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Found 3 results

  1. Will you just let your meme's be dreams, Or will you rise up and join in the madness? Dreamin' and Memein' (Dreme) is a new clan (literally made today) who is looking for members! We are hoping to offer a laid-back atmosphere for people who like to play virtual boats and do stupid stuff! Want to go in a division of 3 Shiratsuyu's and spam torps while shouting the most overused WoW's meme? We can do that! Want to assert your dominance over smaller ships and show the power of a Triple GK division? Well I hope the foe brought an umbrella for all the shells! Is your favorite ship a secondary build Graf Zepplin? While I question your sanity, get on in here! Requirements: -Must know how to chill, while winning is the name of the game, don't freak out if you lose. People make bad calls sometimes, keep your chin up and move on. -No Tier requirement, anyone can join so long as they can abide by the rules. -No Win Rate Requirement, everyone is a potato at some point and sometimes it just takes playing with some more experienced players to have you notice what you're doing wrong! -Try to be active, we are a fresh clan so we won't have many slots for people at first! More oil means more buildings, which means more benefits! About Us -We have a discord server set up for the clan, which you will be invited to upon acceptance into the clan. -The clan founders are PST based, and are generally online most nights, so come play with us! -Grinding a tier? No problem, let's go faff about at lower tiers! Working on that legendary mod quest? Let's boogie! Contact If you're interested in joining the clan send me a PM on WoW's, or post here and I'll toss you an invite!
  2. Millennimeme

    [SPRDS] Spoon Lords

    Welcome to the Spoon Lords! The Spoon Lords are just a chill laid back group of gamers that just like to chill and play some WoWs. The average tier boats in our clan is about 5-7 with some people having higher. So we made a clan just so it would be a little bit easier to level up and so we have a group of people that we could play with anytime we are on. Most of us are 18+ years old but our clan doesn't have a age requirement we just ask that you be mature. We are a new clan looking for more and more active players! At the moment we have 2 upgrades for almost every facility and this is why we are looking for more active players. Even though it's not much at the moment as a clan and a community we can grow and become a top tier clan. Requirements to join : 1. Be mature 2. Be active 3. Just don't be a a** What We offer : 1. We offer a Chill environment for people of all skill levels 2. Boost in XP with upgrades in our building 3. Just a overall better experience playing Wows Extra Information : If you are not active you will be kicked after 14 days of inactivity unless a officer is notified ( we are flexible everyone has a real life ) If you want in the clan you can either look us up, message either LaxBr0s or Atlas104 on WoWs or Join our Discord and Message one of the Admins ( https://discord.gg/CsZBzQb ) Even if you don't end of joining I appreciate you giving us the time of day and Good luck to you see you out on the open sea!
  3. Valkyrie417

    T8ER KINGS Is Recruiting!

    We are just starting off on this new venture and we are looking for people to fill the ranks!. I have been in quite a few successful clans, and had enjoyed my time there. I have decided to step out on my own with a few friends of mine that I have played WoWs with a lot. Most of us are formally apart of Team Special Forces Potato Kings. We participated in Supremacy League, and won 1st place two seasons in a row, once in bronze and the other in silver. We are very familiar and skilled in team play. We want to create a fun and exciting clan. Our main focus will be on clan wars just like everyone else lol. How are we different you might ask? One we are willing to take in new people that are looking for a chill, competitive atmosphere. We want people to win and have fun while they are winning. We are fostering a competitive environment with a focus on teamwork and having the time of your life sinking the enemy. Send me a pm or hop over to our discord! Discord: https://discord.gg/JuAzgYy