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Found 44 results

  1. Hi all, I've been reading a lot of posts regarding the different skills and how they affect the playstyle. I wonder what's the rationale behind the "development" of those skills. Take for example CQC, what was the behavior the developers were expecting from the players? Or deadeye. There is surely an expected new meta or playstyle I'm not getting to understand as a whole. TIA
  2. WG: Keep your word and don't be penny wise and pound foolish. A change that effects the captain skills of a particular class should include free opportunities for players to redistribute their captain skills on that class. You said as much yourself back on January 16: After the release of the Update, additional balance corrections might be required. In case of significant changes going forward, we will provide additional opportunities to retrain your Commanders for free. Here is the source of the quote: Update 0.10.0: Commander Skills Update | World of Warships The free market is a blessing that is based on parties exchanging goods and services in an honest manner. I acknowledge that Wargaming is a for profit company and making money is a precondition for them bringing us this excellent game. I have no problem paying doubloons for resetting captain skills when I decide to try something new. However, WG is being foolishly greedy by refusing to do what they said they were going to do in January. Changes are being made to skills that involve all classes of ships in update 10.4 (ST 0.10.4, changes to commander's skills). Granted, only Deadeye is going away completely, and it is fair that a free reset is being offered for BB captains who have selected this skill. However, changes to the other (non-Deadeye) skills are clearly being made because not enough people are choosing them. These changes are significant enough that WG thinks people will reconsider them to optimize their captains skills. In addition to doing what they said they were going to do, if WG wants players to try these skills, they should incentivize that by offering free captain skills redistribution for all classes following the 10.4 update. WG, are you trying piss off your informed players (and customers) by NOT doing what you said in writing you were going to do only 3 months ago? Is that a good business practice? By refusing to offer a free skill redistribution you leave yourself vulnerable to legitimate complaints of hypocrisy and claims of yet another WG "cash grab". A certain former CC member has probably already made a video about 0.10.4 being just that.
  3. Benjammn79

    Tier VIII-X capt skills?

    So I've been away from the game for a while. Hopped back on after hearing about BB capt skill update and discovered there are new DD skills as well. I run my US DDs as gunboats (duh). Wondering what skills folks are running that they have found works with a run-n-gun style?
  4. The fix for dead eye is easy. I think its a great skill but the way its been set up is going to make a already slow game even slower. The issue As it stands now-Cruisers get destroyed from 20km, If cruisers are destroyed DDs have no support and BBs wont move up because of dead eye so again DDS and cruisers end up being screwed because all the BBs are on the back 2 lines The Fix Have dead eye activate INSIDE a BBs basic detection range ( no added bonus such as flags, concealment module or captain concealment-on a Iowa and most BBs that's about 16km this makes it an excellent skill that still supports sniping and brawling and getting bbs to move up and another bonus is no penalties
  5. Hello, I am trying to find good captain builds for my Alaska/Aegir/Azuma/Yoshino/Kronshtadt and am having minor difficulties. CE and Superintendent and standard on everything I play that can take them. The heavy AP shells skill seems good, as well as Grease the Gears and Adrenaline Rush. Is there any advice out there for good builds?
  6. Seriously? You don't think a DD should know when it is spotted and targeted? Oh the poor new folks who take that bad advice. :-/
  7. The captain skill rework has been out for nearly a week now and the battle lines are being drawn as BB's start to sit further and further out to make use of Dead Eye. Boggzy invites Doyl3 of [O7] Devastating Strike to discuss his skill guide and frequent co-host Borla of clan [KSC] to find out what all of these new skills mean for the meta of randoms and competitive and why you DON'T HAVE TO CAMP IN SPAWN as a BB ... Anchor: https://anchor.fm/gtkwows/episodes/Episode-066-Captain-Rework-w-Doyl3-of-O7-epetv9 YouTube:
  8. So, I was working on my captain builds after the rework and I finally got to the French Destroyers. While selecting the skills to use for the Marceau I noticed something odd... If I select the tier IV skill "Main Battery and AA Expert" I get a dispersion nerf on my Main Battery Accuracy that's not specified in the skill effects (It increases from 94m to 110m if I select it) Now, this shouldn't be an issue on most destroyers because of the range, but it does seem problematic given the Marceau's high arcs and slow rounds. Is this a bug or a non-specified effect included in the skill? Screenshot included for evidence
  9. Here are the ships I am certain have better than average secondary battery accuracy: USS Oklahoma, USS Massachusetts, USS Georgia, and USS Ohio. If you know some of the other ships with this characteristic, please list below. Thanks!
  10. I read the new DevBlog post on this (https://blog.worldofwarships.com/blog/104), and along with the changes in the commanders skills (which can be a thoroughly debated topic in the coming weeks), the following low-hanging fruits are there: With the release of update 0.10.0, for the duration of the update, you will be able to reset commander skills for free, and the retraining cost in doubloons will be discounted by 50% Your commander skills will be automatically redistributed to be as close to your previous build as possible. If you are not satisfied with your automatically picked skills, you will be able to redistribute the skills for free for the entire update 0.10.0 We are also planning to increase the base secondary battery firing range for some battleships in the future. Wishlist: 1) Remove the retraining penalty if a commander is moved to a different ship type (e.g., tech-tree BB to a tech-tree DD). This is in the FAQ: If I transfer the commander from a tech-tree battleship to a tech-tree destroyer, will I have to undergo retraining? Yes, the commander will have to undergo retraining in order to be transferred to a different tech-tree ship. 2) Increase base secondary firing range of many—not some—battleships. Brawling can be fun. This is in the FAQ: We are also planning to increase the base secondary battery firing range for some battleships in the future. 3) Reduce—or even remove—the cost in Doubloons for the duration of Update 0.10.0. Why penalize or monetize players during the transition phase? FAQ states that: Retraining cost in doubloons will be discounted by 50%.
  11. BoghieWanKanobie

    Smart Captain Skill Progression

    Yowser, two questions in one day. I promise I have tried to search out the answers before blathering here... Anyway, is there a smart progression in 'learning' new Captain skills. I don't want to be hammered as I start migrating up a tier(s) because my Captain ain't skilled enough. If both I and my Captain are appropriately skilled I can blame the team for my losses I have been doing the following Tier III completes when my ship is complete and my Captain earns his third level skill Tier IV is complete when my ship is complete and my Captain earns his fourth level skill Tier V... The problem is that the amount of Captain's XP required seems to be escalating. I can watch myself age trying to get my IJN, USN, and FN lines through Tier IV using this method. Maybe I'll get better and this will get easier. Is this what you chaps do? Am I over-skilling the Captain at Tier IV - ie. what skill level should my captains be at before I start Tier V. I don't want to be a complete target of opportunity, but I'm thinking that I might be overdoing it a bit... Would I be competitive (kinda) if I started competing in Tier V without a fourth level skill?
  12. The upcoming skill rework looks interesting, and there are a lot of good things in it, but there is one huge question that hasn't been answered yet. What will the effect of the skill rework be on the static abilities of the special captains in the game? For my examples in this thread, I will confine myself to using US commanders and ships, even though these questions will also be valid for other nations. A new feature of the skill rework is that each captain will get seperate trees to train for each ship type, meaning that they can have up to 21 points in every ship type at once. The only restriction is that they can still only be specialized to one tech tree ships. This creates two effects. As an example, my William Halsey captain currently has 16 points and is strongest on the tech tree cruiser Des Moines. His current static skills are improved versions of Expert Marksman and Expert Loader. If he is still strongest on Des Moines after the rework, I can keep him on Des Moines as his primary ship, as well as still be highly effective on Alaska and Indianapolis. I can at the same time also have him be 16 points on a ship of a different type, for example, Enterprise, which is going to want to be slightly skill different from the tech tree Midway. The first effect is that we can use one of our top level captains as a specialized captain for a ship of a different type from their tech tree specialization. The second effect is that effectiveness of specialized premium ships will become for more improved because of this mechanic, especially when you consider the US tech tree currently is about to have 6 different lines requiring 6 top of the line captains. Another benefit is that we will be able to specialize some ships more than we already had. Currently, I also use Halsey on my Salem, but with the skill rework, I will be able to seperate my personal Salem playstyle from Des Moines even more, as now I will be able to take another captain, such as my 19 point Midway captain, and specialize him for an Anti Aircraft build Salem as well as make him a 19 point specialized captain for secondary intensive Massachusetts. Now the really fun question is, will Halsey get new specializations for CV? That would bring him far more in line with the historical William Halsey. Remember, this is only one nation I am talking about. These questions apply to many of the other nations as well. How long will it be until we hear about the changes to the special commanders as part of this rework?
  13. flyingpig_fp

    The Next Chapayev Captain Skills

    I have a 12 point Captain on my Chapayev with 10 points assigned as below. Where should I put the next skill points? Priority Target Adrenaline Rush Demolition Expert Concealment Expert
  14. So far everything I've seen feedback wise has been universally negative with respect to the captain skill changes. Personally I think it will be great. Currently we have one set of skills to apply to all ship classes and as such the effective meta is almost identical across all ship classes for skill choices with almost zero variation. It looks to me that the new structure will allow players to further tune the skills to their play styles and get more out of min/max configurations than is currently possible, which is something I really like and I think should be encouraged. The 21 skill point thing? Good. We need the skill point total to be increased so our configurations can be more granular and specific to the builds that we want. I'm sure there will be quite a bit of change before everything goes live but the huge amount of negativity I've seen thus far is pretty ridiculous in my opinion. So anyway, who else thinks this will be a good change for once?
  15. Whitebuster

    German CVs build

    Do you have any suggestions for the optimal equipment and captain skills for German CVs (aircraft carriers)? Thanks in advance
  16. I had sworn I'd never get Gunther Lutjens, and yet... here I am. I had saved up every resource waiting on this patch and am one of the few who was happy about the surprise releases. Would've been nice to have some warning from WG, but I guess they want us to hoard. I had saved coal to get the Georgia when the 25% coupon popped on the 16th, but with the hope/plan to get all of these new German ships, I figured I'd invest in Gunther. So... I want to make sure to get a lot out of the secondaries, so I think my plan would be to officially put him in the GK (since I could swap to these premiums with no penalty.) And I'm curious what the collective wisdom is regarding balancing Gunther for the Sieg and Odin first and foremost, but also for the Agir and GK. https://worldofwarships.com/en/content/captains-skills/?skills=3,5,9,17,18,23,26,28&ship=Battleship OR drop PT & HA for BFT https://worldofwarships.com/en/content/captains-skills/?skills=1,3,9,17,18,23,26&ship=Battleship Opinions?
  17. Does radio location work for Submarine captains?
  18. Hi, I just promoted my captain to a 19 point captain on Ryujo, and I have 4 points that I can put somewhere. I would like to know what other people have chosen beyond the basic ones that all CV players choose. I am thinking of using Concealment Expert as my last skill. This would put my detection radius under 9 km. Ryujo cannot survive long if detected, so I always stay hidden when possible. I don't see the usefulness of Demolition Expert since Ryujo uses AP bombs and I would only get 1% for rockets. That's not a lot for three captain points, it seems to me. Maybe I'm wrong though. I could also try Adrenaline Rush with Improved Booster (one point skill) and then... Last Gasp? I don't even know what that skill does. It is not very clear. Anyone know? I only consider AR because many times my plane is shot down right when I hit the drop button, so if it were a little faster, I would be able to launch more bombs and torpedoes before my last plane is destroyed, but I don't know this for sure. It just happens a lot. Currently I have: Air Supremacy, Improved Engines, Torpedo Acceleration, Survival Expert, Plane Armor, and Sight Stabilization. I have four points left. What have other people used their last 4 points for on Ryujo? Thanks for any advice.
  19. The patch 9.4 comes out either next Tuesday or Wednesday and I would like to think WG will give us all the info sooner rather than later, I mean when its comes to new lines they generally put something out earlier but when it come to specifics i find you get the details maybe 2 days before and sometimes a day before, not always of course there is always the exception. i would like to know about the mode that's coming for the ships or are they just being thrust into Coop. What Captain skills will there be for Subs are we getting new badges or achievements, what about emblems. There is a whole raft of things players need to know about apart from how to play the ships. We are less than a week away from there grand appearance and all we know so far is there coming for 3 Nations. For a 5th ship type this seems so far to be very low key. What about a premium ship. The WOWS wiki has the bare minimum on this ship type at the moment.
  20. Since this is the first time en entirely new ship type has entered the game, when can we expect the new American, German, and Russian sub's wiki entries to be added after the patch drops? They could be very useful. Has the Wiki team already been working on this?
  21. Shannon_Lindsey

    Asking a favor of PTS players

    I don't participate in the public test for personal reasons, but I have lots of questions about the submarines as they appear in regards to how Captain Skills will apply. Since there will be both US and German subs in the test, I will want to know details for both lines. 1. What is the base detection range for both surface and air? 2. What is the torpedo range? 3. Have any consumables been added to the lines, and if so, which ones? 4. Are the engines and/or rudder knocked out enough to necessitate Last Stand as it is for Destroyers? If some of you playing on the PST could please answer some of these, it would be greatly appreciated, probably by more people than just me.
  22. KilljoyCutter

    Radio Location Skill for PVE

    Radio Location, aka RDF. With the free respec going on, I decided to try it for a night on a couple captains, see if it helps. So far, it's proving almost entirely useless in Co-op, and given the way Operations work is probably won't do much there. Does anyone else have thoughts on Radio Location in PVE? Am I missing something? Or should I just forget it?
  23. PotatoMD

    Massive Fire AA?

    So we all know that MFAA is more or less useless. So can we change it back to Manual AA? It would work like Manual Secondaries: AA does not fire at all unless you set a sector. To compensate, the effect would be strengthened by like 300% and the cooldown for sector reinforcement would be halved. Also, both this skill and manual secondaries shouldn't be 4 point skills, maybe 3 at max. Also, can we have AFT increase AA range again? It doesn't have to be huge, like 5% at most. I feel the issue with this in the past was that AA could stealth fire at planes, but now it seems that AA guns firing gives a bloom like main guns do, so that shouldn't be a problem. It would help ships be able to defend each other from air attacks.
  24. I am seriously thinking about ditching the Last Stand captain skill on my Lightening, which I reset recently to ask this very question. It seems a truism that everyone MUST choose Last Stand as their second captain skill on a DD, but whereas that may have once been true, I am not so sure now. After the introduction of the rapid fire HE spam storm cruisers and now the SAP cruisers, once spotted, it doesn't really matter if I can move a little inside my smoke screen or while kiting away -- like a snail. I am obliterated by the firestorm that keeps coming at me, so I have not used Last Stand to save my DD in a very long while. On the other hand, having Radio Location (along with Concealment Expert) at least lets me know where the nearest enemy ship is, and especially when they round a corner of an island (it will suddenly change to point backwards or something, I guess Radio does not go through islands, but radar, sound, etc. does.) right behind me or to my flank. I would like to have both Radio Location and CE on my destroyer Lightening, which has been nerfed down pretty bad during the last year with nearly every cruiser carrying radar now. Radio Location helps me to avoid them and keep my distance, while CE seems to help in the End Game and also when I am hiding from planes at the beginning. The best defense seems to be not to be caught out in the open at all to begin with. I would like other's opinions about this before I finish filling out my captain skills on Lightening. Do players really believe Last Stand is vital or is it less useful now at the upper tiers? Thanks to anyone who can give me some advice on this!
  25. So after our CB session last Saturday, I had the pleasant surprise of having just enough steel to finally get my Bourgogne! Would've had her a lot sooner had I not been dumb and bought the Black about 6 months ago lol! Anyway, Ive basically been using my French legendary captain on her. He is trained on my Alsace and I figured his current build would be fine. However, I am curious if any other owners of this ship might have alternative suggestions? My main question is, would it be worth getting rid of AFT for Concealment expert? Im always open to new ideas and any advice is appreciated!