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Found 5 results

  1. Hey captains! so I just logged in to check out the new event stuff and am i seeing this right? the new event captains skins are for credits not tokens? or are these some sorta temp captains and will be taken away after the event ends? please list any info you got below. and until next time, I'll c'ya on the Seas!
  2. Looking for mod/sound files to replace Anime and national non-English speaking captains. I've got a few 6- 10-point captains from events and such (e.g., Isoroku, the grunting Japanese cat, and Admiral Hipper, the annoyingly breathy anime Japanese girl). I'm looking for a way to replace their sound files with the standard USN sound prompts in the game (or even the UK files, chaps). I admit that I do key into the audio for game prompts so I don't have to take my eyes of the screen and minimap. I don't play the non-English captains (even my Dasha or Overchkin) enough to learn the language phrases. Any thoughts? Thanks
  3. TheDgamesD

    Dasha Captains

    No Italian/Regia Marina Dasha? I'm not mad wargaming, just disappointed and sad. Especially since there's bound to be a line for them eventually, same (possibly) for the Commonwealth. Sure its only premium ships currently but that doesn't mean you couldn't've released one anyway, The Italian Navy is not only my favorite from WW2 from a historical standpoint, but also based on designs/looks. As such it deeply saddens me I wont have a Italian Dasha captain to use on them
  4. I am leveling-up my first Battleship line, which is German, and am trying to map out the upgrade path. I've had a very successful run with the Gneisenau, and am just starting with the Bismarck. The first ten points was straight-forward Preventative Maintenance (1) - too many important things incapacitated otherwise Expert Marksman (2) - because every speed increase for main battery turrets is critical Superintendent (3) - because a BB captain tanks, and you need all the repairs you can get Advanced Firing Training (4) - because these are German BBs, with awesome secondaries The remaining nine points, which happen very slowly, are much more difficult. Two of them are probably from this four: (a) Basic Firing Training (3) - so those secondaries and AA weapons put out more firepower, (b) Concealment Expert (4) - so I don't attract so many long-range attackers, since long range gun duels rare end well, (c) Fire Prevention (4) - to reduces the number of fires starting, and (d) Manual Fire Control for Secondary Armament (4) - to make those awesome secondaries even more awesome. Personally, I'm inclined toward Fire Prevention and Basic Firing Training, in that order, because in every battle I'm tanking and either leading or joining the push. That means concealment rarely gives more than a momentary advantage. Furthermore, I'm trying hard to make each main-gun shot count, which means I'm going to be not be "right on top of" designating a new secondary target when the old one disappears. Even if automatic secondaries don't hit as hard, I'm prefer to insure my primaries ARE hitting hard as often as possible. If I make those choices, I have a final 2 points to spend, probably on Adrenaline Rush (2) - so that as my damage increases, I can hit back faster. However, people have also made a good case for High Alert (2) - so that my damage control comes back 10% faster, or Jack of all Trades (2) - so any consumable comes back 5% faster. On the other hand, if I have only one (1) final point to spend, it will go to Priority Target (1) - as a reminder of how much trouble I'm in, and whether I should turn on hydro to find a nearby destroyer in smoke, or torpedoes approaching. Opinions and Suggestions, please?
  5. Hi All, *edit: it's cool guys. This wont be a thing. Mods already confirmed it. Just chatting up some other ideas that does not involve passing level 19.* Just an interesting concept here, Why not allow players to go above level 19 on their captains for *Insane* xp levels? A level 19 captain takes a tiny bit over 1.7 million xp to reach there. While Elite XP is great, why not allow for a slider to turn off elite xp gaining and allow further leveling? Do something that world of tanks does well (in my opinion) and have no cap, just insane captain levels for players that are dedicated enough. Here's an example. To get to level 19 from 18 you need 300k xp. Why not every level after double that number? to reach to 20 it would be 600k, 21 would be 1.2 million, 22 would be 2.4 million... you get the picture. You could have another 19 point captain by the time you got to level 21... Just my 2 cents any ways on how to expand on the system. Thoughts?