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Found 4 results

  1. This was one of those games. I started out getting into a slugfest with a Tirpitz, Normandie, and Myoko alongside one of our PEFs and a couple DDs, which is where I lost most of my health. One by one, we all either retired from the fight or died until it was just me and the Myoko. Once I'd gunned him down, I saw we were outnumbered 3 to 5 and that their surviving ships were advancing on the cap, so I went to help stop them. I obliterated the unsuspecting Cossack and helped our BBs whittle down the Arizona's health, all the while waiting for an Aoba that was hiding behind some islands to come out. When he did, I paddled his broadside with AP before finishing off the Arizona and getting my first Double Strike in years. By that point, the other BB was dead, so it was just us versus their last ship, the Hipper, which I got with torpedoes for the Kraken. I gotta say, after being so frustrated by the Kidd and being unable to get 5 stars on Narai, this is a welcome change of pace.
  2. This was intense. First I torpedoed the Fuso while capturing D, then I chased down the Aigle. By that time, it was down to me, our Lyon, and our Prinz Eichel vs their KGV, Bayern, Z-39, and Minekaze. I tried to save the Prinz Eichel, but he rammed the KGV while the enemy tried to cap B. When I came in, I finished off the Z-39 with guns as I tried (and failed) to torp the Bayern. Our Lyon did a lot of damage to him, but it cost him his life and left me outnumbered 2 to 1. I was able to burn down what was left of the Bayern before the Minekaze came from taking back D to face me. He didn't even fire his guns once, he just dropped torps in vain. It's not my highest damage Haida game, but it is my first Kraken in her and my first true carry in a long time. Shoutout to the enemy Aigle for kiting me for as long as he did and for my teammates for their help. It really was a team effort.
  3. Today's Replay Breakdown is brought to you by the letter "C", for the huge Carry you are about to watch. Enjoy!
  4. look at this game in an indy! do ya think the others could have participated?