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Found 24 results

  1. Is it just me or are there more people who either don't communicate in ranked, have there chat turned off, or just don't care about the game mode? I think having the ability to turn chat off was the worst for team work or team oriented game modes. I have played several matches the last few days and it seems that about 1 person per 3 matches either talks or communicates during a ranked battle. If ur gonna play a team focused game mode isnt comms needed??? Are we not supposed to work with our teams in Ranked to win not just a 6v6 random? Am I expecting too much, probably but cmon this is stupid. Can someone help me here.
  2. Stone the Crows... What does that even mean? Out of all the possible in-game quick curses... we get "Stone the Crows." Seriously, WG, we can do better than this. Anyone out of boot camp can tell you that they were sent to the quartermaster at least once for a bucket of billets, or to ask the Senior Chief for a quart of insert-naval-term-here ... Naval slang is some of the funniest stuff on the planet... I hereby humbly request more (way more) and better sea curses in an upcoming patch. Maybe even a Salty and Salt-Free option in the settings... Here are some suggestions, just off the top of my head (reply with your best): You dropped your gig line. Go ask the Master Chief for some funnel oil Send em down with th' tide Give 'em blizzards Aw Posideon's $#%@@ Holy whale farts Go drink bilge water Seriously... anything with "Scurvy Dogs" in it Is your bosun drunk again? Not on my watch Klingons ... Starboard Bow Put yer backs into it you dogs anything with "Davey Jones" Thar be dragons, lads Damn the torpedoes All ahead full Put 'im in the longboat 'till he's sober Make a hole Gangway Cap't on Deck What do you do with a drunken sailor FIRE ALL Sailing is hard, even harder if yer stupid! Hoist the Bull$^%$# Flag Smoking lamp is off mates Make em sharkbait, lads Send my regards to your wife and my kids anything with "Sea Monkeys" Clap em in irons, lads Cut anchor you bilgerats You're in for it now, you spilled the chief's coffee ALL AHEAD STERN HARD TA LARBOARD "Scratch one flattop" 'TENTION ON DECK! 50 lashes Put 'im in bed with the Capt's daugter Stick him in the scupper with a hosepipe on him Swing 'em from th' yardarm The line's not cut and the whale's not gone - FIGHTS STILL ON LADS I can only imagine what I am going to see from the scallywags in the replies to this...
  3. Apologies if this has been covered before. I think an excellent change to the game would be removing the ability to post to in-game chat once you are sunk, for two distinct reasons: First, if the game is in fact trying to recreate as closely as possible the "real" experience of naval battle, it makes no sense that destroyed ship commanders can continue to assist their teammates. One has to assume realistically that when you're floating around in the middle of the Pacific in a life raft having had your ship sunk out from under you, your ability to continue to direct the battle is greatly reduced. Second, and I think much more importantly from an enjoyable game play standpoint, is to reduce the toxic [edited] in chat. Not a scientific investigation by any means, but it seems to me that the majority of vitriol spewed in chat comes from "dead" players who were somehow wronged by their teammates, the opposition, the game developers, match maker, my mother, etc. Calling folks' intelligence/family tree/diet/career choices into question and whatnot seems to really be a sport for some people and being free to type without the restraints of actually playing the game really ups the input I have noticed. Sure, you can mute individual players, but I'd rather spend my time sucking at driving my boat please. As it stands, I tend to mute chat completely, which takes away a portion of the game obviously, so that's not great. Anyway, once you're sunk feel free to watch the battle play out from your rubber raft if you choose, otherwise jump the rescue plane and head off to port and let's cut out at least some of the "idiot/moron/mfer" value-added portion of the game please.
  4. I noticed when I'm in full-screen map (M button) and I try to chat, it types double characters lliikkee tthhiiss
  5. When entering a random or co-op battle, while in div, if I press the voice chat button, with the loading screen showing, my game will crash. This has happened several times to me. It has happened in the current version and the previous one, too. I am trying to track this down and have an idea to try but looking to see if anyone else has seen or heard of this issue before. What I am going to try is set my game to Fullscreen instead of Windowed Fullscreen. I am thinking that the interrupt somehow causes it to crash. Any thoughts would be appreciated.
  6. Chat Box in Port works at first but breaks after a while. Contacts don't work. Chat Box disappears. I am told Division Box stops working too. My other clan mates can't see me in Clan Chat either. What do I do?
  7. freggo

    Clan chat bug

    Our clan chat has been acting erratically forever. Sometimes the chat window has no messages, after the next login it may show the last messages. Yesterday I posted in the chat; and got responses. This morning the chat window shows content several days old and the last dozen or so recent posts are gone. This makes managing the clan a pain... :-( Is it just me or do others have the same problem? Is there a work around as WG does not seem to be interested in fixing it? How about showing not just the time posted but also the date ?
  8. Itnst_Pennys_boat

    Sugerencia para Desarrolladores

    Sería bueno que los jugadores tuvieran su apodo asociado a un nombre real y a una red social o e-mail. Creo que los jugadores tenemos el derecho de saber con quienes jugamos, y que aquellos que nos difaman, insultan o nos arruinan una partida, no queden escondidos en el anonimato total de internet. Donde uno queda a merced de los 3 chiflados que responden consultas en los "tickets". Sin saber qué le ocurre al otro jugador "sancionado". Sería bueno que si a uno lo banean en el juego, tengamos la posibilidad de hablar fuera del juego, como adultos, mediante un mail o una facebook.
  9. Itnst_Pennys_boat

    Sobre los reportes de otros jugadores

    Hola Foro: Quisiera comentar lo que me sucedió hoy en una batalla. Resulta que jugaba con el portaviones Implacable, en el escenario Gigante Dormido, alrededor de las 11:40 horas AM. Llegando casi al final de la batalla un jugador comienza a solicitar que me reporten diciendo que perdieron por mi culpa. Solicitó que me reportearan porque "yo arruiné la batalla". No respondí en el chat, estaba concentrado en los ataques. Me comporté con respeto. Me limité a poner 3 signos de interrogación (???), porque en principio no comprendía qué hablaba. Luego, en privado (en el puerto), le pregunté qué había dicho de mí. Y no respondió. Otro jugador puso que no me reportearan porque no era así. Sobre la batalla debo aclarar que tanto él como yo hundimos 1 barco cada uno y tuvimos un puntaje similar (él un poco superior al mío). Además puse consumibles antiaéreos en varios lugares del juego. Aunque nunca solicitaron Apoyo Aéreo. Y realicé 15 vuelos de ataque. Por supuesto denuncié al jugador formalmente a Wargaming. No es la primera vez que éste jugador me agrede. Pasó otra vez en el pasado. Me parece injusto que le carguen la culpa a un sólo jugador del resultado de una batalla. Ayer me pasó lo mismo en una batalla de rango, porque uno de los tres jugadores, decía que: "yo me alejé mucho" y me reporteó (y convenció al otro -en el chat- para que me reporteara). Siendo que en esa batalla yo tuve más puntaje que él e hice mucho más daño a barcos que ellos. Y sobreviví hasta el final, cuando el que me reporteó se suicidó lanzándose al comienzo frente a los 3 barcos enemigos. LOS JUGADORES NO DEBEN CULPAR A OTROS DE SUS FRACASOS!!!!!! Y SE DEBE REVISAR EL SISTEMA DE REPORTES!!!!! SALUDOS
  10. I am 61 years old and disabled. It is difficult for me to see some things, like the chat and mini map. I would like to suggest a movable Chat window. I could be able to move the window to a more favorable, on screen, position. Also, if the window was able to be resized and change the size of the font would be favorable. The second request is to be able to move the mini map so it can be seen easier. It would also e nice if you could increase the size of the ship names and to BOLD them. Actually it would be even better if yo could move the mini map to a second screen but i think that may be a bit much to ask. I have been playing a MMORPG since 2004 and some f these features are there. Thank you for your consideration.
  11. BEFORE YOU READ MEMES: This is a rant filled with anger so do not take any of this to heart. This is also supposed to be a comedy rant, to where you should laugh at my angryness and not get butt hurt. also sorry for grammar errors, idc im out of school, sue me, :) also it has come t my attention that its not purple, its pink. so for all of the other color blind people just read it as purple. thank you I have two separate rants that i would like to give. First one is on chat bans and the next is on being purple Why is it that you cant give criticism in game to the horrible teammates without getting a chat ban? i got chat banned for 4 days for doing that. I was playing late at night with some very nooby players. They went a cussin, so i went a cussin back trying to explain why you shouldn't show your broadside to the enemy bbs. ME> huanghe, fired torps at a completely stopped french BB 5 miles away *many seconds later Friendly DD> decides to go torp same french bb but is way far away behind islands and going in the diretion to where he could see my fired torps ME> *in chat* "hey "dd" watch out for my torps that are going to the *french BB name*" friendly DD> oblivious or just trying to get people banned, torps the BB at point blank range, and runs into one of my torps and dies ME> boom your now purple HE HAD PLENTY of time to get out of the way, my torps wernt even on the frenchy yet. yet i got the blame for it. he claimed he was typing in chat, but even if ur typing u could easily get out of it and would have heard the torp alarm and see the torp indicator. plus you could see in the replay that he could have easily went thru the medium spread. just a greedy dd who wanted the kill before me...... AND YES, its VERY possible for the dds can out maneuver friendly torpedos at a distance, its not like they are anything different or way faster than enemy torps......
  12. vonWaldenberger

    Turn Off Chat Permanently

    Is there a way we can just turn off chat completely and be done with it? Thank you.
  13. [edited] has gone far beyond the deep end this time, He bragged to us in [edited] how many times he was banned from game chat for treating other players like they do not exist. Now he is sending text messages on both discord, and a friend's phone where he said if he was at my friends house he would [edited] [edited], it is far past time to get rid of him in such a way he will not be back, The name is [edited] and his mental stability is a serious, I like playing, but every time I have to deal with him since I withdrew from his clan I had to block him from contacting me. I hope that an action is taken to end this problem,
  14. How can I make my map larger, like I see the big dudes do? And what key(s) do I hit to chat with the others? I see their comments, but can't respond. And, finally, where can I pick up another dozen I.Q. points? (Premium shop?) Desperately trying to get to 80. THANK YOU ALL. GOT IT.
  15. Hola buen día a la comunidad de gamers y al personal de Wargaming. Mediante el presente quiero hacerles conocer un caso en el client donde no se muestra la cantidad de contactos en linea. En la ventana de contactos a primera vista se muestra en cero (0) la cantidad de contactos online, pero al desplegar el listado resulta ser que si hay jugadores online. A continuacion agrego las printscreen, donde resalto en un cuadro amarillo el caso: Agradezco su atención y apoyo para corregir este caso.
  16. I really like that World of Warships (WoW) has a General chat channel during matches. I like asking questions about the game, commenting on another ship’s camo, offering tactical advise (aka lying to the other team), or just saying “Hi.” to a player I know. When World of Tanks (WoT) removed General chat it removed all of this interaction and simply put… it made the game less fun. I can understand why the Developers did it, they removed the channel in response to noxious conduct in chat. Yes, it eliminated ratting out teammate positions, but from what I’ve seen in both games the vast majority of undesirable conduct in chat is by unhappy dead players. Admittedly, WoW isn’t even approaching the toxicity that WoT was trying to address, but I’m hoping to head off this undesirable possibility by proposing two simultaneous changes to chat during a match: 1) Adding a non-selectable channel. 2) Making player transfer to the channel automatic. Here’s how it works; As soon as your vessel is destroyed you are automatically transferred to the new non-selectable channel. (Call the channel… Davey Jones, Graveyard, Iron Bottom, etc., have a contest to name it, whatever.) All dead players from both teams are automatically moved to this channel, also dead players cannot select any other channel. Since General and Team chat can't be selected, dead players cannot help or hinder players still active. They can cheer, cry, comment, or rage in the cemetery all they want. The only exception would be players in a Division retain voice communications -though I believe this to be moot since most players that group in Divisions use 3rd party voip-. This could also greatly improve the learning curve for players. Everyone could comment, give advice, critique their own or other players maneuvers and tactics, etc. Even after the match has finished. I’m not a proficient techie so I don’t know how much of an added load this is for the servers, but to minimize load a 1-minute timer for channel shut-down could start as soon as the match is finished. Does this seem viable? Is it worth the Developers time to create? If successful could it also be implemented in WoT? Thank you for your time and your comments in advance.
  17. SrJCH

    Canal de Chat Latino

    Hola Capitanes. Quiero compartirles que hay un NUEVO canal de chat en el juego para jugadores de habla hispana. Una idea muy buena, pensada y creada por el Comandante arimatea_centinela del Clan [L0B0S] L0B0S NAVALES LEGENDARI0S El canal lo encontrarán con el nombre de Alianza latina Ahí podrán encontrar a otros Capitanes para batallar juntos aprender sobre temas diversos del juego y para aquellos que no están en un Clan podrán encontrar uno Saludos Capitanes, nos vemos por esos mares
  18. WG has in my opinion has provided an opportunity to those who have been destroyed or died, the ability to observe and chat. I believe there must be some way to take advantage of this to help your team win even after you are done participating in the game. Perhaps you could: A) Promote yourself to "Fleet Admiral" and advise everyone where to go and what to do and how to best achieve the goals for a win. B) Choose one ship in the match and advise them you have their back, monitor distances, radar ships, incoming threats or opportunities. C) If you were any good at WOWS you would not have been the first to be destroyed so you have no business telling anyone what the hell to do. I have been following policy "C". Still I think there must be something I could be doing to help bring about a win. Would love to see constructive comments. Thanks.
  19. SedatedApe

    Chat Spamming

    Since the addition of the B-button, quick command thingies, there has been a really annoying number of team mates that will hit those commands...nearly non-stop. This interrupts communications between players that are actually trying to speak to others and reply important game information. Also, when I've had enough and turn these players off in chat, the B-button, quick commands continue to spam (be seen/heard) my chat. I have two suggestions: 1) Allow these B-button, quick commands to be turned off when we turn off someone in the chat also. 2) Limit the number of times a player can use the B-button, quick commands...to something like once every 10 or 20 seconds. Adding both would reduce spamming and confusion in the game. *As a side-note...a couple times I've come across someone on the other team (red guys) that is chat spamming my team's (green guys) chat with the B-button, quick commands. It seems these are not being seen/heard by his own team mates, only mine. Is this some kind of 3rd-party software that needs to be reported?
  20. It seems like every game I take out in Midway is a *crap*show. Everything I do is wrong. Every single person in game is just ripping on me. "Go back to Co-op". "Worthless CV". "You're useless". "/s Thanks for the air cover CV". I never got that much flak ever. They pretty much left me alone in Tier VIII and IX, but all of a sudden I have an off game and I'm satan's lieutenant? Is that kind of toxicity normal for Tier X? Is there any chill? I'm seriously considering turning chat off completely just to try to focus. I know I'm not great at CV. I'm trying. But geez, this is really not making me want to play my favorite ship in the world. -How does one turn off chat anyhow? Figured I might as well figure it out now in case I decide to turn it off.
  21. RomeoTango57

    Chat Banned

    I have a VERY BIG problem with the reporting system. I am getting chat banned. I will tell players to move closer or stop running away or camping or hiding. Or defend my comments about poor game play. I GET CHAT BANNED? Really WOW. How do you think these chat bans will play out in the long run? I know how. Word will get out in the gaming world and people will not play or buy your gaming stuff. WOW until you fix this issue or chat banning, I WILL NOT BUY ANY OF YOUR PRODUCTS AGAIN.
  22. Blacklist doesn't seem to work the way it does in WoT, which was an effective way to stop the people who spam the function keys. Had a Ft in the last match who must've used the at least 50 times... Gets pretty annoying. Hopefully his mom gives him a fruit roll up and puts him down for his nap, but in the meanwhile, what can a player do to stop that from happening in the game?
  23. So , I got chat banned for writing that "someone" is soo good ,that she rapes everyone while in a CV . How is this derogatory and why does this constitute a chat ban ? I raised a ticket and the guy wont even read or provide the chat history. EDIT : OKAY MY BAD , but the thing is my message in game also said that it was a poor choice of word as soon as i said it. All i have to say here is CONTEXT Matters . craphappens and chat strikes are not the solution for these issues and should be thoroughly evaulated
  24. anonym_Hf93Jbjm9WjT

    When people get angry at their CV...

    Another match, another positive team chat.... (after this I got blamed for 'not having fighters out' - I didn't have any left, but I couldn't be bothered to reply to the in game comments - as is traditional references to the sexuality of carriers followed)