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Found 55 results

  1. Hello Captains! Project X is welcoming new players! We are a casual gaming clan that puts life as a priority over gaming. However we do still have an activity requirement (see below). As a WoWs clan our objective is to welcome new players to the game with as much help to get them used to it as possible. Activity requirements: You must appear online / play a battle at least once every month Simple, right? One battle to prove that you are 1) active for this time frame and 2) maintaining your skills! Benefits of the clan: World of Warships clans provide benefits that make the game easier and even more enjoyable in ways such as: Clan Naval Port - This feature is helpful for every player in the game whether they are at 100 battles or 10,000+. Benefits include things like reduced ship credit cost for first time purchase and servicing and increased experience gain per battle (Naval Port progression details below). Clan Battles - Clan battles are a source of the steel resource and they provide the clan a way to earn itself a name in the competitive game. As of now we are still searching for enough players to participate but we are looking forward to playing them! Community - Our clan is very welcoming to new members. The gang is always up to something and I am certain anyone (including you, yes you!) will fit in seamlessly! Our Discord server is completely optional though, we have plenty of players that both use and do not use it however it is highly recommended for clan announcements and updates. Naval Port Bonuses: Officers Club - 2 out of 4 upgrades for clan size of 40 members Dry Dock - 4 out of 6 upgrades for -10% to the post battle service cost of ships of all tiers. Shipbuilding Yard - 5 out of 6 upgrades for -14% to the cost of researchable ships of all tiers Coal Port - 2 out of 3 upgrades for +7% to coal that you receive Steel Port - 0 out of 3 upgrades, not yet invested in Research Center - 6 out of 6 upgrades for a total of +5% XP per battle for ships of all tiers Design Bureau - 6 out of 6 upgrades for +25% to Free XP per battle for ships of all tiers Academy - 5 out of 5 upgrades for a total of +10% to Commander XP per battle Clan Battles! Are you looking to get your foot in the door of the clan competitive side of WoWs? Well so are we! However we as a clan have one small issue. We lack members like you who want to partake in them. We are just on the verge of being able to compete but due to our current number of players being split between quite a few different timezones with many varying schedules we have not yet been able to fight. We would be overjoyed to have you join and help us begin our Clan Battle journeys! How to Join: *Please note that there are no requirements for joining us and the only requirement to maintain your stay in the clan is to follow the clan rules and play at minimum 1 battle a month. A month is defined as 31 days since your Last Battle Time (LBT) as shown in the clan members interface of the clan details page in-game. If you are interested in joining us, feel free to respond here or send me a PM. I will add here that I will be verifying your stats more or less to understand your current level of progression in the game. Please do not feel that you are under qualified, we are a casual clan so there are not really any requirements for joining Want a general idea of our recruitment process? hangglide42 provides some insight: “Applying for PROJX was very easy & not a hassle - You may think that the application process for a Clan is a hassle and not worth the trouble or undue scrutiny of your application. For very competitive clans, this may be true, but I found the PROJX application very simple and even enjoyable - I just sent a PM w/ the highlights of my game stats (ref: na.wows-numbers), my current play state (i.e. where I am in the tech tree & general Tiers I had in port) and there happened to be some links to a game I played on Youtube for Beast to evaluate. That's it! The response I got from Beast was very actually more concerned w/ my expectations from the clan given where I was in my Tier progress - but the clan charter was exactly what I was looking for.” Summary: We are a casual clan looking for more members both for participation in clan battles and expansion in general. We are currently more laid back than most other clans but another, more competitive wing of the clan is possible with enough growth and if the clan is interested. We appreciate your time reviewing our clan and hope you find the clan that is right for you! 07 -BeastOfBoston3
  2. Introduction [AGNU] the American Grand Naval Unit wants new and old players to join our ranks. There are only a few of us but we have been wanting to expand and eventually do clan wars when we have a large enough clan size. We are on EVERY DAY and night, Memeing around in ships, we accept all types of personalities and are offering our hand to help those that need advice or grinding or just want to play with other friendly members. Requirements None if you just want to have the clan tag but to socialize and have active participation, you can join our discord server. Why Us? We are a group of people that just want to have fun in game and we have fun with groups and communication. We can be competitive, we can be chill, it's all up to how we feel and what we want to sail. Expanding this group can broaden our horizons and yours as well. As well as all of our clan perks that we have put in our oh so dedicated Naval Base. We've been playing the game for a while and know the ins and outs of the game and what works best. Application If you're Interested in our clan message me on this forum; Look up our clan in WOWS or PM Me or any other Commanding Officer in discord Crazycool241#1385 GreenNova#6264 Marine Nova#3212
  3. natedog

    [AO] Seeking New Recruits

    Armored Outlaws has open positions for Battle Callers, Recruiters, and Active Members. Please send us an application asap so we can get you in.
  4. Kapitan_Wuff

    Come Sail in SYN

    The Syndicate of Captains is recruiting! [SYN]/[-SYN-] Discord:https://discord.gg/b2jzUzQ Welcome to the Syndicate of Captains, a friendly and inviting community within the wider World of Warships.... world. A lot has changed in the years since the founding of this clan. What started off as a clan-of-convenience for lone wolf players has mutated into a moderately sized, active and highly international community. First and foremost, SYN remains a casual clan. Somewhere where people can just have fun and not forget that at the end of the day that “is just game, why you heff to be med”. Whether it be solo or with potential division mates, we won’t restrict your playstyle or impose any demands that might kill the fun YOU have for the game. While we are a casual clan, there are many members who enjoy the competitive aspect of the game and as such we have had generally strong finishes in the previous Clan Battles seasons, including a Hurricane ranking in Season 2. What we look for in potential members: Mature players (not age but attitude); No hard skill requirements, however, we expect captains to understand (or willing to learn) basic game mechanics and strive to improve; Relatively active in our Discord server; Remaining active in WoWs (breaks from time to time is totally understandable as long as you communicate any extended absence with us first); Must be a good, polite, respectful person. If you want to wear the tag you must positively represent the tag, so poor sportsmanship is strongly looked down on. We do not discriminate and will not tolerate sexism or racism. Recruitment process: Join our discord; Hangout for a few days to see if the vibe fits what you are looking for in a clan; Div up with one of the Duty Officers (Commander, Deputy Commanders or Recruiters). From there if you still think that SYN is the right fit for you and as long as there are no other issues in preventing the application, send me a PM (Kapitan_Wuff) and we will talk about it some more. Discord: Our discord is public, so even if you are not interested in joining SYN, feel free to drop in and say hi! https://discord.gg/b2jzUzQ What does SYN offer outside of a friendly group of people to play with? Are you stuck, bored at work, doing chores or just too lazy to turn on the game, but have access to Twitch.tv? SYN has two somewhat regular streamers to keep you entertained. MrDeaf (The Super Ultra Deluxe Unicum) https://www.twitch.tv/mrdeaf https://www.youtube.com/user/6002oea MrDeaf streams high-level gameplay in both English and Japanese. As one of the founding members of SYN, expect sarcasm and spicy memes from one of the best players in the clan. Not just limited to WoWs, MrDeaf also streams indie games from time to time. Kronos_One (The Super Ultra Deluxe Average Player) https://www.twitch.tv/kronos_one https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCh3Etfq35wRhlZBFhHoFh_Q *WARNING WEEB ALERT* Whenever this lazy sack decides to actually turn on OBS, you can be sure to catch the fleeting glimpses of MLG Big Plays as he derps his way around the game. Degenerate weeaboo, lover of all things French (he’s half French you know) and a plague upon many a discord server, you can at least expect a well-curated selection of music to listen to while cringing at his misplays. (Just don’t ask him to start talking about the weather because he will never shut up.) *WARNING WEEB ALERT* Maybe watching others play is not to your taste, we have alternatives! mofton (also known as NAmofton and The God-Emperor of Potato Agriculture) If you are a forum regular, then this name will ring a few bells. Known for his “Tactical Tidbits” and “But is it fun?” series, this salty Brit regularly puts out high-quality write-ups and reviews on the forums. A degenerate teaboo, mofton’s encyclopedic knowledge of all things Royal Navy is second to none. Ex.: mofton's Tactical Tidbits - Submarine Losses of WWII (Non-German) 'But is it fun?' - A Subjective Review of the RN T2-T4 Destroyers pikohan (Brave-Sir-Peekoh-runs-away) *WARNING WEEB ALERT* Artist extraordinaire, pikohan has created many amazing pieces for clan use (including the HuangHe-chan shipgirl at the top of this thread). He sometimes even produces work for specific events within WoWs! Piko also regularly uploads replay commentary to his youtube channel. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8Li6GItOb5ziv_ADpnsjpQ *WARNING WEEB ALERT*
  5. Black_Sheep9

    OGRES, our swamp!

    We have slots open for Discord active members. We are currently seeking a few semi-competitive members, but mostly looking for people to form a fun casual Bravo team. We are very much non pc and hope your are not easily offended we can take a good joke as good as we give one. Most of us have families and real lives outside of ships so we do not expect members to be on 24/7. If you are going to be absent for a long period, just let us know. We are not a militaristic clan we are all here for one reason to have a good time playing games. What we hope you bring to the group: Be active on Discord. A 50% w/r, ~35k average damage, and a PR of 1100. If you are close we have no issue helping you improve, if you are willing and open to suggestions. Flexibility, especially when it comes to clan battles, not everyone can play the battleship A good team mate, willing to help out others. Whether, it is grinding a line or suggestions on how to improve. Be fun, after all it is just a game. Feel free to message me here, in game, or follow the Discord link: https://discord.gg/uAYwyeQ Good day captains, Black_Sheep9
  6. Join ClanAOD Today! What do you get? The Angels of Death brings you a clan with twenty years of gaming experience. We have over 3000 members playing over 18 fully supported gaming divisions. We support these with servers, ports, Teamspeak rooms, forums, and what ever else they need. Most importantly we create a place for everyone to come together and have fun. We offer a place free from drama, politics, and the other things the plague you in real life, we are here to have fun and play games. Do you have any requirements? Our requirements for membership can be discussed with your recruiter. As a general rule the following things can be expected of our members. We do not accept intentional team killing, team damaging, or in other words we have a overall policy against cyber bullying. We do require that you have a working microphone to apply and have Teamspeak 3. We do require that you be older than 16. We want to maintain active members but we do not have stats, tiers, or requirements for you to be on every week. We want you to have fun! You can find out more at the apply here link above or contact a Recruiter + in AOD_A or AOD_B. These are our NA server ports all others are not ClanAOD.net. Sounds great but how do I join? Click the Join Link Above Click the Apply Follow the Instructions on the Screen (Create and Account, Activate Account, fill out application) Our recruiters will contact you shortly after you submit your application! Discord <- Have questions, reach us on our discord. Inspirational Footage
  7. destawaits

    Waiter, there's a ___ in my soup!

    Basically, you complain about something in your soup, and the next poster will say something in response to that and complain about something in their soup, and so on. For example: "Waiter, there's a fly in my soup!" Next Poster: "Sir... you ordered insect soup..." "Waiter, there's a time traveller in my soup!" And so on. I'll start: Waiter, there's a fly in my soup!
  8. 5th Dimension Gaming Community Fidelity, Integrity, Camaraderie and Excellence!!! is recruiting sailors, officers, into our active Warship Division . We are a gaming community set up primarily around Wargaming's Games. We are here to have fun in a mature, no drama or bull**** atmosphere. Don't get me wrong, we are competitive as well. We compete and win against the best out there. Fifth Dimension is looking for mature players or groups of players, 18+ who are committed to participate in the community, in game, with members and at the Website. The minimum age requirement is a hard rule without exception. We have been in Warships since the beginning. We have stable long term leadership. Teamspeak and microphone are a must. Prejudice and bigotry will not be tolerated. We offer perks for officers and recruiters depending on their performance. 5D Community has a lot to offer you: - 24/7 activity with expanding ranks. - Players of all ages (18+) and levels of competitiveness. - Training to become a Officer and better Captain. - TeamSpeak Server, Dedicated TeamSpeak Backup Server, Discord. - Tournaments. - In house contests. - Full website with messaging, email, gallery, forums, among other features. - Atmosphere to have fun gaming. - Stable leadership with years of gaming community experience (No drama). - No mandatory dues. - Active and Retired Military. Minimum Requirements for new members: - 18+, - 1,500 Battles, - 1 x tier 10 non-premium ship, - 2 X tier 10 ships, - Win Rate of 45%, - Active at least once every 30 days in game and TS unless otherwise pre-arranged. Contacts: Vendow, thewargod2000, B_A_D_B_O_B, Bratas, Trusin123, Meskiloco, Todd23, DeepWinter112, CJBmule, SEM4GDN1M, pfrybay, Narmor, ratpatrol and meisterbrau If you think you have what it takes fill out an application and one of our recruiters will get back to you: Register at the website and fill out an application here (www.5DClan.com). Or hop on our Main TeamSpeak: ts51.gameservers.com:9102 Discord: https://discord.gg/2qu6C7V We hope to see you in battle soon!!!!!
  9. LordGimpusDominus

    Salty Seamen Recruiting!

    A bunch of salty seamen.. Get your head out of the gutter! A Bunch of Salty Seamen! ABSS for short, is our clan. We enjoy activity or pure talent. If you enjoy wows whether you are new or a veteran you are welcomed to our clan! We have a variety of veterans like myself and newer guys too. In our clan we try our hardest to make everyone feel welcome and engaged in the group. Rules: We have few but we still have them. Rule #1: Be Active In ABSS we require discord activity daily, of course we all have lives so if you have to disappear for a little bit just give us a heads up and we’ll be happy to acknowledge your time away of course. Rule #2: Be friendly We do not tolerate hate and will not hold back to remove anyone belittling someone else or making them feel lesser than them. Rule #3: Have fun! The point of the game is to be an escape from the real world, if you are getting worked up over it than what’s the point. Be mindful of this. That’s really it.. If this sounds like a place for you come stop by in our Discord! We’d love to talk and meet with ya! Discord: https://discord.gg/nfWY5Q
  10. destawaits


    Use Ctrl+V or Command+V to paste whatever you have into your post, then you have to explain what you were doing when you copied it. Of course, you don't have to share what you copied if you don't want to, and please don't post anything inappropriate. I'll start. https://gyazo.com/3e9ae54b8754f61cd24a9313284f3674 Huh. I was playing Torn and copied a screenshot from one of its forum threads. Something about someone scamming a whole faction out of 60m of their $.
  11. JessieTheKitty

    NNC Clan Recruitment

    [NNC] Norfolk Naval College Clan Recruitment Introduction: We are Norfolk Naval College [NNC], A typhoon level clan for the Haifuri Community which is the home to four other clans (HAIFU, WHS, PRNA, BLUMR). We are the main competitive clan within the community whom regularly divison with people in the clan or others within the community. We also competitively play clan wars and participate in our community's King of the Seas team. Furthermore, we or our fellow clans are here to help with learning how to play, or learning how to improve. Our Requirements: Must have or higher than 1200 Personal Rating (Found on https://na.wows-numbers.com/). Must have two tier 8 non premium ships. Must have a publicly view able profile. Must have and will use discord communications app. Able to demonstrate and have the ability to learn and adapt to the game. Cannot be inactive for more than 21 days without contacting the commander without risk of removal. 51% Winrate or higher. How to join: Simply join the discord, contact a recruiter / deputy commander / commander to apply for a position in one of our clans. Haifuri's community discord: https://discord.gg/7t6GcQK (Please respond to our staff when you first join) If you have any other questions feel free to message me or any other officer within the Haifuri community and we will do our best to assist you.
  12. TUNAMELT_the_Cyclops

    Clan of Old Grumpy Men OGZR

    Good day Captains; A short time ago some WOWS friends got together and formed a “Clan of Grumpy Old Men” or (OGZR) Geezer for short. What are our considerations about the game and having fun? Being friends and playing together. Sounds simple. You would be surprised how messy things get with stress, drama, real life and the need to be better than everyone else. We win more than we lose but we have zero focus on stats. How do you know if you will be a good fit with us? Ask yourself these few questions. Do you sit down to play and de-stress and have a few laughs? Do you speak English, age 25+, play your matches on Discord and can be respectful and courteous to all? If you say yes to them you are a fit so pull up a chair with these Grumpy Old Men, hang out, play a few games and make some friends. Any questions, just ask, we will leave the light on for you! Tuna
  13. Welcome to REVY! What I pledge to you, Is a the base built to its maximum potential from oil earned by the members. Looking for Captains that Want some Clan wars but not a job. You want a Tag and the perks of the base the Clan Then please join us. Lock and Load a fresh Mag and Sail on! Revy does has a Discord channel and it is now required. Send your App in Game Tier 1-10, and active in game and on Discord when needed (Divisions) . See you on the Water!
  14. Welcome to [CUTE] competitive gaming community! About Us We are a clan that is based on casual wows, which doesn't restrict anything except having a wows NA account with a mature attitude, and a competitive side where you need to meet specific requirements before you can be a team member. On the casual side we do share some weeb parts since most of us are former KNTAI members, but we do love other stuffs like airsoft, alcohol and food (You'll find a specific person that posts food pictures everyday, charge him if he doesn't). For competitive we are currently focusing on Supremacy League, our main goal is to be the best NA team not once but all times. [CUTE] can also be "Creepy Unfriendly Terrifying Edgy", as all current members can describe ourselves a weirdo :D What do we offer A good casual environment Friendly atmosphere with competitive parts Good players for you to have good fun with Training sessions for people that want to improve Practice or skirmish for people that are interested in competitive Huge variety on game choices even if you are burnt out on wows If you are interested... Important: Applications are only open for CUTER and 2CUTE before any further updates. We have filled most of our spaces atm. - Please message us through #ask_recruitment_things on our discord - A link to the page from your profile on https://na.wows-numbers.com/ - Division test with recruitment officer will be held for all applicants - Meeting the requirements does not guarantee entry into the clan - Conversely, requirements are only standards which can be negotiated by division test performance or other factors - For promotion, you'll need to show yourself in either CB/Scrims/KotS. We'll assess your performance before considering promotion. Applicant for all clan must meet these shared requirements: - A NA WoWs account with public statistics - Ability to speak English - Good, mature behavior - Discord and a working microphone - (Competitive) By joining you agree to dedicate time towards weekly training and competitive matches. - (Competitive) Replay enabled game client Casual Team (2CUTE) Remember, requirements are only standards which can be negotiated by division test performance or other factors - 47% Win Rate - Over 750 Battles, and a T8 tech tree ship Light Competitive (CUTIE) Remember, requirements are only standards which can be negotiated by division test performance or other factors - 50%+ WR - Over 1000 Battles, and a T10 tech tree ship Competitive team (CUTE) Remember, requirements are only standards which can be negotiated by division test performance or other factors - 56%+ WR - A screenshot or page from your profile on https://na.wows-numbers.com/ - Minimum 3 T10 ships from main class Flagship Team (CUTER) Remember, requirements are only standards which can be negotiated by division test performance or other factors - 60%+ WR - Specialist in at least one class in T10, strong sub class highly preferred - Prior competitive experience What we hope you to achieve if you are in comp: -The ability to play multiple ships competitively -Show progress and development (Either competitive or randoms) -Training higher point captains for competitive play -Ability to skillfully communicate with teammates at the competitive level -Be initiative and have your own plans while in game, we don't want people that only listens to call or not following the calls. Mercenary If you are not from our clan and you wanted to be a merc on our team, please contact Shinano/Zuikaku for more details. But please be sure that you are willing to play under our clan name and are fit with the competitive requirements above. No exception for mercenaries. Contacts Private message on forums to me or Join our discord here! If you are interested to join... Poke on one of our personnel or logistic (P or L in the org chart below)officers on the forums about joining. For the lols: If you are a weeb, 80% of the CUTE population loves DD or lolis, join us and be a lolicon!
  15. =VX9= Gaming Community is Recruiting! One Team, One Killin’ Machine At its core =VX9= is a gaming community striving to promote a great environment and atmosphere while cultivating long lasting friendships and spanning multiple games. One of the fundamental values of a strong community are the people who come together to make up its members. We work hard to recruit motivated, driven gamers who want to be part of our community’s vision.Throughout the years =VX9= members have excelled in their game play across many titles by combining their skills to create a successful community. We focus on people first so you do not have to worry about having a certain ship or being a certain rating. You can improve in =VX9= through playing with our more experienced members. Alternatively, if you like more competitive gaming, we participate in clan wars. If you think you have what it takes to be a part of =VX9= read the requirements below, join our website and fill out an application. If you have any questions, feel free to comment here, send me a message on the forum or check out our discord channel. One Team! Requirements: 18 years old + TeamSpeak 3 with working mic Website: http://www.vx9.com Application page: http://www.vx9.com/forums/forms.php?do=form&fid=1
  16. So for this season of clan battles, i would like to have people come in that just want to play with no worries on winning or losing. It is more on just being able to play in this season of clan battles and going with the flow. If we win a match then we won that match, if we lose then we lost that match, if we are able to do CB for the day we are able to if not then we go on to the next day. no fuss no worries. the time we do clan battles can also be adjusted as well. Then once clan battles is over you are free to go on your marry way with a pay out from my clan safe (note: i will do my best to make sure everyone get an even pay out but i would like to keep 2k in coal in that vault). Furthermore, you dont have to worry about have a discord or team speak. Just as long as you have the in game voice chat enabled (see pic below) then that is all that should be needed. the other requirements are that you have at lest a tier 8 ship to use to unlock the rentals and that you are able to join in clan battles. so when you are ready just look up [CFVY] Team CFVY, it is a north american clan. or apply here, i will check this post as often as i can. see you soon.
  17. Greetings, we are the Potato Ocean Navy League. We are small, yes, but with your help we may yet become a large and thriving community. For the most part, we play casually in our free time, and above all else we like to have fun. However, we also like to win. As such, as a member of PONL you are expected to have a good attitude, play for the team, and be able to accept occasional constructive criticism. Currently, we have a handful of active members and we division fairly regularly. Clan battles/brawls may be a future consideration as well, but participation in these will not be mandatory. We have a few very simple requirements to join: Good attitude and a team player. You have a Discord account or are willing to create one. Voice participation is not mandatory. 50% overall randoms winrate. However, we may make exceptions for players with an upward trend in their statistics who we feel have good potential. If you feel that PONL would be a good fit for you and would like to apply, simply send me (@Junko_Zane) or our head honcho (@narffx) a PM, either here on the forums or in-game, and we will get back to you with our determination. We look forward to hearing from you. Good hunting! Junko_Zane
  18. Republic of Gamers has some open spots to fill. Most of our member have taken a long vacation through the past couple of clan seasons over the holidays. We are now returning, starting from the bottom, and looking for some new talent. The majority of us are in our 30's and 40's (with some exceptions), often with family obligations. We do understand this, and only ask for a heads-up if you already committed to something that you can no longer do. We are pretty casual, and ask that you participate in the Naval Battle attempts when able, and use Discord for Clan battles. Otherwise, you would not be required to use Discord when playing unless you want to. We don't really have statistical requirements. We believe everyone has room to improve regardless of how high, or how low their skill level or stats may be. Please be open to constructive criticism, and don't be afraid to dish it out either! Our port is nearly maxed out in upgrades, so there are plenty of benefits for everyone. If this sounds of interest to you, please reply here or simply send me the in-game application. Thanks! Edit: ROG is currently entering the Storm League in Clan Battles.
  19. Everhandy

    [GLUSA] Great Lakes Navy

    Casual clan for anyone that lives in a state or province that borders the Great Lakes. No rules yet but preferring active members with a few battles under their belts that can contribute to the construction of the base for the various benefits of belonging to a clan.
  20. SlendyMcTendies

    Uncle Kraken looking for new members!

    Greetings captains! The “Uncle Kraken” Clan is looking for new members! Join a friendly group of players looking to make their mark on the seas and gain valuable Steel! Uncle Kraken is a casual clan at its core, but we have decided it’s high time we earned a steady income of Steel for our members. We do not plan on participating in the remainder of Clan Battles Season 4, but we want to get a head-start on assembling teams for the next season! We are not specifically looking for skilled players, but having a strong record will definitely make you stand out! The requirements for joining this clan are as follows: 1) Be an active member – Generally speaking, we prefer to have members who play the game at least once per week. This way the clan has a consistent flow of Oil that we can use to purchase the final, and expensive, upgrades for the clan. 2) Be mature and respectful – while we do not have an age restriction per-se, we prefer to have a mature set of members capable of exchanging thoughts and opinions without overly-emotional and illogical responses; including but not limited to constructive criticism, advice, etc. 3) Familiarity with the Discord application – if accepted into the clan, you will receive an invite to the Clan’s official Discord Server where we gather for Clan Battles and post important Clan News. By extension, we require you to have a Headset AND Microphone. 4) You may not have hidden statistics – hidden statistics prevents us from seeing your overall activity since it does not reveal when you last played a battle. UNCLK has a policy where members that have been inactive for 60 days or longer will be removed from the clan. UNCLK does not condone stat-shaming for any reason as is not tolerated among its members. NOTE: There will be a 30-day probationary period to gauge your activity in-game and other aspects of your membership in the clan. If you are inactive for longer than 2 weeks during this time, you are subject to removal from the clan. If you meet the above requirements and believe you’d be a good fit for this clan, please apply to the clan in-game or by Private Message with a short description of your general activity and ship preferences. If you do not receive a response to the application within 7 days, please send me a PM and I will help you get the issue sorted. We currently have 13 positions available. If you have any questions, please leave a comment below. I will check this post regularly (1-3 days) and respond to everyone I can as quickly as I can. We look forward to your applications! Primo Victoria!
  21. We are the Maple Syrup Defence force, Our goal as a group is to promote teamwork and communication as well as a functioning community. We are attached to -Toxic- which is a US based multi-gaming community that was found in 2012. Members play anything from tabletops to first person shooters. We are a group of friend who know how to have a good time, games change but those who you play them with don't. The point of the community is to bring those with like minds and interests together and create a family atmosphere while still maintaining some discipline. We currently play anything under the sun and are looking to expand that motto into other avenues. We are looking currently looking for community officers! Requirements -Working microphone -Ability to take a joke -Mature -Ability to listen to your commander -Leadership ability NOT REQUIRERED With enough participation and members we can host weekly events and even do clan wars! Look forward to seeing you out there! MSDF Discord Link: https://discord.gg/S9egRTH Jackel99 Out
  22. HeavensAuthority

    Clan Recruitment! Open!

    Hello All! Submarines For The Win clan is open to taking applications! We are laid back and casual, as we are new it will take some time to get things rolling ; however, if you want something new and want to build it with us we are happy to help you and have you!! As the name suggests! When submarines officially hit the live server, we will be playing them! Of course we play all classes. We welcome anyone who just want to have fun! We accept all players regardless of skill level, we are a friendly group of people! Message me in game or here on the fourms
  23. We are a casual clan but still play semi-competitively. We got into Storm league in Clan Battles. We use and require you to have Discord. Other than that we don't have any skill requirements or play time requirements. We have clan events a couple times a week while Clan Battles are not happening so we keep up are skills and just to hang out. Mostly we are looking for friendly people that are fairly active and want to hang out and division with other friendly guys. We have all the port bonuses except the last Steel bonus which we are getting close on. If you are interested send me, Admiral_Andy a message here or on the game.
  24. Eauledoit11

    PRNA is recruiting!

    Portsmouth Royal Naval Academy, or PRNA (Piranha) is recruiting members in our semi comp clan! We're a part of a larger community on discord and we want people who will make us stronger and be an active part of our community. T7 or higher preferred, but we're willing to help build you up as a player so long as you're willing to learn. Our community, The Haifuri Community is mostly a group of people who love anime, and warships, so naturally WoWs is our bag. We try to do community events, not to mention inner-community scrimmages! So come check us out on discord already and see for yourself! https://discord.gg/pveeybr Should you want to join, message [PRNA]Eauledoit11 HELP US MAKE PRNA GREAT AGAIN!
  25. Welcome to the [DAKI] Clan! DAKI is a laid back competitive clan for those who like to play KoTS, Clan Battles as well as talking and interacting within a community! We welcome players who wish to be part of a community while having an opportunity to improve as a player. We have experience running in both Clan Battles, Kings of the Sea with experience dating back as far as Supremacy Leauge. So what do we have to offer? An engaging and interactive community. An already existing team of experienced players, capable of high-level competitive play. Many of our players are already veterans of multiple clan battle seasons along with Kings of the Sea and Supremacy Leauge. Many awesome members! Requirements: Our requirements are not completely set in stone, however, players should aim for the following: 1500 PR, 55% Win Rate, 1000 Battles. Exceptions will be made based upon the leadership discretion. Should be active on discord. A nontoxic, attitude and a willingness to learn and improve. Players who wish to join us should also be both mature and friendly. Notice: We're currently focusing on continued recruitment of competitive players and community members who wish to play competitively inside of an ever growing community. All applications should be done via Discord. Discord: Our discord is public so even if you're not here to join feel free to stop by and say Hi, find people to division with and play some games! https://discord.gg/T6E26jX