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Found 1 result

  1. Iron front warband needs new members. We are a fairly new clan that needs members with their tier 10s to compete in clan wars. Our scene is mostly chill and just goofing around, having fun. We want members with tier 10 ships to battle in clan wars. Want to help you become better at the game and improve over time. Got bad stats? Who cares! Win rate below 10 percent? There's worse out there! Come join iron front and prove what it really means to be red as a tomato. The only "requirement" we have is to join our discord, this will makeep the easier for you to join and communicate around. Plus you'll find more people to [edited] around in with. Join link here -----> https://discord.gg/9gYJeC5 But that being said we actually have some requirements: At least a tier 5 or 6 bote, this makes it easier to know how well you know the game Aren't a drama llama, won't make life hard for peeps Hard working and active for the clan Are flexible with hours No toxic people Come join the iron front! You (hopefully) won't regret it