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Found 22 results

  1. I totally re-vamped my captains after the January '21 commander rework, selling off a chunk of 19-pointers to build out the initial 14 21-pointers. Since then I've been working the remaining 21 captains up to 21 points. Klaas Janssen and Guillermo Tallada were added to the mix since the rework. The majority of the initial 21 were already 19-pointers with a handful between 11 and 16 points. The EXCP do add up quick as you get more 21-pointers! Now all 37 of my captains are 21-pointers. I don't have a lot of captains because I don't keep tech tree ships in port so each captain that I do have works across multiple premium ship types for their nation - 37 captains for 167 ships. I don't have a lot of variety in the builds but it works for me. Depending on nation I will have a secondary and survival/generalist BB captain as well as a torpedo and gunboat DD build. I will probably, over time, pick up the other Suzuki, Doe, and Jutland seasoned commanders just to have them, maybe, if I have "free" dubs to spend. Just a personal milestone I thought to share...
  2. I know that this proposal is kind of late seeing that Hornet's releasal is almost completely solidified but here are 3 Hornet related proposals 1. Jimmy H. Doolittle captain 2. "Toujours Au Danger" patch 3. "Task force 16" bundles Thoughts? Tell me in the comments below and in the poll above!
  3. Hello all. I've been playing World of Warships for a good month now and have successfully grinded up to level 9 in the Japanese battleship tech tree to Izumo. To accelerate the process even more I have invested in Japanese premium ships with the latest one being IJN Atago. Noticed that the Commander that came with Atago was not leveled up yet so I decided to assign and re-train him on IJN Nagato. However, noticed now that he lost his "trained on" specialization on IJN Atago and is instead now trained to command Nagato. Is there any way I can get this commander his "trained on" Atago status back?
  4. This would be similar to RESEARCH BUREAU, and probably shall be "managed" from the same interface/screen - Tech Tree - reset, and also from the Commander page, with his HISTORY, or career steps to current rank. This must be some new, special commander type, that's bound to a branch and keeps history for all ships in that branch. The objective is to complete a CAREER in Navy, taking a Level 0 Commander, and make it progress until Level 19, using all ships in a branch, achieving a progressive amount of Cmdr XP, preferably but not necessarily during a Tech Tree RESET - when you reset a branch, offer to create a "Career Commander" L0 and that player should use this same commanders with all ships re-researched. Probably limited to 1 Career Commander per nation, at least in early stages. Or one per each of ~8 branchs, like CV, BB(BB,BC), CL(CA,CL), DD(DDG, DDT), UB. This "Career Commander" would unlock some nation-specific Talent and "Improved Skill", similar to Legendary captains, but only one, single improved skill and talent. Something as German gets better secondaries, British gets better heal, Russian get longer range, Japanese improve torpedos, so on. No SUPER powers, but a distinctive skill that must be unlocked by playing with all ships in that branch, and only provides the buff to the ships in that branch. So it becomes a requirement to keep a captain's HISTORY, for the ships in the "Career Branch". From the T1 to T10, how much Cmdr XP earned on each ship. The XP requirements for each tier shall be similar to half Cmdr XP, as we have 10 tiers for 19 Commander Levels: T1 > L2, T2 >L4, ..., T10 >L19 (Unlock improved skill) This would be very simple to track, from the "Career Commander" page, showing the achieved XP for each ship/tier in the branch. After the first Career Commander is unlocked with a Branch RESET, it should be possible to create a new Career Commander for each complete branch you own, using the same existing interface to create a commander, except that a Career Commander must be created as L0 and becomes "locked" to a branch - so he keeps XP history for 10 ships! There shall be a cost (Doubloons?) to use this method, and be free, or much cheaper, when creating during a branch reset. These Career Captains must have some distinctive image, either a simple overlay icon, or a different backgroud or uniform color.
  5. Hi all! I have been trying to understand the calculation that World of Warships does with the theme of Special Captains for days and I cannot find the formula that responds in the reality of the game with the calculations I do. The best one says that it reduces 0.2% of the reload time for every 1% of Health Points the ship loses. I took the Moskva to make an account and it turns out that when she reaches 25,400 Health Points, the reload speed is "negative" ... so she shoots like crazy ??? I do not understand... The calculation I do (reverse engineering the World of Warships proposal) is as follows: Of the total Hit Points of the ship, I take 10,000 Hit Points for a first scenario. So it turns out that this loss of 10,000 Life Points is equal to losing 15.29% of the ship. Then I multiply 15.29% by 0.2% (here the math confuses me because I have two parameters that multiplied would give me "percentage squared") Avoiding that confusion and continuing with multiplying 15.29% of Life Points lost by 0.2, it is equal to "3.06 seconds of discounts". I continue projecting and it gives me negative values! Anyone wanting to solve the calculation? I attach the Excel spreadsheet that I made and from where I took the screenshot. You can change the "variables" (life points of the ship) (reload time) and the spreadsheet does the calculation. But it does not respond to reality! Thanks to those who check where I did the wrong calculation. In the next update it is very likely that the Captain skills reset will be free and it is an important event to review all Captains. @Hapa_Fodder @ParceNautico
  6. Taylor3006

    Elite Captain XP Question

    I have been grinding out ECXP for my Cunningham captain using all my 21 pointers. Last night before I went to bed, it occurred to me that it would be more profitable to actually use Cunningham since he got all the XP for a match and he would bank an extra 5% in ECXP for me to use on him. I checked the Wiki and this is the way I am reading this but of course, I am prone to old timers. Am I correct thinking that there would be an extra 5% earnings doing it this way? I actually have a bunch of British premium ships so could run them all for a first win bonus too.
  7. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/13-zk78OnrypTId8QR4dE4BuN28lenluXpbdl1lkVHCg/edit#gid=0 Here I looked at all of the problems of the current skills for surface ships and changed several of them to fit the problems that plague each ship type. The major points I want to emphasize are: "Deadeye" changed so that it only works when you are the one spotting the target. Forces BB players to move closer to the fight. Secondary builds buffed, +1 consumables rolled into "brawler" skill that also enhances your secondary rate of fire, at the cost of concealment. Cruisers will have access to a new skill called "incendiary tracers," which will increase the target's detection range if it catches on fire (in addition to the existing fire penalty), giving your enemy a severe penalty and a boon to your teammates trying to hit that pesky DD. (perfect support tool for any cruiser, great way to light up BBs hiding in the back line) The new "Parthian tactics" skill (formerly outnumbered) will make a kiting cruiser a very difficult target. Destroyers have improved protection to damage thanks to the buffed "dazzle" skill, as well as a new skill that reduces detonation damage from 100% to 33%. Players that opt for stealthy DD play can pick "overboost" (formerly swift-in-silence) to increase their ship's speed when they hold their fire for 20s. Benefits any DD overall, but will not work when you are already a speed-demon boosting to over 50 knots while machine-gunning down hapless targets (Smaland, ehem). Battleships get improved defensive skills against fires and flooding, extinguishing a fire causes a 1-time main battery reload buff (regardless of how the fire is put out, can activate multiple times in a battle). Battleships and cruisers get actually meaningful AA skills Let's actually put diversity into our builds, WG.
  8. Will a tank build be better than a secondary build? I have PM, AR, JoAT, SI. Should I go Fire prevention and Concealment expert OR Manual Fire Control and AFT. Will concealment expert even help in 7v7 ranked? if not should I just get AFT and fire prevention because I feel that with the HE spam FP will be a good idea. AFT without MFC useless? Any help appreciated!
  9. DavyJonesLocker

    What ship would ______ Be?

    I'm Bored. Let's have fun! Match a celebrity, politician, or anyone with a ship, ship class, or nation.....GO Example: Gordon Ramsay would be the Smolensk due to his fiery personality and he is always shouting a you very close. or Betty White would be the Albany. It's older than dirt itself and the ship is legit white.
  10. Captain_Bob_Ross

    Commander Dasha

    Will y’all kindly bring back commander Dasha, through missions, armory or online store, if not some combination thereof? I was out of the game when she was in it. You folks already have the artwork and other features, and I have some time and a little cash to spend. Thanks for your time.
  11. After getting Friesland, this is one captain I made (with Dutch names): REEEEEEEEEE! His last name is perfect but what if I wanted someone with more facial hair? I'm not going to risk re-rolling. Even if I create a new commander it'll take me forever to get the right combination. Why can't we have World of Tank's system, where you can manually choose from the preset names and image? These two games must use the same engine, so importing it to WoWS should be easy, right?
  12. Looking for suggestions on the first 4 point skill for French BB's. I can change later, so for now I'm looking for advice for probably tiers 4-7. I understand the secondaries are nice, but for the lower tiers as I gain some experience I think I prefer a safety approach playing at some range. So thinking concealment for the first 4 pointer. However the rental Dunkurque I'm starting the Captain with seems to catch fire more than other BB's I've played so I wonder about Fire Prevention too. I'll probably add AFT at tier 8 and up. Thanks
  13. I have a Captain with 10 points that I'm using for the German cruiser line. Currently on the tier 4 Karlsruhe. I'm new at this. I started with Priority Target and Expert Marksman. I was going to do Superintendent 3rd but there is a line through it with the message "the skill is inefficient with the ship's selected configuration". Most skills I've seen for the German cruisers use SI for the 3rd skill. Should I just ignore that message and continue with SI? Also, was thinking CE for my 4th skill. Please let me know if you have other suggestions to consider. Thanks
  14. I'm just getting started with WOWS but have played WOT for a long time. I have a few questions about the Captains training, and assigning from a premium to a non-premium ship as I think there are some things that are different then tanks. I recently received the Warspite with a 10 skill captain. I know I'll have to train him to what ever non-premium ship I assign him to, and then can move back and forth between the two. But in WOT the premium and non-premium tanks sharing the crew have to also be the same class of tank. Heavy to Heavy, Light to Light etc. But all I can find about the Captains in Warships is that it has to be in the same nation. In other words, can I take the Warspite battleship captain and train him to a cruiser or any other kind of ship and still move him back and forth as long as it's withing the same nation? Or was I misinformed, and the Captain does have to be trained in the same nation and type of ship in order to switch between the two? And one more question. If I can share the warspite captain with a different class of ship if I decide to do so, what are some skills that are universal that you want all of your captains to have no matter what class of ship it is? And if anyone wants to list the the different skills they choose based on the class of ship I'd appreciate it. Thanks!
  15. Time to break out the dress uniforms and touch up the paintwork; The Rear Admiral himself is finally making his appearance in the game!!!!!! It's official: The instant I get him (and I WILL get him), I'm putting him on my Warspite.
  16. Avenge_December_7

    Advice For Kronshtadt Captain?

    Since I managed to net Kronshtadt before it went away, I'm wondering if I should use one of the specialized Soviet captains for her. Currently, I have Alexander Ovechkin (improved survivability expert and expert marksman) and Viktor Znamensky (improved preventative maintenance, high alert, and expert marksman). I doubt I should use Ovechkin, so that only leaves Znamensky. What is the recommended Kronshtadt build, and how does it change if you use Znamensky?
  17. Hello while I know there is no name your commander feature it would be nice to see the option to add french names to the commanders you get for the Canadian ship in the game. Canada is founded on Canadian dualism meaning that it would be nice to see some French name options for my captain? Thanks
  18. I got the Russian Alexander Ovechkin captain, and can't for the life of me figure out what combination of settings turns off the voiceover. While I'm sure it's useful to people who are fluent in russian, it's completely worthless russian mumbling to me, and I'd like my extra health without sacrificing audio cues. I've currently running "Voiceover Language: English (Pirate)" and "Voiceover Modification: Standard", with the "Quick Messages Voiceover" checkbox disabled, and no combination of these seems to change the lasted thing, unless I set voiceover modification to anime. Additionally, the "Earn your greatness" article seemed to imply it would default to English as well, which it very definitely doesn't do (see spoiler).
  19. I currently have a British Dasha mounted on the temporary premium Lightning. She is specialized for the Black Swan, but I want to keep her on the Jervis. Since the Jervis will soon not be premium, is there any way to get the captain retraining done while it is still premium (so I don't have to deal with skills not working during retraining). I can't figure out how to start the retraining process on a premium. How do I do this?
  20. When you move a captain up the line into a new ship you have a couple of options to avoid spending doubloons on getting your captain retrained and back to 100% performance on his skills. 1. Probably known already by most, but will state it anyway. If you have a premium of the same line move the captain over to it and earn enough XP to retrain the captain then move him back to the ship he came from. 2. Move captain up the line. Spend the 200k credits to cut training by half. Then click on your captain and hit the + button next to him. Finish retraining using Elite Captain XP. For this option to work you have to already have a 19 pt captain earning elite xp, Voila fully trained. Option 2............made me sag my head yesterday. As long as I have been around I somehow some way did not know you could do this. I'm not one to shy away on spending doubloons training and respeccing captains. I like to tinker with silly builds. Full AA build with Manual AAA FuryTaco. Check. Why. Just cause. Spending doubloons to tinker is one thing. Wasting them when I didn't need to is another. Figure if I didn't know there is bound to be another vet or non-vet that didn't know either. Hope this helps someone. Cheers.
  21. anonym_av4RbNafx4NS

    CV Captain Matchmaking

    CV T4 Langley. 4 of my fighter planes against a T5 CV fighters. All my planes gone and NONE of his. What about matchmaking the Captain skills? 'cause that scenario BLOWS...
  22. Doomwaffel

    Tirpitz captain struggle

    Hello everyone, recently I earned myself a Tirpitz from the Camo contest. And so far I enjoy it a lot, very brawler ish, which fits my playstile. So thats what I want to maximize. Now I have a little problem when it comes to the captain skills: I have 2 german captains so far that I could use: 1 is a regular one, the other the one that gives you a bonus on the torp detection skill. Sadly I ran the torp detection one on my cruisers so far and would have to retrain with hard earned cpt points. ^^ And since the other cpt is already skilled for the tirpi it would save me a lot of points. But I wouldnt get the torp skill bonus. So I am struggeling a bit on the skills and what to pick. So far: R1: PM R2: EM R3: BFT R4: AFT going for MFC for 14 points but besides that I am torn. I run the spotter range upgrade, so using the bonus captain+ improved Vigilance would grant me a big torp spot range, but do I need it? That would give me Vigilance + AR. in the end, but no concealment whatsoever. As an alternative I could go full stealth and replace the upgrade with the concealment one + Skill? Or a mix maybe? Like concealment upgrade, butu Vigilance skill or concealment skill + concealment upgrade? I am really torn right now about which captain to pick, and for which skills to plan. Open for all help. Thanks.