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Found 2 results

  1. While the CV rework is fine and all, the real big problem with the game still remains: No one contests objectives and no one is aggressive enough. There's a reason why the amount of time I spend playing is almost nonexistent right now, and that's because whenever I play, I am the only one who actually knows how to PTFO and who actually wants to push forward. The problem is that even though this is how the game should be played, literally no one else on my teams seem to get that. They all just run away and hide while I get slaughtered by half the enemy team for playing the game correctly. This is essentially the polar opposite of fun for me and I don't think anyone else would find it fun either. Therefore, I pose this question: What would you do to encourage/force people to play more aggressively and focus on capturing objectives? Personally, I would provide massive, Missouri-esque credit and XP rewards for killing ships at ranges under 10 km, for killing ships inside a capture point, and for killing ships while you yourself are within a capture point. I would also introduce similarly large XP and credit penalties for running away from a capture point towards the side of the map that your team spawned and for killing ships at long range. These solutions, I believe, would lead to much more aggressive play and would make sure that both teams are solely focused on pushing forward, killing the enemy, and capturing the objectives. What do the rest of you think? What should be done to make sure that people play more aggressively? Who knows, maybe one of the mods or devs will see this and take it into consideration.
  2. I have seen plenty of matches where the DD wants to avoid the caps and a team loses very badly because of not having a single cap. I have also seen games where there is a huge cap and the enemy team has a ship in and gaining points on it but our DDs/CAs don't want to contest the cap to stop points. How about the game mode Epicenter. A DD has to go in the middle first or the enemy will cap it. Now that the DD is hiding behind an island the DD has no shots at torping or shooting a enemy ship. He is not a cap contestor and will get on xp if the he leaves and does no damage or get no cap. the DD is screwed. ** Both of these situation can be changed very easily.. in clan battles, ranked, other competitive game play ships will go into caps just to stop the points. Here is what I propose- 1 - Give xp to DDs for every 2-4 sec in a cap alone. so if a DD goes into a cap that is uncapped or capped by enemy team he get 10-25 XP per 4 sec. (encourage ships to do what they should be doing) even if he don't capture it he gets xp.. 2 - Remove XP for finishing a capping process. meaning if your in the cap for 40 sec and get the cap. you would of got 100/ 250 (10 xp/ 4 sec). but as other ships get in as your capping they would of got an assisted cap. No longer they get the xp defined above, lets say they got in it 10 sec from capping they would get 20/50 xp. giving the credit to the ships who stayed in cap the longest. 3 - Cap contesting. this can and usually much more dangerous but they can stay in there for a while so this rule helps those in epicenter. for every 4 sec (for simplicity) they get 5 xp. this person usually can't do damage and is fighting for the team by points so they should be rewarded. 4 - As for rewards for Capping, Assisted Capping, and Contesting Caps. set a time that has to be reached of each like this - You get a Solo Cap reward for every 40-50 sec in a cap alone. does not have to be consecutive and can add up to 3-4 caps. limit to 4 per game - You get assisted Cap reward for spending 12 sec consecutively in cap with others. Gain additional Assisted Cap rewards for every 20 more seconds in a cap with others. - You get Contested Cap reward(NEW) for every 20 sec consecutively in cap with the enemy. 5 - Xp for DDs to get cap type XP is 5% more than other ship types. to encourage GG game type and style. The time per XP is up to WG as well as amount of XP. This would be better then what goes on now.. will not be hard to program in either.