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Found 2 results

  1. So I've spent the last couple of hours bashing my head against my keyboard figuring out how a few theoretical builds with the new Captain Skill Rework 2.0 would work. I'm a weird guy so these probably won't appeal to a lot of people but here's what I've managed to come up with (with the initial versions of the skills that is, this is all prone to change). - Secondary Focus BB: - "Standard" BB: - "Standard" Cruiser: - IFHE cruiser with Demoman example: - "Standard" DD: - Full long range gunboat DD without the new BFT: Sorry that it's such a long post, just me coming up with wild ideas, all of these could be tweaked a lot more, especially the DD ones, just my initial thoughts with these preliminary skill stats. Have fun theory crafting with these insane new skills, while there's a lot of questionable things in this rework personally I look forward to testing this insanity when it comes to PT. Also don't ask me about CV builds, I don't know jack squat about them lol. - Saidalphon
  2. slokill_1

    Brawling Bougogne?

    Is a Brawling Bourgogne viable? I've got the Massachusetts which is a lot of fun. My favorite BB right now. Halsey's got AFT, manual 2ndary control and IFHE and the crew really like him. I read somewhere that Bourgogne can also get 11.3 km 2ndaries. I'm tempted to try it since I have one more free respec left. I've got J. Honore in there with a survivability build right now, which is reliable. The main battery hits to 24 km or so, and with signal flag and speed boost she hits 38.5 knots! But even so, with the main battery reload, a brawling build could be a menace... Has anyone tried this? Do you like it?