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Found 119 results

  1. Since Kidd has a repair consumable that can counter fire damage. Is it wise to run Kidd without a captain using Last Stand? Since repair is saved only for broken modules. With a build along this line: http://shipcomrade.com/captcalc/0100000000000010010011100000000119
  2. So I finally unlocked the Yueyang last week, and I'm rapidly approaching the 19th point on my captain. I'm just not sure how best to spend what will be the final three points. So far I'm running PM, LS, SE, TAE, BFT, and CE. My initial plan was to throw DE on there, but with the current T10 meta I'm just not sure if I'll be using my guns enough to really warrant that skill. I play solo & don't do clan wars, so SI doesn't really appeal to me either (it's very rare I run through all my smokes anyway). Other options I'm considering: AR + PT (duh) JoaT + PT (again, though, how often am I going to have the opportunity to string smokes together in a T10 battle?) TA + PT (the thought of 73-knot torpedoes with a 0.8 km spotting range is tempting, but will that produce enough extra hits to justify losing 2.7km of range?) Spec out of BFT and pick up either IFHE or RPF + a two-point skill (I can stand losing the 0.3 second reload boost on my guns, but the AA bonus helps a lot & chews up lower-tier aircraft) ????? Would love to hear some opinions from the more experienced YY folks out there.
  3. John Doe

    Time to find a name for John Doe and I have few suggestions Ernest E. Evans Ernest Edwin Evans For conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity at the risk of his life above and beyond the call of duty as commanding officer of the U.S.S. Johnston in action against major units of the enemy Japanese fleet during the battle off Samar on 25 October 1944. The first to lay a smokescreen and to open fire as an enemy task force, vastly superior in number, firepower and armor, rapidly approached. Comdr. Evans gallantly diverted the powerful blasts of hostile guns from the lightly armed and armored carriers under his protection, launching the first torpedo attack when the Johnston came under straddling Japanese shellfire. Undaunted by damage sustained under the terrific volume of fire, he unhesitatingly joined others of his group to provide fire support during subsequent torpedo attacks against the Japanese and, outshooting and outmaneuvering the enemy as he consistently interposed his vessel between the hostile fleet units and our carriers despite the crippling loss of engine power and communications with steering aft, shifted command to the fantail, shouted steering orders through an open hatch to men turning the rudder by hand and battled furiously until the Johnston, burning and shuddering from a mortal blow, lay dead in the water after 3 hours of fierce combat. Seriously wounded early in the engagement, Comdr. Evans, by his indomitable courage and brilliant professional skill, aided materially in turning back the enemy during a critical phase of the action. His valiant fighting spirit throughout this historic battle will venture as an inspiration to all who served with him. Bruce McCandless Bruce McCandless I For conspicuous gallantry and exceptionally distinguished service above and beyond the call of duty as communication officer of the U.S.S. San Francisco in combat with enemy Japanese forces in the battle off Savo Island, 12–13 November 1942. In the midst of a violent night engagement, the fire of a determined and desperate enemy seriously wounded Lt. Comdr. McCandless and rendered him unconscious, killed or wounded the admiral in command, his staff, the captain of the ship, the navigator, and all other personnel on the navigating and signal bridges. Faced with the lack of superior command upon his recovery, and displaying superb initiative, he promptly assumed command of the ship and ordered her course and gunfire against an overwhelmingly powerful force. With his superiors in other vessels unaware of the loss of their admiral, and challenged by his great responsibility, Lt. Comdr. McCandless boldly continued to engage the enemy and to lead our column of following vessels to a great victory. Largely through his brilliant seamanship and great courage, the San Francisco was brought back to port, saved to fight again in the service of her country. source. Wikipedia
  4. Can't seem to find an answer for this anywhere: I have enough XP and credits to get my tier 9 German BB, is it the right thing to do to bite the bullet and pay to move my 16 pt Captain from my Biz to the new boat? Or maybe move 1 of my 10 pt captains? Or is it best to grind out all the xp from 0?
  5. Just wondering if a Captain's acquired XP remains with him if he transfers to a new ship or does it drop back to zero? Looking at my Myogi captain below, he has 18,519 xp gained towards his 8th skill point. Meanwhile the Myogi has 5,607 xp towards unlocking the Kongo and becoming elite. What I don't want happening is if I transfer him to the Kongo, he loses that XP towards the 8th skill point and I have to start that over. Bonus question: when a ship becomes elite, does the xp gained afterwards keep accumulating or is there an option to accelerate the captain skills, as there is with accelerating crew skills in WoT?
  6. Montana Captain Build Opinions

    So I play on NA Server and I just got my Montana, only 30 battles with it so far. I'm in the process of building up my captain and I'd like to hear some feedback. So far I have preventative maintenance, adrenaline rush, basics of survivability, and concealment expert. My intention is to go with fire prevention, superintendent, and high alert as my remaining 9 points as I earn them. Looking for a stealthy-ish survival build. I've had only two matches so far with CVs so AA build beyond the AA module/upgrade slot I chose seems mostly a waste to me. This build seems like it will mitigate damage and help keep me in the game longer and healthier. Does this seem a good plan or do experienced Montana users feel I'm making a mistake? I would appreciate any comments or criticisms from those who e spent time with the ship. Thanks!
  7. I've seen multiple builds on ships use the "Priority Target" skill (Tells you how much ships are aiming at you) While I can see it's use sometimes I don't know how it is effective. I'd infer that it can tell how much people are shooting you and if you need to hide or escape or not? Mostly on tier 1 captain skills I take preventative maintainence or for more fragile ships, incoming fire alert. Is it a better idea to use Priority Target?
  8. Synopsis: Most people have a limited number of high point captains and maximizing their uptime (availability) is key. So the idea is basically captains act like ships in operations minus the cooldown part. In Operations you can pay like 75K silver to use a ship on cooldown. In this scenario, you die early in a match, your high point captain is locked in to that battle for maybe 15+ more minutes. You pay like 50K silver and get that captain back to use on a different ship (national restrictions still apply, etc). This also slightly increases the value of premium ships since they would be the ones you could jump directly back in to the quickest (i.e. don't require retraining).
  9. Yeah, I know, took me long enough, lol... So AR and Expert Marksman are a no brainer with this guy....what other skill did you spec, and what ship do you have him on? I've got him on the Dunk...but I guess he was made for the Republic?
  10. So I just got the Alsace. Getting ready to move Jean-Jacque up the BB line, I stopped and asked myself “Wouldn’t I get more out of him in the Henri IV?” Expert Marksman and Adreneline Rush are his special skills. Sure they apply to BBs, but it wouldn’t hurt to buff Henri’s Turret traverse a bit and AR is great for almost any boat. Henri and the Minotaur are my two best Tier 10 Cruisers. I’m happy to have Alsace, but the Republique doesn’t appeal to me much in its current form. Frankly, the French BBs are frustrating to me because of the RNG dependent damage and the wonky dispersion. The Conqueror and Montana are my favorite Tier 10 BBs, although my skill using Yamato is finally improving. I like accuracy and consistent damage in a BB. Please let us know your thoughts on how to use Jean-Jacque for the best results.

    Thank you WG for making this possible! Not a hater, just not a fan. Now my personal file contains only those captains I need or want.
  12. When viewing the latest development diaries, French Battleships, at around the 5.27 mark I noted that the in game image for the new French Captain was modeled by a WG worker. This comment gave me pause, and thought, why not have an image/model of a player in game, perhaps as a winner from a contest held by WG? (either male or female) This could be for a unique commander, or even a standard reward captain for an event? The contest itself I think should be up to others or WG, as I was leaning towards meme's or artistic images to submit. Thoughts? Do you think players would like a competition where their face could up in game as an image?
  13. Maybe I'll ascend the line after all....
  14. Missing one german captain portrait

    Ok,so since the update 0.615 this german portrait is missing. I don't know if is only to me o it is for everyhone, happens that i could'nt find it when i try to recruit a new german captain. Also i had a captain whit this portrait and it was change for another. That's the thing. Thanks. PD: I know that the image is not the best...
  15. Ok, so I'm wanting some opinions from veterans here about some of the options and why they're chosen. Let's start off by saying everyone in my reserve is getting reset....yay! We can change them as needed down the road... Let's assume a 10pt Captain at the helm. Definitely include caveats such as "with DD's I'll grab Survivability but with BB's I have to grab Superintendant" For me...I'm been neglecting Priority Target for most builds...I'm paranoid I guess! I assume when I see Detected that there's incoming...so I mostly pick Preventive Maintenance. That 30% reduction to my engines/props and main damage modules from being knocked out seems to be a no-brainer. I seem to be in the minority here at the first skill choice (especially when it seems Preventive Maintenance seems to work in synergy so well with Last Stand). Any input here is so helpful! What skills belong together (Expert Rear Gunner and Evasive Maneuver, but was told to drop the last because I couldn't re-strike as fast. Hmm...why not let my CV returns float a bit and give a huge HP bonus as my AA ships and fighters roll in...?) Thanks! <S!> War
  16. So...The Karlsruhe. Why the Hate?

    Relatively new here, and fairly often getting the advice to power past the Karlsruhe. Been told to dump the 'garbageruhe' and move on to the Konigsberg quickly. I'm actually having fun with the ship; not the best at it...learning now that HE spam definitely isn't it's forte' like other cruisers I've tried. Its AP seems pretty potent, and the torps are usable. Why does it get such a bad rep? Any suggestions about effectively using the ship? Just respec'd out of DE with my captain since I found myself loading HE less often...what captain skills would you put a priority on? I'm currently running Priority Target, Last Stand and Vigilance (TB's just laugh at my AA defense, so I hoped that would give me extra maneuver time against torps...the Koni seems to fix AA defense on the B hull upgrade) with my 7-pt captain - about to have a free couple of points there in another few battles. I want to get proficient in the ship before facing the possibility of tier VII's in battles when I evolve to the Konigsberg. Thanks in advance for the help feedback! ~War~
  17. I need a few British names.

    So its probably not a secret that I'm working on another AU story for a ship. I've already involved the community in writing this, but I want to have a little bit more of the community's hand in this. I'm looking for a name for this battleship and a name for two of her captains. Please, I require proper and serious names. Silly names will not be considered. A brief description about the captain's personalty will also be appreciated. Also if the name for the ship has a meaning behind it list it, but it is not as necessary... I want to call her Sandwich but that's kinda too cutesy. Plus that's already a name for a another ship in the works, Opp spoilers! If I pick yours I'll give you a shout out when I post the AU. May the best names win! :3
  18. I had fun with the free rental of the Ohotnik. I reassigned my highest-ranking commander from another Russian ship. The rental expired and my best Russian captain has completely disappeared along with the Okhotnik. What's up with this?
  19. Yamamoto Typo

    Well... that's a bit underwhelming.
  20. They need to enable captains to transfer back to lower ships they have served on and were trained on without a retraining period, or at least a shorter one. It sucks to have a high tier captain you can't use in ranked or something because retraining them would take forever, or in my case when you have a high tier ship but would like to play at a lower one for fun and credits when too costly, but for an 18 point captain takes forever. Even if not for all ships in captain's past, letting them retain knowledge of a few you select seems reasonable, and realistic since I doubt a captain forgets their old ship
  21. Captain

    Here is my 2nd highest rank captain just got yesterday night. Thank you all for the teamwork (Friend or Foe)... since CBT so far. What next? Here are my perks on him
  22. Captain

    Here is my 1st highest rank captain just got tonight. Thank you all for the teamwork (Friend or Foe)... since CBT so far. Here are my perks on him
  23. Isn't Hood a premium? Shouldn't I just be able to drop captains in and out, no problem? I do it in all my other premiums....
  24. HSF Graf Spee

    So. I disabled the HSF skins and it changed the 6-point captain to a regular German, but when I use him in battle (regardless of the voice settings) the alerts are still the high-pitched squeals of the anime! Can I disable this and still use the special captain or am I stuck with the crazy, immersion-breaking squeaks? Thank you!
  25. Okay I am trying to get the most out of my Enterprise Captain Build I have 19 pts included is a screen print of what it looks like. I have watch Fara's Vids and wanted other opinions on what I can do to make this just a bit stronger. Understand I am not a great CV guy, I have my good and bad games. I am AVERAGE at best, but want to do my best too. Thank You for Your Suggestions. You can see I have: Priority Target Aircraft Servicing Expert Dog Fighting Expert Torpedo Acceleration Torpedo Armament Expertise BFT AFT Air Supremecy