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Found 3 results

  1. GOD FKIN DAMNIT! I'm so pissed right now (and I've had a few so)... long story short, I haven't played Juria for a looong time and figured i'd take her out. (don't mind my horrible play, that's not the point, and like I said, i am still quite buzzed) ANYWAY... so here I am up close with a red bot dd, he shoots a set of torps, I shoot and blow him up immediately, manage to avoid the torps, and suddenly (ALMOST 2!!! seconds after already being blown up the fkin thing shoots another set of torps!!!! NO they were not "already in the water". I checked the replay. and attaching it. I haven't encountered this for a long time. I remember people discussing bots cheating like 2 YEARS AGO! I thought ok maybe WG have quietly toned down some of the cheats but fkin NO! and I caught it in a replay. I know this may be a "boring" subject, and people may say "so what we know they cheat" but think of the impact these cheats can have on the new players when they see sh!t like that. Or even long time players that "arent so happy with WG" for one reason or another. Sure you could "arguably" justify some bot-cheats by lying to yourself "well ...blah blah blah the bot turned from torps immediately blah blah.." or if it "shoots the moment it blows up" Fine, but you can't possibly justify shooting torps nearly 2 seconds after and already sinking. NO WAY! WG FIX THIS STUPID SH!T ALREADY. IT IS VERY INSULTING. Sorry Komrades I didn't want to revive this necro issue but there it is caught happening beyond any shadow of doubt, and much worse than I thought. 20210705_033844_PVSD506-Jurua_17_NA_fault_line.wowsreplay
  2. Yes, there a trick to getting great damage numbers in the Graf Zeppelin... I think I'm getting this perfected.
  3. 2bears_


    With the recent update the clan base was reorganized and a portion of our spent oil was returned to us. However, this did not account for the unused oil we had acquired. PMWC has over 60,000 in oil. What happened to that oil? The oil was stolen by WOW. Hell, it's their game so I guess they can do what they want, right? So I started a ticket hoping to get a logical response. Here is how that progressed..... PMWC: You have issued us 99,600 oil for the new base. We spent more than that to get our base where it was. Also, we had over 60,000 oil not used. Please exsplain why we lost 60, 000 oil and were only issued 90,600 oil for the new base. WOW: Dear PMWC, Thank you for contacting. According to this article: https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/development/update-079-royal-navy/#new-clan-base, oil exchanged for previously constructed buildings will be returned to your clan's account. Headquarters is the only exception. Thus, the maximum capacity of the clans will remain unchanged. The Oil you will receive will be enough to claim the bonuses in the same amount as you would have claimed on the old clan base. That's why your clan received less oil than was spent. About over 60,000 oil that was not used. We will get back to you as soon as we have additional information. Until then, I have to ask you to be patient. Please wait. PMWC: I re-read the article provided in our response, which addressed oil previously used, but did not address un-used oil accumulated for future use by our clan. The fact that your response is conspicuously missing, requiring more time for your response is disconcerting. I as well as other clan members have spend real money to advance our clan by obtaining oil, an important commodity. Surely I can not be the only clan leader questioning the loss of oil. We are eager to receive your response. WOW: Dear PMWC, Depending on the level of your base some oil was spend automatically on the Headquarters. Should you have any other issues please don't hesitate to contact us. Good luck on the battlefield. Best regards, What a crock of crap. When I read their response I heard, Too bad, its our game and we will steal what we want.