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Found 13 results

  1. It would seem to me that there are enough historical ship officers throughout history that we can have some variety. Do we really need to have the same names - and ID pictures cycled over and over? (How many Braggs, Radcliffes and Does must the US Navy have?) I understand that using living people is a problem - but is there some reason we cant have the Captain of the SMS Emden - Karl Friedrich Max von Mueller or the Dutch Admiral Karel Doorman or the DeRuyter's Captain Eugene Lacomble?
  2. I have no idea how or why but suddenly not during a reboot but just a regular gaming session. ALL of my special AZUR LANE Commanders are GONE!! My ANIME COMMANDING FLEET IS GONE! Anyone else experience this?
  3. Hi all! I have been trying to understand the calculation that World of Warships does with the theme of Special Captains for days and I cannot find the formula that responds in the reality of the game with the calculations I do. The best one says that it reduces 0.2% of the reload time for every 1% of Health Points the ship loses. I took the Moskva to make an account and it turns out that when she reaches 25,400 Health Points, the reload speed is "negative" ... so she shoots like crazy ??? I do not understand... The calculation I do (reverse engineering the World of Warships proposal) is as follows: Of the total Hit Points of the ship, I take 10,000 Hit Points for a first scenario. So it turns out that this loss of 10,000 Life Points is equal to losing 15.29% of the ship. Then I multiply 15.29% by 0.2% (here the math confuses me because I have two parameters that multiplied would give me "percentage squared") Avoiding that confusion and continuing with multiplying 15.29% of Life Points lost by 0.2, it is equal to "3.06 seconds of discounts". I continue projecting and it gives me negative values! Anyone wanting to solve the calculation? I attach the Excel spreadsheet that I made and from where I took the screenshot. You can change the "variables" (life points of the ship) (reload time) and the spreadsheet does the calculation. But it does not respond to reality! Thanks to those who check where I did the wrong calculation. In the next update it is very likely that the Captain skills reset will be free and it is an important event to review all Captains. @Hapa_Fodder @ParceNautico
  4. Dear WG, Please fix the special captains of the Dunkirk and Jutland series. Their special abilities have been relegated to the most insignificant skills imaginable. The Jutland captains had enhanced skills for Vigilance and Jack of all Trades. It seems only fair that they should get at least a 5% enhanced skill for the one point BB skill that reduces the Repair Party and Damage Control Party reload time. That's just a tiny fraction of what they once had. They should also get the same kind of skill on all other ship types, and not some paltry 1% addition to something weird. That's just wrong. Secondly, the Dunkirk captains, one of which you had to win, had three really good 2 point skills. These should translate into the same skill as the Jutland captains and also the Grease the Wheels (already done) skill or something similar on other ship types (reduced rudder plane shift time for subs, -10% aircraft restoration time for CVs), etc. etc. The 2.5% addition to a skill that your ship may or may not have is stupid and insignificant. The French and Pan Asian special captains retained their special skills to some extent, so the Jutland and Dunkirk captains need the same consideration. Thank you.
  5. Hi everyone, I just noticed my reserve is full and I can not transfer anymore one captain from one ship to another. Could you please tell me if there is a way to empty the captains of the reserve? (it is all crappy captains from rental ships) Or is there another way to transfer captains?
  6. Greetings! I propose to have an "Officers' Club" developed in order to better organize multiple ships' Captains. Not sure if this idea had already been discussed, but what does everyone think of the following: How about creating an "Officers' Club" (or "Officers' Mess" or??) to better see one's Captains, focus on/change/update their skills, assign/re-assign them to ships or to the reserves, etc. Yes, you can sort of see this information in the current "Personal File" section, but you are forced to scroll along in the bar at the bottom for each Captain and it's clunky if you have more than a few Captains per a given country's/region's navy. Also, when you're in this current mode, you can't see what ships currently don't have a captain assigned to them. Instead, I envision the "Officers' Club" to list the Captains similarly to the way the Tech Tree displays ships, (instead of ships, display Captains based on "Currently Assigned" - by rank? by ship type? or both? -, "In Reserve", or "Recruitable" columns) and then you can have a bar of respective "un-captained" ships displayed to one side or on the bottom of the screen. To find a particular Captain's Skill Set w/in the Officers' Club, you can double click on a particular Captain and their respective Skill Set will display accordingly. Alternately, perhaps a filter for one's Captains could address this issue, but a filter would not quite have the visual "punch" that a fully developed "Officers' Club" tree would have. A filter approach would be similar to what collisionSpace recently posted in: What do you think? And Mahalo to Hapa_Fodder for suggesting I post this idea here!
  7. I've only been playing (steadily) for a couple of weeks so please forgive me if this has been rehashed to death already. Didn't find anything in the forums. I got the free Twitch/Prime Azura Lane captain, Littorio, but she's only for Italian ships. So I took my level 1 Italian cruiser and dedicated my resources to get up to a Level IV - Giussano. Entering my first battle and... crap... that's not English! Do the captains speak the language of their fleet (i.e. USA - English, Italy - Italian, Spain - Spanish, etc)? To me, this would make playing other nations difficult. Is there a way to change to voice on the captains to English? I seem to remember reading something about it in regards to Ashley Violet and her manly voice, but can't seem to find that post again. Thanks for any response/feedback.
  8. I was playing a ranked battle and in this game our team was loosing from the very beginning. We didnt play very good at all, we had no teamwork, and i admit i didn't play good either. Well near the end of the battle one of our salty dead captains spoke in the "all chat" revealing our positions to the enemies. Didn't really matter cause we were going to loose, but miracle do happen sometimes.... Anyway after the battle that guy messaged me and harassed me. I put a ticket in cause i learned to NOT to do that after i did that myself before....(Im very sorry for doing so). But i would like to talk to you guys about this because it is important to know that some players are either just plain bad at the game style, others may be new and learning, or even trying out new ways to play. We all have bad days and good days while playing this game. I'm not perfect in this game, but after 652 battles in random i have achieved a 51% winrate and a destruction ratio of atleast 1. Again not the best, but i understand in general how to play. Its pretty key to understand that you should NOT harass your fellow captains after a bad battle, like we dont want to turn World of Warships into World of Tanks because its fun to actually chat with the enemy team. 1. dont be salty 2. dont tell the enemy your teammates position Simple as that and just enjoy the game.
  9. Looking for mod/sound files to replace Anime and national non-English speaking captains. I've got a few 6- 10-point captains from events and such (e.g., Isoroku, the grunting Japanese cat, and Admiral Hipper, the annoyingly breathy anime Japanese girl). I'm looking for a way to replace their sound files with the standard USN sound prompts in the game (or even the UK files, chaps). I admit that I do key into the audio for game prompts so I don't have to take my eyes of the screen and minimap. I don't play the non-English captains (even my Dasha or Overchkin) enough to learn the language phrases. Any thoughts? Thanks
  10. TheDgamesD

    Dasha Captains

    No Italian/Regia Marina Dasha? I'm not mad wargaming, just disappointed and sad. Especially since there's bound to be a line for them eventually, same (possibly) for the Commonwealth. Sure its only premium ships currently but that doesn't mean you couldn't've released one anyway, The Italian Navy is not only my favorite from WW2 from a historical standpoint, but also based on designs/looks. As such it deeply saddens me I wont have a Italian Dasha captain to use on them
  11. I am leveling-up my first Battleship line, which is German, and am trying to map out the upgrade path. I've had a very successful run with the Gneisenau, and am just starting with the Bismarck. The first ten points was straight-forward Preventative Maintenance (1) - too many important things incapacitated otherwise Expert Marksman (2) - because every speed increase for main battery turrets is critical Superintendent (3) - because a BB captain tanks, and you need all the repairs you can get Advanced Firing Training (4) - because these are German BBs, with awesome secondaries The remaining nine points, which happen very slowly, are much more difficult. Two of them are probably from this four: (a) Basic Firing Training (3) - so those secondaries and AA weapons put out more firepower, (b) Concealment Expert (4) - so I don't attract so many long-range attackers, since long range gun duels rare end well, (c) Fire Prevention (4) - to reduces the number of fires starting, and (d) Manual Fire Control for Secondary Armament (4) - to make those awesome secondaries even more awesome. Personally, I'm inclined toward Fire Prevention and Basic Firing Training, in that order, because in every battle I'm tanking and either leading or joining the push. That means concealment rarely gives more than a momentary advantage. Furthermore, I'm trying hard to make each main-gun shot count, which means I'm going to be not be "right on top of" designating a new secondary target when the old one disappears. Even if automatic secondaries don't hit as hard, I'm prefer to insure my primaries ARE hitting hard as often as possible. If I make those choices, I have a final 2 points to spend, probably on Adrenaline Rush (2) - so that as my damage increases, I can hit back faster. However, people have also made a good case for High Alert (2) - so that my damage control comes back 10% faster, or Jack of all Trades (2) - so any consumable comes back 5% faster. On the other hand, if I have only one (1) final point to spend, it will go to Priority Target (1) - as a reminder of how much trouble I'm in, and whether I should turn on hydro to find a nearby destroyer in smoke, or torpedoes approaching. Opinions and Suggestions, please?
  12. Hi All, *edit: it's cool guys. This wont be a thing. Mods already confirmed it. Just chatting up some other ideas that does not involve passing level 19.* Just an interesting concept here, Why not allow players to go above level 19 on their captains for *Insane* xp levels? A level 19 captain takes a tiny bit over 1.7 million xp to reach there. While Elite XP is great, why not allow for a slider to turn off elite xp gaining and allow further leveling? Do something that world of tanks does well (in my opinion) and have no cap, just insane captain levels for players that are dedicated enough. Here's an example. To get to level 19 from 18 you need 300k xp. Why not every level after double that number? to reach to 20 it would be 600k, 21 would be 1.2 million, 22 would be 2.4 million... you get the picture. You could have another 19 point captain by the time you got to level 21... Just my 2 cents any ways on how to expand on the system. Thoughts?
  13. anonym_Hf93Jbjm9WjT

    Samuel L Gravely

    Samuel L Gravely was the 1st African American (Black) captain with a sea going command in the US navy, in 1961. He commanded a ship many who play tier 10 in World of Warships, will know well, the Gearing, USS Theodore E. Chandler (DD-717). Gravely began his seagoing career in 1942 as the only black officer onboard the submarine chaser PC 1624. Following his first command, of the Gearing, this gentleman commanded several other warships during the Vietnam War, including USS Falgout (DE-324) (an Edsall class dd), and USS Taussig (an Allen Sumner class dd). In 1971 he was the first African American to reach the rank of rear Admiral. I will not copy paste the vast amounts of information about this person from Wikipedia, but instead, offer links for fellow forumites to explore, whether to learn of, rediscover or refresh memories. Obviously, those among you who have followed my recent posts, are aware I have been causing trouble on related issues. I apologise most insincerely. But I hope this topic will remain on the rails, good natured and helpful to all those who visit the forum. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Samuel_L._Gravely_Jr.#World_War_II_and_Korean_War https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/USS_Theodore_E._Chandler_(DD-717) and the Arleigh Burke destroyer that was commissioned in 2002, named in honour of Admiral Gravely. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/USS_Gravely I make no suggestion with this topic, stating a summary of the facts, ...but I encourage readers to draw their own conclusions. For my other post of today, regarding the 1st ever female captain in the USN with a seagoing command :