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Found 5 results

  1. Flamu is running a charity livestream along with StreamLabs to raise money for Save The Children foundation. Warships, games, ship givaways. Good non-partisan cause. Flamu Charity Livestream
  2. I find it to be odd that no world of warships YouTubers are talking about #teamseas yet. I guess I will be the first one giving my thoughts on it sometime tomorrow. For those unaware it is project to remove garbage from rivers and the ocean by donating one dollar to remove one pound of trash and so on.The effort is backed by famous YouTubers Mark Rober and Mrbeast and many others. I will leave a link here to the donation page https://teamseas.org I challenge all world of warships YouTubers to make a video on #teamseas
  3. tmaco

    BlazeAid via Wows NA

    I just saw the BlazeAid bundles Wot Asia is selling. Brilliant idea and going right where there is a now need. BlazeAid supports teams of handyman and fencers going into burnt out areas and putting up farm fencing and doing emergency repairs in small burnt communities. The news tonight interviewed a farmer on his quad bike trying to round up what cattle he had left and get them off the roads. He had lost 30km of fences to the fires and could not contain the cattle. Untill insurance comes in all his cash is going to feed and water. Hey Femennenly and Hapa_fodda, can Wows NA do something similar. Say sell fire engine red camo for Vampire and Perth, sell a Koala or Roo flag. I live 50 km from the Dunns road fire and although i work full time I am a wildlife carer with a bunch of babies being raised. Some from the fire grounds. A wombat, a wallaby, a wallaroo, 8 kangaroos and 6 baby flying foxes. All my spare money goes to buy them milk and feed, but I would still buy some premium stuff if you put at least some of the revenue to something like BlazeAid. What do you recon??? Tony (Tmaco)
  4. Navalpride33

    Charity Rewards-

    After over 3 years of playing, getting to know my play style, hoping to see my dream ship again in the shop, Praying to get lucky with Santa crates, only getting to play the said ship in events. I log in today and surprise.. I finally have her in my port. The odds were stacked against me according to @Femennenly spread sheet only 2 people out of the whole NA server population manage to snag her...A big welcome to the Kamikaze Here is the evidence, she's in port safe and sound... For the up coming charity events, use this post as a bookmark to those who think its not possible to get your dream ship or its rigged... Its not... Thank you @Femennenly and her crew of fellow minions for making a sailors New Year a happy one. Happy new year!
  5. Has WOWs ever considered having an EBAY like auction for discontinued ships? If they do not want to do it for profit (Which is a great idea IMHO!!) What about Charity auction? WOWs has done things for the Battleship Texas and Vet causes. I would gladly contribute a Nikoli I ….Built with Stalinium and has Russian Bias module plus Halloween Camo....Scare your enemies to death!!! How much would one person pay for a Missouri or some other boat