.. it once again seems like a massive money grab that I must go into the premium shop and buy full items.. e.g. Arizona was on sale, couldn't buy cause CC locked but I could've bought it with doubloons - I'll just have to wait for 4 months when it might be on sale again. Same with crates, I could buy a ton in game with doubloons but I cannot get any. Cmon WG, you know players stock up doubloons.. we already spent a ton of money must we spend more? Be nice For example, when an awesome premium comes out some players have the doubloon equivalent to buy it but they can't because WG forces you to buy from the premium shop.. which forces the player to spend more money. Let us buy the regular/new stuff with our doubloons.. don't pull this marketing crap on us please. Add all ships to the premium shop (except the OP ones) finally, you'll get more money. WG's 2017 New Year's Resolution should be: I will listen to the player base much more often and will be much more open to change. I feel like unfortunately this analogy is what the WG to playerbase communication is like: "We literally have to grab WG by the collar, shake them, threaten to murder their puppy and only then do they start listening to us... for the specific incident and once we release them it goes back to normal." 3. Something that really annoys me to no end. You must wait until January 9th to finally begin "Santa's Christmas Convoy's" (hello, Christmas is done.) which is fairly annoying and cleverly prevents many players that have not a lot of time because the break is over from getting the rewards.. you also need to grind Graf Spee when you get it for about a week to really start earning & stock up on the camos. Oh but you can complete it now if you want! Just buy a "on sale -19% off" Graf Spee package! ..Really WG? You're trying that hard to prevent players from getting the rewards? ,_, this annoys me. 4. Very easily could've made daily containers have a % of chance of it being a Santa Crate (even just $1) which would've actually been awesome and might've prevented me from creating this rant. Conclusion: While this Christmas/New Years event is.. nice it's also not what it could've been simply for the fact of you literally need to spend money to get anything except the achievements part - which is a nice touch. I'm sorry guys but it just seems like more taking and less giving.. but then again there's those that got free $60 premiums & rare ships from crates that I can't buy.. due to CC recently blocked and the inability to buy with doubloons. I don't like making these rants because I genuinely like this game and it's community but this event was a little too money grabby for my tastes. Sorry for being the grinch guys but I'm just so disheartened that I can't spend my doubloons I've been stocking up on, for any part of this event. Thoughts? Also, try and at least be a little constructive.. and less salty than I am in this post lol
  20. We've had our differences, Wargaming, but the Santa's Secret Stash you've offered of late has been really good for me. To date, I have scored an Atlanta, Indianapolis, Prinz Eugen, and an Ishizuchi (twice, even, and got the doubloon equivalent). Additionally, I got about 7500 doubloons, tons of valuable camo, lots of papa papa flags, and much more. I just want to say thanks to Wargaming and wish all of you there a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Keep up the great work.
  21. WG you are awsome

    WG you are awsome!!! Just gotta say I got the Ishizuchi in a present, and oh man I've been hovering over this ship for a while now and finally have it. so once again WG thank you and MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!
  22. Admirals Ultimate Present

    Decided to try my luck after buying a single commander present and do the Admiral Present and boy am I glad I did. I opened the Box and inside was Gremyashchy with a 10 point commander. Thank You Wargaming and Merry Christmas EDIT Didn't think to screenshot the box when I opened but here is a Gremy where there wasn't before. And my containers for today had all been opened hours earlier
  23. Christmas Events have begun, and a new set of hidden achievements await us to complete! Fellow captains, please report your guessed findings here! I will update on how to achieve them as we go along. PLEASE REMEMBER: You can earn these achievements in Co-Op as well. And there is no shame in playing Co-Op - this is meant to be a fun game guys. Alright, the list seems complete. Please check to see if I've made any errors here. Achievement Medal Reward Gold Reward How to Get Good Start 17x New Year Camo Commander's Present (Standard Container) Note: This acts as a container drawing from the menu (i.e. you still have a chance of getting a supercontainer) and the game will not choose TYL option Win a battle Feelin' Good 1,000,000 credits Commander's Present (Standard Container) Use 100 signals Tin Can 1 Day of Premium Commander's Present (Standard Container) Open 17 containers (during this event only, prior opening of containers do not count) Race to the Bottom 17x Zulu signal flags 17x India Bravo Terrathree flags 17x Juliet Charlie flags 17x Smoke Generator II 17x New Year Camo Commander's Present (Standard Container) Get 1 ship launched torpedo hit on each ship class over any number of games (torpedo must do damage upon impact for it to register?) Aiming? Too Much Effort! 17x Zulu signal flags 17x India Bravo Terrathree flags 17x India Delta flags 17x Repair Party II 17x New Year Camo Commander's Present (Standard Container) Get 25 secondary battery hits in any ship over any number of games An Epic Journey 17x Sierra Mike flags 17x Engine Boost II Propulsion Modification 2 Commander's Present (Standard Container) Travel 201.7 km total over any number of games Break the Bank 2,017,000 Credits Commander's Present (Standard Container) Earn 2,017,000 credits over any number of games Hoarder 2017 100x New Year Camo Special Holiday Container (What's inside?) Get all other achievements Good luck and fair seas! Alright, we've done it guys! All of them have turned gold!
  24. do not have the Emdon challenges

    I was wanting to start on the challenges but it seems I don't have them. I have "Advancing down the line" and "Banking on the Emdon". I know the second one is the last of the challenges for the Emdon but I never completed those and can't complete it cause I don't have the Emdon.
  25. So many flame posts lately, I just wanted to post say Thank You to WGNA for the Christmas sale. All I wanted was Blyskawica in my port and now I have her along with some other nice goodies and a contribution to the Secret Santa program. Hope the staff and all the players have a wonderful Holiday and a well needed day off from the griping. WGNA you have made this grown man a very happy boy today . Now that I have my official Red Ryder bb gun with the compass in the stock, I will try real hard not to shoot my eye out!