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Found 1 result

  1. I've always had one belief in WG "World Of" titles that I've held since I first played WoT(I now don't play it) up until now(in WoWS, and I just had a battle in my Marblehead that confirmed it, once again. It is, "If the playerbase has gotten to the point where most of them know exactly how to deal with the commonly accepted set-up of a certain vehicle, change it. Go for something not mainstream, something radical, something CRAZY even, just so long as it gives you an advantage. Go for something that they won't expect, something that will allow you to get the drop on them, to surprise, maybe even to confuse them and leave them scratching their heads and asking "what the heck is going on here?"." The reason I hold this belief is simple: Anything that will startle/confuse the enemy will make it harder/slower for them to get the upper hand, and thus, EASIER FOR YOU to get the upper hand. So, anyway, I have the sad, renamed remnant of Legendary Commander Steven Seagal in my Marblehead. One of Steven Seagal's two boosted skills is the rarely-used Expert Loader.(-75% instead of -50% to main battery loading time for when all guns are loaded for switching ammo types) I thought, "you know what, I've never used Steven Seagal's Expert Loader skill, as when he was my Farragut captain, I didn't need either, but I've experimented with his better Expert Marksman before. Why don't I try his Expert Loader on my Marblehead, given his weird combination of DD and Cruiser skills already that I've put on?" So two hours ago, I took my Marblehead out looking for some pirates. And I was in a top-tier match. So mostly, for a while I only fired HE, but then this broadside enemy Kuma came around the side of this island. I had taken an HE pot-shot at it earlier, just to get some free damage before switching back to burning down BBs, so I think they thought I was going to fire HE at them again. I had just finished reloading HE, but then, a light bulb went off in my head. "Aha! An opportunity to showcase the ridiculous 2.7 second switch from ammo types with all guns reloaded! We will NOT fire this HE first. It's AP time!" So I switched to AP, and in 2.7 seconds, AP was ready to fire, and fire I did. The first salvo was 4 citadels, and 6.7 seconds later, 2 more citadels and a couple of pens,(they were up against the side of another island to their left, and I was to their right) and the Kuma was well and truly vaporized. "sionara, sucker!" It was pretty exciting, to say the least, if not OP. How about you guys? What is your take on this kind of strategy? Have YOU ever switched up the loadout or tactics of one of your ships when it seems everyone knows how to deal with it? Tell me in my poll, and I can't wait to hear your feedback! - Regards, Legoboy0401