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Found 82 results

  1. Chat Banned

    I have a VERY BIG problem with the reporting system. I am getting chat banned. I will tell players to move closer or stop running away or camping or hiding. Or defend my comments about poor game play. I GET CHAT BANNED? Really WOW. How do you think these chat bans will play out in the long run? I know how. Word will get out in the gaming world and people will not play or buy your gaming stuff. WOW until you fix this issue or chat banning, I WILL NOT BUY ANY OF YOUR PRODUCTS AGAIN.
  2. Blacklist doesn't seem to work the way it does in WoT, which was an effective way to stop the people who spam the function keys. Had a Ft in the last match who must've used the at least 50 times... Gets pretty annoying. Hopefully his mom gives him a fruit roll up and puts him down for his nap, but in the meanwhile, what can a player do to stop that from happening in the game?
  3. So , I got chat banned for writing that "someone" is soo good ,that she rapes everyone while in a CV . How is this derogatory and why does this constitute a chat ban ? I raised a ticket and the guy wont even read or provide the chat history. EDIT : OKAY MY BAD , but the thing is my message in game also said that it was a poor choice of word as soon as i said it. All i have to say here is CONTEXT Matters . craphappens and chat strikes are not the solution for these issues and should be thoroughly evaulated
  4. I tried posting this in the appropriate Mod section (where I thought it belonged) but there was no option to start a topic there so here we go... There is a mod within the ModStation mods which allows you to move the chat window but more importantly to completely disable all chat... yea, nice. I was running it today, with the chat window upper left, chat deactivated. Match started I have no keyboard controls. None. I started circling. I could do nothing to get control back. I even went into the controls option and changed a control so the file would get saved, hoping that would do it. Nope. Then I hit the enter key a couple of times. Then tried the navigation keys. Somehow, for some reason, it started working again. I think what happened was this: Chat windows disabled. Enter key still triggers chat mode. Thinking you are typing into the chat window, you cannot control your ship with the keyboard. This is normal. But with the chat windows disabled, the ENTER key still opens the "now invisible" chat window interface. IOW - if you press the ENTER key you still go into chat mode. Difference being you just don't SEE your chat interface. So this mod does not function as you would expect. Or should I say "I would expect". If I turn a feature off then pressing the ENTER key ought not trigger that feature. Hiding screens without changing the action for the ENTER key is not good. I'm yanking the mod. As best as I can tell that is what happened. Feel free to try it out yourself.
  5. CHAT icons

    A playmate gave me this codes for the chat... to identify myself... or himself... whatever... in order to see what kind a boat has... [a0] CV green [a1] BB green [a2] CR green [a3] DD green [s0] CV white [s1] BB white [s2] CR white [s3] DD white I would like to know which is the code for red... Hoping that not any moderator delete my post... I'm not breaking any rule... Or encouraging spamming on the chat... It is SO NICE write: [a3] I'm going to "xxx"... and the reader knows that it is a DD who is talking without any other effort.
  6. Since it seems not everybody knows about this (the first time I saw it, I legitimately thought my game was broken), I might as well put it out there. You can type ship icons in chat, as well as whether they are friendly, enemy, or neutral. Follow this outline: [(letter)(number)] Letters: a = ally (green) e = enemy (red) s = neutral (white) Numbers: 0 = CV 1 = BB 2 = CA 3 = DD For example, [e2] is an enemy cruiser, [a1] is an allied BB, and [s3] is a neutral destroyer.
  7. I got docked some Karma because teammates started [edited] at me because I didn't do exactly what they wanted. (Though I ended up 2nd in points) Little did they know I had lost my rudder and my ship was being flooded because I was torped. My repair was on cool-down. Not a dam thing I could do. So, I lost Karma. Now ... WG ... hands out rewards for players who don't get reported or lose Karma, but because of a couple of players, I'm screwed.
  8. Was in a match against a clan, didn't do anything offensive except using F6 to ping targets. At the end of the match, got 4 compliments, but also chat banned. WG please add an extra check in your auto ban system to check if the reports from the same clan. This is ridiculous. Getting chat banned because a clan division ( a clan division that was attempting to sync drop btw) got butt hurt and all reported one person for butt hurt reasons.
  9. Post-Battle chat?

    Sometimes I wish the in-game chat window would remain open until I exit the battle summary. What I mean is that I'm usually too busy while playing for friendly chit-chat and afterwards I'm not usually confident or outgoing enough just to message someone. Obviously, if I want to make contacts or whatever the avenue exists, but I like the idea of having the opportunity to relax and discuss the game in team chat with anyone who might care to stick around. Maybe it's a dumb idea and most people are in a rush to find the next battle, someone else might just relish the extended opportunity to play the blame game, but I have to believe that a percentage of players might be interested in what I'm proposing and for those that aren't it would be business as usual as they could just return to port. Post-game chat might add an opportunity to socialize, that little unobtrusive push, that some folks need to get started with contacts, divisions, clans, what have you.
  10. Are we all just fed up with poor performance? It would seem like that is the case as so many Forum threads are about Weekend Players and simply poor Random Players.... Today In Chat I saw a player that is clearly on his way to a stress induced medical problem all because our team lost the Randumb game.... So I have the answer!!!! Special Ships for Special People. Many sports use some form of handicap so that there is fairer competition. Horse Racing and Sailboat Racing both do so. Horse Racing - The horse has to carry around lead weights as well as the Jockey.... I think...have never raced a horse Sailboat Racing - If the sailboats are not of the same design, class ( Known as one design) some form of handicap system is used. The most common is one that takes many factors into account and then gives a slower boat more time to finish the race. The winning boat is not always the first sailboat to cross the finish line. These rules can be very long formulas and some are secret. WOWS - It would be only for Randumb battles. Why you idiots....get so excited about Randumb and Co-op battles is completely lost on me but..... OK For only Randumb battles use a formula that gives every ship a base. Even if you are FLAMU you get the base number....BUT if you are a poor player in that tier you get a higher number.... Maybe it is Ship XP or something.....Basically it makes the poor players ship harder to sink and planes harder to shoot down. What do you think? Absolutely dumber than a Delorean or brilliant like a Tesla?
  11. I want to remove someone from the clan because they are extremely inactive (last battle 3 months ago), so I can free up a space and bring a buddy of mine on board. But I really don't want to remove them without a message saying they are welcome back if they want. But I think my message to someone wouldn't last hours, let alone the months or even longer that I'm looking for. Anyone know how long they last? Anyone know a workaround? Guess I could message them on the forums and hope they check it... Thanks!
  12. Seriously. Let's put the Function keys (F Keys) to work eh? Sure, sure you have an "X" there which "closes" chat but it doesn't. After 12K matches I am sick of the chat window. It burns real estate I'd much rather use to view the sea. So what do you want, Herr? I want an F key which completely, totally and without doubt removes all chat functionality from the display. I don't wanna see it. Not at all. Nothing. Now if you have an issue with that I'm sorry, because I know the chat system exists for comradeness, that is, to get random people to work as a team. There is however, so much useless info every match it makes me want to hurl cookies. I can mute a player but why spend time muting players when I could just press an F key and poof, goneski... I bet it would take your team what, a couple of hours to add the funtionality? Maybe an hour to test? You could do it tomorrow "If You Wanted To" (IYWT). Please determine it is something you want to do so I don't have to see F-key spamming, multiple clan adverts, posts about player's mothers/brothers/sisters/fathers and/or animals. It really is getting disgusting. It adds nothing to the match because it has devolved into a sewer pipe I do not wanna see on my display. tiafyc
  13. Since the update, my chat windows do not stay when I move them around in the port. They always reset to the default positions in the bottom left corner after returning from a battle. This issue also affects the division windows in the same manner.
  14. Those of you who've been watching Off-Topic Discussion have probably noticed this, but allow me to explain for those who are unaware. A certain player has taken it upon themselves to berate every player in chat and degrade the quality of chat. I personally have reported thirteen of the fourteen accounts this person has made that I am aware of, and before you say anything, I know it's the same person. The way they names their accounts, their mannerisms, the same Bing or YouTube link that they post in chat all the time. It's infuriating. Frankly I'm sick and tired of it. Yes, I can blacklist him, and I encourage everyone that encounters him to do so and move on. Except, that doesn't get rid of the problem. Out of sight doesn't mean out of mind. See, this person has multiple accounts queued up to go one after another. One was banned within the evening of this post going up and immediately was replaced by another spam account. I'm sure Wargaming is doing their level best to get rid of these accounts as soon as the reports come in, but something better needs to happen. I would like to see moderators, whether they're WG employees or volunteers from the player-base, implemented. If that's not possible, how about WG bans the IP/computer/whatever prevents them from doing this. I understand there's a rule on the forums about shaming other players, but this issue can't be brought to light without mentioning this person's spam accounts. Some of their accounts that have been banned so far are White_Chevy_Celebrity, PantherPrein, SteriliazationAndMurder, ColdCodeineCupOfDrank, KillMarineBabyKillers, and PAINandGAIN_LugoSTRONG. His most recent account made is McDonaldsDoubleQuarter. If you don't believe me, I've posted screenshots of his spam. This is an epidemic that's been going on for months and it needs to end. It is ruining the social aspect of the game for me and many other players who enjoy going to the chat rooms to interact with others. Thank you for listening to my rant. P.S. I'm crap at navigating forums, so if someone can show me a better place on the forums to post this, thanks.
  15. chat after battle

    there may be a topic on this do not know where to find so my question is after a battle why is there no chat room to chat to your team mates after a random battle or any battle for that matter why are we forced to go to the port some of us would like to complement others good or bad play???
  16. I'd like to pose this question to everybody on the forums and I tried to put the level of toxicity in order of what I think is more and more offensive (from bottom to top, I know some people that think ship puns are an offense of the highest order). I'd like to have the forum's input on what they consider over the line. I've been guilty of typing things like "rekt", "deleted", or "hi there" after a Devastating Strike in general chat and some people have called me toxic for it. I've also come up with a ton of ship puns and most people feign being offended but I've met some players that have reported for it. I think this could be a productive discussion and I'd like as many perspectives on it as I can get. I know @Crucis has strong feelings about the taunting bit: we were in a game across from each other and one of his teammates was Devastatingly Struck and the player typed "deleted" in general chat, leading to an escalation between both sides. In the end, the player who typed "deleted" showed how immature he truly was, but I don't think the comment in itself was over the line. It's banter, and at most, I think it should've been ignored. Was it classy? No. But in my personal opinion, I don't think it's toxic. If someone requests, I'll let you in on some of the ship puns I've made over the year.
  17. Create Group Chat

    Hey folks - looked through the forums but couldn't find an answer. How does one go about creating a group in chat where contacts can be separated? Thanks!
  18. The Chat Wheel

    Twice now I've had an issue arise, where seemingly out of the blue, the overlaid "chat wheel" pops up.Similar to this image from WoT: Essentially, what command do I press to bring that up and, more importantly, get rid of it? See, while in this menu, you cannot fire. You can steer and change acceleration, but as I fruitlessly pounded my keyboard, nothing would happen. Not even clicking on the selections. So what button do I keep accidentally pressing to bring this up, and how do I get rid of it once it appears? EDIT/UPDATE: Guess I'm just an idiot. Thank you for the quick responses.
  19. I logged in today to find that the Clan chat/text window at the bottom of the screen of missing. I logged in and out a few times and it is still not there. I've heard others have the same problem but I haven't heard how it was ever fixed. Any ideas?
  20. If you are going to use a multi-click macro then turn the <bleeping> thing off before you issue a chat command. This guy filled the chat screen every time he sent one of the canned messages.
  21. Near the end of the game defending cap and holding the East flank with little help (we lost a Scharn early on on my E side - lots of bombs and torps)... Checked my damage totals and cleared 64K at the time - just after a VERY long range torp hit sinking a DD... Also #1 on the team additionally. Not a huge game but better than most games the last few days....
  22. Well crapola...

    Sooo - how many folks will own up to accidentally chatting important stuff - to the all team chat? 2 times this weekend and once today. Sometimes hitting the tab bit hit something else (not a touch typist even though IT professional) or 'knowing' I am on all chat when I hit tab once before. The combinations are endless.
  23. I found a new bug that locked up my WoWS GUI. I pressed "B" then the enter key and went into chat. From here the rest is history as shown in the video. I have a tech support ticket on for this problem.
  24. When people get angry at their CV...

    Another match, another positive team chat.... (after this I got blamed for 'not having fighters out' - I didn't have any left, but I couldn't be bothered to reply to the in game comments - as is traditional references to the sexuality of carriers followed)
  25. Full Team Voice Chat

    Division Chat... what a joke!!! In a Game where Voice is necessary WE STILL have JOKE Div Chat!!!! Seems to me.. Wow's NEEDS to GROW UP and add full Team voice chat!. it should be done... other games can do this easy and for ALOT LESS $$$ from players, yet here we are still are in the dark ages!!! The Concept of TEAM in this game is crap... i took to playing Co-op cuz "TEAM PLAY" is like a bag of marbles dumped on table, all doing there own "thing" ,,, can't blame the players for not knowing how to read minds... But you can Blame the Retarded Chat of the game, for not allowing you to exchange idea's and plan's!! 1. Full Team Voice chat 2. option to mute other players 3. option to tune to only Div chat or full team With out this i see this game never improving in Team play... TOO many Minds that can't talk is like a computer lacking a network!!! Sad to think WE have to use Team Speak, because WoW's can't speak!!!