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Found 3 results

  1. I have seen quite a few posts pop up lately asking about new operations or old operations returning. Well here is your answer from Sub himself. It is time we stopped kidding ourselves: we are not getting the old operations back, and the only new operations we will see from now on are Halloween or other events. With RB introduced, WG has zero reason to rework the removed operations. Why would they give players more operations to farm FXP and Credits to help their RB grinds? I really hope people did not buy ships like Montpelier or Bayard assuming Cherry Blossom would return. RIP our dead operations, and be sure to cherish operations we still have...for now.
  2. Wargaming has their hands full with the CV rework, and we may not see these operations again until next year considering how slowly the rework is moving along. The problem here is not the rework itself, it is that playing the same four operations for months gets old very fast. So I figured I would offer some suggestions in order to get these operations back on the rotation sooner rather than later. To their credit, Wargaming did at least have the foresight to preemptively alter the four operations we still have (Aegis, Newport, Narai, Killer Whale) in preparation of the CV rework, although they sadly ignored the other five operations. So I took what they did a step further and applied it to the operations that we are still missing. The point of these suggestions is to circumvent the issue that is AI controlled enemy planes, because if we must wait for WG to figure their AI out, it will be a very long time before operations are even thought of. I have grouped the operations into what I consider salvageable and what I consider lost (will not be back until WG teaches their new AI how to fly). So without further ado, here are my quick fixes for our lost operations: Salvageable Operations: The following operations would be fine without planes, and can be brought back quickly with a few ship swaps and/or changes to relevant secondary objectives. Operation Ultimate (FU) Frontier: Ultimate Frontier is an odd one, as you begin by escorting friendly aircraft. This should not be a problem, because it is the enemy planes and their balancing that have sidelined these operations, not friendly planes that just fly to the aerodrome. Only one secondary objective would need to be changed, which is to kill the Ranger. Replace the Ranger with a USN BB, and alter the secondary objective to kill the newly added ship instead. We're done here! Operation Cherry Blossom: Cherry would be the easiest to fix. Only one secondary objective (down 50 planes) needs to be changed; a "kill x ships in x amount of time" objective would fit nicely at the end. Leave the aerodromes empty, but destroying them can remain an objective. Also, can we talk about lifting the nation restriction here? Mogami, Atago, Eugen, and Hipper would like to do operations too! Operation Hermes: Hermes would have fixes similar to both Frontier and Cherry; change one secondary objective (down 50 planes) to "kill x ships in x amount of time" or something else, and replace the Graf Zeppelin with a KM BB, and change a second secondary objective (kill CV) to the newly added BB. Again, the nation restriction against Axis. Lost Operations: The last two operations are deemed too reliant on aircraft, so we must wait until WG can sort this out. Maybe we will see them again next year... Operation Dynamo: The only operation where you will not be flamed for queuing up in a destroyer. Unfortunately, along with torpedo boats, aircraft are the only enemies you face. I cannot think of a way to alter this operation in order to avoid aircraft being present. Sadly, this one will be gone for awhile. Operation Raptor Rescue: The only operation I do not miss. You can keep this one Wargaming, and you may have Defense of Naval Station Newport back too. Thanks for reading!
  3. Hey guys I doubt many will agree with me since their are plenty of long time players who have every ship in every line unlocked but. I am fairly new to the game, and i like the game regardless of people saying the game is being killed etc and all the complainers, i really enjoyed the ultimate frontier once i finally got a group, but being new i only have a German line unlocked, and i've been farming my [edited]of for a hipper. Then to come on the test server and see a weekly ship restricted operation, to be honest it angers me, and im sure their has to be other people out there who agree who probably dont even look at the forums, the casual players who are having trouble leveling their first line of cruisers and go jap or german. Also, i have a graf spee and pensacola for the weekly VI operations, because i enjoy having a break from the normal, a break from pvp, doing something different is fun and a breathe of fresh air. I can understand the mission is an allied Operation, and i understand the historical accuracy, and if the operation was a division only operation with special prizes and rewards for doing it with a clan and division, for the people who have these countries unlocked, i can understand the country restriction and it makes sense to get together with your friends and give it a shot if you have the tools to do so. But what i do not agree with is, is a weekly operation being country restricted and leaving out the newer players who dont have the ship or the correct line for the operation, that is unfair on a large portion of the community who have not been able to unlock multiple countries or had the time free to do so, people who work and have a job, people who play casually. Alienating is not okay. even for "historical" accuracy Just my 2 cents.