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Found 15 results

  1. MrConway just confirmed on WoWs stream that there will be a reset of captain skills.
  2. LowSpeed_US

    Nerfed Yamamoto?

    Hello, Whilst trying to re-spec my Yamamoto to a recently acquired Yamato. This (Link to picture) is what I've noticed. "Amount of HP recovered per second for 120s 0" When did this change?
  3. I've seen multiple builds on ships use the "Priority Target" skill (Tells you how much ships are aiming at you) While I can see it's use sometimes I don't know how it is effective. I'd infer that it can tell how much people are shooting you and if you need to hide or escape or not? Mostly on tier 1 captain skills I take preventative maintainence or for more fragile ships, incoming fire alert. Is it a better idea to use Priority Target?
  4. Avenge_December_7

    Advice For Kronshtadt Captain?

    Since I managed to net Kronshtadt before it went away, I'm wondering if I should use one of the specialized Soviet captains for her. Currently, I have Alexander Ovechkin (improved survivability expert and expert marksman) and Viktor Znamensky (improved preventative maintenance, high alert, and expert marksman). I doubt I should use Ovechkin, so that only leaves Znamensky. What is the recommended Kronshtadt build, and how does it change if you use Znamensky?
  5. I wonder if any player who has the "9 de Julio" would be willing to answer if the Captain speaks in English or Spanish. According to the game, "July 9" is an American ship sold to Argentina. So, does the captain speak Spanish or English? I understand that every captain accompanies the nationality of the ship... but it is freaky, at least to me; deal with russians, german or japanese captains. I dont understand even not the automatic voice chat's warnings. Is there any option to change the language of the Captain? I'm prety sure that build up a voice data base is not a great deal. So, the player can choose among different languages. I "hope" that this get the attention to the programmer department... build up a data base voice is not a headache when you compare the great job that they do with the general design and the game interface. What if WOS do a poll of opinions in order to have a feedback about this issue? Thanks for read me.
  6. Gramzon_the_Dragon

    High Tier USN DD Captain Builds

    Okay, a lot of ships in the game have certain skills that seem like no brainers and help really guide you in your choices, like knowing you need to get concealment and IFHE on USN CLs, or Advanced Firing Training and Manual Secondaries on German BBs. My dilemma is the USN DDs are rather comfortable now that I’m in well into Benson. Good concealment, Lightning turret traverse, respectable torpedo range and damage, stupid high rate of fire. After the essential DD skills, I’m puzzling over what to take as I work towards another 19 point captain. currently running 1. Priority target 2. Last stand (duh) 3. Survivability Expert, Demolition expert 4. Concealment Expert for 13 points invested. I don’t think IFHE is on the table as it won’t let me pen BB extremities going further into high tier anyway, so I’m thinking maybe Torpedo Armament Expertise and Basic Firing Training to help with the slow torp reload and get an always-on little RoF boost with an AA damage boost. So if I’m not trading hitpoints I still get full benefit to my reloads. But I could also swap BFT for Adrenaline Rush and Preventavie Maintenance for better gun and torpedo reload when I take hits, which would be really nice when really low on health and just being a sneaky torpedo boat for the rest of a game. Thoughts on the build, or have alternatives to suggest for other readers?
  7. I got the Russian Alexander Ovechkin captain, and can't for the life of me figure out what combination of settings turns off the voiceover. While I'm sure it's useful to people who are fluent in russian, it's completely worthless russian mumbling to me, and I'd like my extra health without sacrificing audio cues. I've currently running "Voiceover Language: English (Pirate)" and "Voiceover Modification: Standard", with the "Quick Messages Voiceover" checkbox disabled, and no combination of these seems to change the lasted thing, unless I set voiceover modification to anime. Additionally, the "Earn your greatness" article seemed to imply it would default to English as well, which it very definitely doesn't do (see spoiler).
  8. Det_Flag_Farmer

    Retraining captains to temporary premiums

    I currently have a British Dasha mounted on the temporary premium Lightning. She is specialized for the Black Swan, but I want to keep her on the Jervis. Since the Jervis will soon not be premium, is there any way to get the captain retraining done while it is still premium (so I don't have to deal with skills not working during retraining). I can't figure out how to start the retraining process on a premium. How do I do this?
  9. So asking the community for a bit of help. trying to build a captain for my Belfast, but the fun part is I am trying to see if I can Jack Dunkirk and all of his bonus perks. I honestly don't have a better place to put him at the moment so I figured I would as your fine folks out to see if we can make a build that gets the most of the Jack here. Looking forward to seeing what we can come up with.
  10. When you move a captain up the line into a new ship you have a couple of options to avoid spending doubloons on getting your captain retrained and back to 100% performance on his skills. 1. Probably known already by most, but will state it anyway. If you have a premium of the same line move the captain over to it and earn enough XP to retrain the captain then move him back to the ship he came from. 2. Move captain up the line. Spend the 200k credits to cut training by half. Then click on your captain and hit the + button next to him. Finish retraining using Elite Captain XP. For this option to work you have to already have a 19 pt captain earning elite xp, Voila fully trained. Option 2............made me sag my head yesterday. As long as I have been around I somehow some way did not know you could do this. I'm not one to shy away on spending doubloons training and respeccing captains. I like to tinker with silly builds. Full AA build with Manual AAA FuryTaco. Check. Why. Just cause. Spending doubloons to tinker is one thing. Wasting them when I didn't need to is another. Figure if I didn't know there is bound to be another vet or non-vet that didn't know either. Hope this helps someone. Cheers.
  11. WestPac_CG22

    Question about John Doe

    So I know WoWS, for whatever reason, removed Steven Segal as captain and replaced him with John Doe. I have no issue with that. Wasn't a big Steven Segal fan anyway. However, I just recently noticed that John Doe has no rank. He has 14 skill points and is currently at the helm of the Indianapolis, but unlike all my other captains, he has no listed rank. In fact, he is the only captain, whether on a ship or in reserve to have no rank and the only captain to have Unique Commander status. But really just wanted to know why he has no listed rank if anyone happens to know?
  12. Well I finally done it, after 38 Random Battles and 829 Co-Op/Operations I have my first 19 point Captain - Thea Kreutzer the Commander of HSF Admiral Graf Spee. I bought this ship on 2017-07-28 16:28:58, and I have love/dislike relationship with its Captain, see I has never into anime I wanted the ship because it was a Graf Spee. I have not used Thea, then put her back on, and turned off the HSF, BUT I have always came back to her. I still do not understand 90% of what she is saying, but this little ship with its wonky guns and deadly torpedeos has helped sink 1,101 ships and brought down 1,932 aircraft while helping our teams. I am going to thank some people now so it will most likely sound like a Oscar Speech now. 1) Wargaming for making this goofy little ship. I still love this ship, and if I ever get the chance I am going to get the non-HSF verizon. 2) @LittleWhiteMouse for her review of the HSF Admiral Graf Spee and answering my PM about Captain Builds for it. 3) To my 1st Clan Grey Wolf Gamers - @OtterWolf was the first player who tried to help when I started this game and I will never forget it. And @BrushWolf who has been stopping in on my Profile and checking on my progress. 4) To Old Salty Dogs Clan and their Commander @Daffyd9x, I started this Clan but I quickly realize I was not cut out to be in charge at work and then come home and be in charge in game. 5) My Current Clan - PvE Warriors Unite: @Kizarvexis, @Taylor3006, and @AdmiralThunder thanks guys for always being my backup, even when I am down on myself in this game. 6) And some of my friends on here: @WolfofWarship, @Gruntdog_3, @nina_blain_73, @USMCGal and all the rest of them for their help and support. 7) And to @Femennenly, @Gneisenau013, and @Radar_X for putting with all my Soap Box Speeches and my Rants. Well I am going to take a nap now, I woke at midnight and hammer out this last point for Thea.
  13. SaltTrooper

    CV Captain Matchmaking

    CV T4 Langley. 4 of my fighter planes against a T5 CV fighters. All my planes gone and NONE of his. What about matchmaking the Captain skills? 'cause that scenario BLOWS...
  14. Hi! I wonder how I got this special Captain... I don't remember... Switching time -75%... and the other skill with the green square with plus sign, also "more" than the regular skills. But more important than this is how can I get another one? Does anybody knows the answer? Thank you!
  15. Doomwaffel

    Tirpitz captain struggle

    Hello everyone, recently I earned myself a Tirpitz from the Camo contest. And so far I enjoy it a lot, very brawler ish, which fits my playstile. So thats what I want to maximize. Now I have a little problem when it comes to the captain skills: I have 2 german captains so far that I could use: 1 is a regular one, the other the one that gives you a bonus on the torp detection skill. Sadly I ran the torp detection one on my cruisers so far and would have to retrain with hard earned cpt points. ^^ And since the other cpt is already skilled for the tirpi it would save me a lot of points. But I wouldnt get the torp skill bonus. So I am struggeling a bit on the skills and what to pick. So far: R1: PM R2: EM R3: BFT R4: AFT going for MFC for 14 points but besides that I am torn. I run the spotter range upgrade, so using the bonus captain+ improved Vigilance would grant me a big torp spot range, but do I need it? That would give me Vigilance + AR. in the end, but no concealment whatsoever. As an alternative I could go full stealth and replace the upgrade with the concealment one + Skill? Or a mix maybe? Like concealment upgrade, butu Vigilance skill or concealment skill + concealment upgrade? I am really torn right now about which captain to pick, and for which skills to plan. Open for all help. Thanks.