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Found 5 results

  1. I have a question I've been pondering for the longest, but I think now is the time to ask it. Why are people in such adamant disagreement with subs? I remember there was a time when if a player had issues with the DD class, people would either advise the player to learn, change their strategies, play DD(s), or avoid tight areas. But now that Subs are released, sure, there has been discussion of the many counters that nearly every class possesses, yet people are still upset as if they weren't used to dealing with a class that can magically throw a smoke bomb and vanishes like a magician. I don't see the problem; both types require similar tactics to overcome, so then why are people so disgruntled over something they already usually do, with a few altered or changed steps? What happened to the Change, Adapt, and Overcome crowd? Were they suddenly snuffed out through all the complaints, or did they give up at adapting and want the game continuously to stay stagnant? And yes, that sounds a bit antagonistic, but I think change is good. But, sometimes, you need a different pillow to truly appreciate what you had or can have, given time. Oh, and I'm sure those with a 20,000 battle count have a different outlook than I do. They've seen all the tricks, done all the ranked, and or clan battles. So they pretty much ( Well, at least they should in theory unless they only play and don't think) know the game's pros inside and out. Mentioning this, I'm clarifying that I don't know everything there is to WOWS. So I could not be contributing a factor essential to understanding how subs are somehow different from DD(s), both hide and play mind games until the possibility is no longer feasible. I'm going to call in an in-game expert for her opinion on the topic, @LittleWhiteMouse. So could you please come up to the podium and give your thoughts on the matter, please? And thank you. Oh, and @Princess_Daystar, since she seems experienced while being a pleasant conversationalist on the open forums. Thank you for reading.
  2. I've noticed an increase in complaints threads about a multitude of subjects, and I've debated addressing it, but due to the recent accusations of a forum moderator. Now, would a better chance than any other time. Ok, people, you won't be happy until you accept that these new changes are how things are now. I completely understand why you're upset; you may have taken a break from the game and have to relearn the game entirely because your strategies are now inadequate to combat the recent changes. Or life just hasn't given you enough time to enjoy the game you love so much. But, I hear you; you dislike changing before you even got entirely comfortable with it. Look, not every adaptation will be warm, soft, and cuddly; sometimes, you need to accept the prickly changes before things get better. Cause, if you decide to wait for things to go back to how they were, well...It is better not to go that route because you could be waiting for something that may never arrive. I'll be honest; I personally prefer the RTS carrier gameplayer over the first person one; the FPS style gives you less control for a feeling of inclusive gameplay. With all things, sometimes they will be required to experience change that you would rather it didn't; you can either adapt to the new changes or wait for a return that will never come. Those aren't the mutually exclusive options you have in your possession, but they make the most noticeable difference in your perspective on WOWS and your game outlook. What you now need to look for is what about WOWS currently makes you comfortable so that you can somewhat embrace the changes instead of going against the inevitable tide of the new meta. Not trying to find what makes you comfortable will only make you unhappy. None of us will be comfortable until we are all comfortable, meaning starting arguments with someone else won't fix your problem, instead of doing your best to get comfortable with what you have now. As always, thank you for reading.
  3. This is not a CV whine complaint, but more of a discussion/reflection. IMO, CVs have to much disproportional influence, due to power creep of CVs. Because of this, it has changed the rules of engagement for certain ship sizes... As promised, I present a replay to one of many battles reflecting this aspect of the game.... I repeat the words of Mighty Jingles... "If a CV is caught not paying attention, sleeping or out of position... Why is it the DD driver have to be punished and not rewarded, by not being able to sink the CV or down his planes ?" Many will adapt to the change... But it doesn't mean, its fun or have justified disdain for the class. This is not only in the low and mid tiers, upper tiers its the same situation but more intensified. 20200606_233718_PJSD025-True-Kamikaze_17_NA_fault_line.wowsreplay Remember, the replay will expire when the new patch comes into affect... If you have recording software you can post it again if you like. GL/HF
  4. This is what to look forward too in 2020... Let me set the stage, In a Flint finding my favorite Wifu rock in the map so that I can rein fire in domination mode... B cap is being rushed by the reds, only 2 ships at A cap so I aim for the middle of my rocky Wifu... I got spotted from B Next thing I know, half my HP is gone... Its not from the reds at B (they have a clear angle to my citadel). It was a BB from behind the rock.... Out of my range but yet easy for him to take half my HP.. As a narrow target as I was (facing north and south bow on at the time), I was shocked but not surprised.. AP from BBs has gotten to easy to citadel light cruisers even from bow on... Due to these circumstances, I dont blame if my follow cruisers dont want to play Domination mode properly... A BB nails 3 shots on a bow on Light cruiser just getting into position and its port... It is what it is, the game is centered on BBs/guns and rockets for 2020. I'll adapt (pics below). I would include the replay but I after 30min of searching in the WOWS drives.. I haven't found it
  5. 1. Save Yer Star - remove it. Yup. Enough ranked battles under my belt indicates the Save Yer *ss (star) feature needs to be removed from Ranked battles of all types. Remove it completely, see ya, bye bye. Replace it with a few extra "irrevocable" positions - not a lot, but a couple. Why?