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Found 9 results

  1. Welcome Home everyone, A little about my self. I am a Twitch streamer and a CC for World of Warships. I stream everyday at 9pm PST. My goal is to grow my community and have fun doing so. I have 14 clans over two servers at the moment that being NA/EU which i am planning on growing into the other two servers sooner then later. I have zero tolerance for toxicity in game and in my community. I am trying to make a 3rd Home for people to be able to come in and hangout and div up with others to have fun. Everyone is welcome just follow my rules. I am also an advocate for mental health which is a big problem with society that needs to be addressed and helped with. I also have a Stream Team dedicated to helping streamers grow they channels and communities. If you are looking for a team to join as a streamer Dm me in discord for more info. Broadcasted live on Twitch -- Watch live at https://www.twitch.tv/wookie_legend Hi all, Check out my Z-46 game play taken from my live stream which you can find below. I had a great game with a division and would love to see you in Stream with me soon. What do you think of the game play? Want to see me play live? Check out the links below. Our Training Room events help players improve their game play and avoid common mistakes will all ship types. You can watch Training Room events every Saturday night (PST) on https://www.twitch.tv/wookie_legend! If you, or your entire clan, are interested in joining the Wookie Empire, please join our Discord server and inquire in the Recruitment channel! Wookie Links! Twitch - https://www.twitch.tv/wookie_legend Discord - https://discord.gg/ZQDJbP4 Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/wookie_legend/ We are very proud to support our veterans and anyone in need of emotional or mental support: The Valhalla Project - https://tilvalhallaproject.com/ StackUP.org - https://stackup.org/ The Legion - https://www.legion.ca/support-for-vet... Veteran's Crisis Line - 1-800-273-8255 or http://www.veteranscrisisline.net/ Yellow Ribbon Suicide Prevention Program - https://yellowribbon.org/ Crisis Services Canada - https://www.crisisservicescanada.ca/en/ Music: StreamBeats @spotify
  2. warheart1992

    Why wargaming did the right thing

    For everyone's consideration though the thumbnail is a bit eh.
  3. now you won't know if the ship is trash or OP until it's ready to release.
  4. Hey everyone! It has been a while since I have posted anything on this forum or my youtube channel that used to cover WoWS. Below is a link for a short video about me starting to make content again, however it won't be for wargaming titles. I explain my reasons for not promoting WG anymore in the video. This post mainly serves to thank all of you who enjoyed my Warships content in the past. Despite the reasons for me not making those videos anymore, the community surrounding this game has always been fantastic and I wanted to recognize that by saying that the one thing I have missed most since I stopped making content for this game, was the interactions I had with the community and the passion you all have. In that sense it is bittersweet for me and I will sorely miss all of you. Channel Update 5: A New Direction Thank you for your time, and farewell.
  5. Well, the preliminary photos are in from SD Model Makers. Some additions and alterations still need to be done, but she is coming along nicely. She is 30” long, so just under 1:350 scale. Something like 1:34896 or whatever. For those of you who don’t know, the Lexington -class aircraft carrier, or CV, was originally supposed to be a battlecruiser, or CC. The model is is being built in a configuration that suggests what she might have looked like as a CC in USN service in early 1941. ARMAMENT: x8 16”/50 main guns. x10 6”/53 secondary guns. x10 5”/25 heavy AA guns. x6 1.1”/75 “Chicago Piano” medium AA guns. x19 Water cooled M2 .50 caliber BMG light AA guns. Enjoy!
  6. This thread is about two specific topics both rolled into one. I had the opportunity to tune into the fight for flagship tournament today and I would like to express my gratitude to a return to nostalgia and a second chance at redemption, which I will explain later. @Femennenly You wanted shout outs so here is mine. First things first, watching the streams today, there was some fun games and good plays. I also learned a lot about positioning and hope to apply it to my own gameplay. The Fight for Flagship tournament could serve several purposes; 1. Improve interest (indirectly) to the Research Bureau as tier 8 ships looked fun to play again. 2. Return to a Supremacy League style format that I used to watch. This was in my opinion the best of all competitive formats. Nostalgic soup! The option to have bans was also a nice touch. 3. Stagnation...by making one of the tournament formats something in other than tier 10...this also helped to be a bit more refreshing...again thank you. As for redemption, I would like to nominate @Quadrilus to be a Community Contributor. Quad assisted in putting together a great tournament and wrote a very length rule guide...which was refreshing and unique to other game modes I have seen. I do believe at one time he was being considered for a CC position but for some reason was not selected. I would strongly ask that you reconsider. He is critical to the community and a value added. In conclusion, give Fight for the Flagship tenure as a return to Supremacy League and give Quad a second chance at becoming a community contributor. Everyone deserves a fair shot at redemption...lets get him into the program!
  7. Just curious since quite a few streamers (from EU) I watch will be attending a CC summit organized by WG in Moscow. Does anybody know if there will be any NA CCs attending as well? Might be a good opportunity to at least communicate some of the issues we see constantly on the forums (and I can imagine on Reddit too).
  8. Not sure if this is even allowed though, I would like to nominate @Potato_Quality as a Community Contributor...he has good stuff on his streams and is a friendly easy going player. Seems to be the material we need in the game. If you think this is a good idea SOUND OFF!
  9. Heyo Captains! Please find below all of your NA Community Contributors with links to where you can find them: @Lord_Zath - "Zath's Replay Theater: Any replay, any result, I'm here to help YOU!" YouTube / Twitch @Angry_Nerd - "Defender of Freedom - If you're looking for expert gameplay, sound tips & tactics, you're in the wrong place." YouTube @SeaRaptor00 - "USN DD and German CA/CL enthusiast, lead Wiki editor, and competitive Warships caster" YouTube / Twitch @CaptainJiveTurkey - "Sub Driver. On my channel, I talk about Cold War naval platforms, tactics, and history." YouTube / Twitch / Facebook @ViirtualSenpai - "Ex-eSports and top-tier competitive WoWS player looking to educate and desalinate the seven seas, one player at a time." Twitch @TechDeals - "There is no such thing as too good a deal or too much firepower" YouTube / Twitch @Talleyrand - "The Pan-American Navies Espscialist" Website (ES) @Hyf1re - "Beard? check, Aviators? check, Drink? check, Welcome aboard!" Facebook @LittleWhiteMouse - "Mostly Tame Canadian" ShipComrade Articles / Summary of Premium Ships / Patreon @Notser - "-" YouTube / Twitch @Mejash - "Holy guacamole" Twitch / YouTube @NoZoupForYou - "Thanks for Watching, Zoup Out!" YouTube / Twitch @FuryTomic - "A die-hard anime fan who’s willing to help others." YouTube @keviseeb - "-" Twitch / YouTube @StatikTheWarmonger - "-" Twitch / YouTube @OniTheWicked - "Low salt, high octane, maximum destruction." Twitch / YouTube @Sone_mg - "I like setting ships on FUEGO!" Twitch @OverLordBou_TTV - "A chill and casual WOWs player looking to bring joy and torpedo beats to all" Twitch @Destroyer_KuroshioKai - "#ships.edu" YouTube @Kaliburi - "The only Australian who hates Vegemite. Fights Kangaroos to stream just for you" Twitch @Wookie_Legend - "Casual CC here ready to keep you warm, don't worry I don't bite. Let's be friends." Twitch @Pops_Place "There's no time like family time." Twitch @Kidneycowboy "Setting Perma Fires and Citasunk ships." Twitch @Black_Jack_Honour "Drinky Ships and Shooty Beers." Twitch @GameProdigy_TTV "NA's most trusted source of bad decisions." Twitch @_greifer "Thrives on being hunted on stream and a disciple to pineapple on pizza!" Twitch @Gaishu_Isshoku "Running it down." Twitch @AnIolairGhorm "A good-natured content creator, German ship aficionado, and Vulcan of game analysis" YouTube @IN_GENERAL "New, Casual or Hardcore, There is always something to enjoy here in general!" Twitch @retired8404 Twitch @Boggzy "Don't forget to subscribe - because that's what heroes do." Podcast Twitch @TheDenarmo "Ship *clap* Review! *clap*" YouTube @Wallsterix Twitch (PTBR) @HMS_Popeye "Repassando conhecimento, ou pelo menos tentando! Traga seu espinafre e suba a bordo!" Twitch (PTBR) @GumiSamaChan "Pelea por los Catapunchis." Facebook (ES) @Pollitosincausa "¡Cuando era niño hundía barcos de papel, ahora que soy adulto hundo barcos digitales gg!" Facebook (ES) @JulianHeafy "Bienvenidos a mi casa! partidas cortas y buenas charlas." Twitch (ES) @S3VYN "Music, tech, baseball, and boats!" Twitch @Ahskance "Flight Instructor: Carrier Discussion, Learning, and Play" Twitch @ReimuBakarei "All things carrier related. Learn and improve!" YouTube @MalteseKnight "Home of the Biggest Fans." Twitch @Jav0105 "Siempre mejorar, nunca estancarse, nunca quedarse en la misma posición, hay que empujar los limites, el techo no es este, todavía hay mucho mas por crecer." Twitch