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Found 1 result

  1. I'm sure plenty of trolls are on the way to mess with me here, but It's annoyed me enough to not care about them I purchased the 54USD, 20 royal navy crate pack initially for the boost in chances of unlocking the brit DD's, but also for the prem flags / camos... so in the first 20 purchased... Apparently I got lucky and got 3/4 of the bonus missions, (5, 6, 7 tier) ships and was pretty happy about it... So I play for a few weeks, opening countless RN crates, even a few days ago when they did the "earn up to 4k doubloons for X spending" decided to buy another 20, again for the flags and camos, and for the 4k doubloons, and because honestly, after opening 150+ RN crates, I was POSITIVE that this last 20 purchased crates would net me the Lightning... ( I don't know the actual amount of crates, but I've earned in total, about 950-1000 sovereigns) I understand this is a free to play game, and I willingly spend money on it... But I can't stand being "farmed" for my cash... whoever in WG is responsible to conducting business, is honestly starting to come off greedy, which is pushing me away, to be honest. I'm easily and HAPPILY in the 4 digit USD amount in to this game, and will continue to spend money as I enjoy it.. but man, I'd love to stop feeling like WG is the mob trying to cash out as much as they can on me.