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Found 4 results

  1. While the CV rework is fine and all, the real big problem with the game still remains: No one contests objectives and no one is aggressive enough. There's a reason why the amount of time I spend playing is almost nonexistent right now, and that's because whenever I play, I am the only one who actually knows how to PTFO and who actually wants to push forward. The problem is that even though this is how the game should be played, literally no one else on my teams seem to get that. They all just run away and hide while I get slaughtered by half the enemy team for playing the game correctly. This is essentially the polar opposite of fun for me and I don't think anyone else would find it fun either. Therefore, I pose this question: What would you do to encourage/force people to play more aggressively and focus on capturing objectives? Personally, I would provide massive, Missouri-esque credit and XP rewards for killing ships at ranges under 10 km, for killing ships inside a capture point, and for killing ships while you yourself are within a capture point. I would also introduce similarly large XP and credit penalties for running away from a capture point towards the side of the map that your team spawned and for killing ships at long range. These solutions, I believe, would lead to much more aggressive play and would make sure that both teams are solely focused on pushing forward, killing the enemy, and capturing the objectives. What do the rest of you think? What should be done to make sure that people play more aggressively? Who knows, maybe one of the mods or devs will see this and take it into consideration.
  2. 136k spotting damage. Nearly last place. 134k spotting. 87k damage. 1 Kill. Middle of the pack. 35k Spotting 1 solo cap (60 cap points) 23k Damage. 0 Kills. Second to last. Did WG disable rewards for capping and spotting or is this a bug? Seems like kills and damage are the only things that increase score.
  3. This is related to me playing Tier 9 and tier 10 dds, so no, i can't just torp the other dds smoke. Please stop telling me to charge into cap when i'm a dd. Typically, the 6 radar ships on my team hold back, and I'm expected to yolo spot and then die quickly. I'm not complaining about the large amounts of radar ships right now, I personally generally find a lot of balance to the game, and I'm sure it will calm down eventually. What I AM is so sick and tired of people rudely barking orders at dds as if their intent is anything other than to see if we get shredded, so they can adjust accordingly. It's ridic. If you're in a radar cruiser, and there's some cover, ask to join me in capping and say you've got my back, i'll gladly blast right into cap while you position yourself accordingly. Also, stop telling people how to play unless you have something genuinely constructive to say. Just pointing out when someone fails makes you the biggest problem on that team as far as enjoyment goes, not them.