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Found 4 results

  1. Went to try the Raid for the Filth, and of course people had to take advantage. Bad enough that the other teams were divisions, and we were not, but the other two teams were from the same guild and cooperating. They killed everyone not in the guild (that didn't flee). In my book, that's cheating. I know there's only so much WG can do, but they could at least scan for people in the same guild on different teams.
  2. Was attempting a DD sneak attack on the CV in Raptor Rescue earlier. I wasn't detected, and I arrived before Haoto CV spawned in. I spotted the group and was moving in to attack, the Kuma immediately dropped smoke once it spawned in and the CV's planes immediately converged on my position without me being detected. Does the AI in the Ops cheat? Because the way it converged seems very unnatural if it were a search pattern, it was a straight B-line towards me.
  3. Rabbitt81

    Hall of fame points

    The top player as of this posting has 8000-8 frikin thousand-points in the hall of fame for the British DD event. I have been playing off and on throughout the day and have 1600 points. How in all that is holy do you get 8000 points in one day? The skill level must be really really high for this game or something is fishy.
  4. In 2 of 8 battles today 3 players, 2 on my team and 1 on an enemy team deliberately took actions to throw the game to the opponents. In the 1st case team mate Mogami working off pink deliberately stayed in place AFK even under attack and did nothing until near the end of our losing battle when he finally moved sank 1 enemy and was then sunk. All the while during this brief time he was spouting off about calls for him by both teams to be reported and a red team Sims that did nothing but move to a hide and sit doing nothing. In game reporting was done followed by support ticket submission for cheating Rigged Battle specific. In the second instance a 2 CV per side with 1 Pirate CA per side our Kaga CV moved only to a broadside position to any approaching red ships or aircraft and stopped and did not launch any planes. This gave red teams CVs full run of the map decimating us. The red team Pirate HSF Graf Spee followed by others entered our base and the Spee easily sank our Kaga with a devastating torp strike. All 3 of these players blatantly cheated the 2 on my teams succeeded in throwing the battle to the red team and the Red team Sims attempt to throw the battle to my team would have succeeded had we done better. If you see such blatant cheating report it with the in battle reports note the names and action and submit a support ticket for Rigged Battle.