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Found 87 results

  1. After digging through my mistakes for DD captain skills, I would like to get the skinny on what are good cruiser captain skills to have? Yes, there is a different option depending upon country and tier. Common sense selections are PRIORITY TARGET (1), BASIC OF SURVIVEABILITY (3), CONCEALMENT EXPERT (4), and possibility of VIGILANCE (3) and DEMO EXPERT. So what are the foundation skills that would work for the first four or five skills selected that would be generic to have? I appreciate you feedback.
  2. Attention on deck / ahoy me hearties! I'm looking for opinions on different German DD captain builds. There are a few threads out there that contain a variety of conflicting opinions, so I thought I would create a thread dedicated to debating the merits of different captain skill builds. Once there is some consensus on the better builds, I will update this original post for easy reference. A few questions to kick things off: 1) Is there more than one workable build, each addressing a different play style? 2) In what order would you take each skill? I feel this is particularly important for the 4pt skills. 3) Is IFHE worth it on the 150mm gunned boats? If so, do you respec when the 150mm guns aren't available as you grind the line?
  3. As I am actually starting to enjoy sailing the Pensacola, I'm planning to keep her. As such, I'll need to train a captain to either replace her current captain (if I move them up to the next ship) or to captain the next ship (if I keep the current captain in Pensacola). I'll use my Indianapolis and/or Marblehead to train the new captain. My Pensacola captain currently has Priority Target, Expert Marksman, Basic and Advanced Firing Training, with two points unassigned. The new captain is already at four points, with Priority Target, Expert Marksman, and a spare point. I was thinking of applying to both an AA themed build, with PT, EM, BFT and AFT. I was also thinking of getting Superintendent afterwards, which leaves 6 points left. There are some other skills I might consider are: Preventative Maintenance: to reduce the number of incapitations recieved Incoming Fire Alert: to warn about long-range, potentially unexpected enemy fire and allow more reaction time Adrenaline Rush: to increase late-game DPM Last Stand: to allow evasive action even if engine and/or rudder is KO'd Demolition Expert: to start more fires, increasing DPM IFHE: to increase DPM with plain HE damage Radio Location: to more easily hunt DDs Concealment Expert: to avoid being shot at all
  4. As the title implies, How do YOU spec the captains for the Igor, the Jackal and the Blade? I am curious, and in search of ideas. ~Beorn
  5. Are there any special skills that you get with the 15 point Admiral Isoroko Yamamoto? I heard Wargaming likes to slip in some special abilities in certain Premium Captains so wondering if there are any this time. Would be good to know before deciding what ship to put him on once I complete the Campaign. I am thinking either a Cruiser or a BB, but if he has special CV skills then I will have to just put him on a CV lol.
  6. I am soon to be at a decision point. First off, my goal for most of this past year has been to get my captains up to 19 points. I have had some success with that and am on the verge of doing so with my Lo Yang and Atago captains. Within a week I will have enough free XP and captain XP to train both up. Training captains is never a bad thing. My dilemma is that I will also have enough free XP to get the Nelson. She looks like a fun ship. Ugly, but oddly likable, and the 'zombie' feature intrigues me. But she is a BB. My favorite ship class is DD followed closely by CL. I don't do as well in BB. Warspite was my very first ship in this game. I don't do her much justice and I have learned how to play her (better?) the hard way. I am sub-par with her overall but have gotten better - especially after adding Arizona and Ishizuchi to my fleet from Santa crates. Maybe I should take the plunge. I am still sitting on the fence (and the dang pickets are beginning to hurt!) I definitely welcome suggestions...
  7. I just got my yamato, and is wondering whether i should re-spec the yamato or not. I currently have a stealth build due to just finishing the grind from izumo, but then I don't want to waste the potential of Yamato's secondaries. I'm a fairly aggressive BB captain that tends to push, should I use the doubloons to re-spec her? Is it worth it or is it not a big change?
  8. Its a transferred captain from Neptune and if it is useless, I would respec for something else. Help anyone?
  9. Wasn't playing Warships for awhile, that plus not being able to sell the free ones delayed my progress up the line. However, that just means other people have had a chance to play with them. Currently on KGV, but im more talking about building for the line in general. Current build: Catapult Fighter Expert marksman (had this for the ultra slow turrets on lower tiers, but might drop this as the higher tier ones have acceptable 45 second times), Adrenaline rush Superintendent Concealment Expert Currently 30k from 16 points. So wondering if i should go for IFHE or Fire prevention 1st. IFHE would help on KGV as if i did my math right, that's 115 pen HE which would allow me to citadel certain cruiser sides. I'm not sure how helpful that is with the larger caliber guns tho. FP is a standard batleship pick, but is it still needed with the higher tier ships's super heal? And for the rest of the points once i hit 19, what would yo suggest?
  10. Just curious if Demolition Expert skill only works on main guns or if it has much of an effect on secondary guns as well? Might be fun to try in a secondary build if it does effect the Secondaries.
  11. So, Kelorn posted a very good commander skills guide yesterday, but he mentioned he didn't address DD skills due to not being as strong in DDs as he is in other ships. So I said I'd write a capt skills guide for DDs since I'm a DD main. Here it is. Intro and bona fides: I am above average in destroyer play (1117 WTR, 57% win rate over last 90 days), but certainly not unicum. I certainly advise players to look at multiple sources for advice besides this guide, as there are differing opinions as to optimal captain skills and I dislike the mentality many have of 'this is the one twue way to play DDs', but my captain builds do work well for my playstyle. I tend to play very aggressively in DDs, but I also prioritize winning over dealing damage and getting kills. For example, if I need to flex across the map to defend something or to cap when we need a cap, I do that even if it means lower personal damage, because I play for the win. On DDs that are pure damage-dealers like Khabarovsk, I may play more of a DPM-oriented style, but on boats that are good at cap control like USN DDs, I focus more on capping. And even in Khab I probably try to cap more than I should since so many DDs won't, but I digress. These builds are primarily optimized for maximizing chances to win matches while playing solo in random battles. The first build listed for each ship is intended to be a 'balanced' build that optimizes the strengths of that particular ship while providing the versatility to do other basic DD tasks (spotting, capping, cap control, and hunting/killing) as well as possible for that ship. Some ships have alternate builds listed that may work better if running in a division or in Ranked/Clan battles; these builds are usually a better build to optimize the ship's strengths if you have trusted teammates along to help in other tasks. The first build listed for each ship is what I am personally running on that ship except where I've noted that I am trying to decide between the listed builds. The two most discussed new skills and how I incorporate them: IF/HE: I use IF/HE on some boats but not others, as IF/HE is only a benefit if it allows the ship to penetrate armor it can't penetrate without the skill. Shiratsuyu, Akizuki, Clemson, Lenin, and Farragut all benefit from IF/HE as the ships they face often have armor that can be penetrated with IF/HE but not without, which makes it worth the 3% decrease in fire chance. Some DDs don't benefit, or they don't benefit enough to make it worth using 4 capt skill points and/or a 3% reduction in fire chance. See the following for more information about IF/HE, I used this information extensively in developing my captain builds and am indebted to the original posters for their work in these guides. Flametz's IF/HE guide Killjoy1941's IF/HE guide RPF/Radiolocation: I don't use this skill. Why? I have close to 5000 games in DDs. So I have very strong instincts for where DDs will go in a match, and I have very strong minimap awareness and know how long it takes for a DD to get from the point it was last spotted to other places on map. RPF has a high opportunity cost (4 points) and on every one of my ships, I'd have to give up other skills I really want to get RPF. Yes, it can be useful late-game. Yes, it can help you hunt other DDs, or know where the nearest unspotted ship is to avoid getting spotted yourself. However, not using RPF forces you to hone your instincts and gives you more available points for other skills. There are players that swear by using RPF. But I don't, and my builds reflect that. I recommend doing without. Even without having RPF, you get an icon on your screen when someone is locating your direction via RPF; I've had several kills now where I was able to use RPF against a player by determining where they were using the timing of me getting that icon. If I look at where other friendlies are when the icon pops up, I can often figure out where the ship using RPF is even if I haven't spotted them yet. RPF is a crutch, and for someone that hasn't played as much DD as I have, maybe a useful one for them, but I am a better player than I would have been otherwise because I learned how to anticipate where ships would be without using it. My DD builds. Notes: Each build's skills are listed in the order in which you should get them. If build is for less than 19 points, that means I really don't see a 'best' way to use the point left over. All builds assume that you are using the Concealment Upgrade Mod if DD is tier 8+. Shiratsuyu (this build is also good for Hatsuharu, and works well for Shinonome/Kamikaze) Primary (I use this one) - 'GunboatPOI' build : Priority Target, Last Stand, Demolition Expert, Concealment Expert, Advanced Firing Training, Inertia Fuse/High Explosive, Alternate - 'TorpedoPOI' build: PM, LS, DE, CE, AFT, Torpedo Armament Expert, Adrenaline Rush Discussion: Given that I run premium torpedo reload booster, I choose to optimize my guns instead of my torps, especially since TAE is now a 3-point skill. Shiratsuyu can comfortably invisifire even without AFT, but she has good shell arcs and can land shots consistently even out to the edge of her AFT-extended range. IF/HE allows her to do direct penetration damage to 25mm plating, which means many sections of cruisers as well as the bow and stern of same-tier and lower BBs. The alternate build forgos IF/HE, but has a better fire chance because of it. You get faster torp reloads in between uses of torp reload booster (which may mean not needing to run the premium version) and can pick up an extra 2-point skill (I recommend adrenaline rush since I play aggressively and usually take damage throughout the game.) Akizuki (as Akizuki is very different from other IJN boats, this is a specialized build) Primary (I use this one) - Wreck Face build: Priority Target, Last Stand, Demolition Expert, Concealment Expert, Inertia Fuse/High Explosive, Advanced Firing Training. Discussion: Since I already had a 19-pt capt ready for Akizuki and at least two of the three 4-pt skills are must-haves to get the most out of her, I struggled with the order in which to equip skills if you don't have a 14-point captain at least. Basically, don't even bother playing Akizuki without *at least* a 14-point captain ready to go for her, as she's almost unplayable without IF/HE and either AFT or CE. Without IF/HE, she can't pen same-tier or higher DDs with HE shells.With IF/HE she's a fearsome DD hunter. DE offsets the lost fire chance from IF/HE. She has a workable invisifire window without CE or AFT (assuming you're running concealment upgrade mod.) AFT allows you to fire at ships 12+ km out, but CE increases your concealment so you can invisifire from closer-in. CE also improves her ability to control caps and be more versatile and survivable; it also helps keep her from being surprised by other DDs spotting her first and using their speed advantage to run her down and/or keep her spotted. With how low her speed is and because cap control is so important in randoms, I think CE is marginally more important than AFT. AFT is still important, because it gives her an even larger invisifire window and allows Akizuki to stay back where she's less likely to get run down, because she is the slowest DD by far in her tier range. Alternatively, if you give up AFT, you can get BFT and have two points left over for Adrenaline Rush. While I would not use the BFT+AR in place of AFT if you play mostly solo, it could be workable if you play in divisions a lot since you can rely on your divmates to cover you if you do get rushed by a faster ship. Clemson (Clemson is unique in the USN line and so this is a specialized build, all higher-tier USN DDs have terrible shell arcs and do not need AFT): Primary (I use this one) - Seal Club Extraordinaire build: Priority Target, Last Stand, Demolition Expert, Advanced Firing Training, Inertia Fuse/High Explosive, Concealment Expert Alternate - Maximum DPM build: PM, LS, DE, AFT, IF/HE, Basic Firing Training, Adrenaline Rush. Discussion: I never ran CE on my Clemson until 0.6.0, as it precluded my ability to run DE and AFT and I play my Clemson like a Russian DD, merrily flying across the map spraying fire like a madman. However, I've tried CE now that I can do AFT+DE+CE and the extra .6km stealth does help a lot with capping early-game. I had a hard carry in Clemson this morning where the extra stealth kept me alive...we were down by 3 ships, and came back to win, but I would have been killed several times without the extra stealth window as I was able to keep from getting cornered and/or complete capping without getting seen. While Clemson is still first and foremost a gunboat and I don't worry about being spotted most of the time, it's a nice bit of versatility, and gives her a usable invisifire window. Clemson has very good shell arcs and so benefits from AFT. Starting with B-hull Nicholas, USN guns suffer from terrible ballistics and so I do not recommend AFT for other USN DDs. IF/HE allows you to penetrate the bow and stern of BBs. DE offsets the lowered fire chance of IF/HE. The alternate 'Maximum DPS' build listed boosts your gun ROF and increases both gun and torp ROF as you take damage, but you give up most of your invisifire window and lose a bit of versatility. I've tried both builds and I stay alive longer and do more damage with the primary build I listed and am able to secure caps better, which as I've mentioned is a big advantage in randoms as you often can't get capping help from other ships (especially in low tiers such as Clemson plays in) Farragut (this build is just as good for B-hull Nicholas or Mahan) Primary (I use this one) - Swiss Army Knife build: Priority Target, Last Stand, Demolition Expert, Concealment Expert, Inertia Fuse/High Explosive, AR, Survivability Expert (can alternate Basic Fire Training instead) Discussion: Farragut is the most underrated ship in the game, IMO. She is the best cap control boat relative to her tier in the game. She has an advantage in a knife fight versus almost any ship she sees; she's at least close to even against even Benson and Mahan. The only ship I really struggle to beat in a knife fight is Akizuki. Her torps are very good; you can't *quite* stealthtorp but you can come close, especially at ships that are coming toward you or angling toward you since there's only a .3km difference in torp range versus concealment range. She's fast, maneuverable, and tough. IF/HE is a big help for Farragut in penetrating BB bow and stern plating of T5-7 BBs as well as significant portions of still will not be able to penetrate t8 BBs except for the superstructure, but there's a lot of ships you'll penetrate more often than you did before if you use IF/HE. I use SE as the extra hp helps when knife-fighting, especially against a Mahan, Sims, or Benson. BFT is also a strong choice, they're neck and neck. Depends on your playstyle. I would definitely use SE in place of BFT with a Mahan or a Benson as the benefit from SE increases as one climbs tiers. Fletcher (also valid for Benson) Primary (I use this one) - Fletcher Gonna Fletch build: Priority Target, Last Stand, Demolition Expert, Concealment Expert, Survivability Expert, Basic Firing Training, Adrenaline Rush (alternatively, drop AR and you can get another 3-point skill like superintendent or torpedo armament expert) Discussion: Fletcher is the pinnacle of the USN line ( I prefer it even to Gearing), and the build I use is similar to my Farragut build. The main difference is IF/HE is of *very* limited benefit compared to Farragut, since they have the same guns but Fletcher sees mostly t8+ BBs, with thicker armor plating that resists penetration even with IF/HE equipped. I decided that for Fletcher, the higher fire chance without IF/HE outweighed the cruisers that Fletcher could penetrate with IF/HE but not without it. Also, Fletch has very good AA and gets more benefit from SE at tier 9, so dropping IF/HE allows one to get SE and BFT, and if you drop adrenaline rush you can even get TAE or Super. Since Fletcher is a very good stealthtorp boat, TAE is more attractive on her than most USN boats. Z-23 (150mm guns) Primary (I use this one) - Schadenfreude for Days build: Priority Target, Last Stand, Demolition Expert, Concealment Expert, Inertia Fuse/High Explosive, Adrenaline Rush, Survivability Expert. Discussion: I am not currently playing any other German DDs besides this, so can only discuss the 150mm Z-23. Not a fan of the DDs leading up to the Z-23 but the Z-23 with 150mm guns is a keeper; I've fallen in love with this boat. Once I get the tier 9 Z-46 and test some builds, I will edit this post to include a recommended build for 128mm gun-equipped German boats. While the 150mm guns have good ballistics, AFT (and BFT) have no effect on them, the only DD guns to not be affected by these skills. Then again, the 128mm guns on other German DDs don't have the shell arcs needed to make AFT an optimal choice anyway. The 150mm guns do have a much better fire chance than the 128s, so I chose to buff that fire chance with DE. IF/HE allows them to penetrate the bow and stern of enemy BBs up to t10 (except for Grosser Kurfurst bow) and large portions of most cruisers. These are gunboats and will take damage, so Adrenaline Rush helps boost the slow ROF of the 150mm guns as you take damage. Leningrad (assuming you have a dedicated captain for her) Primary - Glorious Soviet Stronk Victory build: PM, EM, Last Stand, DE, CE, AFT, Basic Firing Training Alternate (high risk) - In Soviet Russia, DD Penetrates You build: Priority Target, Expert Marksman, Demolition Expert, Concealment Expert, Advanced Firing Training, Inertia Fuse/High Explosive Alternate - Speedy Sniper Build: PT, EM, LS, DE, AFT, IF/HE, BFT Discussion: Leningrad is a bit of an odd duck amongst Russian DDs in that she is a decent stealthtorp/cap control boat with CE, so I chose to keep CE as a 'must-have' skill on her for randoms. If I was divisioning more or playing her in competitive play, I'd probably use the sniper build as it accentuates her strengths, but for solo randoms I like the flexibility CE gives me for capping. The first build is a high-risk build; Leningrad has terrible turret traverse and badly needs EM to keep guns on target as she maneuvers, so you have to give up Last Stand in order to have CE, AFT, and IF/HE. With IF/HE, she can pen much of the plating of t7 BBs, although she still can't pen t8+ BBs anywhere but the superstructure so it's a trade-off. The second build gives up IF/HE. This lowers your penetration damage as you can't pen as many ships in as many places, but that does increase your fire chance and you're able to keep Last Stand and pick up BFT. I would only recommend using the first build (without LS) if you're running premium damage control and premium smoke, as if you do lose your engines, you're going to need to either fix them quick or hide quick. I may come back and edit this; I'm going to test the high-risk build for another ten-twenty matches in Leningrad and see how badly my survivability is hampered by skipping Last Stand. I will edit this if I change my mind about the viability of the high-risk build. but so far it's working for me. Edit: The DD Penetrates You build is EXTREMELY high-risk and I have bumped it to an alternate build. When it works, it works beautifully, but even with the 40-second cooldown with premium DC, it really hurts survivability for aggressive gunboating (and Leningrad begs for aggressive gunboating.) Khabarovsk Primary (I will probably use this one for randoms) - Stronk and Versatile Build: Priority Target, Last Stand, Demolition Expert, Advanced Firing Training, Concealment Expert, Survivability Expert, Adrenaline Rush Alternate (my probable setup if/when there are t10 clan battles) - Speed-Tanking Sniper Build: PT, LS, DE, AFT, Inertia Fuse/High Explosive, SE, AR Alternate - Smoke+Shoot Flamethrower Build: PT, LS, DE, AFT, BFT, SE, Superintendent. Discussion: Ah, Khabarovsk. In a perfect world, I'd say screw CE. I didn't use CE on Khab before 0.6.0 as I couldn't run AFT+DE otherwise. But the recent range nerf to Khab, and CE becoming a 4-point skill as opposed to 5 points, makes CE a more intriguing pick for Khab. On the one hand, Khab's biggest potential contribution is as a pure DPM dealer, speeding along at 40+ knots spraying fire merrily at all comers, using its speed and maneuverability to dodge fire and laugh at everything shooting at her (except for Zao and Moskva, because their railguns can actually hit Khab from long range.) On the other hand, the t10 meta means that sometimes other DDs don't do their job, and I find myself trying to cap in my Khab even though she's way too visible to do it well. And with the range nerf a few months ago, I do take a lot more hits than I used to and I do sometimes need to stop firing and get concealment back so I can pop up elsewhere and start spreading HE love again. I think the second or third build is stronger for division play or clan battles as it allows Khab to be used to its greatest strengths. The second build gives Khab IF/HE, which allows her to pen t8 and t9 cruisers, plus Des Moines and Minotaur, anywhere but the armor belt and penetrate Moskva, Zao, and Hindenberg through their bow and stern plating. The third build forgoes IF/HE, which of course increases fire chance, and uses those points for BFT (higher ROF) and Superintendent (extra smoke and extra speed boost). The first listed build is interesting for the current super-campy, people-afraid-to-push t10 meta as it sacrifices IF/HE for CE. While Khab has terrible concealment even with CE, this gives the Khab a bit more ability to push up without getting spotted and focused, and at least a limited ability to cap, especially mid or late game. I hate to waste 4 points on CE when ideally Khab would always be focused on maximizing DPM and speed-tanking, but given that sometimes one has to use Khab in suboptimal ways to compensate for other DDs that won't play to win, this helps make her a bit more versatile.
  12. I'm not needing opinions on the ship just how to best go around spending the last three points for my captain. I will probably reset during one of the discount weeks. However this is what I have now. I'm rather unsure of how to spend my last three points. Incoming Fire Alert(I know, I know) Expert Marksmen + Adrenaline Rush Demolition Expert IFHE + Concealment Expert My three main thoughts for the unspent points. Priority target and Torpedo Acceleration. BFT and switch out aim mod for aa due to seeing more carriers. BoS and DCP Mod1 due to all the fires and British sneakyfiahbotes soon. Thank you for your help! PS WG fix the artwork. ça costa lon ça costa! Viva l'Aosta!
  13. So how are ya'll going to spec your Royal Navy battleship captains? I'm not sure how many of the ships in the line I'll keep, but I know my best captain will eventually end up on Conqueror (unless she gets a super nerf). I'm thinking my setup will be the this: 1. PM 2. EM (faster turrets/to mitigate reload mod in slot 3) 3. Superintendent (another super heal? Yes please!) 4. Concealment (yes I think I'll take that cruiser level concealment) 5. AR (duh) This is where I get stuck. There's a ton of choices that will benefit the RN BBs. High Alert and JoAT would be good and then Vigilance. Or a more standard build going AFT and Vigilance or BFT. Also, with their great HE, EL might be a consideration. Ya'lls thoughts?
  14. I was opening containers yesterday and started to have an epiphany. What if they added two rare drops inside the crate: a free captain respec, and a free captain retraining? I'm not sure it would be as easy as adding a consumable or whatnot but it would be a nice little surprise every now and again. It would have to be a pretty rare drop to keep the incentive to buy doubloons but I am sure a happy medium could be found.
  15. So normally as I progress up the tech tree line I move the captain up from one tier to the next. If I really enjoy the ship I keep it (most are kept) and I back fill with a new captain. Now, with the mission for RN BBs with the blueprints it looks like we could end up with the Tier III, IV, and V in our port but with no captains trained. I have one "unassigned" RN captain (Jack Dunkirk) currently on my Belfast that I could put on the Iron Duke, but I was thinking of keeping him on the cruiser line. What are people doing in preparation?
  16. I'm about an average player. I started out playing cruisers, but have dabbled in all the lines at some point and never focused enough on one captain to add a lot of skill points. I have several captains above 10 points (highest at the start of ranked was 13). What I found interesting is that WG didn't put a cap on the number of skill points a captain could have while playing Ranked, but they did require everyone to use a Tier 6 ship. There have been several posts about seal clubbing, both in terms of Ranked and non-Ranked matches, and other posts about how Ranked is either about skill or not about skill (this being the internet, differing opinions are the norm). Does it seem odd to anyone else that skill points are not capped? Does allowing high skilled captains diminish Ranked play for the larger WG population, and possibly result in fewer players wanting to participate? It seems that if a player feels that he or she plays well - reflected in having a captain with 15+ skill points - then that player would still be good if the skill points allowed were capped at, say, 13. I realize that there are many things I could do to improve my play, and am not suggesting that other players are the reason for my performance (ranked 10 as of posting this). I am just generally curious as to why there was no limit played on the number of skill points allowed into Ranked.
  17. So I just finished the Dunkirk collection and got Jackie boy but I'm not sure what to do with him. His skill set is clearly best used in a DD or CL so saving him for the RN BB line doesn't seem like a great idea. I don't have the Gallant and never really sail the Campbeltown so putting him in a RN DDs is out. That leaves me debating about moving my 15pt Edinburgh Captain to the Leander and putting Jack on the Edinburgh. My concern is since I don't plan to keep the Edinburgh or the Neptune that means Jack will eventually find his home on the Minotaur.. but would his boosted turret rotation skill be wasted on the Minotaur? Or maybe I should just stick him on the Belfast and wait for RN DD line to be released? Hmmm So where have y'all put Jack? Have you noticed his skills having a significant impact?
  18. Good morning fellow BB Captains. I have a short PSA on the one captain skill you should never take as a BB captain. As you can see in the screenshot above, this Missouri captain is using Survivability Expert. Now you may be asking, "Why is that a bad thing? 3k more HP could mean the difference between being alive or sunk?" While that may be the case in 1 out of 100 scenarios, the other 99 scenarios you are better off choosing a different skill. 3k hp makes the difference on a DD, but on a BB it is hardly noticeable. Instead choose BFT for better AA, Superintendent for more Heals, Vigilance for torpedo beats (especially useful in the Iowa class due to their slow turning nature), or Basics of Survivability. In fact if you are concerned about living, Basics of Survivability is the better choice overall due to reducing the DoT on both fires and flooding. Within moments of being on fire, that extra bit of HP from SE will be mute, while BoS will keep you alive healthier overall. Choosing to avoid the noob trap that is SE will allow you to be more flexible in battle, and overall a great asset to the team.
  19. I have asked this before in one of my own threads but not as main subject. Here - I am not into the core mechanics of the game so need a bit clarification here. DE = +2% chance of fire IFHE = -3% chance of fire DE + IFHE = -1% chance of fire So if both the skills are combined for a cruiser, doesn't it nullify DE completely? Someone pointed out that when both are combined you have to rely on RNG for fire chance. So what is the point of assigning DE skill to the ship if you are going for IFHE in the first place or vice versa? You get less fire chance that you could without DE if IFHE is assigned to the ship. What I understand if one has to get DE, he better spend the rest 4 points on AFT, CE or anything other than IFHE and if one has to get IFHE, he better spend the rest 3 points on BFT, Vigilance or anything other than DE. I can't wrap my head around combining DE + IFHE together (at least theoretically). How does this work? What is the in game experience you have when both combined?
  20. Im on of the best fletcher captains on the NA server. heres my skills and why i use them.
  21. Which level 4 Captain Skill is a better choice for a battleship in the upcoming Ranked season, Concealment Expert of Fire Prevention? This is assuming a 10 pt captain and I realize it will depend in part on which BB one is playing with. For me, it will be Warspite perhaps Fuso or Dunkerque. But I'm curious what people think about how those two skills will apply to Ranked gameplay. Is CE a selfish move and not a good Ranked choice because as a BB we want to take the damage so the DDs and CLs can do work? Is FP a better choice so we can survive longer? Often in Ranked survival is the name of the game. On the other hand, CE is all about survival, too . . .
  22. All ready to go but I've got nothing to wear! On a more serious note how have you experienced Bismark captains set up your ship & what captain skills have you picked?
  23. I have heard rumors at least that manual secondaries skill has been functional only some of the time recently is that true? Also how useful is that skill? And is manual AA still working \ a better skill? I am working on Gneisenau and Bismarck as well as heading up to Yamato and am deep enough into the Captain skills that I will need to decide before too long. Already got the AFT and BFT skills on Captains in both lines so they will be ready for either skill.
  24. Hey sailors! So I've been watching Noster lately and he's been using the perk IFHE a lot on various DDS and Cruisers and some of them seem to have a great performance improvement when the skill is applied. anyways, I'm closing in on my 4th skill for my Sims( this'll be my 3rd captain trained from this ship and the first 1 since new skills being introduced back in Jan?) and I was wondering if it be a good idea? My hope is that if I use this skill it will reduce the overall "shattered hits" that DDs tend to get when engaging heavier armored targets such as BBs and a few select CA! Also USN DDs rarely get fired to begin with ( or at least mine do) so to me it doesn't seem like much of a loss on the fire part..... I'd like some feedback on this before committing and If its a "no-Go", I'll just pick concealment and focus on gaining the 2nd round skills! hope to hear your feedback! until next time, I'll C'ya on the Sea! PS: Do you think WG should add spotting damage bonuses for DDs and CVs who light targets for their team ? It could add a bit of incentive for players to pick up DDs and CVs?
  25. Hi guys, i would like ur oppinion How to Spec my captain for ognevoi. I have only 11 points and use PT, PM, LS, BFT and AFT. It give me very decent AA and a range of 14.4 km. But i dont see much use for it since i,m usually uptiered and rarely see some CV. I'm thinking on change BFT for SE and AFT for concealment. It would bring my detection to 6.1 km. Also thinking on getting torpedo aceleration when i get more points, since i rarelly hit something with those torps, they are very slow.What is ur oppinion?