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Found 2 results

  1. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/13-zk78OnrypTId8QR4dE4BuN28lenluXpbdl1lkVHCg/edit#gid=0 Here I looked at all of the problems of the current skills for surface ships and changed several of them to fit the problems that plague each ship type. The major points I want to emphasize are: "Deadeye" changed so that it only works when you are the one spotting the target. Forces BB players to move closer to the fight. Secondary builds buffed, +1 consumables rolled into "brawler" skill that also enhances your secondary rate of fire, at the cost of concealment. Cruisers will have access to a new skill called "incendiary tracers," which will increase the target's detection range if it catches on fire (in addition to the existing fire penalty), giving your enemy a severe penalty and a boon to your teammates trying to hit that pesky DD. (perfect support tool for any cruiser, great way to light up BBs hiding in the back line) The new "Parthian tactics" skill (formerly outnumbered) will make a kiting cruiser a very difficult target. Destroyers have improved protection to damage thanks to the buffed "dazzle" skill, as well as a new skill that reduces detonation damage from 100% to 33%. Players that opt for stealthy DD play can pick "overboost" (formerly swift-in-silence) to increase their ship's speed when they hold their fire for 20s. Benefits any DD overall, but will not work when you are already a speed-demon boosting to over 50 knots while machine-gunning down hapless targets (Smaland, ehem). Battleships get improved defensive skills against fires and flooding, extinguishing a fire causes a 1-time main battery reload buff (regardless of how the fire is put out, can activate multiple times in a battle). Battleships and cruisers get actually meaningful AA skills Let's actually put diversity into our builds, WG.
  2. Edit: Since these charts were first posted, WG released an updated table of the captain skills. I have left the old charts at the bottom of the post for comparison purposes. Apologies for the confusion. ---- As the topic of the captain skill rework is back in the headlines, I would like to offer feedback on the new skill trees. I am not concerned with the individual balance of the skills (though there is likely much to be tweaked), I am instead concerned with the overall layout of the trees and how the skills are distributed for each 'category' of a ships performance. In order to make the distribution easier to read, I assigned various colors to each category. -Destroyers- Feedback: - The main critique of this tree is that the individual lines do not follow a logical progression. E.g. if a player sees torpedo skills for levels 1-3, then it would make sense for the level 4 skill to also be torpedo focused. - The top end of the skill tree is dominated by damage and vision control skills. While these are obviously valuable, it would be nice to see a 4pt. Consumables or Torpedo skill. -Cruisers- Feedback: - Once again, the individual lines do not follow a logical progression. - There are very many skills that focus on damage dealing, either through shell upgrades or main battery or torpedo upgrades. The high end of the skill tree features no powerful bonuses for Consumables or Survivability. - The overall trend of this tree is to push cruisers away from their role as a support class and towards pure damage output. This is in my opinion, not a healthy direction to push cruisers in. - EDIT: the addition of Last Stand is very welcome. -Battleships- Feedback: - Although this tree is perhaps the most mature of the four, it is still frustrating that each category of skills is not carried to its conclusion. e.g. a 4pt. anti-aircraft skill would be very logical and welcome. - Given the enormous shells that battleships fire, the shell quality upgrades feel insignificant. Pyrotechnist, Threshing and Armor Piercing don't accomplish much. In exchange, we could consider low cost skills to boost other aspects of the BBs role. -Aircraft Carriers- Feedback: - The addition of several skills to boost combat air patrol (fighters) is certainly a welcome one. - A large number of skills seem to be aimed at boosting plane speed. I'm not sure if so much of a focus is the correct approach. - The main concern is that there aren't many skills that boost the abilities of the CV hull itself. This limits the CV to only the abilities of the airplanes, which limits the possibilities of the player. CV players should be encouraged to use their hulls in a team-oriented manner. -Overall- The captain skill rework shows some promise, but it is held back by an overall lack of top-level cohesion. There should be a logical and balanced distribution of skills to boost different aspects of a ship's performance, and there should be an easily understandable increase in potency as the player moves from one level to the next. I hope by color coding the skills in this manner, we can see areas where too many skills exist, and others where we could urgently need new ones. ---- Version 1 (old) Skill trees: