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Found 1 result

  1. Murasame92

    *sigh* Submarines...

    So after playing submarines for a little bit I can say i had some fun about it. However i think they should either be their own game mode, or just for holiday missions only. As its currently way to easy to play them. Yes i get that we are facing bots but out of most of the games i have played i never took any damage and i abused the hell out of the system. Never understood why the teammates around me would sink and die. All you have to do is abuse the stupidly close Detection range, sail on the surface until your detected, once you are wait till you get aimed at, or fired at whichever comes first and dive once into the water. You get undetected again and just fire your torps at point blank range, dive as deep as your sub can go under the ships and sail away as far as you can before surfacing. Surface get your air up and repeat. If your super close to the enemy like 4k or closer or running low on oxygen all you gotta do is dive once, get undetected, fire another volley and surface for a couple seconds and dive deep down and repeat this process and you can abuse the system a lot. Ive never had an issue with low oxygen cause i always dive and surface in quick succession to get my torps off. Granted this is beta and much can change. But idk i think there needs to be a different system. Cause right now i feel like its easily exploited. Idk, if subs are ever a thing in this game, ill make it my lifes mission to destroy each and every one of them in game!! xD (freaking tin can cheaters) We shall see what happens i guess. Just knowing People, they will abuse the system like i have found and everyone would be doing it until its patched or changed. Anyway this is just my humble opinion and observations based on the Halloween event.