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Found 3 results

  1. rafael_azuaje

    Canarias Need Buff :)

    well , I have the Canaria Cruiser, NO is bad Ship but he has wrost thing: Comparation with Sisters SHips London, Devonshire ,Canarias, AP Damages well So London& Devonshire has same AP damage 4500 aprox... AP 203mm 256lb the Canarias has the Same shells Ap 203mm 256lb BUT has 3800 damage. WHY??? the canarias NOT HAVE HE , and the AP sucks!!!! The LONDON, DEVONSHIRE & CANARIAS are County Class Brithis , the Canaria Need ADD heal, he NOT HAS= HE SHELLS, SMOKE,HEAL,TORPS. PLEASE ADD HEAL. he sooo Basic only AP sucks damage :( my Battle 65 hits and only 25 impact penetration, the 40 ¿sucksss
  2. Hey all, With people starting to get the Canarias and Dido soon I figured I should drop a video explaining which one I recommend and why! Additionally here are my captain builds and modules for each ship. Hope these help, and if you have questions don't hesitate to ask!
  3. ArIskandir

    About Canarias

    After reading some posts around here, I’ve decided to make this post to share a little knowledge about the Cruiser C-21 Canarias since Spanish history is not as widely known. Let’s start by the name Canarias which of course refers to the archipelago of Islas Canarias, a volcanic island chain located to the NW of Africa and conquered by Spain during the XV century. Currently, Canarias is an Autonomous Community of Spain with some 2.2 million habs. For my North American brethren, Canarias might be assimilated to Hawai, the same as Hawai represented the “door” to the “Far East” for US, Canarias represented the “door” to the Americas for Spain. Some interesting related trivia, the Canarias accent lies at the core of what is know as the Caribbean accent (regional variation of Spanish language) spoken around the region… Cuba, Puerto Rico, Santo Domingo, Venezuela, Panamá and the Caribbean regions of Colombia. Moving on to the actual ship, Canarias class was designed by Philip Watts as a further development of the County class cruisers, and represented the last Washington Treaty Cruisers to be built, construction was done by SECN El Ferrol -Spain, started in 1928, was launched in May 1931, underwent first sea trials in September 1934. When the Civil War started, they were still unfinished in El Ferrol when the Nationalist forces took over the city, they were quickly finished and commissioned into service in September 1936. Canarias saw first action in the Battle of Cabo Espartel (Sept 29, 1936). This proved to be a transcendental action that determined the future outcome of the War. When the War started, the majority of the Spanish Navy remained loyal to the Government (Republican Spain) and blockaded the Spanish Army of Africa (the most battle hardened and veteran units of the Spanish Army, loyal to Franco and the Nationalist), preventing them from crossing Gibraltar’s Strait. On Sept. 21 the bulk of the Republican fleet was ordered north to support operations on the North Coast of Spain, leaving only 5 destroyers behind to enforce the blockade. Unknown to the Republicans, Canarias was battle ready and was sent to break the blockade along with CL Almirante Cervera. At first light on Sept 29, Canarias spotted the destroyer Almirante Ferrándiz and opened fire, the second volley managed to hit the destroyer at 16km with a third volley at 20km disabling the boilers. Almirante Ferrándiz sunk after receiving 6 confirmed 203mm impacts. (so effective long range gunnery is in fact a historical trait of Canarias, kudos WG). The other Republican destroyer was chased away and forced to seek refuge in Casablanca. Later that same day, Canarias escorted the first transports across the Strait, the blockade was broken, the Army of Africa was shipped to Spain and proved a decisive turning point for the War… but that was just the beginning, the end was still far, far away. On December 1936, Canarias intercepted and sunk the Soviet transport Konsomol which sparked a deeper involvement of the Soviet Union in supporting the Republicans. During early 1937, Canarias supported land Operations around Málaga and kept intercepting Republican shipping on early March Canarias was transferred to the Cantabrian Sea and on March 5 she fought the battle of Cabo Machichaco, capturing a merchant ship and fighting 3 armed trawlers, sinking one and damaging the other two (so much for Asymmetric battles). The following months Canarias saw non stop action, supporting ground Operations, intercepting more shipping and harassing the Republican Fleet at every step. The rest of the year was assigned to escorting convoys from Italy. On January 1938, Canarias performs bombardments on Barcelona and on the night of March 5-6 fights on the Battle of Cabo de Palos, where her sister ship Baleares was sunk after receiving 2 torpedoes during a night action against destroyers while escorting a Convoy. On August 27, Canarias intercepts the Republican destroyer Jose Luis Diez, forcing her to seek refuge inside Gibraltar. This was the last significant action of Canarias during the Civil War. During WW2, Canaries received her distinctive in game Flag paint scheme as the possibility of being mistaken as an “enemy” by any of the belligerent nations was all too real. She kept a very low profile during the conflict. She was involved in a fruitless search for Bismarck survivors. Later on 1957 Canarias participated in the so called War of Ifni, a colonial conflict between Spain and Morocco, performing as Artillery support for the besieged Spanish forces and threatening bombardment over the port of Agadir. On early 1963, Canarias was sent on pursuit of the kidnapped Portuguese liner Santa María. The Santa María arrived in Recife, Brazil where the kidnapers were granted political asylum. On 1969 she helped in evacuation operations in Guinea Ecuatorial. Canarias was finally decommissioned on Dec 1975, after being the Flagship and most famous unit of the Spanish Navy for nearly 40 years.