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Found 3 results

  1. A pretty simple chart on high tier ship class popularity for May 2021 that was spurred by a discussion on cruiser numbers. All data is from maplesyrup ( http://maplesyrup.sweet.coocan.jp/wows/ranking/index.html ) The usual disclaimers apply for third party information. As far as I'm aware this is only on public accounts and Random Battles. So Ranked could be attracting certain classes, siphoning them from Randoms. Regardless, what's striking isn't the popularity of BBs, but how DDs have gotten more popular in the current environment, competing with CAs for second most popular class. A few years back this would have been unthinkable as CAs tended to be almost as, and at certain points more popular than BBs.
  2. Hello everyone, some of you may have seen this on Reddit but I'd like to bring this home to NA. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1N3J2SIkED_rny9I8tYXrDwhZRkp3jX8eXWw8HnxiLqo/edit?usp=sharing This is a dispersion chart for every ship in the game, at every range. simply find which line your ship falls under in the first row, and the dispersion will listed below. For a quicker comparison, a graph has been added at the bottom. Now i also need help maintaining this for a few reasons Content is always changing and i can't keep up with all of it. (especially the barrage of premiums) Better organization of information. If it can be simplified without sacrificing the integrity of the information it should be done. Adding other content if needed. There's lots of hidden things going on in this game, some are need to know (sigma), others are completely unimportant to know (krupp). Adding that information and organizing it in a meaningful way should be beneficial to everyone. Sadly I cannot Allow everyone to edit this sheet. I should be able to, but past experience has shown that it only takes 1 bady to ruin something for everyone. If you are a CC, Wiki Editor , or ST, you are exempted from this; If you want edit permissions, please PM me so i can get you set up. If you do not have edit permissions, you can still help. If you want to suggest an edit, you can either comment for a change below, or if you go file/make copy you can work from whats already been done and then post your work in the comments. I would recommend asking if what your working on is wanted, or needed before burning your time on something no one asked for. Feel free to use this, or any deviation of it, in your own content.
  3. In discussing the whole issue with matchmaking, I decided to take the stats provided by WoWS Stats & Numbers as of August 28, 2018 and create a chart to average the Win Rate stats for each ship type by tier. I used a weighted average by first calculating the number of wins for each ship then totaling those wins and dividing by the total number of battles for all ships of that type and tier. The Win Rate for All Ships in the tier was calculated in the same way to come up with the weighted average by tier. I started with T5 because most of the forum discussions seemed to be centered around T5 and up matchmaking. I'd like to hear your thoughts on what we can conclude from this, or if I need to alter my methodology. Obviously, the percentages are all pretty close to 50%, as they should be when averaged over many games and players. However, because of the large sample size, even the smallest variances could mean something. My own observations: 1. BB's start off well in T5 and T6, but lose more often as they go up in tier. 2. T6 Cruisers seem to be an outlier for that ship type, as well as T9 Cruisers, but most T9 cruisers gain Repair Party which is significant in T7/T8 matches. 3. CV's, like BB's, start off well in lower tiers but lose more often as they go up in tier. 4. T8's overall Win Rates actually fare better than T10's (whoa there, that's heresy!). 5. T5's Win Rate doesn't look as bad as people make it out to be, pretty close to T6 and somewhat better than T7. 6. Looking at the All Ships Win Rate, it's more difficult to win the higher you go, although T9's seem to enjoy a slight uptick in Win Rate thanks to Cruisers & DDs. 7. DD's don't have below a 50% Win Rate in any of the tiers listed...DD's Rule! 8. Your own mileage may vary... Win Rate by Tier - Weighted Average Ship Type Tier V Tier VI Tier VII Tier VIII Tier IX Tier X BB 51.42% 51.50% 51.19% 50.76% 50.34% 49.87% CA/CL 50.88% 51.38% 50.87% 50.54% 51.19% 49.72% CV 50.72% 50.70% 49.98% 49.89% 49.46% 47.15% DD 51.50% 51.02% 51.17% 50.77% 51.14% 50.27% All Ships 51.21% 51.30% 50.99% 50.65% 50.78% 49.89% Memo Only: All Wins 20,499,740 21,738,213 21,533,444 20,177,450 9,525,583 9,113,877 All Battles 40,027,329 42,371,777 42,231,421 39,834,628 18,760,038 18,267,866