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Found 5 results

  1. MiniHannibal65

    How I Build It: Maya

    Now that it has been released from NDA, here is my build for the new Japanese Premium Tier 7 Cruiser: Maya Link for those who can't watch embedded I'll be playing and talking about her on stream tonight in just a few minutes Stream Link
  2. Love it or hate it, United States is out, and feels very broken! Here's my build to help you take advantage of the US. Link for those that can't view the embedded video
  3. Hello, I am trying to find good captain builds for my Alaska/Aegir/Azuma/Yoshino/Kronshtadt and am having minor difficulties. CE and Superintendent and standard on everything I play that can take them. The heavy AP shells skill seems good, as well as Grease the Gears and Adrenaline Rush. Is there any advice out there for good builds?
  4. Say from a build like this http://shipcomrade.com/captcalc/1000000000100010000011001000100019
  5. After having fretted over whether to get fire prevention or advanced firing training on my 16-pt Iowa captain, I finally decided to go with fire prevention. I admit, I have a rather undue attraction towards the anti-air skills like BFT, AFT, and MAA. Yet I have been forced to come to some unpleasant realities. First off, as a CV player, I have realized that if you're in a BB, even if you're in a Montana and I'm in an Enterprise, I won't care very much about your AA. For all that you may do to boost it, there are quite a few factors that you simply can't overcome when fighting carriers no matter how much you boost your AA in a BB: You can't maneuver to avoid a good drop: bombers are much faster than you, and will easily adjust their drop to compensate for any attempted evasion You won't shoot them all down: no BB alone is going to be able to blunt an attack from a high tier CV all by his own. I've seen North Carolinas taunt me about their AA right before I shove nine of Taiho's torpedoes into their non-existent torpedo protection for a devastating strike. Even Montanas don't make me hesitate to attack them. You can't mess up the drop: You know what DOES make a CV player hesitate? Fighters and defensive AA cruisers. Not only are they much more capable of shooting down bombers, but what makes them truly threatening is their ability to completely mess up an attack. A Hindenburg with defensive AA active is incredibly costly to attack, for very low reward. A Hindenburg without defensive AA active becomes a matter of how well can I aim my torpedoes. So why fire prevention instead? You will face HE firing ships 100% of the time in battle. You'll face CVs maybe once every five matches. It becomes a matter of which skill is more useful more often. Fire prevention merges the superstructure fire zone, where you can normally light two fires, into a single one. It's incredibly difficult to burn down a BB with a single superstructure fire, and setting a fire on any other part of the ship (the bow or stern) is much more difficult. 10% less fire chance: arguably the least useful part of the skill, but every bit against the rain of HE shells helps Fire prevention also works against CVs: CVs love DOTing hapless BBs. You know what they don't love, especially USN CVs? Two dive bomber squadrons attacking a BB and only lighting a single fire. Especially when they try to flood you to death and you simply damage control it since one fire isn't close to life-threatening for a BB (if it is, then you've either misplayed badly or you're about dead anyways). Ultimately, it comes down to which skill is more useful more often. You'll use the AA skills maybe once every 5 matches, all to kill a few more planes of a CV that most likely will do massive amounts of damage anyways. You'll use the fire prevention skill 100% of the time, including in CV matches. Thus, as someone who is unreasonably biased towards AA skills and someone who is a CV player: take the smart option. Take fire prevention.