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Found 10 results

  1. super_noob_boi

    Tier 5 Aircraft Unbalanced

    lets say you`re playing an IJN cv, you try to set up a good torpedo drop on a battleship but all but one or two torpedo bombers die before they can release... then the second bombing squad also takes some losses at the same time, you try and pull them out of the aa but even more dies trying to flee, now the majority of my torpedo bombers are dead and their fighters are coming to finish the job, so you send your fighters to defend, you manage to get the enemy fighters in a dogfight above friendly cruiser aa, neither fighters strafed, so they`re dog fighting above friendly cruiser aa, you would think that you would win right? No, you lose all your fighters and only took down half of theirs. Your ship has all the upgraded modules and your commander only has two perks within the amount of time you`ve been grinding carriers. Your fighters are back in the air and you spot the enemy fighters about to engage with your other carriers fighters, so you group up and 2v1 his fighters, but he still comes out ontop and you lose two friendly fighter squadrons, and all of your fighters are now dead. That has been my experience, reguardless of tier, he could be the same tier, same ship, and my fighters always lose, and when you ask why? Because of skill points, they spent money for 10 upgrade skill points. The only reason why my fighters and bombers cant take any beatings is because they spent money on this game, my cruisers and battleships can shoot at enemy bombers all day and maybe shoot down one enemy plane, one plane, and they drop torpedoes from two squads and bomb me, and all i get is two fighters if i`m lucky. And yet other peoples planes seem to be nearly un-affected by aa. I just don`t get it. Am i missing something that magically makes my planes more tankier? makes my fighters do more damage and not die instantly? My strafing runs sometimes are pretty solid, but in a dogfight, I cant do anything but watch them die and not hit a single enemy. Or are you just going to tell me what every one else says; Git Gud... like that`s gonna magically make my planes better... American fighters... I don`t even want to try and engage them at all, but I do get more torpedoes, which are useless when said fighters destroy them all and battleship aa tears them to shreds.
  2. So I've been wondering, what the future hold for CVs especially the rework. For example, new premium ideas (that you would like to see in the game) *cough* Aquila *cough*, the population of CVs, etc... I want you guys to give your opinion, there is no wrong or right answer, just want to see what you guys think. I just want this to be a topic to share ideas, keep criticism to where it won't bring a full blown argument to where I'll need to close this topic or have to bring a moderator. *Don't mind the pictures of CVs, just wanted to decorate this topic.
  3. It definitely looks enticing for new players while also allowing the existing CV veterans to flourish. The new rocket-armed attack planes look cool as anything. My big concern, however, is that iChase says that you can dodge the long-range AA fire. This may just be me, but I'm a little worried that that will mean that Defensive Fire on cruisers like the Baltimore I just bought will be largely useless until it's too late. Otherwise, I think it looks OK.
  4. Advice for new carrier captains (tiers 4&5) and apologies for the wall of text to follow. So... you finally unlocked a CV and want to be the next Captain Chtholly (https://na.wows-numbers.com/player/1027898162,ChthoIIy/ ). Well, here are some things you should know. Some would say the CV line is very broken. Very unbalanced at some tiers. And the learning curve when you get to tier 6 can be unforgiving. That's when the game gives you the opportunity to strafe with fighters and manually drop your bombs and torpedoes. And until you learn those skills you will be at a most definite disadvantage. But playing the tier 4s and 5s can be a lot of fun. Play them right and you can rack up the wins. Play them wrong and you will hear nothing but complaints from your teammates. CV's can carry a game, but just as easily lose it before it's even started. One is way more fun than the other. 1) Don't play a random battle until you've upgraded at least your fighters on the tech tree. If you don't, you'll be pwned like a wood cutting noob. So either use free XP or fight Co-op battles until you get them. 2) Buy the Air Group Modifications for your upgrades. They are inexpensive and will certainly give you the advantage over many who don't. 3) Captain skills should be Aircraft Servicing Expert, although Dogfighting Expert comes in handy for US CV's. And then Torpedo Acceleration. If you play them long enough to get 6 or 10 skill points then it's Torpedo Armament Expertise followed by Air Supremacy. 4) When the battle is loading, hover your mouse over the enemy ships to see what their AA level is. There are some ships, even at those lower tiers that will absolutely devastate your squadrons. Just avoid those ships until later in the game. 5) Your planes are on a Carrier, not an airport. Which means you can move around. Ideally you want to be in a place close enough to the action to get your planes back quickly, but far enough, not to be spotted. Also, don't forget to check how the battle is going and relocate as needed. 6) Unless you're directly under attack, your priorities should be BB, CA, DD, CV. And preferably a ship that's all alone or at least on the edge of a cluster of ships. That way you limit the amount of AA that will be brought to bare on your planes. 7) When dogfighting enemy fighters, try to engage them over your ships. It will give you the edge in what would otherwise be an even battle. 8) Watch your attack planes go in, if your target ship thinks it's your target, it will turn. Change your attack angle appropriately until you have the shot you want, otherwise it will be a wasted strike. Bombs line up straight as you can and torpedoes from the side. 9) Many DD's and CA's are very hard to torpedo if their captains are paying any attention because they have such great maneuverability, learn which ones are a waste of time to attack. Unless you're playing a IJN CV, they can come with 2 torpedo squadrons, in which case, learn to cross drop. Basically, you want them to attack at the same time, but at a 90 degree angle from each other. You don't have to worry about the angle of attack on the ship, just the timing and the angle to each other. 10) Don't use your fighters to escort your own planes. It's always a losing proposition in so many ways. If the target is that well protected, pick another one. Instead, use them to keep the other carriers planes away from yours and to spot enemy ships. 11) Yes Spot!... Spot spot spot. Especially enemy DD's. It's often worth it to use a returning DB squadron to just hover over an enemy DD that's causing your side grief until it's sunk. Your team will love you for that. 11) Don't attack ships that are about to die anyway just to get a kill. It's a waste of a strike and takes those planes out of the game for far too long while they return to rearm. But Do attack ships that have taken a lot of damage, even if they're on your avoid list as there's a pretty good chance their AA will be greatly degraded. Also, if you notice a ship has just put out a fire, go for a torpedo run. If you get a flood or two you will do tons of damage if not the kill. 12) If there are 2 CV's per side, coordinate your fighters to get air superiority. You can link your fighters to theirs or just follow manually. But as soon as they're engaged make sure you join in as fast as you can. Also, avoid the fighters that have a higher tier than yours one on one. Just press the alt key when they're on you tactical view to see what tier their planes are 13) And finally. As a tier 5 CV, you will occasionally be up against tier 6 CV's. If that's the case DO NOT link your fighters. They will get wiped every time your opponent tries to strafe your teammate. Keep your fighters close enough to your allies to help when he engages, and your strike squadrons far away. Tier 6 CV fighters can strafe for devastating results without dogfighting and can literally wipe out multiple squadrons at a time if they're in close proximity to each other.
  5. Gneisenau013

    Wargaming Anniversary

    Twenty years ago, on August 2, 1998, the Wargaming.net company was founded. We invite you to celebrate this event with us, get festive discounts and bonuses, and complete special combat missions to obtain 1 day of Premium Account time and camouflage sets! https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/common/august-missions-2018/
  6. Introduction This topic is entered in the game play section of the forum because it not only concerns Aircraft Carrier game play but overall game play in WOWS. The vaunted WOWS "Carrier rework" has been mentioned on and off over the past two years. During that time the current state of affairs of Aircraft Carriers in WOWS has not been significantly altered by meaningful changes let alone improvements. The only two noteworthy changes with regard to Carriers that have been implemented are (1) the new Flight Modes of the USA Carriers that was introduced at the end of 2017 and (2) the vastly increased number of new ships with very powerful Anti-Aircraft setups and/or Defensive Fire AA (for example ALABAMA, MASSACHUSETTS and the five new USA light cruisers). As a result there remains a virtual absence of meaningful WOWS Carrier changes to address some of the major Carrier related issues. The vaunted WOWS "Carrier rework" will in all probability not be implemented until somewhere around late 2019 at best, in other words it is a long term event. In order to improve the Carrier game play that currently exists in the short and medium term, that is in 2018-2019, some plausible solutions can be proposed and implemented to address the most serious issues for the benefit of both the opponents and proponents of Carriers in WOWS. This topic therefore aims to offers such possible and plausible solutions for the 2018-2019 short to medium term to improve Carrier game play from the perspective of both the opponents and proponents of Carriers. The solutions proposed are intended to be ones that can/should be fairly easily implemented by WOWS Developers with a minimum of effort and all need to lie within the framework of the current Carrier and general WOWS game play and game play mechanisms. In other words, the solutions proposed in this topic are NOT intended as radical solutions which are a full departure of the current WOWS Carrier game play and current overall WOWS game play. Instead the solutions proposed want to build on the strengths and possibilities of the current WOWS Carrier game play and current overall WOWS game play. The Current Carrier Related Major Issues Proposed Short and Medium Term Carrier related Solutions The individual solutions proposed in this section are to be regarded as possible solutions for the short to medium term to improve Carrier game play from the perspective of both the opponents and proponents of Carriers. The idea is to offer solutions that should be fairly easily to implement by WOWS Developers with a minimum of effort and that lie within the overall framework of the current Carrier and general WOWS game play and game play mechanisms. As such these solutions are intended to build on the existing strengths and possibilities of the current WOWS Carrier game play and current overall WOWS game play. SPOTTING SOLUTION (Alternative A) SPOTTING SOLUTION (Alternative B) FIGHTER SOLUTION (Alternative A) FIGHTER SOLUTION (Alternative B) FIGHTER SOLUTION (Alternative C) INVISIBLE SHIP AA FIRE SOLUTION DEFENSIVE AA FIRE SOLUTION DESTROYER PROTECTION SOLUTION CRUISER AND BATTLESHIP PROTECTION SOLUTION UNIQUE AND LEGENDARY COMMANDER CARRIER SKILL SOLUTION COMMANDER CARRIER SKILL LEVEL 1 SOLUTION COMMANDER CARRIER SKILL LEVEL 2 SOLUTION PLAYER BASE EDUCATION SOLUTION TIER 5 CARRIER SOLUTION CARRIER-AA DIVISION SOLUTION NON-USA BATTLESHIP AP BOMB VULNERABILITY SOLUTION
  7. I'm not sure if MM has suddenly decided that it hates me, but two thirds of my last dozen or so battles in tier 8-9 carriers have consistently paired me (who pretty much always plays solo, especially in CVs) against fishing divisions. While most of them were fairly competent carrier players in their own right (barring one in a 2-0-3 Graf Zeppelin), when divisioned up with competent AA ships, it becomes close to impossible to pull off >100k damage games. The two division mates cover one half of the map, allowing the enemy carrier to focus his fighter coverage over the other half. In essence, I am limited solely to defensive play (which becomes untenable when my teammates push into the caps and thus the AA range of enemy ships, thus forcing me to remove my fighters and allow the enemy CV to attack said pushing teammates lest I lose my fighters) and opportunistic strikes (when just about every flank of the map is covered either by AA ships or fighters, such opportunities are usually very rare and very costly to my bombers). Granted, I still ended up winning over half of them (probably because I just play defensively, spot enemy destroyers, and execute opportunistic attacks), but my damage numbers and planes shot down consistently suffer, and things like spotting don't net nearly the amount of xp and silver that damage and plane kills do. Is this just a spate of bad luck/MM, or am I going to have to adapt my tactics to account for meeting enemy fishing divisions most of the time?
  8. So maybe you're sailing a carrier and suddenly you find that your torpedo bomber's aiming pattern has magically changed from a decently narrow corridor to a wide fan that won't hit a single thing, the oval of your dive bomber's attacks has suddenly become a giant watermelon seed instead of a pin-point, and your planes are falling out of the sky faster than normal, all the while the ships you were attacking are casually dodging your attacks. What happened? Quite simply, you have fallen victim to defensive fire. Or perhaps you're a ship packing defensive AA and the enemy carrier has decided to come near you. No problem, you think, so you activate defensive fire. Unfortunately, one of the following things occurred: The enemy planes only briefly skirted around your defensive AA before heading back out of range and: attacking someone else on your team simply retreating attacking you when defensive fire is on cool-down Despite being under the effects of defensive fire, the enemy bombers still hit you for a non-negligible amount of damage (more than 1 torpedo/bomb hit) What happened? Quite simply put, you have misused defensive fire. What is defensive fire? Defensive fire is a consumable which, when used, not only increases the effectiveness of AA but also—most crucially—spreads out the attack of torpedo and dive bombers so that the torpedoes are dropped in a far more spread out pattern and the bombs are dropped over a much larger area. In both cases, the likelihood of a hit is reduced, and the CV will most likely lose more planes than normal during the attack for much less damage done. Who has defensive fire? The following ships all can possess defensive fire: All non-British and non-Italian "main-line" cruisers tier 6 and above, in exchange for hydroacoustic search All carriers tier 8 and above Italian cruisers Ships of the American light cruiser line (Dallas, Helena, Cleveland, Seattle, and Worcester) USN destroyers tier 5 and above Ships of the Russian hybrid destroyer sub-line (Ognevoi, Udaloi and Grozovoi) Loyang Hood Yubari However, in reality, there are quite a few ships that would benefit far more from having something else, so the ships that you should expect to have defensive fire (as opposed to getting close and testing them) are: All USN cruisers tier 6 and above All USN destroyers tier 9 and above All carriers tier 8 and above Russian hybrid destroyers (Ognevoi, Udaloi, and Grozovoi) Italian cruisers Hood Yubari As for the rest of the ships Some cruisers, but especially the German cruisers, will possess hydroacoustic search instead of defensive fire (this is just something you'll have to test if they're enemy ships or ask around if they're allied ships) USN destroyers tier 8 and below have to sacrifice a turret to gain defensive fire, which is a sacrifice not many are willing to make Just about every Loyang will run hydroacoustic search In addition, take note of the following (thanks to @Akeno017 for reminding me of these): USN cruisers gain an extra charge of defensive fire, and Atlanta and Flint have unlimited defensive fire (although relying on a ship to have used up all its charges of defensive fire is a terrible tactic for a CV player) Carriers have a version of defensive fire that lasts much longer, but also takes much longer to recharge and has a lower DPS multiplier (IJN CVs have a slightly higher multiplier than USN CVs, but it rarely comes into play since CV snipes at tier 8+ are rare and usually ill-advised) Destroyers gain a x4 multiplier to their AA DPS (as opposed to x3 for cruisers), but their defensive fire lasts 10 seconds less How to attack ships with defensive fire as a carrier? Well, there are a few things to note before you even consider attacking: What ships do you suspect are packing defensive fire? A Charles Martel with defensive fire is a lot less intimidating than a Cleveland with defensive fire. How many ships are packing it? It might not be a good idea to charge into the AA fire of multiple ships, even if their individual AA is mediocre. Are there any supporting ships that, while lacking defensive fire, pack good AA? A Montana might not be able to completely blunt an attack wave by itself, nor can a lone Mogami (even with defensive fire), but the two combined possibly can completely negate a strike. Are there any enemy fighters around? Even a single IJN fighter squadron can completely annihilate an entire bomber wave with the help of defensive fire, not to mention they can cut through bombers far more efficiently than ship-borne AA. How much are they paying attention to your planes? A group of enemy ships that are actively keeping their bows towards you is a lot harder to attack than a group of enemy ships engaging your own team and thus having a lot more to worry about. Can you attack later? A Des Moines at the start of the match may be a terrifying thing to try and attack, but a Des Moines that has eaten a few salvos of Conqueror's HE is much less so. In the meantime, try and find something more vulnerable, like a lone Musashi. So now you've decided one of these two things: You're going to back off and attack somewhere else You're going to attack. If you chose the second option, then a few more questions appear: Who do you attack? Do you attack all at once or delay one group? Sometimes, it's worth it to attack all at once in the following circumstances: when the enemy ships packing defensive fire in question are not particularly strong there are too many ships that are possibly packing defensive fire that waiting is not a viable tactic the enemy ship is isolated (and does not have very good AA) enemy fighters are closing; you can't delay a strike or you'll lose all your bombers you see some careless enemy sailing in a straight line, seemingly oblivious to your planes you're just trying to cause flooding in order to assist your team you've already won and you're just trying to get more damage done In this case, when attacking: make sure to go for a less maneuverable target: a Musashi is much easier to hit than a Minotaur, even when defensive fire is active go for the careless ones: it is possible to rip off over half of a Cleveland's health with Taiho's bombers even through defensive fire, but only if he's not maneuvering at all don't stick around: every second you spend readjusting a drop is not only time for the enemy AA to do its work, but also for the enemy CV to vector in fighters if you ARE confidant that you can take your time, go for the cross-drop; you'll increase the chances of an enemy blundering into one of your torpedoes In the ideal circumstance, you'll get a good number of hits on a single evading ship (like a Myoko) or you'll managed to cripple a careless enemy ship that failed to even try to evade your attacks. Here are a few examples from my time playing CVs (note that my particular gameplay style usually involves clearing out all enemy fighters before I attack): As Shokaku, I'm attacking an enemy Colorado whose escort Grozovoi is using defensive AA. The Colorado fails to turn at all when I drop, resulting in his eating three torpedoes, one of which causes a flooding. Under the fire of two Allied cruisers, he consequently burns down rather quickly, and I only lost a couple of planes. As Taiho, I attack a group of tier 7-9 ships that include a F. Der Grobe a Cleveland (who uses defensive fire), and a smattering of other ships. Instead of going for the obvious target that is the F. Der Grobe, I instead attack the Cleveland that has completely failed to turn at all. I lose about half of my attack wave, but also land 4 torpedoes on the Cleveland. As Taiho, I attack a lone Myoko. Despite his use of defensive fire, I still manage to land around 3-4 torpedoes on him due to a cross-drop and the fact that Myoko's AA is pretty bad. A special note about AP dive bombers: they are pretty much completely unaffected by defensive fire, so as long as you align their attack correctly and don't linger in the enemy AA, you should be able to reliably damage the enemy ships regardless. You can create some interesting tactics with them, forcing a Des Moines to choose between using its defensive fire on the AP dive bombers or on the torpedo bombers, for instance. However, let's say you instead determine that it's better to send in your bombers in multiple waves instead of one giant attack wave (for instance, a lone Baltimore that you know is paying attention to your planes). In this case, move your bombers near the edge of the enemy AA range. From there, send in a single dive bomber squadron to attack the enemy ship: If he uses defensive fire right then and there, simply wait out the duration of the consumable (usually 40s) and attack with everything else afterwards If he does not, attack with the lone dive bomber and move your planes into the edge of the enemy AA range If he uses it then, pull out your planes and wait out the defensive fire If he does not, then you have no choice: he will not use defensive fire until you make a serious attack (ie with torpedo bombers). Just charge in and hope for the best (like if he does not have defensive fire) How to best use defensive fire as a non-CV ship (or even as a CV)? There are four things to remember: defensive fire will only spread out an attack, not make you completely immune to it (unless you manage to completely annihilate all of the enemy bombers) defensive fire has a limited duration and a fairly long reload time defensive fire's usefulness differs by plane and nation type (USN torpedo bombers (especially from tier 4-9) are heavily affected, for instance, while Graf Zeppelin's AP dive bombers pretty much don't care at all) you are probably trading something else for it (usually hydroacoustic search); are you willing to make that exchange? Destroyers are a special case, since planes can spot them and thus negate their primary weapon (stealth), so in some cases it may be better to use defensive fire to wipe out any non-bomber planes. I'll be focusing on using defensive fire to repel enemy bombers. So, let's say you have defensive fire ready and enemy bombers are closing in. Spot the enemy bombers (seriously, you don't want your first indication of an enemy carrier's attack to be twelve torpedoes appearing on your broadside) Confirm that it is not merely an attempt to bait your defensive fire (ie either AP dive bombers—if you're a ship that is vulnerable to them—or torpedo bombers) Ideally, you should already be turning to evade the enemy bombers even before they enter your AA range. In addition, try and have some terrain around you as cover: a CV that is forced to fly directly over a Zao in order to torpedo it is going to lose a lot of planes. Try to communicate with your teammates about who will use defensive fire beforehand, so that your team can maximize the amount of time an enemy CV's planes are panicked. Try to ask your CV to send friendly fighters to assist (although the effectiveness of this tactic may vary—I know I'm personally very bad at fleet defense) Make sure the proper planes are focused by your AA (you really don't want your AA focusing on the fighters when there are torpedo bombers incoming). Wait until the enemy planes close to about 3.75-4 km before activating defensive fire (basically, they're about a third of the way into your AA aura). However, if they're attacking a teammate, you may want to use it sooner. Continue turning to properly evade their attacks as defensive fire is active (ie, turn into torpedo bombers and turn perpendicular to dive bombers). If the enemy CV tries to cross-drop, make sure to slow down and adjust your rudder to continue evading. While doing all of the above, make sure you are minimizing your vulnerability to the enemy surface ships; you don't want to have avoided a Midway's attack group only to get promptly dev-struck by a Montana instead. I hope this guide (first one I ever wrote) is helpful to you all.
  9. GreyFox78659

    The Carrier debate

    Just got to know how the forum really feels about the rework.