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Found 5 results

  1. Hi All - I'm TC, a WoWs CC mainly on the EU Server, but I also dable here as well :) I hope your all having a great time and looking forward to Christmas!! Folks of the World of Warships Forums, Hello and Welcome to the 1st Annual BOBS Christmas Event!! Starting this year, we The Brotherhood of Beards[BOBS] community invite you to mark in your calander's some dates!!! Starting on the 13th of December and running everyday till Christmas Eve - BOBS Members will be out looking for players to nominate to recive a Random Prize!!! 1 Person per day will get a Prize (Picked at Random) Ranging from soem dubloons and prem days all the way up to a Tier 8 Prem Ship!!!! They have strict instructions from me to look for people in game who are fun, made the game a enjoyable experiance and worked well as a Team!!! I'll drop a short video on here the following the Draw for you to see who has won and the Prize they got for that day!!! Our BIG EVENT Starts at 17:00 on the 21st of December!!! The following link will show you, who is taking part, Prizes that are there to be won, and when!!! Click here for the Schedule!!! There will be other things on offer as well and you'll see there are some yet to be decided prizes - You won't know what they are unless your there!!!  We Look Froward to seeing you all there and on the Sea :)
  2. Not sure if this is even allowed though, I would like to nominate @Potato_Quality as a Community Contributor...he has good stuff on his streams and is a friendly easy going player. Seems to be the material we need in the game. If you think this is a good idea SOUND OFF!
  3. Heyo Captains! Please find below all of your NA Community Contributors with links to where you can find them: @Lord_Zath - "Zath's Replay Theater: Any replay, any result, I'm here to help YOU!" YouTube / Twitch @Capt_Rye - "Expert battle analysis with a buttery voice" YouTube / Twitch / Facebook @Khreegor - "A Low sodium Cruiser monkey looking to bring some fun! #stillnotpeach" Twitch @Angry_Nerd - "Defender of Freedom - If you're looking for expert game play, sound tips & tactics, you're in the wrong place." YouTube @Fetchez_la_Vache - "Having fun showing "how to" and "how not to" captain." YouTube / Twitch @SeaRaptor00 - "USN DD and German CA/CL enthusiast, lead Wiki editor, and competitive Warships caster" YouTube / Twitch @CaptainJiveTurkey - "Sub Driver. On my channel, I talk about Cold War naval platforms, tactics and history." YouTube / Twitch / Facebook @Business6 - "Ships and Giggles" YouTube / Twitch @ViirtualSenpai - "Ex-eSports and top-tier competitive WoWS player looking to educate and desalinate the seven seas, one player at a time." Twitch @Starshield - "British thespian lumberjack" YouTube / Twitch @DerekSlide - "-" Twitch / YouTube @TechDeals - "There is no such thing as too good a deal or too much firepower" YouTube / Twitch @Talleyrand - "The Pan-American Navies Espscialist" Website (ES) @Hyf1re - Facebook @LittleWhiteMouse - "Mostly Tame Canadian" ShipComrade Articles / Summary of Premium Ships / Patreon @Notser - "-" YouTube / Twitch @Kelorn - "-" Podcast @Vanessaira - Podcast @Mejash - "Holy guacamole" Twitch / YouTube @Vulgarr - "Go Runes Someone's Day" Twitch / YouTube @NoZoupForYou - "Thanks for Watching, Zoup Out!" YouTube / Twitch @iChase - "You've got questions? I've got Answers!" YouTube / Twitch @DelftBlueDaybreak (Aka Halcyon) - " " KoTS Discord / KoTS Website @FuryTomic - "A die hard anime fan who’s willing to help others." YouTube @ASHLEYakaASHLEY - "I play games and stuff. Come see me play for proof that it is perfectly okay to play like trash. Have fun, try your best, and remember the Golden rule - DBaD!" Twitch @SIR_VENOM_IK - "Striving for average-ness in everything we do!" Twitch / YouTube If you are interested in applying for the Community Contributor program please check out this post.
  4. Haré algo de publicidad aquí, aun que ya es algo tarde, pero mañana a las 11:00 am mexico tendremos una pequeña entrevista con el contribuidor de España "CUBTC" para la región NA, mas específicamente para latino américa, en nuestro canal "Double Dragons" dejo link del vídeo donde se hace oficial esto. Y el link de nuestro canal. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC07E9BVntPgaEfy-1NIMLyw Hablaremos de temas tanto de World of Tanks como de World of Warships y lo que pueda surgir al momento claro.. Posiblemente tengamos algún sorteo sorpresa así que estén atentos!
  5. ThePwnageMachine

    Are there ANY alternatives?

    I'm normally not one to complain, but I've found over the past week or two in my tier 7+ games, there are at least 3 radar cruisers in each game I've played. I've seen as many as 6 in one game, (which is extremely painful to deal with, in my opinion), and yours truly would like to make a suggestion that could be an alternative to having so many radar cruisers in the game, or in a battle, but yours truly is also not the greatest with suggestions. With that being said, are there any solutions, or compromises at all that we could consider to handle this issue, if you consider it one? Leave your thoughts below, I wanna know what everyone else thinks about the whole radar cruiser thing. Thanks, ThePwnageMachine