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Found 14 results

  1. Since many skills and all classes have been affected by the CV rework, how have the builds of most classes changed, if at all? Are tank builds still the go-to for BBs? Have any builds including aft changed? How have the CV skills changed?
  2. Bfoster19955

    Skills for Chapayev and Dmitri Donskoi

    So i finally obtain the Moskva a few days ago(took me some time to get use to the new ship but manage to get a few matches breaking 100k dmg) so now i'm planning to have designated captains for Chapayev and D.Donskoi because i enjoy taking them to sea. However i am unsure what skills would be relevant for both ships. The image is the skills i have so far for my designated Donskoi captain. Not sure if other skills should be chosen in place of the ones that i have so far. And with the change to the AA, not sure if its possible to add a AA skill to the captain to help with air defence. For my upgrades i have MAM1, Survallence Radar Mod 1, Aiming Systems Mod 1, Steering Gears, Concealment and Gunfire Control Mod 1. Also plan to use the same captain skills for Chapayev captain. Needs some assistance. Would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Currently, I have a fifteen point captain on my Haida spec'ed as follows: Tier 1: Priority Target Tier 2: Last Stand Tier 3: Superintendent and Survivability Expert Tier 4: IFHE I have one free point from what I originally intended to be a grind to my next tier 4 skill. Now, I know what the Haida's strengths and weaknesses are, so I just need some advice on which strength to prioritize first and foremost. Should I re-spec and pick CE over IFHE, or leave it as is? Thanks in advance to anyone who responds. Sincerely, 1Sherman.
  4. Aeries1

    Atlanta Captain Skills

    With the Atlanta being back up for sale I couldn't resist adding her to my port. With my love of US DDs and complete comfort with their rainbow arcs it was a perfect fit. What do you find the most optimal spec? Currently I run PT, AR, BFT, AFT, and CE and working on my 16th pt. My main question is do you find IFHE worth it? It would give her the ability to pen 27 mm of armor so effective against plating of T7 and below BBs, but also give you the ability to pen up to T9 cruisers that have 25 - 27 mm of bow/stern armor. I am almost tempted to drop CE as she is an island fighter so unless driven into open water isn't really useful other than getting your detection from planes down to roughly equal to her AA bubble. Your thoughts?
  5. The following 6 Captain skills need to be replaced or changed Priority TargetàReplace with 10% increase in universal spotting Range Do we really need a captain skills that tells us how many ships are targeting you? It’s a skill that bad players use because they have poor situational awareness to begin with. Good players probably don’t use this skills and finally it reduces the element of surprise when targeting an enemy ship. Incoming fire AlertàReplaceàFlashless gun powder 5% reduction in being spotted when firing Another captain skill that warns you that a salvo is incoming. As above this is an unnecessary skill and it reduces the element of surprise Demolition ExpertàChange to Diving AP shellà5% chance in Underwater Citadel hit causing flooding This skill needs to go. The last thing this game needs is another captain skill that increases the chance of fire Inertia Fuse for HE ShellsàSwitch to AP shells This skill needs to go. If it was done properly this actually should have been given to AP shells instead. Why? Look at pictures of the burning Bismarck, All those fires were caused by AP shells exploding INSIDE THE SHIP that started the fires. So either switch this skill to AP or get rid of it. It’s a buff to anything that slings HE. The last thing this game needs is 2 captain skills that increases the chance of fire. Radio Locationà Change Mechanics or RemoveàReplace with 5%+ magnification on Reticle What does this even do? Other then tell where enemy ships are which with good situational awareness should be pretty obvious. The mechanics are stupid. Unless the other player on the opposing SENDS a message (breaks radio silence) to another player on the other team then this skill should not even activate. It’s another form of a very weak Radar and it needs to go. This game needs more elements of surprise and less predictability in battles. Concealment Expert àRemoveàReplace with maneuverability buff +5% rudder shift It needs to go. There is way too much concealment buffs anyway. From camo to modules. Get rid of it and give players in ALL ships a universal concealment module
  6. As the title implies, How do YOU spec the captains for the Igor, the Jackal and the Blade? I am curious, and in search of ideas. ~Beorn
  7. So while opting for a full secondary build I am kind of unable to pick between BFT and SI. SI gives me 5 heals with premium, and BFT would give rapid firing secondaries. But I am not sure how much buff is BFT to the secondaries. 4 to 3.6 seconds reload doesn't look much.. Any suggestions? (currently using PT + AR + SI + AFT + MS)
  8. I just went to the Ship Comrade website to play around with their Captain Skills calculator and instead got a page stating how he was shutting down the service due to a lack of support from Wargaming. Personally I think this is a shame. I found his website to be very helpful when I first started out and I liked the interface as compared to the WoWs Wiki. He says he can save it if there are enough people to fund his Patreon page or if he could find another owner for the website. Maybe people could share here how the website helped any of you?
  9. Redistributing captain skills on a 19 point captain is expensive. Often, I only wish to redistribute 1 or 2 points, instead of all of them. Suggestion; pro-rate the cost per point and allow redistribution 1 point at a time. For example, 1 point would cost 23 doubloons or 10000 elite commander XP. It's cost effective. Everyone wins.
  10. Aeries1

    T7+ French Captain Skills

    Just started the French cruiser line and am loving it so far. Emile is a great ship and am about through her in no time. Right now I have a 10 pointer running IFHE, but that will get respecced once I get to Alg. What have you guys had success running on the CAs? The AA is pretty horrible on these cruisers, at least in the long range department where it counts, so not going to be speccing there. My thoughts moving up. PT - AR - DE - CE as a base. Run premium consumables so unlike a lot of recommendations see no need for SI. Running speed module there isn't enough time in the game for 4 speed boosts and I have only on a handful of occasions needed or wanted 4 heals in all my T9+ cruiser games. Only so much damage can be healed back. Think of trying a little unconventional for the last 9. 11th - EL 15th - RL - For late game chasing down DDs. 17th - EM - By the time I get to St. Lous will want it to offset the MBM3 traverse penalty. 19th - JoaT - Meh not much other good T2s, Maybe LS, not sure how weak this lines rudder/engine are. Toyed with the idea of IFHE instead of RL on HIV. Would allow her to pen the 50mm decks of Moskva and most of the T10 BBs that have 50mm middle decks. Anyone tried this one on Henry? Well that's my plan. What are you running or had success with?
  11. Carbapenem_17

    Akizuki CE or IFHE first?

    So I have 10 point captain on my Akizuki and was wondering whether I should take CE or IFHE first? The concealment doesn't look soo bad at 6.6km. While IFHE will earn me more damage and able to get my captain to 14 faster. Suggestions?
  12. I want to improve my secondaries, and I finally got my Captain trained up to get a T4 skill. Which would you suggest? I'm leading towards the range increase - but I figured I'd rely on the more experienced wisdom of the forums: Manual Fire Control for Secondary (-60% dispersion) Advance Fire Training (+20% range) LittleWhiteMouse recommended both those skills in their MA review - as well "HE Inertia fuse," but no info on what order is suggested as preferred.
  13. I am now starting the grind on the Omaha to get the Dallas. What would be good captain skills for the Dallas? 1st skill, one point 2nd skill, two points, 3rd skill, three points, 4th skill, four points, following skills..... I have ideas, and yes this is a new ship to all, but this one may be a keeper for me as I do like light cruiser game play (and have much better success!) Tks in advance!
  14. Meeso_Thorny

    Richelieu soon.jpg

    Hello everyone. New guy here. A preface: I have a penchant for ambitious, if not outright courageous military equipment designs. The Strv-103, Sweden's tank-with-no-turret. The MiG-25 Foxbat, a fighter jet made of steel. The 44-knot Alfa class submarine, with its lead-cooled reactor. And, not least of which, MN Richelieu. The French battleship with all-guns-forward. I love these designs with their oh-so-obvious shortcomings. They dare you to beat them. "Surely you can see my weakness, but exploiting it is another matter!" It should then come as no surprise that with Richelieu implemented in this game, I look forward to playing it, especially considering it has not been artificially crippled by some asinine "Siege Mode." I am not far from graduating from Lyon, and soon Richelieu shall be in my grasp. But I am very new to this game. The captain I am building so far has Priority Target, Adrenaline Rush, Superintendent, and Concealment Expert. As further evidence of how new I am to this game mere days ago, the very first french battleship captain I began, I gave him Last Stand. Ultimately I intend to add to this current captain Advanced Firing Training, Fire Prevention and Preventative Maintenance. When Richelieu is mine, I shall be conflicted in my choices for modifications. Shall I further protect the Main Battery with MAM1, or shall I try to protect Richelieu's plethora of AA and secondaries with AAM1? Is the slightly reduced fire and flooding chance worth it, or shall I plug in the Engine Boost mod I got in a supercontainer today? Shall I try to reign in the heinous dispersion of the French battleship with Aiming Mod, or shall I further commit to the secondaries by extended their range beyond 10km (I am leaning toward the latter, I play for fun)? The last two slots are obvious, at least. Without Basics of Survivability I definitely need DCM2 and Richelieu needs all the concealment it can get. There is limited utility in hemming and hawing over what I'll do WHEN I get the ship, but I am still in the honeymoon phase of this game, and wanted to talk to someone about it. Clearly I am leaning towards what you would call a hybrid secondary/survival build, hoping to flank enemies with Richelieu's great speed, decloak at 13km and close to within secondary range of hapless foes (hopefully)